T-Mobile begins sending out Galaxy Note 9 security patches, LG V30 Android Pie update


A couple of former Android flagships are starting to receive updates from T-Mobile today.

First up, the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 is receiving a 267.31MB update to version N960USQU2CSI1. This update includes improvements to camera performance and the September 1, 2019 Android security patches.

TmoNews readers Debjit and Fernando got this update over the air today, so you Note 9 owners should see it on your device soon. You can also check for the update manually by going into Settings > Software update > Download updates manually on your phone.


Also rolling out today is the LG V30‘s update to Android 9 Pie. TmoNews reader David, Reddit user txredgeek, and MyLGPhones┬ásay that he update is now available through LG Bridge, which is LG’s software for Windows and Mac that helps you update and back up your smartphone. There’s no word yet on an over the air rollout, but now that the update is available through LG Bridge, hopefully the OTA won’t be too far behind.

The T-Mobile LG V30’s update is version H93230d and includes a bump to Android 9 Pie as well as the August 1, 2019 Android security patches.


Thanks, Debjit, Fernando, David, and Don!

Sources: Reddit, MyLGPhones

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  • ip247365


  • marque2

    Seems like everyone and their uncle must be downloading the LG v30 update. The LG software update downloader keeps hanging, doing only partial downloads. It is now saying 2 hours to download 3.1 gigs. I suppose I will wait a few days and try again.

    • Red

      OTA or LG Bridge? The Bridge might be more stable if you have a solid connection.

      • marque2

        I was bridging I believe. It wouldn’t let me update without being physically connected. I’ll wait a few days and try again.

        • marque2

          I had the phone hooked up 24 hours last night and today. It got 29% and seems to have stopped. It reached 27% after the first 4 hours. It’s not a very system or at least grossly overtaxed.

  • Glenn Gore

    Eh, who cares. My 2-year contract on my LG V30 FINALLY ran out in September without ever receiving a single Android OS update over that entire time period, so I dumped the thing for an iPhone 11 where I will be assured of receiving day-date OS and bug-fix updates from now on. LG is a disgrace, and I might also dock a few points on T-Mobile for their part in this update debacle.

    • Red

      So you didn’t go from Nougat to Oreo? That’s interesting.

      • Glenn Gore

        Nope, never got that one. I’ve been ready to get rid of that thing for ages. I liked the quad-DAC but that was it.

        • Red

          So you’ve had a contract LG V30 with T-Mobile for two years, and you never received the Oreo update that came out in May of 2018, nor the security updates that came out in June, August, October, and December of 2018, nor the February or March security updates in 2019? Wow, that’s a lot of missed updates!

        • Glenn Gore

          I received some security updates, don’t remember when the last one was, I sold the phone a couple weeks ago.

        • marque2

          Yeah no dice. I have all of the above on my V30. Do you know how to update a phone? That might be the issue. You aren’t clicking on the little update icon. My mom is the same. Went to visit and had to do two years of updates on her G6. She swore she didn’t get updates either.

        • Glenn Gore

          I’ve clicked the check for updates button a million times on that thing. There was never any updates for any of the LG apps or system updates either. Just an occasional Google Security update, but there weren’t very many of them. I have since learned that LG has just about the worst track record on updates of any phone maker. Glad to be rid of it.

  • gramps28

    I tried using LG Bridge and server kept crashing and I woke up this morning and
    the OTA hit.

  • American Citizen

    Well now I can finally root my v30+…. I seriously doubt LG will support it after Pie.

  • M H

    I gave up on LG and traded in my V30 for a google pixel 3 XL, wish i did it a long time ago! my partner wont give theirs v30 up so i’ll have to stay on top of it :-(

  • George Salcedo

    I did the OTA earlier today, everything seems fine minus the long load time after inputting the pin after a restart.

  • Sal Villarreal

    OTA for V30 is downloading now

  • roger shahan

    ever since i updated my Lg v30 I’ve been having horrible signal service on data and wifi