T-Mobile OnePlus 7T pricing revealed


We learned late last month that the OnePlus 7T will be available from T-Mobile on October 18, and now we know what T-Mo’s pricing for the new OnePlus flagship will look like, too.

The OnePlus 7T will be available for $0 down and 24 montly payments of $25 each through T-Mobile’s Equipment Installment Plan. If you prefer JUMP! On Demand, you can expect to pay $0 down and $27 per month on an 18-month lease. Full retail pricing will be $599.99.

Features of the OnePlus 7T include a 6.55-inch 2400×1080 AMOLED screen wiht 90Hz refresh rate and in-display fingerprint sensor, a Snapdragon 855+ processor, 8GB of RAM, and 128GB of built-in storage. There’s a 3800mAh battery included along with Warp Charge 30T fast charging, too, as well as stereo speakers and USB-C. Also of note is that the OnePlus 7T includes Android 10, making it the first device to ship with the latest version of Android.


The round camera housing on the back of the OnePlus 7T boasts a 48MP main snapper with f/1.6 aperture and optical image stabilization, a 16MP ultra-wide cam with 117-degree field of view, and a 12MP telephoto camera with 2x optical zoom. There’s also a 16MP selfie camera living in the notch at the top of the OP7T’s screen.

The OnePlus 7T includes support for T-Mobile’s 600MHz 4G LTE coverage as well as LTE-Advanced technologies like 4×4 MIMO, 256 QAM, LAA, and carrier aggregation.

When it comes to color options, T-Mobile will sell both the Frosted Silver and Glacier Blue versions of the OnePlus 7T.

So now that we’ve got all the specs, launch, and pricing info, are you thinking about buying a OnePlus 7T?

Source: T-Mobile

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  • Josh Warfel

    Hopefully there will be a “trade in” special like there was for the launch of the 6t.. I realize that’s wishful thinking seeing that the promo was probably more for the “launch” of OnePlus’s T-mobile partnership than it was for the 6t itself.

  • Android_God

    Not from TMobile! My lgv30 pretty much still works flawlessly. I’m at the point where I’m done giving T-Mobile 24 monthly payments.

    • Acdc1a

      Pretty much to the point of? Paying T-Mobile in installments is like waiting for your monthly check from the government. Unless you have a FREE phone courtesy of credits you shouldn’t be financing phones.

      • Bklynman

        How does credit work with Tmo? U mean loyalty credits?

        • Acdc1a

          Could be a loyalty credit but more likely a trade in credit worth grossly more than the trade in. I got $200 for a useless iPhone 5 towards the purchase of a pixel 3a… unfortunately it’s spread over 24 months.

        • Third_Eye

          Yeah. It is a new way to keep you for 2 years. I had a Nexus 6 unlocked and got 300$ credit back for it.
          You cannot pre-pay to get the credit….
          So “Un-carrier” of T-Mobile….

        • Acdc1a

          For me they paid me $170 more than the phone was worth. That’s $170 for 2 years of loyalty.

    • Iphart

      Well see it’s kind of unAmerican to live within your means.
      You have to have monthly payments for anything and everything and be in debt always. Especially true for for things you don’t need but want!

  • dtam

    still good with my G7, but it’s nice to know that I can get a flagship phone for significantly under $1k

    • Alex Pilaia

      Yeah, especially if you can trade your phone in for like $200… I have the 1+6 and I absolutely love it. Blazing fast, no lag what so ever, and Android 10 coming by the end of November. Cant complain 1 bit about 1+…

      • dtam

        yeah, I got my wife the 6T for $300 when they had the trade in. no major complaints about the phone

  • Bklynman

    Wow,for only $600?Mmmmm,I just might sell my Note 9,get this.

    • Bailey

      what is it that will make you sell the Note 9 for the Oneplus 7T?

      • Alex Pilaia

        Um. everything. :)

        • Bailey

          With him having the Note 9 I wanted to see what upgrades the OnePlus 7T have over the Note 9. I hear people say they want wireless charging, headphone jack and water resistant. The OnePlus 7T have the newer 855+ vs 845 just curious to know because I’m considering the OnePlus 7T, but I’m also hearing people still Loving the Note 9

        • sloheim

          Last year I gave up my S8 for the 6T… it was the first non-Samsung smartphone I’d ever owned (going back to the S2 Epic). That lasted about 5 months until I sold it and bought the S10. The “closer to pure android” experience is nice… but the phone felt cheap, the display was mediocre, and the camera was awful. It’ll take a lot to pull me away from Sammy again.

        • Bklynman

          I wish HTC,Nokia,Sony would make come back!! Not much of a choice,Sammy,Lg, or Apple!!

        • BlackenTheSky6

          How’d it feel cheap?

        • BierKerl

          Good to hear your experience because I’m seriously thinking
          of going from the S9 to the 7t. But I think the 7t is much better than the 6t was and I don’t think the camera will be worse than what I have, or at least I hope not. I’m waiting until the Pixel 4 launch to see what they say and the definite price on the 15th, then I’ll decide. I’m in T Mobile’s Jump program and am up for a new one, so I’m looking to make a move. And I’ll consider the S10, too.

        • BlackenTheSky6

          90hz screen is a big plus too

        • Bailey

          Yes the 90hz is sweet…man I couldn’t imagine the 120hz on the Radar 2.

      • Bklynman

        I just did quick look on ebay for the N9,used,6/128. They going for between $380-480. I paid $665.for my from Samsung. Thanks for everyone following Apple,bringing out new phones every 9 months -1yr, Phone prices don’t hold up any longer. Even Iphones,ipads don’t hold there hign price on the used market no more. I was hoping by now Tmo would have brought out midrange phone,for about $250. That has 4/64. The phone makers have them,but hardly any US carrier sells them if any. So I am sure,Tmo will have some kind of trade in,I am not going hold on to hign end phone like I did the Note 3,until 2018.

        • BlackenTheSky6

          They never really did except Apple. iPhones lose value a little slower.

  • Bruce Goren

    I’ll hang onto my 256MB 6T, I see no compelling reason to upgrade. Sorry, not sorry . . . next.

  • American Citizen

    Eh…. I will hold on to my LG V30 +…… TMO probably has the bootloader locked anyway, and, my v30+ still handles plenty for me and then some.

  • Jay Holm

    This phone doesn’t support microsd, right?

  • Bruce Goren

    Sorry, I fat fingered that. There is no such thing as a 256 MB 6T, mine is 256 GB , purchased direct, T-Mobile only offered the 128 GB version at release.

  • Donny Gunn

    Why did Tmo take away the 6T, the 7T which just came out, the note 9, s9 which all support the new 66, 71 bands but leave the old iphone 7 which does not? So no one plus devices?

  • Dennis Orcutt Jr

    6T has been good but I’ll never waste my time again buying a OnePlus from TMO where I have to jump through hoops to get the dual sim hardware to play nice. I’ll grab the 7T straight from OP.