T-Mobile Tuesdays bringing deals on ice cream and MLB gear, T-Mo Halloween prizes


Next Tuesday, T-Mobile will be giving you deals on some new clothes and a discount on an ice cream treat.

On Tuesday, October 15, T-Mobile customers can get a $2 promo card for Baskin-Robbins. Also available will be a 50% off discount on one item from Hot Topic and $15 to spent at MLBshop.com to help you get decked out in new gear for the MLB postseason.

Also coming next week is a deal for up to 40 percent off hotels from Booking.com, Jonas Brothers ticket offers from Live Nation, and $0.10 off per gallon of gas from Shell.

T-Mobile will be giving out 100 grand prizes next Tuesday. Each winner will receive a Thankenstein kit that includes a Thankenstein costume with hat and tuxedo apron, a T-Mobile pumpkin carving kit with T-Mo-inspired designs, and a Thankenstein trick-or-treat bag.


Source: T-Mobile Tuesdays

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  • SurvivingSunnyvale

    The BR codes are nice because you can stack all the codes from your family lines.

    The hard part was fining a BR location that can reliable scan the codes.

    • Brandon Robinson

      I liked how you used to be able to add them to the BR app and save them up for when you were close to one. It won’t let me do that anymore and the closest BR is an hour away.

    • Brandon Robinson

      side note, I was able to redeem a few at Dunkin Donuts

    • Francisco Peña

      the last time they did it (or maybe Dunkin), they wouldn’t let me stack. Was annoyed about it.

  • the martian ambassador

    You can use the BR cards at Dunkin, but you can’t save them in the Dunkin app for future use.

  • det_b

    Only 100 winners? Really? This isn’t just a walk-in free promo for everyone like all of their swag promos?