T-Mobile outage preventing many customers from making calls


Just a couple of weeks after a T-Mobile outage knocked out service for many customers, it looks like T-Mo is having another issue.

Several T-Mobile customers are now reporting that they’re unable to send or receive phone calls. Most of the complaints seem to be coming out of the east coast so far, with reports coming in from New York, New Jersey, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Connecticut, Maryland, Pennsylvania, and Virginia. Lots of customers are saying that they can text and use data, but calling is out.

T-Mobile hasn’t made any official announcements about an outage or any issues with calling. I’ve reached out for more info on the situation and will update this post when I hear back.

How’s T-Mobile working for you right now?


UPDATE 1 (7:00 pm ET): The official T-Mobile Help account on Twitter says that engineers are investigating the issue. “Our engineering teams are already hard at work looking into this and ensuring you get to enjoy your full services as soon as possible,” said T-Mobile Help.

UPDATE 2 (7:34 PM ET): Both T-Mobile Help and John Legere now say that service has been restored. If you’re still experiencing issues, T-Mo suggests rebooting your phone.


Thanks, Marcus, Alex, and Dennis!

Sources: Down Detector, Twitter, Reddit

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  • JoeMac

    It’s hitting Cincinnati area, too. I have the same thing – data and text but no voice service.

    • Rico San

      Affected Dayton/Springfield area too, looks like it’s resolved now. Calls working fine.

  • OZ

    Time to leverage Google Voice.

    South Florida here, no issues

  • Katie

    It’s NOT working for any of us in the Princeton, NJ area. Second time in a couple weeks. T-Mobile is making me rethink leaving Verizon ….

    • Josh Warfel

      Verizon is also having issues at the moment.. they have had several large scale outages within the last 2 weeks.

    • GeoGuy17

      Verizon and ATT have both had a lot of issues lately. Everyone uses similar equipment/software now. An update was probably pushed that caused issues on the carriers that was not found in the testing environment.

  • Dave

    Here in western Ohio and we have no service as well

    • Rico San

      Confirmed, in SW OH.

  • Cliff R

    T-Force on Twitter replied to me acknowledging the outage. Hopefully not too long.

  • Kimberly M Pyne

    I have had more problems since metropcs merged with T-Mobile or their towers. I wish it was only metropcs again.

    • SurvivingSunnyvale

      MetroPCS doesn’t have towers. T-Mobile buying out MetroPCS has nothing to do with coverage.

      MetroPCS is just a service that uses T-Mobile.

      • Jay Theman

        Funny MetroPCS does has towers as it was a CDMA cell phone provider, in 2013 with the Merger The Samsung Galaxy S4 was the first unofficial Official Metro on T-mobile phone as it had both CDMA LTE, and GSM radios built in. in 2014 tmobile retrofitted metro towers to GSM frequency. So Metro towers became T-mobile towers plus the original GSM T-mobile towers. I love seeing a MetroPCS store right across the street from a T-mobile store. Funny thing is metro is the same exact thing as T-mobile but theres still millions of fools that overpay with T-mobile.. haha..

        • Mike Smith

          That’s not exactly how it worked. Metro moved all their customer to the T-Mobile network, decommissioned the Metro network, and then rolled the Metro spectrum into their own. This is exactly what they’re going to do with Sprint. As for the actual towers, they would have been mostly redundant no longer used.

        • Jay Theman

          Actually your less than half right and more than half wrong. The Network was refarmed for GSM (80% or so) Yes all the Metro Customers moved to the T-mobile network using GSM, But the MetroPCS Towers(Physical metal radio towers) which where CDMA, where retrofitted (as i previously said) to GSM and enhanced LTE. T-mobile Kept about 80% of Metro towers and added them into there original network of GSM making this new network even stronger and larger. So the metro towers actually made the tmobile network better, not turned to scrap metal.

        • Mike Smith


        • marque2

          Overpay is in the eye of the user. I suppose I should check again but TMobile family plans seemed better than Metro when I signed.up. Sure if I was a single guy Metro might be a better choice for me because the first TMobile One line is rather expensive.

        • Jay Theman

          what T-mobile plan is cheaper then Metro? Oh and dont forget Metro has 4 lines for $100, and 5 lines for $125

        • marque2

          The limited data plans are interesting, but I need unlimited and I pay pay less for 5 lines via TMobile than Metro advertises (at least as of yesterday). Again if I were only getting one line it would be a bargain.

        • Jay Theman

          ok 5 lines unlimited on T-mobile, how much is that? I just called
          I personally have unlimited 5 lines with Metro for $125 period (started a few months ago).

          Called Metro today and what they offer is unlimited 5 lines for $150- with google One100GB storage 15gb hotspot and amazon Prime

          5 lines t-mobile today magenta plus 20gb hotspot, all lines get netflix, wifi inflight $240 or $220 autopay, 5 lines $200 or $180 with auto pay 3gb hotspot, only one line gets netflix though.

          So $200/$180 T-mobile versus $150 Metro

          METRO CHEAPER….And Wins Again. Shocker… I know right NEXT

        • thepanttherlady


        • marque2

          You make a strong case. I must have gotten a super special deal a few years back, because I pay less than $150 for my 5 lines, and one of them is getting kickback, so that is $10 less. I only have 10 gigs of tethering per line though. Granted you are probably right about the current situation.

          I question I would ask, because I don’t know and it is hard to find on the site. Does Metro include all the fees and taxes in the price like Tmobile or are they extra?

        • Jay Theman

          Can’t believe you actually asked that. But hey your a T-mobile customer so it figures. Metro started the all taxes and fees included well before 2008 when i Joined.. T-mobile later copied that business model in like 2017, 9 years later.

        • Mike Smith

          Try the military plan… it would be $120 for 5 lines including Netflix and all taxes and fees.

        • Mike Smith

          Are you new to cell phones? Welcome! T-Mobile offer four lines for $100 to military customers and INCLUDES free Netflix! Poor Metro users are kinda like second class citizens… they get slower speeds and horrible off shore service support. But hey you get what you pay for, that’s why they’re on metro!

        • Jay Theman

          Yes I am very new to cell phones how could you tell. I’ve only had 120+ cell phones since my first Motorola DPC-550 in 1994. And I’ve only managed 7 cell phone stores, been a rep for Omnipoint(the company before Tmobile, Verizon, Sprint,At&T, Cellular One, and Airtouch, oh and ahhh T-mobile. So yes i’m a 25 years+ of use 120+ phones personally NEW GUY. And Special rates for vets is a promo that isn’t available to everyone, and probably isn’t the same today. Anywho. My phones are usually within Wifi as most places are. I care about calling. The speed well I get that too. Some people cant afford T-mobile, some people just don’t like to waste money for an illusion. But if you really want coverage anywhere might i suggest Iridium, about 500minutes for $529.. Perhaps you could afford that. Perhaps not. Oh and both my father and I are Marines. I’m just a graduate of Boston Latin High School, Mt Ida College, and ah a small school Called Harvard.

        • Jay Theman

          Overpay is overpay, and apples to apples Metro is always the better deal. PERIOD.

        • Mike Smith

          Agree, Metro is a good deal for those who can’t afford T-Mobile. Its almost as good and saves a few bucks.

        • Bklynman

          I am on the 55+ plan(The 1st one,that they don’t have no longer.)Plus I have unlimted tablet plan,for $20.00 Total cost $80 a month, I just check the 4 lines plans with Meto,that w/o hotspot service. not sure what plan ur on on. 40 phones? U must have a big family or your family is hard on their phones.

    • Jay Theman

      MORE PROBLEMS SINCE.??? So the past 6 years has been worse? Well i’ve had MetroPCS since 2008 and atleast 40 phones.

  • Alex Pilaia

    Can’t call jury duty lol…

  • Josh Warfel

    I have not been able to call out or receive calls since approximately 5:05 p.m. However, I just received a call on my cell. It looks like this outage might be starting to resolve itself.

  • riverhorse

    No issues NYC. Permanent hotspotting and constant phone employee dispatching from morning thru night.

  • carcomptoy

    Here in Philly, I tried calling my dentist earlier around 6pm to make an appointment, and the call didn’t go through. I chalked it up to them being closed, but in hindsight, I should’ve realized it was a network issue since the call should still have gone to voicemail.

  • steadymobb

    T-Mobile service sucks

    • Dylan Wentworth

      But how can you argue with free tacos.

  • maxnix

    Outages for me have been more like 10 hours instead of the 4 hours T-Mobile has claimed.

    • Michael Barnes

      Ya that’s what I was going to say and I didnt even see them posting about mine here in chesterfield va it didnt come back until 3am out from at least 5pm when I noticed the problems

  • Dylan Wentworth

    I’ve had failed calls, calls not able to get through and interference on the line that sounds like people making noises.
    It’s twice in the last week that I’ve had calls interrupted- seemlingly hacked into by people making noises on the line so I opened a ticket for it.

  • Sharti24

    I tried making a call last night around 6-7pm. The Call went from LTE to “4G” and then failed. The person i tried Calling called me later that night with no issues (since i wasnt able to call him). Location is NE Ohio

    • Vinny

      Same With me, Boston

  • Mike Smith

    Were only calls affected? People still make calls?

  • SneakyPete

    I can’t send shyt in San Francisco.

    • marque2

      I guess it will have to remain all over the sidewalks with the needles

      • jah850


      • Phil

        No doubt about it

  • ibuddy66

    Yeah it happened here in Upstate NY. Interesting thing though is thag if you analyze Downdetector, it seems it wasn’t just tmobile but a plethora of telecom companies. Cyber attack perhaps? I mean we are pissing off China… Makes sense to me.

  • Vinny

    Had the same problem with phone calls for about 2 hours. Boston