T-Mobile rolls out buy one, get one deal on data lines


T-Mobile has rolled out a new deal that’ll get you a free data line.

For a limited time, T-Mobile customers who add one data line can get another one for free. This includes tablets, smartwatches, the SyncUp Drive, and more. Customers can mix and match across eligible rate plans including Paired DIGITS, tablet, SyncUp Drive, hotspot, and DIGITS Talk & Text.


Customers who take advantage of this BOGO “Beyond the Smartphone” deal will get monthly bill credits to cover the cost of their second line. The fine print of the offer also states that if you’ve cancelled lines in the last 90 days, you’ll need to reactivate them before you can take advantage of this promotion. According to a T-Mobile employee on Reddit, you are not required to buy a device to get this deal.

This is a limited time offer, so if you’re interested in getting adding a couple of mobile internet lines, you may want to jump on the deal soon.

Thanks, Conrado!

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  • JG

    Any idea of how limited the “limited time” is? Are we talking days? Weeks? Months?

    I’d kind of like to wait to see what Google releases next month… If there is a LTE Pixelbook 2 and/or Pixel Watch I’ll snap this up no question… Suppose I could get a Surface Go with LTE, if Google doesn’t release any LTE devices (other than the phone of course).

    But regardless of which device I’d put the SIMs into… would I use the plan enough to justify adding some $20 to my monthly bill? T-Mobile has been gifting me 200MB of data for my Nexus 9 for a little over 4 years now and in that time I’ve maybe used 50MB. That’s with me limiting the data use, as 200MB doesn’t go far these days. If I had unlimited data, I wouldn’t have to worry and could leave LTE on all the time…

    Plus my phone is happy to share it’s data with my watch, tablet, Chromebook, etc when needed… Its usually always at my side… The few times it’s not is usually when I’m relaxing at home and I’ve got WIFi here…

    • marque2

      Usually these things are.for the month. You can call and ask – but I would guess it is until the end of the month. They occasionally have 1 week or even 1 weekend deals.

    • Francisco Peña

      its limited until the day you decide to do it, then it expires the day before.

      • JG

        Knowing my luck, they’ll probably be the case.

  • Fan_Atl77

    Dear TmoNews, do you have a link, And/OR any idea which plans are eligible? I reached out to TMobile, and the representative was Not familiar with the promo…

  • Mike Smith

    T-Mo is getting so complicated again… too many plans, too many versions of plans, too many legacy plans, simple was good.

  • Pico

    Is there any official document or a link? I called and customer service is not aware of this promo.

  • riot4813

    They told me it expired

  • Fan_Atl77

    As an update, it appears to be a well kept secret, But I was able to get the promotion after asking the representative to please check again…

  • Acdc1a

    I’m posting here because I know corporate monitors this site. I did the last BOGO promotion and it was like pulling teeth. Customer service at T-Mobile has gone backwards. If you’re going to run a promotion you need to make sure every employee from the janitor to the CEO is made aware of it.

  • NM

    shout to timothy for helping me through this process. it was all done through the tmobile texting app. the easiest (sort of) way for me was to copy/paste this site to the conversation and he did the rest.

    • Pico

      Thanks for the update. I’m going to try that.

  • Pico

    So apparently. This is the offer (from customer service rep messaging):

    I have here an offer called 2019 Buy 1, Get 1 BTS. For a limited time in all markets, activate any qualifying “Beyond the Smartphone” (BTS) rate plan and receive a second one free (via monthly bill credits).

     To get this offer, you must add at least two (2) Beyond the Smartphone (BTS) lines on qualifying plans during the promotional period.

    This is a mix and match across different eligible rate plans, such as Paired DIGITS, Tablet, SyncUP DRIVE, Nest Aware, Hotspot, Moxee Signal, and DIGITSTalk & Text.

    Offer started Aug 30th and does not yet have an end date.

  • EF

    It’s my impression that SyncUp devices are also under a promotion where they are free after 24-month bill credits. So basically you are paying for $5/month (plus tax) for service on each of two devices ($60 per year). That alone covers most of the included road side assistance offered through All-State ($1/week). So this is a pretty good deal.

  • Tmo.live

    hurry ..this BTS promo ends on 12th

  • kgs

    I called today and was told it was over.
    Called back for the BOGO on the 2 data lines, add an apple watch for $10, get any other data line for free. (ipad with unlimited data) What do you know!! This time around she said it was still ongoing. It took an hour on the phone to finish the transaction. I had to “buy” another sim card for the ipad- $30!!! Loved when they were free. So we should have added an apple watch for $10 and got ipad data for free.
    When I go to the store to check what was done over the phone I will know if everything went as it should. Call back and persevere!