T-Mobile suffering from network outage


If you’re having issues making calls on T-Mobile now, you’re not alone.

T-Mobile appears to be suffering from an outage. There are many reports on Down Detector and on Twitter, and it looks like most customers are unable to send or receive calls. Texts are data are a bit more mixed, with some customers saying both are working while others are reporting that they’ve lost those, too.

T-Mo hasn’t issued an official statement about what’s going on with its network, but the official T-Mobile Help account on Twitter is telling customers that the carrier is aware of the issues and its engineers are “working on a resolution ASAP.”

Are you having issues with your T-Mobile service?


UPDATE: T-Mobile CEO John Legere says that “some customers are experiencing intermittent call issues” but that T-Mo is working to resolve the issue and there are some signs of recovery.

UPDATE 2: T-Mobile CTO Neville Ray says that service is back to normal.

Sources: Down Detector, Twitter

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  • Roman AGalus

    In Chicago couldn’t make any calls for about 15 minutes but all good now

  • Shaun Michalak

    Am I the only one that finds this suspicious?? 2 weeks ago Verizon was down, last week it was AT&T, this week T-Mobile??

    • Roman AGalus

      Next week Sprint ?

      • Francisco Peña

        sprint has issues every week

    • Ronnie Burgess

      Oh no.. it’s not just you.. I can call out of state but nothing local…

    • gramps28

      Someone posted on DownDetector that all carriers have been experiencing this and

      it has something to do with 5G deployment. Take it with a grain of salt.

  • Ronnie Burgess

    Been going on here for about 2 hours (birmingham al) I can call out of state but nothing local..

  • riverhorse

    Zero issues, NYC.

  • dontsh00tmesanta

    No issues here

  • Josh Schoonover

    I was on the phone for about an hour and a half not long ago.

  • SneakyPete

    Can’t talk or text in baton rouge.

    • marque2

      Can post video links. Look up Calling Baton Rouge by Garth Brooks – cool song.

  • Andrew

    It was on and off for me earlier in Birmingham, but it’s fine for me now. I kept being dropped to 4G from LTE and my texts and calls weren’t working, but it worked after that weird blip.

  • Jay Holm

    No interruption of service in Houston.

  • Francisco Peña

    yesterday I had no issues. This morning while pumping gas, my network was out.

  • humpfh

    I’m in Dallas and I’m a POWER user on my phone, and had no idea until I saw the news this morning (22nd). No issues at all here.

  • Phil7474

    Service has been fine in Houston

  • Michael Barnes

    Mine was out last night around 6 until 9 richmond va weird thing even wifi calling wouldn’t work

  • alicia

    We only had Tmo-Tmo issues, so if you didn’t make one of these calls and had the same situation you may not have even noticed. We were able to call out to/receive calls from landlines and other carriers, but not each other. My mother actually drove over to ask why I wasn’t answering my phone and that’s how I found out lol.

  • riverhorse

    NYC 3-4 pm earlier no internet.

    • KMB877

      Today before noon, inside Riverhouse (seriously, I’m not making fun of your username), my signal jumped up and down, from 4 digits to none, from LTE to 4G to 2 G all back and forward. Of course, I had troubles to call and to get calls.

      • SirStephenH

        You were probably on the edge of coverage indoors. Indoor coverage can vary from minute to minute on any carrier in some buildings, even when staying in the same spot, due to the building itself and interference within. When the LTE signal drops to a certain level phones will drop down to 3G or 2G if available because they have a little better range than LTE when utilizing the same spectrum band. Likely just bad luck.

  • ugp5

    No issues here

  • SirStephenH

    I guess this *might* have been why I had trouble making calls in the Seattle Museum of Flight on Wednesday. It still could be because I was indoors like I thought (A LOT of metal in that place). The signal kept switching between strong (4-5 bar) LTE and HSPA+ signals and it took a minute or so for calls to connect, only for them to go straight to voicemail.

    *These were T-Mobile to T-Mobile calls.