T-Mobile Galaxy Note 10 arriving early for pre-order customers as first update hits


The Samsung Galaxy Note 10 is set to officially launch on August 23, but some lucky T-Mobile customers are getting their new phone today.

The Galaxy Note 10 and Note 10+ are already hitting the doorsteps of some T-Mobile customers who pre-ordered the new Samsung phones. TmoNews readers Aaron and Derek both got their new phones today, so if you pre-ordered, be on the lookout for your new phone.


If you are lucky enough to get your Note 10 or Note 10+ early, you may want to check for an update once you get it out of the box. A new update is now rolling to the Note 10 and Note 10+ that bumps the phones up to version N970USQU1ASH4 and N975USQU1ASH4, respectively.

This new update brings several enhancements. Samsung says that the performance of the fingerprint recognition and touchscreen are improved, and the camera stability and picture quality are improved, too. The update brings improved device security as well.


If you get your new Note 10 or Note 10+ today, be sure to share your first impressions with us!

Thanks, Aaron and Derek!

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  • S9779

    Has anyone been able to clam there preorder gift. It’s not available in my shop samsung app. Just some stupid game credits..

    • Jon

      Yes I was able to get the offer. You obviously need to be using the device and then head to promotions and it should let you. It’ll verify the device information and you enter the purchase date and whatever carrier you purchased the device from. Then it will verify whether your device is eligible.

      • S9779

        Yeah not there for me. Very annoying since samsung help is terrible.

        • Jon

          I do not know if this matters but I did end up registering my device in the Samsung members app.

          It may or may not help but I was doing that literally before I applied for the promo.

    • Rafael Reyes

      me either, and spotify promo its just for new spotify user’s premium

  • Jon

    Did anyone else’s come with a screen protector applied? It is nice that I didn’t have to purchase one.

    • D Block Abn

      Yea its decent, it’s just film.. Im planning on keeping it until it starts looking beat up, mine had a tiny little air bubble in the bottollm left corner, luckily i was able to work it out l.. Btw super satiafied so far, the charging is pretty amazing even with the 25 watt charger, cant wait to receive the credit so i can get the 45 watt charger and the earbuds

      • g2a5b0e

        The 25-watt charger takes the phone from 0-100 in approximately 65 minutes whereas the 45-watt is estimated to do it in about 56 minutes. Do whatever you want with your money, but I personally think that $50 would be better spent on something else.

        • Omegajb

          Wow, that’s not much of a difference.

      • Jon

        I initially thought mine was used because the screen had dust on it and somehow the film on the screen was a little blemished.

        And the bottom back film had air bubbles as if it was peeled and was placed back on.

        Have to admit it takes some getting used to coming from a Note 8. I haven’t figured out how to manually take screenshots now that the Bixby and power button have merged and the power is on the left side. The fingerprint sensor location feels odd after using it on the back of the device for 2 years. I find myself sometimes instinctively reaching for it.

        I want to either pick up the new 15watt wireless fast charge 2.0 or put that 150 down towards the galaxy watch active 2. That knocks off $150 leaving about $120 and taxes. I bought buds already they work great.

        • mreveryphone

          To take a screenshot just quickly press the volume down and power/Bixby button.

      • Omegajb

        That was a screen protector? Oops! I peeled mine off.

  • I ordered directly from Samsung and I got mine today. I also got a software update as well, and I have the unlocked version.

  • Anthony Colonna

    I pre-ordered and it shipped yesterday but UPS tracking is showing a Monday delivery. When I order was told it would arrive by the 23rd…oh well…

  • Chanki Lee

    I got mine. I am the reported tmonews i got mine early lol

  • Brian

    Can the unlocked note10+ work on TMO?

    • Candido Cardona Jr


  • Omegajb

    I got my Note 10+ yesterday and it’s nice. Having the power button where the Bixby is/was is a bit of a learning curve and now has me wishing they moved all the buttons to the right hand side.
    I still find myself reaching on the back for the fingerprint scanner but the onscreen scanner seems to be pretty responsive.

    The camera hole on the top is a bit of an eyesore, it really is noticeable in apps that are missing a dark mode.

  • Candido Cardona Jr

    Got mine yesterday the 21st….unlocked though…did the software update too!

    • rosedog

      Me too.

  • MH

    How’s unlocked version works on T-mobile network? Any signal issues?
    Does Wifi Calling and RCS messaging works? Any thing to share. I am in the process of deciding to get T-mobile or unlocked version?

    • LaShawnda Conner

      I have an unlocked note 9. Wifi calling works. Some of the settings are different in the messaging app, but only major difference is no direct video calling to other tmobile phones. Otherwise, very similar. Oh and I get updates late.

      • MH

        I got the T-Mobile version from Samsung and sold my note 8 for $300. I also register for 12 month upgrade plan. Thanks for the answers.

    • mreveryphone

      I got the unlocked version this time and no rcs no video calling in the dialer no volte if you have the one plus feature on your phone the caller ID doesn’t work and the signal seems to be slightly worse but no real issues with speeds as I have done speeds test and compared them to my tmobile S10 and they seem about the same

  • the martian ambassador

    I got an e-mail from Samsung today telling me I could trade in my Note 9 and get $600.00 credit towards a Note 10, plus $150 free accessories. When I follow the link it only offers $300. I probably would have upgraded.

    • mreveryphone

      You have to select the unlocked version to get the full $600

    • rosedog

      If you would have gotten in on the initial pre-order offer they’d throw in an extra $50 towards free accessories, bringing it to $200. That’s the deal I went for. However I traded in my S7 for $250. I’m keeping my Note 9 just incase.

      I also have to say that I’m a fan of how samsung applies the discount offer/trade in.

      Samsung takes the trade in value off the top THEN charges tax. T-mobile charges tax first THEN applies the discount.

      This is my first unlocked phone I’ve ever purchased.

      Aleady disappointed there is no LED notification (besides the headphone but I knew that already). And no the ellipse light like the S10 has does not work on the Note10

  • OnePlus6t IsBoss

    Nothing new here as usual Note10Plus will be joining my Note9, OnePlus7Pro, and OnePlus6t at home base at 10am Friday can’t wait.