T-Mobile employees ask DT CEO for assurance that their jobs will be safe after Sprint merger


One of the main arguments that opponents of the T-Mobile and Sprint merger make is that it will lead to job losses. T-Mobile says that the combined company “will be a job creator”, but now a group of T-Mo employees want a guarantee that their job will be safe if the merger is completed.

A group called T-Mobile Workers United delivered a letter for Deutsche Telekom CEO Timotheus Höttges this week during a meeting with employee representatives on the DT supervisory board. While Höttges wasn’t at that meeting, the reps promised to deliver it to him.

In the letter, T-Mobile Workers United asks that T-Mo parent company Deutsche Telekom make three commitments related to jobs and the New T-Mobile:

“1. Secure our jobs without cuts to compensation.
2. Bring back outsourced jobs from overseas and in the USA; and
3. Respect our rights on the job by stopping management interference with our right to organize.”

During the meeting in which the letter was handed off, T-Mobile Workers United reps discussed concerns that they have about the merger and about “T-Mobile management’s ongoing interference with their efforts to join together to form a union.”

T-Mobile Workers United is a group that includes hundreds of call center reps, retail associates, and technicians. It is an organizing local of Communications Workers of America in partnership with workers at Deutsche Telekom who are members of the German union ver.di.

T-Mobile CEO John Legere has said that the New T-Mobile “will be jobs positive from day one and every day thereafter.” He’s said that the company plans to invest nearly $40 billion in network and business expansion in the first three years following the merger’s completion in an effort to build out 5G infrastructure, customer care resources, and the retail footprint.

Meanwhile, the CWA argues that the T-Mobile-Sprint merger will lead to 30,000 jobs lost as a result of closing duplicative stores and headquarters functions. “None of the developments over the past months regarding the merger have changed CWA’s fundamental assessment of this as a job-killing merger,” the group says.

Source: Communications Workers of America (1), (2)

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  • Aaron a

    Glad to see that Sprint stores will be converted to TMobile stores. I then can go to a shopping center and pick between 2 TMobile stores to go into since zero jobs will be lost. It’s going to be cool seeing 2 TMobile stores in the same parking lot.

    • turtle6988

      I hope your being sarcastic because that will not happen. It fiscally doesn’t make sense

      • Aaron a

        I thought I read TMobile plans on no jobs being lost. Taking what is said at face value. that they are saying doesn’t make sense to me. Either they are keeping all the jobs or someone is lying.

        • turtle6988

          There is high turnover in stores. What will happen is when people quit they will not fill the position. That will allow for consolidation

        • Aaron a

          These are positions I’m not talking about workers. It doesn’t matter if it’s turn over or not. When McDonald’s loses an employee do they not refill the position?

        • marque2

          Not always. Frequently they are replaced with self serve kiosks.

        • marque2

          They will need to increase their footprint so there will be more stores – but if existing employees can’t be compelled to move a mile or two to a new store – they will probably lose their jobs in favor of someone else.

        • SirStephenH

          Of course someone is lying. There’s no way that there won’t be job losses over time as a result of this merger. A large reason for mergers is to eliminate redundancies and there are a lot of redundant jobs and locations between T-Mobile and Sprint. We probably won’t see losses for 3 years while the companies are being merged but after that when Sprint is relegated to the history books it’s all fair game.

    • Mike Smith

      I think what they meant is they will close redundant locations but open new ones?

  • Brenden Morris

    Jobs will Lost & Jobs will be created. Remember, John Legere’s job as a CEO for his company is to show the world how nice & awesome his company his. John Legere reminds me of Trump to some degree, because John Legere can’t accept failure or facts that may hurt his company. You only see John BULLY his competition on Twitter. You only see John so full of himself and his ego is on cloud 9, he can’t accept failure. Just like him parading around about the T-Mobiles Success of 5G…..but yet T-Mobile is in LAST PLACE in 5G rollout. But yet John can’t accept that fact.

    • riverhorse

      Legere has used smoke, mirrors, and showmanship to compete almost empty-pocketed vs established Baby Bell behemoths…Tmo could be just another small-fry, while Verizon and AT&T divide the spoils.

      No one has usable 5G yet. You have to be stationary, directly under a Verizon relay to get 5G. Move a few feet away or around the corner and forget about it. Oh, and the phone runs hot as all hell.

      • marque2

        From what I have heard all the 5g is pretty useless as you say. The low and medium bands are needed to make it full. TMobile using 600hz will at least get.a useable 5g if not a mighty fast one. 5g in general has been oversold.

        • Aaron a

          This is why I said TMobile 5g is nothing more than a clone of att 5ge network. They only using 1 low slow spectrum and adding mimo isn’t 5g. People get mad at me for saying the truth. But they read what TMobile says and believes it. Sorry to say but TMobile hasn’t been an underdog for a while. They shouldn’t get a free pass when they are deploying 5ge and calling it 5g.

        • SirStephenH

          Carrier Aggregation IS NOT required for 5G networks and AT&T’s “5GE” (LTE Advanced) and 5G ARE NOT the same thing. There some very big technological differences between the two.

          Read up on 5G and stop spreading misinformation.

        • marque2

          What you are saying is not true. Tmobile is using mm wavelength in the cities where they have 5g not just 600Mh just like everyone else. It is just mm wavelength doesn’t propogate well – so all the cell companies have the same issue of folks being able to get fantastic speeds outdoors but having speed drop to zero as soon as one walks indoors.

        • SirStephenH

          The only thing oversold about 5G is mm wave. The problem is that many people are unable to separate spectrum from the technology in their thinking.

          5G allows for far more connections than LTE, something that will make networks more reliable in congested areas and allow for massive IoT usage. It is also 15-60% more spectrally efficient than LTE on sub-6GHz spectrum, the same spectrum LTE uses. This means higher speeds and capacity. 5G will deliver on these things, no question about it. The ultra high speeds will also be delivered but coverage at those speeds will be spotty and will be mainly used for fixed broadband.

    • Aaron a

      Isn’t it funny that TMobile makes fun of at&t for 5ge. And yet TMobile launches 600mhz only 5g spectrum. It’s basically the samething as the 5ge network but more deception than at&t. 5g requires more than one spectrum

      • Mike Smith

        Wow that’s not true at all. “AT&T 5Ge” is actually still LTE while T-Mobile 5G is real 5G.

        • Aaron a

          Dude using one spectrum is not 5g. That is exactly 4g lte using one spectrum is what att did with 5ge and massive mimo. Just because you say TMobile clone of 5ge and then lie about it being 5g doesn’t make it suddenly 5g. 5g requires more than one spectrum to be 5g. Also 600mhz is a very low frequency the bans are wider marking it go further but it means it’s a slower spectrum because bans aren’t as close together.

          You can think it’s 5g but currently TMobile hasn’t been honest about 5g at least att tells you it’s not really 5g and it’s 5ge while TMobile miss labeled 5g because they lack the spectrum to actually deploy 5g. This is why they need the merger. It’s not about the customers it’s so they can actually launch true 5g. Not some att clone 5ge deployment

        • SirStephenH

          5G DOES NOT require more than one spectrum band, it’s the underlying technology that makes something 5G, technology that T-Mobile’s 5G network is built upon. AT&T’s “5GE” network is simply LTE Advanced, something that all the major 4 including AT&T have had deployed for a while. Not even LTE Advanced requires multiple spectrum bands, it simply enables their simultaneous use (Carrier Aggregation). Carrier Aggregation is in the 5G specs but IS NOT a requirement.

          I suggest you read up on what 5G actually is and avoid most news articles when you do. There’s a lot of misinformation out there about 5G, misinformation that you are now spreading.

  • fentonr

    The CWA estimate is a joke, 30,000 lost jobs? Really? If the merger goes through and assets are sold to Dish and Dish hires no one and fires everyone they acquired and T-Mobile ALSO hires no one new and fires everyone acquired that wouldn’t be 30,000 lost jobs. To get to 30,000 lost jobs they would have to also fire about 2,000 additional people they currently employ. That’s just insane.

    Not to mention Sprint has been dying for years, they’re going to shed a lot of jobs if the merger doesn’t go through.

    • Aaron a

      Sprint stores people will lose the job. Ever see what they call a boost store? Sprint and boost operation of stores are separate not the same. So from what I’m reading they will rebrand the Sprint stores so we can have more TMobile stores if they are next to each other we can expect no jobs lost and I can pick which one I want to go into. While boost stores will go to a smaller carrier and be number 5 carrier. Making a smaller mvno doesn’t mean people will want dish mvno which will be a reseller of TMobile for several years with free towers and 7 years later dish will close it’s cell phone business.

    • MisterListerSir

      It’s not even that…the number is a scare-tactic. Emotional pandering, pure and simple.

      The US job economy is currently well enough to handle that amount of new hires in under two weeks.

      Even their worst numbers aren’t even a drop in the bucket of annual terminations and additions.

  • JT

    Most job lost might be on Sprint side. Sprint call centers most are in India. They will be gone and they do not count as job lost in USA.

  • marque2

    Most important question. What will happen to all the Sprint Pokestops?