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T-Mobile Welcomes James J. Kavanaugh as New Member of Its Board of Directors


T-Mobile has appointed finance executive James J. Kavanaugh to its Board of Directors. The appointment begins on July 18, 2023. Starting August 1, Kavanaugh will be serving on the Audit Committee of the board.  In its announcement, T-Mobile US Board of Directors’ chairman, Timotheus Höttges, said: “We welcome James Kavanaugh’s incredible background and expertise to the talented group of advisors on the T-Mobile US Board during such an exciting time of growth for the company. We will … [read full article]

Bavan M. Holloway nominated into T-Mobile’s board of directors


Earlier today, T-Mobile announced that finance executive Bavan M. Holloway has been nominated to be part of its board of directors. Once Holloway is elected by the stockholders, she will join as its Audit Committee. The election is expected to take place at the scheduled annual stockholders meeting on June 3rd. Holloway is suitable for the role because of his 30 years experience in broad finance and audit background in complex and highly regulated business environments. She … [read full article]

T-Mobile and Sprint merger trial begins today

Today’s a big day for T-Mobile and Sprint’s proposed merger. The trial between T-Mobile and Sprint and the state attorneys general who oppose their merger got underway today. As noted by the Wall Street Journal, U.S. District Jude Victor Marrero seems to be pushing for a quick trial, skipping opening statements and asking both sides to shorten their lists of witnesses so that they don’t beat him “over the … [read full article]