Deutsche Telekom CEO Rene Obermann Announces He Will Step Down Next Year

In a move that might make most of you yawn and move on, Deutsche Telekom CEO Rene Obermann has announced he will step down from the T-Mobile USA parent company next year. Obermann requested that the termination date for his contract be December 31st of 2013, allowing plenty of time for his successor, current Deutsche Telekom CFO Timotheus Hottges to step into the role.

There’s no sign how or if this move will affect the Deutsche Telekom outlook on the future and its investment level in their US branch, but it’s of worthy note when there is a change in power at the highest levels. So, consider this an FYI and a worthy footnote as T-Mobile USA moves to seal its merger with MetroPCS.

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  • Chris


  • D-Netz

    He wants to go back into operations, as a chairman he cannot be involved close enough in to details and customer contact he says. He did not say if he will stay with Deutsche Telekom after he steps down as Chairman.

    • Go back into operations? He’s probably a multimillionare by now. .He’s not going to work for anybody else.

  • My eyes got big as hell reading this post. Whelp, it seems like its actually his desire rather than gettting the boot. Why? Well usually when you are replaced before your not performing, they get someone in a totally different company in high ranks to take over, where in this case, its the CFO. But what do I know, I broke a shoe lace this morning :/

    • Wilma Flintstone

      He’s just saying that because he knew he was getting the boot and wanted to make it seem like he was leaving from his own will. He is getting the Mario Bros Boot

  • Herb

    I love the name Timotheus Höttges. That dude sounds like a badass.

  • This guy should leave immediately, he is the reason why T-Mobile has been ruined and been declining for the past 5 years, this man is cheap, short-sighted and just awful!

  • xmiro

    I for one will miss his perty blue eyes

  • Que

    I believe this man will be great for T-Mobile USA.

  • Wilma Flintstone

    Oh Thank God. This guy has been a Douche for years. Get rid of the excess baggage.

  • Mirad77

    Given what has happened in the last 12 months I would rather resign than get fired. I think he made a good call.

  • AndroidProfit

    Thanks David for the constant obnoxious banner ads!

    • You’re welcome! I do it just for you.

    • Mirad77

      The sad thing is that I only see this banner on my Galaxy tab. While on my wife’s iPad it’s not there. I know David’s personal preference is iOS than Android but with this am beginning to wonder if David is not up to something here. Just saying. Lol..

      • Ha, I don’t wield that much power with the ad networks to control what devices they appear on!

  • rob

    Well I’ve always had a feeling this guy was the reason T-MobileUSA wasn’t performing so well, short funds and all that. I will miss seeing this guy tho…I liked him in the last India Jones movie where he gets pulled into that giant army ant hill. (No Nazi-German joke intended) but does he not look like that guy!?

  • BigMixxx

    I don’t think he is bad. It’s a good look on his side to close up company business on what would be a good outlook. Creating a sustainable US entity, T mobile brand is strong around the world, they are on a path of prosperity…

    Nothing really more for him to do…and he got rid of Humm…

  • Josue

    he prob stole money….typical CEO tactics

  • Commander_Fury

    If I remember my players of the AT&T/ T-Mobile merger that cats name is Phillip Hume . As I recall Renae Oberman has a porn star mustache .

  • OnlineRefugee

    I told you guys during the AT&T acquisition that Rene was one of the road blocks to that deal. Rene was one of the reasons Washington (DOJ, Treasury, and Homeland Security) was so aggressive in blocking the deal. Now, Rene is a road block to Deutsche Telekom’s U.S. plans.

    Anyway, I said last year that Rene had to go since he had a rap sheet in Washington. To be sure, it is never a good thing to have on your resume that German and U.S. prosecutors have raided your home and office to conduct searches.

    The outcome of those bribery and corruption cases don’t matter. When federal investigators show up to look through the top dog’s stuff, that’s kind of a business plan killer.

    If Deutsche Telekom wants to get into Washington’s favor it has to clean up its image. So I am not surprised to see Rene go.

  • Prox

    Maybe he will sell T-Mo USA to Google