T-Mobile and CBS complete spectrum repack in NYC, 600MHz LTE rollout coming early 2019


There’s some good news to start the week for T-Mobile customers in New York City.

T-Mobile and CBS Television Stations have completed the repack of WLNY-TV’s 600MHz spectrum, which is on portions of Long Island and the surrounding area that reaches into Brooklyn and Queens. It’s expected that T-Mobile will roll out 600MHz LTE in this cleared spectrum in early 2019, and T-Mo says that the equipment it’s using to deploy 600MHz is 5G-ready for the future.

The FCC deadline for repacking this spectrum was set for August 2019, which means that the repack has been completed more than one year early.

T-Mobile’s 600MHz LTE is attractive because it reaches twice as far and is four times better at penetrating buildings than mid-band LTE. 600MHz LTE coverage is now live in more than 900 cities and towns across the U.S. You do need a phone that supports 600MHz LTE to access this coverage, and T-Mo has several of them. They include higher-end devices like the Samsung Galaxy S9 and S9+, the LG G7 ThinQ, and LG V30 as well as more affordable models like the LG K30 and Samsung Galaxy J3 Star.

Source: T-Mobile

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  • riverhorse

    Deleted, wrong info .

    • Kyrylo Gaychenko

      600 MHz is live in Manhattan?! first time I hear that. When did they set it up?!

      • Kasaan Rivers

        He lying there is no 600 mhz live or being tested at all in nyc. Q4 is when the testing starts. And then q1 of next year launch.

        • riverhorse

          You right, post deleted. Some unrighteous homie fed me disinformation, gonna have him capped.

      • riverhorse

        Never mind, wrong info.

  • DJ-Rondell Sam

    Hopefully this year’s new iPhones support 600 MHz.

    • slybacon

      Last years’ iPhone models weren’t a surprise, but this years’ iPhone models would be a surprise to me if they didn’t support it. It should be similar to the 700 Mhz support adoption.

  • SirStephenH

    I just wish they’d work on repacking Seattle stations so that they could deploy in areas of Western Washington other than the West coast. They don’t have to clear up all 3-4 blocks effected, 1 would do for now (better than waiting 2 years) and they’d only have to repack 1 station to do it. Band 12 is crippled in much of Western Washington due to capacity issues so we really need the extra capacity with band 71 (band aggregation would provide 10+10 of lowband).

    It keeps surprising me how little love Washington recieves despite T-Mobile being headquartered here. It’ll probably be even worse once the Sprint merger goes through and they have a second headquarters.