Samsung Galaxy J3 Star is T-Mobile’s newest 600MHz LTE smartphone


Another LTE Band 71 (600MHz) smartphone has landed on T-Mobile’s shelves.

The Samsung Galaxy J3 Star is now available from T-Mobile for $7.00 down and $7.00 per month for 24 months or $175 full retail price. Included is support for LTE Band 71, aka 600MHz. The benefit of this feature is that Extended Range LTE (which includes LTE Bands 12 and 71) reaches farther and is better at penetrating buildings than mid-band LTE coverage.

Other features of the Galaxy J3 Star include a 5-inch HD display, 8MP rear camera with LED flash, and 5MP front-facing camera for all of your selfie needs. Samsung has also packed a quad-core Exynos 7570 processor into the J3 Star along with 2GB of RAM, 16GB of storage, and a microSD card slot. Rounding things out is Android 8.0 Oreo and a 2600mAh battery.

When it comes to wireless connectivity, the Samsung Galaxy J3 Star includes support for LTE Bands 2, 4, 5, 12, 66, and 71. Support for both HD Voice and VoLTE is included, too.

Like the LG Aristo 2 Plus that launched at T-Mobile earlier this month, the Samsung Galaxy J3 Star is an affordable Android phone that’s made more attractive because of its LTE Band 71 support. The selection of 600MHz-compatible phones on T-Mobile is still somewhat small, so it’s good to see another device that can access the 600MHz LTE that T-Mo has rolled out in more than 900 cities and towns.

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Source: T-Mobile

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  • Hurlamania

    Does it support band 25 26 and 41?

    • JLP474

      Go to Samsung’s site and check.

  • riverhorse

    Nice Lilliputian / Pygmy phone with specs from a half decade ago. Back then, Samsung owned the budget & mid tier Tmo/Metro market…not anymore.
    Now, which phone maker is willing to one up the Stylo 4+ in a head to head batle?

  • George Salcedo

    Samsung does nothing but give themselves a bad name with these junk phones. Their low to mid tier phones are just absolute trash, LG’s mid tier options seem a lot more consistent.

    • riverhorse

      Yep. And whenever I bring this up I get aswers like- not everyone is a power user / can afford a flagship..misquoting while missing the point.

      • Acdc1a

        I loved both versions of the J7 that have been released.

        • Jeremy Turnley

          The differences between the J3 and J7 are worlds apart. Using a J3 is like using a 5 year old phone that’s running a mod of the latest Samsung suite. It literally takes 3-5 seconds every time you open a new app, or swap back to one that you already ran because Samsung Experience uses up half of the already insufficient 2GB of RAM the phone has. Every action you perform outside of the launcher requires loading from storage every time you do it.

        • riverhorse

          I get the same thing on the Stylo 3– granted, i’ve crammed it with apps. I’ve got 1.5gb empty storage by installing some to SD & regular cache cleaning. Just opening the app drawer, or trying to change app permissions in Settings yields similarly slow going( even before adding the SD).
          Yet if we ask for more ram, folks snip with,”For what? Android doesn’t need ram like Windows.”

        • riverhorse

          Cool, then you can “up”grade to the J3!

        • George Salcedo

          My brother has owned the original J7 for a couple of years but the thing is on its last legs at the moment. The J7 series is tolerable compared to these J prime series. My Dad’s original LG G Stylo gets the job done at the moment.

        • riverhorse

          I really liked the Galaxy Avant way back then…great price point too.

  • Mike McDonald

    Couple questions…I’m an iPhone user. If i want to know what band(s) I’m connecting to, how do see that? I can find nothing in Settings. Also, is the Carrier Settings (currently 32.5.18 on iOS 12 Public Beta) the code to manage the connection to the cell network?