T-Mobile Galaxy S9 and S9+ getting new software updates


Samsung Galaxy S9 and S9+ owners have been wondering when they’ll get another software update after T-Mobile began pushing one in mid-April but then paused it a day later. Now it looks like the wait is finally coming to an end.

T-Mobile has announced new software updates for the Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S9+. The GS9 is getting version G960USQS2ARF4 while the GS9+ is getting version G965USQS2ARF4. A T-Mo support rep in the carrier’s forums has said that these updates will begin rolling out at 10:00pm PT tonight.

The updates are still based on Android 8.0, but they do include the June 2018 Android security patches as well as “various bug fixes and system improvements.”

Many T-Mobile Galaxy S9 and S9+ owners have been frustrated with this update situation because their expensive new flagship smartphones have gone so long without a software update and there’s been no word when a new update might be released. Thankfully, the situation is finally being resolved and a new update is now ready to go, complete with new security patches. If you’ve got a GS9 or GS9+, keep an eye out for your update starting tonight.

Thanks, Mike!

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  • ferruccio83

    About time. My unlocked s9+ has been locked down waiting for this.

    • Francisco Peña

      Seriously? you’ve not used it because of the lack of updates?

      • ferruccio83

        I use it, however, no apps downloaded from play or apk’s. Only what smart switch moved over. It does suck, but I know first hand, malware does effect android

    • WT

      I didnt get the update yet for my unlocked S9 Plus, I believe unlocked version doesnt get the update at same time with TMobile version. It was like that with Note 8.

      • ferruccio83

        You’re right, I did some searches on Google. Some say unlocked I’d last because Samsung needs to assure th ed patch is compatible with every provider. No sure on that truth tho.

  • Kevna

    Let’s hope this update doesn’t get pulled.

  • thepanttherlady


    • bkat11


    • Iphart

      You are so optimistic.

      • thepanttherlady

        To be fair, I didn’t say when in 2019. Lol

  • Joe2050

    I know the S9 supports Band 71 (600 Mhz). How’s the reception? Do you notice the difference indoors and in congested areas? Is it noticeable?

    • Hurlamania

      There are several phones that support band 71 it started with the Note 8 there’s a couple LG phones the S9 the S9 Plus and now the j3 star you would need to live in an area that has 600 megahertz and your phone would need do you have poor reception before it would switch if it’s getting a stronger signal and another band plus you would have to find someone that utilizes 600 because that’s only what’s in their area and come to this form.

      • Kaulana1989

        Note 8 does not support it

        • Hurlamania

          Sorry was thinking of band 66

    • Jeffrey

      Hello Joe….I keep waiting for someone who actually owns and S9 or S9+ to share their real world experience. I keep seeing people respond with….yes…the phone has the hardware and should be able to…blah..blah..blah. What I would like to read about are real users sharing actual experience with cross country driving. Between Albuquerque and central Kansas, there are large areas that had zero coverage prior to band 71. Some of these areas are suppose to now have the new 600MHz transceivers. Is there anyone who has a before band 71/with band 71 using S9 actual testimonials?

    • Reagan1

      I honestly don’t notice that much of a difference on my S9 vs my previous S7 for reception. It may be ever so slightly better and perhaps I was expecting a big improvement, but it really isn’t that much better, IMO. My neighborhood specifically has sketchy service even though I’m in a well populated area and the S9 performs just the same as my S7 did. There are also some other annoying things with the S9 that aren’t reception related that make me sometimes wish I just stayed with the S7. Oh, and this new update doesn’t seem to do anything…except give me sketchy WiFi coverage and do nothing for better reception. Your results may vary. I’m outside Philly, for reference.

  • MurF-A-Zoid

    Let the update begin. So far so good. camera improvements, lock screen improvements and more…

    • bkat11

      Good we need some camera improvements!

    • Jonathan Santiago

      I installed the update but getting some noises on the camera.
      When changing camera modes, I can see the camera moving around and I hear the aperture changing every single time I change modes. On the slow motion, the screen is black… do you have similar?

      • MurF-A-Zoid

        I’m not getting noises on my camera when I change to different modes. My screen does not turn black in slow motion besides my PBS kids channel for my kids right now LOL…

    • Kevna

      What camera and lock screen improvements?

      • MurF-A-Zoid

        Camera loads quicker and more stable then before update. My lock screen seems more stable then before. Use to unlock it self for some reason.

  • Francisco Peña

    when S10 comes out.

  • Bob

    With this update my phone now massages my back and gets me my drinks.

    • MurF-A-Zoid

      Nice, I been waiting for a couple drinks since last update. It is also making my new Tesla model Y as i type.

  • MurF-A-Zoid

    It will come when my Tesla Model 3 comes in July. HE HE….

  • Kilroy672

    Funny I don’t own a S9 or S9+ but own the Note 8 and got a firmware update over the weekend out of the blue and can’t figure out what it’s for. Unless its a June update?

  • Kevna

    Anyone else have the android system using alot of battery? It’s not draining the battery per say but its using more then used to and its higher then my screen use.


    T-Mobile’s SM-G960U/SM-G965U has a locked bootloader… Out of the box, a brick. Phone is useless.