T-Mobile’s 2 for $100 promo coming to an end on October 4th


Ever since T-Mobile launched Netflix On Us, it’s been pushing the plan that includes two lines for $120 and Netflix. Customers that want something a bit cheaper can still get T-Mo’s 2 for $100 deal, but not for much longer.

T-Mobile’s 2 for $100 promo will end on October 4th, T-Mo confirmed to me today. After that date, customers will get two lines for $120 per month with Netflix included.

It’s tough to find info about the 2 for $100 on the T-Mobile website, but the official @TMobileHelp account on Twitter and employees on Reddit have recently said that the promo is still available. You may just have to speak with a T-Mo employee to get it.

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  • Hurlamania

    Doesn’t that have taxes and fees?

    • ekt8750


    • Chris Drudge

      They’re the same deal, except one you pay T-mobile $20 for Netflix while the other you pay Netflix $10 for Netflix.

  • donnybee

    So, it won’t be offered any longer, but those still on it should be grandfathered in.

  • dontsh00tmesanta

    Is it the one that bingeon can be disabled?

    • Brian Engert

      Binge on is a simple choice feature. The one plan has hd enabled/disabled. With the one plan you need plus to be able to remove the video limit and that’s an extra $10/line/month. Hopefully they bring back the one plus promo where you get most of one plus with out an extra fee.

      • dontsh00tmesanta

        So it can’t be turned off with this plan then?

        • Brian Engert

          You can turn off the throttling but you need to pay an addition $10/line/month (it’s an add on not a different plan)

        • dontsh00tmesanta

          That was my question lol

  • TheCudder

    What are the hot spot details with this plan? I currently have a legacy 6GB plan which allows hot spot for all of it. I don’t use hotspot regularly, but there are times that I NEED it.

    • Andrew Singleton

      unlimited 3g hotspot at no extra charge. upgrade to 10gb LTE hotspot for $10 per line per month. upgrade to unlimited LTE hotspot for $25 per line per month.

      • TheCudder

        Has anyone done speed tests with this? Is it true 3G or HSPA+? HSPA+ can get close to 20Mbps is, which is plenty for what I typically use hotspot for.

        • Andrew Singleton

          the phone maintains the strongest network connection available, whether that be hspa+, lte, or edge. the network simply throttles speed on whatever technology you’re using.

  • Derek

    Does anyone else find it disturbing that the “Uncarriers” pricing is slowly creeping up to the other carriers? Tmo’s game plan seems to be adding “value added” crap like netflix and tmo-tuesdays just to justify raising peoples bills. :(

    • Medion

      We all saw this coming. Low prices to lure in customers, then raise prices on new customers one the user base starts approaching saturation.

    • Reid

      Thats why you get in now, their agreement states they can’t change your plan. So get in while it’s cheap and watch all the poor other folks who waited and have to pay an extra $20 to get Netflix.

    • Ty Christensen

      Yeah, they’re just as much as the other carriers now for sure. A single line on Verizon with 5GB data is $55 a month w/auto pay or $75 for unlimited (22GB). We’ll stick with our grandfathered TMo plan of 10 lines for $160 (4 for $100 2.5GB each + 6 additional lines at $10 each) back in June they gave us a free upgrade to 4GB each line until Feb ’18. Can’t come close to that price anywhere else so might as well keep it.

      • Petey07

        Also, T-Mo, tax and fees are included. Verizon, would be $55 plus tax and fees on top of it.

        So you’re still saving a little more to other carriers Lol.

    • TheCudder

      I personally don’t care for them forcing unlimited data on everyone. Good deal when you bundle lines, not you’re screwed as a single person on T-Mobile.

      • randian

        To be fair, you’re screwed on postpaid as a single person at every carrier. I’m currently using T-Mobile Prepaid, and as an iPhone fan lack of access to Apple Upgrade is another way postpaid screws you if you’re single.

        • dcmanryan

          Lack of Apple financing through T-Mobile. No one can stop you from buying an iPhone.

    • Their prices are still better than everybody else. With all the new bands and infrastructure they have been improving over the last few years- prices were bound to jump up a little.

    • (J²)

      I think people look at the $10 to $20 “price increase” without considering that you are saving about that much in taxes and fees that are now included.

      You are basically paying the same price.

  • Daniel Holmstock

    And wait to they eat up Sprint and the 2 for 120 becomes 2 for 130, 2 for 140, then 2 for 120 with 10 gigs Highspeed LTE etc.

  • Ty Christensen

    So how much data do they give you on this 2 for $100 deal? I can’t find anything about it on the website as it only shows TMo One plans, TIA.

    • Medion


      • Ty Christensen

        Oh this was the 2 for $100 unlimited with all taxes and fees included right?

        • Reid

          I’ve got this w/ my wife. I’ve used over 98gb in a single month without noticing any throttling. I couldn’t be happier for $50 a line.

        • Ty Christensen

          Nice, yeah you would only get throttled I think if you’re in a really congested area at the time, this plan should give you up to 50GB now before you get throttled which is insane.

        • Jay ChevyHead

          Only thing with this promo you don’t get 4glte hotspot.

        • Andrew Neuman

          Not true.. I have this promo and I have the LTE hotspot

        • Jay ChevyHead

          Im a sales rep for TMobile but ok won’t argue with you

        • Andrew Neuman

          I have the T-Mobile One plus 2 lines for $100 promo. It comes with 10Gb of 4G LTE hotspot. Am I wrong? I’d be happy to send you screenshots from your website if you’d like.

        • Jazzy Pink

          U have a bit of an attitude to be reping tmobile
          And she may have 4G LTE because when that promotion first came it was with 4G LTE it now comes with 3-g LTE unlimited however for an additional $10 you can get 10 gigabytes of 4G LTE for the hotspot

        • You get Hotspot too. I do, eventhough I rarely use ir

        • Medion

          Yes. It’s the same as the 2 for $120, but cheaper and no included Netflix.

          And some really lucky people for One Plus free on each line, so basically the $140 plan for $100.

    • Ronnie A. Jimenez

      It is unlimited, however, they do throttle after a certain point. Recently John Legere announced an increase to the limit to 50GB/mo, which is almost double the other carriers. I usually hit around 10GB/mo myself, so have never experienced any throttling. If you do Auto pay, they will take away taxes as well.

      I also happened to with to TMOne when they were running a special in march and got HD streaming and 10GB/mo of tethering for both lines for free.

      Needless to say, I am a very happy T-Mobile customer.

  • Jeremy Garriott

    Anyone know how much additional lines are on this plan? $20?

  • Rdfry

    I am lucky to be on the 55+ one plus Plan saves me about 50 a month.

  • I didn’t know the 2 for $100 promo was still going on. I switched to that a few months ago. You can’t beat that deal. I called to see if I could get the Netflix too, but they said I would have to switch to the $120 plan. Nevermind, I already have a Netflix account, haha

  • Irfan

    problem with this account is u only stream video on 480P and slow buffering , and i hate this , i am on 100 plan + tax = 112 , not included north america calling but who travels all time , making my self fool but the reality 480p streaming with slow buffering =sucks

  • Philip

    When are they bringing back 3 lines + 1 line free for $150 with real unlimited 4G data + 14GB of hotspot EACH. When?

    • G1andonly

      That’s what I have and will keep forever. I was looking into this promo but nothing that has come in the last 3 years since i got it has been even close. I had the old plan from 7 years ago and switched right before the promo ended for the 3 lines plus 1 free. I don’t think that deal will ever come back, its to good.

      • dcmanryan

        Well, they technically beat it for new customers with the 20% off hookup promo. I have 5 lines unlimited, free one plus promo for $146 out the door with auto pay and I also got $1000 in my account for switching from Cricket. Only pay $136 as one gets the $10 kickback for using under 2gb every month. I’ve talked to others that have a similar deal but got in on a free line that I barely missed.

  • Zach Chadwick

    I’m on the 2 lines for $100. Also participated in the One Plus Promo. So all of my video streams at HD quality, and Faster Data Speeds internationally. I only pay $170 including device payments.

    • g2a5b0e

      That’s what I have going on too. I’m very satisfied with it.

    • NDWolfwood09

      I got the 4x lines for $160 TMO-ONE plan with: 20%OFF-HookUp (I got earlier this year), $10 per line KickBack (use less than 2GB/per month), One Plus Promo (HD & Intl 2x speeds, 10GB Hotspot, Free Go-go In-Flight text & internet), Unlimited Pokemon Go, Free Netflix and all devices paid off and it comes down to $96 flat fee/month (no taxes and fees)!

      • jimmiekain

        I am considering switching from AT&T to tmo but it looks like it’s actually gonna cost me more with tmo. Can you explain this 20% off hookup? Can others get it?

        • Nobody Special

          20% promotional hookup code has expired… but I’m sure there will be something similar for Thanksgiving (black Friday) or Christmas… if you plan on switching to T-Mobile stay updated with any new promotion they introduce…. some of their promotions last for a limited time. The 2 free line promotion only lasted I believe for a few days…. stay alert.

        • Brandon

          How much do u pay with AT&T?

      • Tmo.live

        I have same promo with hookup offer..but i did not have netflix..how did you add it on your account?

  • Francisco Peña

    wait until thanksgiving.. deals will change.

    I have the 2/6GB/$70 plan. plus I have a 3rd line free. so with phone charges I’m at $130. I’m ok with that. If I have to jump to One, I’d be more…

  • A2theC

    The page for Netflix on us specifically says the 2 line for $100 is ineligible for… Great advise.