T-Mobile shares new end-of-year 2017 coverage map with 600MHz LTE


With the impending launch of the LG V30 and the start of 600MHz LTE coverage deployment, there’s a lot of excitement about T-Mobile’s newest LTE band. And now there are some maps to help us visualize there we’ll see 600MHz LTE coverage this year.

T-Mobile has shared some maps that show its end-of-year 2017 coverage both with and without 600MHz coverage. The maps, posted by PCMag, make it easy to see where 600MHz LTE will have an impact in the remaining months of the year.



T-Mobile’s 600MHz LTE is already live in Cheyenne, Wyo., and Scarborough, Maine, and T-Mo has previously said other parts of the country where it plans to deploy 600MHz LTE in 2017. Those areas are:

  • Wyoming
  • Northeast and Southwest Oregon
  • West Texas
  • Southwest Kansas
  • The Oklahoma panhandle
  • Western North Dakota
  • Additional areas of Maine
  • Coastal North Carolina
  • Central Pennsylvania
  • Central Virginia
  • Eastern Washington

Right now, the LG V30 is the only smartphone on T-Mobile that supports 600MHz LTE. T-Mo has said that it’ll have a 600MHz-compatible phone from Samsung available in Q4 2017, too, so that’s something to look forward to if 600MHz is a must-have for you and you’re not feeling the V30.

Today’s report contains a couple other interesting tidbits about T-Mobile. First is that T-Mobile is building out its 700MHz Extended Range LTE coverage “in a few remaining areas” through December. Second is that PCMag has heard that a T-Mobile and U.S. Cellular encountered a technical integration issue involving VoLTE systems during their efforts to strike a roaming agreement, but that they’re working on the problem.

Source: PCMag

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  • TheCudder

    Why do these coverages maps look nearly identical? T-Mobile’s maps are a exaggeration anyway, so I super doesn’t really matter what they show.

    • John Doe

      This website is more accurate and shows all of T-Mobile’s spectrum even by Zip code:

    • TmoRepNLovingIt

      Because the difference in question is literally about 10 small areas for 2017. Once, tv broadcasts mov3 off the spectrum, the differences will then be huge and obvious.

  • I recently moved to Billings, Montana and I am still with T-Mobile. Hopefully they can get the 600/700 MHz running in my area since roaming with 200 MB really blows. Also I heard rumors about an upcoming T-Mobile store opening in Billings in mid-October 2017.

    • Zach Mauch

      If you are not part of the initial roll out in the list above it will be early 2019 at the soonest. The initial roll out is for areas were 600 MHz was already unused by TV stations. All other areas will have a transition period for existing stations.

  • Zach Mauch

    I would really like to see a 600MHz only coverage map, but I doubt T-Mobile will put out an official one. They never did that for Band 12 or any other frequency/technology.

    • dtam

      a map would be pretty useless at this point when a list of 10 cities already describes the extent of their coverage.

      • CAL_08

        Which is exactly why it would be useful. Otherwise it’s misleading because they are promoting it without actually promoting it’s effective coverage areas. Blending it all together makes it seem like it’s making a big difference.

  • pda96

    Band 12 is still a no show in San Diego after all the hot air from TMO. As far as the 700MHz is concerned, ATT and VZ still kick TMO’s arse.

    • Sharti24

      band 12 is out in SD near the airport. Where they need to deploy it is on 32nd and Coronado island

      • pda96

        If what u are saying is true, then Coronado island should be seeing B12 as well since SD airport is not THAT far away. I mean, isn’t B12 supposed to be “long distance”?

        • Sharti24

          I know they have band 4 antennas located on Coronado island municipal golf course. The driving range to be exact

        • Sharti24

          You could always go to a tmobile corporate store and have them pull up their tower map. Its called grand central. Have them show you which towers are band 12

  • CAL_08

    It would be better to show the coverage map with the 600mhz layered on top (in different color) so you can actually see where it’s being applied, especially since it will only be useful for those who have a compatible phone. It’s misleading to show total available coverage when it’s only available to those who acquire new equipment that can utilize it.

    • Sharti24

      Yeah that would be sweet

    • It’s nationwide and won’t be substantially completed until 2020 they been put that out there.

      • John Doe

        So then don’t make stupid useless maps until it is completed.

        • Or you all can be patient and stop acting like you travel to the boonies everyday and stop acting like babies when they clearly said 2020 is the expected completion date of 600mhz.. plain and simple

        • John Doe

          T-Mobile is the one that is not patient here…releasing premature maps.

        • This comment sounds stupid and immature grow up

        • John Doe

          That comment is 100% correct. T-Mobile did not need to release this stupid map…it is useless right now.

        • It’s better then nothing you guys have your panties in a bunch for no reason your issues will be resolved it takes time.

  • thenew3

    So it looks like on the CA coast, just north of LA, the coverage is worse with 600 then without it! WTF? Makes no sense that coverage would be worse (bigger black spot on the map) with 600mhz coverage.

  • quawy

    Right….. They both look the same to me

    • det_b

      Actually, some areas look better without it? These maps are F’d.

  • Panzer

    Wow so there’s like no signal at all in West Virginia.

    • There’s literally no money in west Virginia but hey I guess it needs to be covered to keep everyone happy

      • Jason Caprio

        AT&T covers West Virginia better than all the other carriers, including Verizon.

        • Wow they cover the coal mines that have abandoned lmaoo

        • eanfoso

          Still better than having no coverage, besides it’s faked up to make fun of a situation like that, I thought better of you.

        • Who cares about West Virginia lol

        • eanfoso

          That’s very ignorant of you. It’s not even funny but hey keep giving t mobile fans a bad rep.

        • Obviously it’s a joke no sense of humor you guys giving yourself a bad name with all the complaining I bet a fraction of tmobile customers even go to WV.

  • You guys are not getting the gist of this article here they are showing end of year coverage for this year. Tmobile still has to wait until the TV stations relocate they have 600mjz nationwide here go look it up and re-read I think alot of you didn’t see all the information before this article. And besides it’s only 1 phone that’s out right now that can untilize. They can’t throw up a national network over night it takes time they said end of 2020 they will have 600mhz roll out complete. Alot of people sound like babies on here. You don’t need a phone 24/7 with 4G live life people have done it before mobile phone and you can do it now. A Addition is a serious problem.

    • Jerry Rich

      As I see it you are the only guy who is not geting the gist of the fact that no one cares what you have to say and it is of no interest to anyone.

      • Waste of comment do better

      • Yawni Highsler

        Did that trigger you sweety.

        • Jerry Rich

          Stop it you brute!

    • CAL_08

      You’re missing the fine print, literally. Those maps state on them the coverage with and without the 600mhz included, but if you don’t know where those areas are, then you might be assuming that additional coverage would be available even to those without a capable device. The “gist” here is misleading. It doesn’t mean people aren’t interested, it’s just that they’re not really showing you a true reflection of their coverage as it will apply to the majority of their customers.

      • I’m not missing anything. I read the article and honestly don’t care I don’t go to those unpopulated states. I could careless if they covered them

        • chunk

          You obviously do care seeing as you commented about it and wrote “i could care less” which implies you care some. I know im a week late but man is it annoying as shit when people write “i could care less” when trying to convey that they dont care…

  • Stephan Tchorbajian

    Hello! How are you guys? This is my 1st time posting in the Tmonews forum so I’m quite excited. I go back roughly 11 carriers with the “Uncarrier” and lived with them through the original CEO Philipp Hum and John Legere. My favorite phone with them was the HTC G1 and I remember originally being on their 3.6 mbps HSDPA network back in 2009 and was blown away at how fast their speeds were compared to older GSM/Edge.

    HSPA+ and T-Mobiles faux 4G network was fast even at 42 mbps/down on my older Galaxy S3. I have been visiting this forum for years and even remember Cam Bunton and have been a serious fan. I think John Legere has changed the industry and made some great moves in the past 3-5 years.

    I also think T-Mobile(s) 700 Mhz expansion gave them a needed boost to the point where in NYC and Long Island I hardly ever encounter dropped calls. Unfortunately, for some reason I’m on the fence regarding the planned merger between Sprint and T-Mobile and very cautious as to where things might head. At the end of the day I really don’t understand why companies have to ruin a good thing. Can T-Mobile and Sprint potentially work? Possibly! But I only think under the T-Mobile management structure and Neville Ray. I think Deutsche Telecom could have established success without Sprint, and this discussion of established synergies will lead to several thousand layoffs. As much as I love T-Mobile I’m ready to switch over to prepaid service if this merger proves to be a disaster as I’m tired of oversaturated bills as we hardly use our data plans in our household.

  • Stephan Tchorbajian

    One more thing. I’m thinking about T-Mobile(s) 600 Mhz spectrum grab and think it’s going to be great for the network, and coverage but I don’t unfortunately want to become a guinea pig as there is a merger, lots of debt to digest, intermingled networks so I’m not going to plunk $800 for a 600 Mhz compatible handset when I’m sure NYC will be the last market probably in the 2019-2010 timeframe to get 600 Mhz coverage. My recommendation is to wait it out at least another year or two to see what coverage and handsets there are available, as the cost to acquire 600 Mhz right now is just too high and cost prohibitive for many people.

    • vince

      Most unlocked and t-mobile phones will probably be compatible going out. And 99.99 of people really don’t need to upgrade until late 2018 or 2019 anyways when it’s more widespread. I live in MN and it would be pointless to get the V30 for it now

    • Locust Gee

      Or maybe longer.
      I still have not seen Band 12 700Mhz since it rolled out on TMO what 2 + years ago elsewhere in the US.
      I know we’re the 44th rank MSA in the USA. but one would think they’d get to us by now.

  • Mike

    With or without 600 Mhz, T-Mobile’s map is STILL over exaggerating the coverage it has in Northern Idaho. The maps show coverage in Priest River and neighboring town of Newport, Washington but no native coverage actually exists. You’ll roam on ATT. You must be closer south towards CDA or east into Sandpoint before T-mobile coverage exists. At least be honest with your coverage maps.

    • And you have proof of this? Is the person that does have a capable phone? Screen shots!

      • Mike

        Proof of what? That roaming occurs on ATT there?

        • Yeah and there’s no native coverage

        • keepitreal25

          The person who said there is no coverage possibly may not have a phone that can hop on the native coverage in that area if it’s there to begin with

    • eanfoso

      It’s a projected map aka it’s exaggerated, same thing happened to me in Kansas, Tennessee and Indiana. You can’t trust the map yet.

  • Maknora

    Hmm, you guys are missing the other big picture. What phone from Samsung will have 600mhz? They keep saying this quarter.. Is this a new S8? We need to talk about this

    • J.J.

      S8 active maybe

      • ConcernedCitizen31

        Confirmed. S8 active

  • nate_CO

    so, this map keeps showing coverage in Northern Wisconsin where it isn’t now or before, but WI is never mentioned in these articles as getting 600MHz. Where is that coverage coming from? serious question, we travel to N. WI all the time and I’d love to have coverage.

  • big curt

    I wonder if metro will get a phone that runs on the 600

    • chicobill

      Any phone that works on T-mobile works on Metro

  • Keith Stevens

    The samsung active atually has the 600mhz built in as well. Now available on T-mobile.