LG V30 render leak allegedly shows design of upcoming flagship


For the past couple of years, LG has offered two flagship smartphones per year, launching a G series device in the first half of the year and a V series device in the second half. It looks like that’ll continue in 2017.

Renders that claim to show off the LG V30 have made their way online. The images come from @OnLeaks and MySmartPrice and are said to be based on factory CAD information.

This alleged LG V30 looks similar to the LG G6, offering a tall display that’s said to be 6 inches in size, a metal frame, a dual rear camera setup, and a rear fingerprint reader. The front of this V30 does appear to have slight curves on its edges, though, and the dual rear camera setup on the V30 is a bit different than on the G6 since the placement of the rear flash has changed.


Another detail worth noting about this supposed LG V30 is that it’s said to be missing a secondary screen above the main display. That secondary screen was one of the main features of the LG V10 and LG V20, giving users a place for app shortcuts, music controls, and more.

If LG does abandon the secondary display on the V30, it looks like the device could be a larger G6 that may offer some improved specs, like perhaps a newer processor or higher-end cameras. It’d be kind of weird to see LG ditch one of the main features of its previous V series phones, but maybe the company thinks that skipping a feature that some might consider a gimmick and that offering a larger, more premium phone is a better way to go.

What do you think of this supposed LG V30?

Source: MySmartPrice

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  • lomsha

    Or pixel xl 2

  • Gerard Bathan

    Going towards the direction of a non replaceable battery like the rest is a turn off for me. I love LG for having this option. Making it water resistant is not going to sell me. I just returned my G6 and went back to the V20. It’s like how many times do you get your phone wet versus running out of battery?

    • yankeesusa

      Can you tell me which phone that’s been released in the last 2 years that has a removable battery?

      • thepanttherlady

        LG V20?

      • steadymobb

        The v20 and the g5

        • yankeesusa

          Completely forgot about these. G5 could have been a great phone. V20 doesn’t get any updates so I went with a different phone.

    • Gerard Bathan

      There’s also the LG Aristo, K20 Plus and the Stylo 3 Plus which has the same battery as the V20.

  • MadMartigan

    This is anything but official, guys. It’s a render based off of dimensions. Nothing in the Cadfile would indicate half of the stuff folks are claiming the render proves.

    …at least, that’s what I’m going to keep telling myself until we get official confirmation. :-P

  • steveb944

    I prefer my V20 design. I personally don’t like this new aspect ratio from Samsung and LG.

    • Crackers luv M3TH

      What’s not to like about a smaller phone with a bigger screen ?

      • steveb944

        Aspect ratio doesn’t confirm to the standard video resolutions as of late.

      • Andre Dionne

        The screen is technically bigger, but most of the time it’s useless. Text isn’t bigger because that relies on width, not height. Most videos are in 16:9, so no gain there. Harder to access the whole screen with your thumb without readjusting your grip. I don’t see enough good to outweigh the annoying.

        • Crackers luv M3TH

          Are u using ancient apps because majority of the apps today take advantage of the 16:9 ratio . That’s why Pixel and iPhone are following suit with the same ratio.

        • Andre Dionne

          You prove my point perfectly. Most apps use 16:9 ratio, not this 18.5:9 ratio that LG and Samsung are using. Apps are 16:9, videos are 16:9, pictures/wallpapers are 16:9, etc. Increasing the height without width only potentially reduces the need for scrolling.

        • Crackers luv M3TH

          Who are the three top cellphone makers Samsung,Apple, and LG . Apple is going the same route as Samsung and LG for the iPhone 8 . Majority of the popular apps are already taking advantage of the 18.5:9 . The future is 18.5:9 especially when the top 3 cellphone makers are using the ratio.

  • Dominimmiv

    I like it. Band 71 is a must now.

  • steadymobb

    So they redesigned it to make the front look exactly like an s8. Okay cool.

  • evo4g63t

    If this is the real design it looks like the v series is going to be a victim of the g6’s success.

    Removal of the second screen? I mean really this is the feature that stands out vs g series.

    No removable battery for protection against toilet drops? Give me a break. I love having an extended battery and also know if a battery is bad it can be easily replaced. This is the first component that goes out in a phone this Apple bs trend of non removable batteries is nothing more than a way to push users to upgrade when their battery dies.

    I’ve been picking LG because of the unique features they offer over the competitors if this is what they’re offering there is no reason to even continue with them it looks to be like every other flagship phone now.

    The note 8 seems to be ridiculously expensive (for literally no reason at all) so it looks like I am sticking with the v20 for the foreseeable future.

    • bass-ackwards

      Evo, I couldn’t agree more. That’s why I’ve been sticking with my note 4. Shoot, my original got ran over last wkend going to watch the new spiderman, I bought another. Removable battery is an indispensable feature, I’m so disappointed that LG is going sealed in now. I was waiting for the v30 too I might very jumped on it. Now what the hell do we do?

  • Not even going to waste my time with LG anymore. I bought the G6 at $650, and got TMo to reduce it to $500, the week after they lowered the price. Now my phone is talking about some Moisture detected in the charge port yadda yadda BS! That is OK LG – lost me as a supporter.
    Now I’ stuck with a paid off LG that’s garbage…
    I’ll wait for the Note 8 and see what that’s giving!