LG V10 has two screens on its face, and it’s coming to T-Mobile


UPDATE: A couple of other LG V10 tidbits to note. First, T-Mobile’s landing page for the V10 is live (thanks, Tracy!), letting you sign up to receive more info when its available.

Second, Des Smith has confirmed that the LG V10 will support band 12 and Wi-Fi Calling at launch. That’s not entirely surprising since the V10 is a new, high-end phone being sold by T-Mobile itself, but it’s still nice to have confirmation.


LG’s got a big new Android smartphone, and it’s coming to T-Mobile.

The LG V10 is officially coming to T-Mo’s shelves. Neither LG nor Magenta have announced any launch or pricing details yet, but we do know about the V10’s spec list, so let’s start there. One of the most notable features of the V10 is its dual front displays. There’s a 5.7-inch 2560×1440 main screen, and sitting above that its a 2.1-inch 160×1040 display. LG says that the secondary screen can be always-on and display time, date, weather, and battery life info. It can also show app shortcuts, music controls, and notifications when you’re using all of the main display.

Another main feature of the LG V10 is its dual front camera setup. Both cameras are of the 5-megapixel variety. You can use just one of them to capture a standard 80-degree selfie, or you can use ‘em both to capture a wide-angle 120-degree selfie. The V10’s software will combine images taken with the two front cameras, which are placed just far apart enough to get two different points of view.


Finally, LG is really pushing the video capture features of the V10. There’s a Multi-View Recording feature that’ll let you capture different angles of a scene using all three cameras, a Steady Record feature that uses electronic image stabilization (EIS) to keep your video recording smooth, a Manual Video Mode for editing that offers options like frame rate, ISO, white balance, and focus, and a Wind Noise Filter to eliminate wind noise from outdoor video. Other video features include Audio Monitor, Quick Share, Quick Video Editor, Snap Video, and 15 Second Auto Edit, which’ll create a short highlight video by eliminating blurred frames and static scenes from a clip.

In terms of raw specs, the LG V10’s got a main 5.7-inch 2560×1440 display and a secondary 2.1-inch 160×1040 display. There are two 5-megapixel cameras on the front of the phone, and round back lives a 16-megapixel shooter with an f/1.8 aperture, fingerprint sensor, and LG’s well-known rear-mounted volume and power buttons. Inside of the V10 lives a hexa-core Snapdragon 808 processor, 4GB of RAM, 64GB of storage, a microSD slot, NFC, LTE, and a 3000mAh removable battery. The V10’s body includes a stainless steel frame and a Dura Skin bottom and rear cover for added durability. Plus, the back of the phone is textured to help improve your grip.

There’s no question that the LG V10 is a unique phone thanks to its dual front cameras, dual displays, and its textured backside. Even if you’re not super-interested in those features, though, it’s still a high-end Android phablet that could be worth a look if big screens are your thing.

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  • Hmm… Decisions, Decisions. Blackberry Priv, Nexus 6p, or LG V10. Glad I waited to see what else would come of this year.

    Either way, I got some Score!(ing) to do. :D

  • Mike G.

    I knew if I held off this year something would come about in the way of a better phone. I have an LG G Flex orig. and I don’t wanna give up my IR blaster. Looks as if this has it. Removable battery and sd card slot. What more can you ask for in a phone?

    • Allen Alberto Enriquez

      Mike G so right the ir blaster is something i can’t seem to go without.

    • HeatFan786

      Better quality software. The LG UI is fugly.

      • Annie Strayer

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  • If they don’t charge an extra $100 for that 2nd screen, then I’m all for it. But if they want to price it like the S6 Edge then it’s not going to sell well.

  • Fuuuuuuuuu

    Now THAT is a lot more practical than a stupid curved edge, Samsung. Take Note*. Hah. Get it?

    *Has a Note 5 and loves it

    • I love the insurance option of the 6p, and it having a 128GB model (And for a relative affordable pricing, especially when compared to the pricing of the iPhone 6 Plus and Samsung Galaxy 6 for the same storage model, originally). But I’m upset that they only implimented USB 2.0 with the USB Type-C port. Such a waste. Would’ve been perfect for fast laptop/PC to smartphone transfers with the 128GB model. They could’ve at least had USB 3.0 support, if not 3.1.

      • steveb944

        I thought type C was meant to deliver faster charging/data transfer than the current tech.

        • Yeah, that’s a misconception. Type-C is like the shape of the port/cable. It’s like thinking about the reversible micro usb cables, they make it easier to fit in your phone, and what not, but nothing more than that. The technology of USB 3.0, and 3.1 (Which typicaly comes with a lot of USB Type-C cables), makes faster data transfers.

          USB Type C does come with Power Delivery 2.0, which makes for faster charging, depending. I say depending because I believe the Nexus 6p has it, but the One Plus Two that has a type c port clearly doesn’t, because it takes so long to charge. @ste@steveb944:disqus

  • Jose Lugo

    Felt like LG could have bumped the camera or done a little extra on it. Any one notice a trend where the “new” phone has the same camera as the “old” phone?? anyways, this does look promising. I’m with @Wait:disqus as well, they better not overkill this one with the price.

    • steveb944

      Software matters more now, just look at the new Nexus with slo-mo. At the end of the day it’s still a plain old camera in any smartphone.

  • thepanttherlady

    Hmmmmm….interesting. I’m liking the uniqueness AND that they’re still offering the SD slot and removeable battery. May have to partake in this. :)

  • YABD

    This phone must have a big battery.

    • steveb944

      Nope says 3K, but at least it’s removable.

  • Jose Lugo

    Another thing on here is
    that the phone has a rating of MIL-STD-810 (some sort of military grade) which helps the
    phone be resistant to breaking or cracking. Kind of like the “active” that Samsung
    has but, don’t think it’s water resistant in anyway.

  • Alex

    So is this the phone that has been mistaken for the LG G4 Pro that has been floating across the web for a while? If so, this is quite an interesting phone indeed. The only issue I see is that the phone in the back should have been at least 20mp only because it seems this phone is designed for the “picture lovers”. Why would LG make a phone that takes great “selfie” but not have a higher standard camera on the back? Should have gone all out. Maybe the LG G4 Pro is actually real and will have the specs that most people desire. Only time will tell.

    • Stefan Naumowicz

      Who can really see the difference between 16 and 20mp?

    • SpaceGhost09

      You should do more research on photography, this thing will probably be the king of picture/video capture in the smartphone world when release. At least for a month, lol.

    • steveb944

      It’s not all about the MP, you do know that right?

      What specs is this missing? I only see USB type C, and maybe the wireless charging but the majority don’t desire those things let alone know they exist.

  • francob911 .

    Does this phone have an IR blaster and usb type C?

  • What about the LG Urbane w/LTE?

  • MisterSuperGod

    i think we’ll begin to see this new, duel screen feature (gimmick) more often in the future. It’ll be the next big thing. *Yay, something else to kill my battery faster* End cynical rant here.

    • Joe

      All i’ve wanted for the longest time it a not crazy fat but not crazy thin phone with s6 like specs and near stock android that can get 2 full days of power user battery life. But oems don’t want to give us this cuz than we will only upgrade every 3-4 years (in my case).

  • Paul Garrison

    I might go with this since Google is being stupid as funk with the Nexus not going to carriers.

  • Tracy
  • JayBEE

    I need to know if this indeed the so-called LG G4 Pro. If it is, I’ll go ahead and go back against what I said and upgrade my Note 3 to a Note Edge or Note 4. To me, the Note Edge or the Note 4 is the standard bearer.

    • steveb944

      If your current device will suffice, wait for the 820 devices. I bought an N6 to hold me off until then, and maybe soon the Priv because it’s unique.

  • Bradley Karas

    Phone sounds cool but LG always scores poorly on Antutu and the battery is the same size as the Note 5/Galaxy S6 edge+. I dunno the dual screens seem like a cool concept and the camera always barks loud but yet these phones never sell. I’m good with my S6 edge +

    • steveb944

      Removable battery should qualm the fears of battery life, something Samsung axed this gen.

      • Bradley Karas

        Don’t even miss the battery removal at all

        • Rene Shabastari

          you will when your battery dies in 18 months. I’m not trying to be mean, just a heads up that it will happen

        • Saul Viayra

          Hi buddy, I don’t think there’s is a tmobile customer keeping their phone for 18 months with all this jump offers and if there is one it will not be carrying a flagship phone just saying

        • Yeah, I definitely don’t keep a phone for 18 months, let alone 12 months, and I’ve never used any iteration of jump.

        • Android_God

          Who hurt you?

        • Rene Shabastari

          While I agree what you say is the norm. There is definitely a segment of people that like to pay off their phones and/or pay for them up front and then sell them. I do this myself, it has saved me more than jump would have in many cases. I change phones every 3-6 months and know that this behavior is even more rare. Now I’m sure a lot of other people also don’t care if they sell a phone with a dead/dying battery but when I sell my phone to a friend or on eBay they can rest assured it is not an old battery. I have had many phones with built in batteries die way faster than they should have, and in those cases I use the manufacturers insurance to get a new phone, which is usually cheaper than T-Mo’s insurance and in worst case I have to use T-Mo’s which is generally $150, but brand new phones sell a lot better than used ones so it usually still comes out beneficially on a 3-6 month old phone. My 2 cents

        • Bklynman

          Alots of people keep there phones longer than 18 months,I am about to cancel my Jump(Old Jump).Because Tmobile has no phones that came out since to temp me to change over,I have The Note 3.,before I get another phone that just come out,I wait to see what kind of issues it has,when I do get new phone it will be by Ebay,Swappa,I really won’t care if it is 6 months to year old.I will save $200-300.or more on it. Got my My Touch 4g Slide.The Amaze,on ebay at a real good price. When I am tired of TN3,that where get my next phone from.or any number use phone sites all over the internet now.

      • Dada

        Removable battery is a feature lots of people cry about yet nobody uses.

        • steveb944

          So true. It’s an underused feature, but the ones who use it are quite vocal.

        • Dada

          The people who don’t use it are also quite vocal about why its essential. Which makes me laugh.

        • steveb944

          “This phone is missing ___! Fail! ” Has never used ___ feature.

          I guess people just like being overly opinionated, or like being a negative Nancy.

        • Mike Thaler

          I may only replace the battery once or twice a month. I often get dwn to under 20% – and don’t have to suddenly worry I’ll be “dead”. You are right – I don’t use it much – but peace of mind is priceless. (I’m a former Blackberry then Samsung S4 user.)

        • Dada

          Be a normal person and carry a battery bank…. if you only need once or twice a month there’s super tiny ones that you can just forget about. Much more convenient than carrying space batteries.

        • mingkee

          I always carry extra battery, but I don’t replace it often as G4 has good battery time.

        • Hoppysport

          I use my extra batteries all the time with my Note 3. I expected to jump to the Note 5 but passed when Samsung went to the darkside and eschewed replaceable batteries and memory. Bad move.

          I travel a lot and the replaceable batteries are mandatory. I carry four of them in my backpack. Usually have one in my pocket.

          I don’t know where reviewers get this full day of battery life. Do the keep their screen on dim and never watch videos?

          I’m staying with my Note 3. I will continue to backup and then do a factory reset every 4 months. I don’t care about benchmarks and tests. What do these numbers mean in real life anyway…an extra fraction of a second?

  • David

    I’m done with LG. Tired G3 got burnt really bad. Wifi calling never really worked properly, software update is slow. support is no existance. I think solely for the purpose of support, I’ll go with Nexus phones from now on.
    Samsung is just overall better. Not that I’m a samsung lover LG hater, I gave LG a fair opportunity and tried its G2 and G3, it’s just not as good.

    • steven berson

      Thats unfortunate I owned the g3 and it was a pretty good phone. My only complaints was the average batter life and heat that would limit screen brightness.

      • David

        Exactly my reason. Battery wouldn’t last a day, and it gets hot. Essentially my G3 was quite useless that I had to bring a power bank with me every day to make sure it will last throughout the day.
        I feel LG likes to push out products in a hurry, at first glance, you get impressed with the spec and features, soon you realize all these fancy stuff is not that useful than to have a phone that works with long battery life.
        Why can’t manufactures stick to the basics and focus on making a good phone first (call quality, reception etc….), long lasting battery second, and a good camera third.

        • steven berson

          The battery usually made it to the end of day with moderate use for me. The price was $100 cheaper then samsung/iphone so I don’t mind the trade off. If you want a phone that doesn’t die get the note 4 it is a beast. Loved that device. Have the edge plus now its a really good phone just too pricey.

        • AngryBadger

          lollipop 5.0.1 made my note 4 laggy. wish i stayed on kitkat (it was blazing fast). hope 5.1.1 fixes that or the 6.0 update.

  • kgraham182

    If your are a T-Mobile customer your identity may have been stolen. Do worry Johnny boy and Experian are looking into it. Hackers should of target Verizon or AT&T their customers seem to have more money.

    • Android_God

      I hope an elite group of English teachers begins to target those that post off topic rants.

  • superg05

    so this is the continuum 2 interesting answer to Samsungs edge displays using a samsung rehash top placement is better though

  • mingkee

    It seems to be a step up from G4 with the following:
    Secondary screen
    4GB RAM
    64GB NAND
    Slightly larger main screen.
    However, CPU and battery stay the same. As I am a happy G4 user, I am not sure whether I go for this.
    Removable battery feature is actually life saver for heavy users though I don’t swap out much. However, you can charge 4-5x a day without damaging the battery because you can simply get a new one once the battery lost the charge.

  • Philip

    I like the second screen. Add the physical button at the bottom. Then it will be premium.

    • Vernon Young

      Just say no to physical buttons, especially on the front.

  • Thatguy

    They need throw soumthing like S Pen in that and I can rock with it

  • tonkotsu

    After I saw phone after phone not get updated to the latest software avaliable, I’ll never buy another carrier branded device again. There simply is no benefit.

    • Alex

      This is not a carrier branded phone , it’s made by lg and it will be a flagship device.

      • tonkotsu

        And it will be carrier branded in the US, unlike iPhones and Google nexus devices.

        • ykdtydk

          Seeing as how lg g3 (a device that originally ran 4.4.2) and g4 are slated to get 6.0 shortly I’d say you have less to worry about with LG. You could always get the international version if band 12 doesn’t matter to you

      • RedGeminiPA

        When you buy through a carrier and it’s loaded with carrier bloatware, along with the carrier’s name somewhere on the exterior, and a carrier-specific splash screen, that’s considered “carrier branded.”

        The only phones sold by carriers that have none of that crap is the iPhone.

        • MadJoe

          T-Mobile has stopped branding their phones on the outside as far as I can tell. The Galaxy S6, S6 Edge, Note 5, S6 Edge+, and the LG G4 are all “T-Mobile” branding free on the outside. As for bloat, well yeah, you get some of that with all the carriers. Some of it adds real function, though, and those that don’t I’ve been able to disable on my S6, so I’m not too upset.

      • MadJoe

        LG doesn’t consider the V series flagship devices. How can I tell? Well they only put a Snappy 808 in it. If it were a flagship, it would have, at the very least, an 810 (more likely an SD820, though). The V series is for testing ideas and seeing if they’re popular and working out any bugs before introducing them to the G series in a more polished form. I would say we can look forward the the second screen to feature prominently on the G5 if the V10 proves popular.


          The reason why LG went with the snapdragon 808 instead of the 810 is because of the issues with the 810 and the 820 is not ready for mass production


        in a way it is a carrier branded because is going to be offered by T-Mobile meaning that when it comes to updates it has to be tested by T-Mobile because of the WiFi calling support etc .. I own a nexus 6 T-Mobile version and i’m still waiting for T-Mobile to finish testing the software (marshmallow 6.0) before they release the update .. the nexus 6 play store version already got the update on October the 5th .. you see what i meant


      you are right in a way .. in my case I have a nexus 6 T-Mobile version .. it support band 12 LTE which is extremely important if you are a T-Mobile customer and WiFi calling .. if I get the play store version of this phone it will not support these features .. this is one of the reasons why I’m going to pass on the nexus 6 p because of the overheating and full of issues snapdragon 810 …

      • Flip Jumpman

        Any Nexus 6 will work on T-Mobile. Doesn’t matter if its from Google Play or say Sprint. If it has a T-Mobile SIM in it, it will update to work on its network.

  • Bryan

    So does the phone have OIS? I am under the impression that EIS is inferior to OIS when taking pictures

    • ykdtydk

      From another site:

      Additionally, the LG V10 gets a digital stabilization algorithm (I believe from Qualcomm) that should partially compensate for large motion induced by walking, or running. It still has an optical stabilization mechanism for smaller shakes such as vehicle vibration and/or “shaky hands”.

  • kpb321

    The dual screen with a small “notification” screen seems like a lot more useful feature than Samsung’s edge phones. Wonder how well the small screen will be handled and how seamlessly it will work with the main screen.

  • Aaron C

    I’m in. The new Nexus phones aren’t my thing. If I have to give up wireless charging, I’m trying something different when I ditch my Nexus 6. This fits the bill. My stepson has a G3 and the screen looks gorgeous. Love the novelty of the top screen, and with the textured back, maybe I won’t have to run a case. The only reason I run one with my Nexus 6 is the smooth curved back makes me always feel like I’m going to drop it.

  • j00py

    This is a youtuber’s dream phone. Being able to record your reaction in two frames while recording from the main camera could make for some great picture in picture action shots.

  • note5 disappointed

    My next phone goodbye note series

    • Sammaad Shams

      Same boat as you are mate… good bye note series …

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  • Willin Diaz

    wireless charging capable?

    • ykdtydk

      No wireless charging

    • André On

      Capable, yes.

  • Is the battery removable or no? It doesn’t look like it. The battery is still too small for non-removable, but still has SD card slot-that’s a requirement for me

    • ykdtydk

      The battery is removable.

    • thepanttherlady

      Per the article:

      “and a 3000mAh removable battery.”

  • Jimmy James

    No mention of the MIL-STD-810 resistance rating. This should be a selling point. Check out the drop tests.

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