Google working to get T-Mobile band 12 working on Nexus 5X and 6P by the time the phones ship


Yesterday T-Mobile said that the new Nexus 5X and Nexus 6P won’t support T-Mobile band 12 and VoLTE out of the box, but that it was working with Google on enabling those features. Now we’ve got a bit more information on the matter thanks to Google.

Several members of Google’s Nexus team took part in an AMA (Ask Me Anything) session on Reddit today, and unsurprisingly, the question of T-Mobile band 12 and VoLTE support came up. The Googlers’ answer was short, and thankfully, included good news:

“We’re hard at work with T-Mo to get Band 12 on Nexus devices by ship date”

While it’s kind of strange that the Nexus 5X and Nexus 6P don’t support T-Mo’s band 12 and VoLTE out of the gate, it sounds like the features ought to be enabled by the time that phones begin shipping to buyers next month. That’s much better than the time than the Nexus 6’s VoLTE update, which didn’t arrive for several months after launch.

It’s also worth mentioning that T-Mobile has already said that the Nexus 5X and Nexus 6P should have Wi-Fi Calling support at launch. While it’s expected to be turned off by default, T-Mo has said that after you pop in your SIM and hook onto the network, you should be able to turn the feature on.

Source: Reddit

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  • Henry Pham

    Thank you. The only thing left on my wish list is premium sound. But the 6P is looking better and better.

  • Manny

    I would like for Tmobile to carry the new nexus devices… =(

    • Dylan Gorski

      Me too! I was hoping to pick up the 5X on Jump on Demand but it looks like that’s not going to happen.

      • AJ2

        Installment plans are only available if you use Project Fi, which refunds you for unused data & switches between WiFi, Sprint & Tmobile

    • Josef Price

      I talked to a T-Mo rep and was told they would get it mid-October. I asked was she sure and she put me on hold to talk to a supervisor and she was told yes they would. We’ll see…

      • Michael Sletten

        in my many years of dealing with tmobile customer service on the phone, through chat, and in store, i have come to realize they know little to nothing about their own product. so i would highly doubt this rep is any different.

        • Josef Price

          Yeah I know. Lol

        • AJ2

          It’s a fun drinking

      • lomsha

        No carrier inside the US will be selling it directly, from Google’s mouth. With previous nexus phones carriers had promotional material on their website as soon as the announcement event was over.

      • Nittany Lion

        i work for T-Mobile, no info has been passed along yet if we’ll carry it but like other poster said I believe Google will not be letting carriers sell it. You’ll have to buy it direct from them is the understanding right now.

      • AJ2

        Just proves Tmo reps ate still as incompetent and uninformed as ever. They aren’t getting these new phones mid October. Period

  • Now T-Mobile just needs to work with Sony (or the other way around) to get the Z5 series certified to work with B12 and VoLTE. Let’s get this certification process started way before phones are sold or announced.

    • nycplayboy78

      Agreed…It is safe to assume that they are working with El Goog/Motorola on their Moto X Pure phones as well :)

  • kbiel

    I would like to hear about the technical details. Android 6 preview 3 on an N6 already has VoLTE and band 12 working. Since the 5X and 6P already have the hardware and the software already works, I wonder if it’s just a matter of certifying it.

    Oh and WiFi calling in Android 6 works perfectly with T-Mobile.

    • jj

      Good info to know about N6.

    • Will

      Yes the Nexus 6 does have it. But it is a mess and it was not available for like 6 months after the launch, when Android 5.1.1 update was released. On the Nexus 6 it requires a T-Mobile specific firmware and radio file to be installed on the Nexus 6 for both Wifi Calling and VoLTE work. This means that there are different distribution builds for the Nexus and different development branches. This was not the case with earlier Nexus phones. Let’s hope that Google corrects that with these new phones.

      • kbiel

        I cannot explain why Google released a T-Mobile only patch to 5.1.1. The additional code is fully present in Android 6.0 and I can only assume that it is the same code as 6.0 works with T-Mobile WiFi calling out of the box. I know this because I am running preview 3 on my phone now.

        I suspect the delayed roll out may have had more to do with T-Mobile switching to an industry standard for WiFi calling so that Google would not need to pollute the Nexus with carrier specific code. I also noticed that T-Mobile’s “WiFi Calling 2.0”, allowing hand-off between VoLTE and WiFi calling, was rolled out in the same time period.

  • FILA

    Now what about this whole carrier aggregation I keep hearing about. How it wont bounce between band 4 and band 12 and shit.

  • Sushimane

    I thought they already support band 12 or is it just tmobile 700mhz band 12 is different from verizon, and att?

    • Vicky Stromberg

      It used to be Verizon Airwaves. But because it was only 12MHz and was very close to SiriusXM airwaves, Verizon never used them.

      Now that T-Mobile is using these airwaves, a lot of people on SiriusXM are now complaining that their Satellite Radio doesn’t work.

      T-Mobile’s team of ambulance-chasing lawyers (they aren’t attorneys; attorneys have class) told SiriusXM that they’d probably need to re-submit the request via legal process (basically, T-Mobile asked Sirius to sue T-Mobile.) All this was in a recent WallStreet Journal article.

      • That’s nonsense. Bags 12 is band 17 on one side and TV channel 51 on the other. Sirius XM uses the S band at 2.3GHz, which could be close to band 30, opened by ATT, though not yet under operation.

      • Jason

        700 A isnt anywhere near Sirius spectrum. Its under channel 51.

      • TMOTECH

        Do you just make this shit up as you go along? Sirius Satellite is closer to AWS. That being said it is no where close enough to cause interference. Guard bands are impossible to broadcast into unless the transmitter or filter is broken. T-Mobile does not engineer the radio units they use. Nokia, Ericsson, Nortel, Samsung, etc does. Stop putteout false info you know nothing about.

    • Will

      The hardware in the phone already supports Band 12. But the phone apparently has not been certified by T-Mobile for its VoLTE. T-Mobile requires ALL Band 12 phones to have VoLTE functionality. So no VoLTE, no Band 12.

  • dtam

    hmm…nexus 6p for 499+tax or nexus 6 for $300 and no tax…

    • neospade44

      Where is this Nexus 6 for $300?

      • dtam

        ebay from qualitycellz

  • Probablynot


    Last time I believed ‘should’, I had a Note 4 without Lollipop for like 6 months. Actually this is LG/Google only though….with Samsung not involved in any way, this just might happen.

  • Will

    This kind of reminds me of OnePlus One saying that they would have Lollipop within 90 days. It was like 6 months before the Nexus 6 got the VoLTE update. So we shall see. Let’s keep in mind that development teams don’t make decisions. Decisions are made by the C suite. So we shall see if this “by launch” actually happens.


    Carrier Aggregation uses both bands at once, if both are available, to increase data speeds. Nothing more.

  • Alex Pilaia

    What about Nexus 5 Original, getting Wifi Calling? Bout it from Google on release day. Awesome phone, but no Wifi Calling.. Running Android 5.1.1

    • dtam

      wifi calling is supposed to be baked into marshmallow which the phone will be getting. the only conclusive reply I can give you is “maybe”

    • Deez Nutz

      I’ve read that people who have the Marshmallow dev preview on their Nexus 6 said that wifi calling works fine.

  • Mark Stonecipher

    Good. When it is time to jump I will be able to get the Nexus 6P ..

    • Prode

      there is no word yet if T-Mobile will be selling this phone. If they do not sell it, you will not be able to jump to it.

      • aptisme

        Word is NO US carrier is selling it directly. You can jump on it by ordering through Google Store.

        • AJ2

          Or do payment plans via Project Fi, which partly uses the Tmobile network

    • AJ2


    • Sorry nah

  • Raiterio Patterson

    I do not want to pay $500 up front anymore. I don’t have it like that.

  • Colton Williams

    So, I’m thinking about buying this phone but I have a few questions if anyone here can answer them for me. I have a Moto X Pure Edition now and I like it, but my old man is looking for a phone and is willing to buy it off me for basically the price I paid for it. And given that the 6p has a better camera (according to DxOmark, still waiting on reviews) larger battery, fingerprint reader, and all metal design (and don’t burn me at the stake for this but I think the camera bar is pretty cool looking) I am really considering the 6p (again just waiting on reviews) but one of the great things about the Pure edition is the band compatibility. Now it is my understanding that the pure edition had its band 12 turned off for the same reason as the 6p so my questions are:

    1. Assuming Google can’t get band 12 working (or it takes them 6 months like on the Nexus 6) would I notice any difference in coverage between the 6p and the Pure Edition? Because right now my Pure edition has signal everywhere my One M9 has signal.

    2. If Google does get band 12 working does that mean it supports ALL of t-mobiles signal bands, including any we might think are coming in the near future?

    3. And finally (correct me if im wrong) the spectrum auction next year is for 600mhz, what band is that? does the Nexus 6p (or Pure Edition) support it?

    • cheeto0

      The pure edition doesn’t have band 12 either yet. Motorola is going through the same thing working with t mobile to fix it. I think you can pretty much guarantee that google will have it very soon. Google project fi that only works on nexus phones relies on tmobile and sprint service. So it would make no sense if it is missing tmobile band.

    • doubleatheman

      2) Future Spectrum Tmobile will use… other than 600mhz, which no chips or phones yet support, because the bands aren’t even defined yet. It supports all bands as of current (12 is the only new one, nothing else expected to surprise us before then)

    • georgethefourth

      I purchased the Moto X Pure Edition, but ended up returning it because the Nexus 6 went on sale for $300 via eBay, and it supports band 12 and Wi-Fi calling at present.

      Answer to Question 1:
      If you are happy with your current coverage, waiting for band 12 to be enabled doesn’t seem to be much of a problem. When band 12 is enabled and available in your area, you should notice improved in-building and rural coverage. And yes, an update enabling band 12 and VoLTE is expected. Source:

      • xgudwilx

        Thats where Im at now..want a phone with Nexus updates and best call quality. The Nexus 6 is back again at $299..can you tell if this is the same as buying it frim Google..concerning OS updates and all the call features you just mentioned?Thanks.

  • cheeto0

    Any word on the moto x pure? Motorola says its coming in an update. But I am afraid to buy it until I know for sure its coming.

  • Arvin

    doesn’t Google use T-Mobiles and sprints network for Project Fi? it would be a huge bonehead move by google to not have T-mobile band 12 enabled on these phones when they are the primary devices that will carry project Fi. Correct me if I’m wrong..

    • MilwGuy

      No, you’re right. I was thinking the same thing as I read the article. It isn’t surprising since Google was in a rush to present product releases in a timely manner to keep up with the competition (Apple).

    • MadJoe

      If you were paying attention, you would know that Band 12 is in the works, and it isn’t because Google dropped the ball, it’s because T-Mobile has to certify all devices with Band 12 to be VoLTE and E911 compatible since some Band 12 areas don’t have any other signal. How good would you feel if you thought you had 4 bars only to find out you can’t even text 911 after you get bit by a rattlesnake? That would suck, and your family would sue T-Mobile. So there’s a certification process.

  • Jimmy James

    What is the launch date for T-Mobile? Will T-Mobile sell these, or is it online order only? Will we be able to Jump!?

    • Online only for now

    • Quinton

      I have the same question–I would buy one right now if T-Mo had ’em in store (so I can use JUMP). I don’t have the cash on hand to buy one out-of-pocket at the moment, and I’m on the OG JUMP, which I prefer to buying out of pocket anyway.

      I’m awfully tempted by the V10 as a result . . .

      • Jimmy James

        The V10 is slower and does not come loaded with Marshmallow. They are saving the speed for the G5. The V10 has a military grade case, the second mini-screen and a good camera though. There’s also this promo, which is amazing.

  • Considering that the 5X and 6P have similiar hardware to that of the Nexus 6, which did eventually support VoLTE/Band 12, it will probably not take as long to certify these devices. So having support for it by launch date is indeed plausible.

  • vinnyjr

    These Nexus phones should have had Band 12 up and active on launch. T-Mobile was the Carrier that supported the Nexus One and got that phone off the ground. No other Carrier has even come close as T-Mobile in supporting the Nexus Line. Google must be real bone heads to leave out the most advertised Band on The Hottest US Carrier, T-Mobile. Talk about not taking care of the Carrier who stood behind the Nexus Line. Even if Google gets Band 12 working, I would bet it will have all kinds of issues. Google fucked up big time. I would be real pissed off if I was John Legere and I bet he is.

    • MadJoe

      I’m guessing the holdup is T-Mobile’s certifying process for Band 12 compatibility due to them requiring Band 12 phones be VoLTE and E911 compatible.

      • Cole

        No shit Sherlock :)

    • Gavin Varitech

      Technically “launch” hasn’t happened yet. No Nexus 5X or 6P has been delivered to anyone and, if you believe the above article, all will be taken care of by the time they actual launch these devices.

      • LOL

        People already receiving 5X and 6P are getting shipped too… word on B12 yet on Tmobile, and Project Fi completely ignoring all B12 questions so far

  • priap1sm

    Will wi-fi calling be available on all Marshmallow phones? Hoping I can get it on my Moto X Play.

    • Jason

      its baked in, so it should!

  • Derek Gordon

    Any news/movement on this? Very apprehensive…

    • e.p.

      Was wondering the same thing. Also was hopeing for a Tmo preorder date too!

  • Quinton

    I know all that, which is why I’m tempted. :-) I don’t like LG’s bloatware much, and I’m not wild about their Android customizations, but I’m out of luck for my 6P for now. I might keep my Nexus 6 (which is still a pretty great phone), but I haven’t decided.

    As lame as it is, I kinda want the industrial case and fingerprint reader. I can add wireless charging with a sticker or back cover, and that’s all the V10 is really missing . . .

  • Norman

    Based on the feedback from T-Mo CSR and their past history, T-Mo will NOT fix this problem until 8-12 months later. I will go to Sprint soon.

    • Erik Squires

      Sprint? You might as well get rid of your phone and send hand-written letters if you are going to go that far! Hahahaha. Seriously, AT&T or Verizon would serve you much better.

    • isabella connerly

      Are you positive that this is true? The above article states different things and I would like to trust the above article rather than you (Norman). I really need a new phone and this is a very cheap one that I have been looking into a great deal and was very disappointed when I saw this article and your comment. Please get back to me about this because I want this for my birthday which is coming up soon. Thank you.

  • peevee

    OK, it is November, I have the phone for almost a month – where is Band 12? I mean come on, $90 LG Leon has Band 12!

  • Irfan

    why phones needs T-Mobile certification for band 12 WTF , why its not enable …

  • Jeff Arbaugh

    Great news! While using SignalCheck Pro on Thanksgiving morning(2015), I was notified that my Nexus 6p was using Band 12. The location was ~99th St and 5th Ave. right inside New York’s Central Park. My wife has a Nexus 6, and she also obtained Band 12.

    • CouchFisher

      I thought that an update was required to support Band 12? I thought that there was some sort of Federal qualification that must be met first?

      • Jeff Arbaugh

        T-Mobile and Google are being cryptic about this. I’m positive though that I was on band 12, according to SignalCheck Pro. I’ll head north for my morning Central Park walk and check again. Will notify on Wednesday, 12/9/2015 morning. My dog prefers heading north anyhow.

        • Jeff Arbaugh

          Went back uptown this morning, and I can confirm band 12 is still in use….