Google’s Nexus 5X and Nexus 6P are now official


New Nexus day has officially arrived, and in a first for Google, we’ve actually got two new Nexus phones being added to the family at once.

First up is the LG Nexus 5X, the smaller of the two new handsets. The Nexus 5X has a 5.2-inch 1920×1080 display and 5-megapixel camera on its face, as well as a 12.3-megapixel shooter around back that also includes laser autofocus, 4K video capture, and 1.55μm pixels to capture more light.

Inside of the Nexus 5X lives a hexa-core Snapdragon 808 processor, 2GB of RAM, 16/32GB of storage, and a 2700mAh battery. LG and Google have also equipped the 5X with dual front-firing speakers, a Nexus Imprint fingerprint sensor around back, a USB Type-C port, and Android 6.0 Marshmallow.

Now we come to the Huawei Nexus 6P, which is Huawei’s first Nexus device. The Nexus 6P has a 5.7-inch 2560×1440 AMOLED display and a 12.3-megapixel rear camera that touts a Sony-made sensor as well as 1.55μm pixels and 4K video capture. Around on the front of the phone lives an 8-megapixel shooter.

In addition to having a larger screen, the Nexus 6P’s got some beefed up internals over the Nexus 5X. The Huawei phone boasts an octa-core Snapdragon 810 v2.1 processor, 3GB of RAM, 32/64/128GB of storage, and a 3450mAh battery, as well as front-firing speakers and a Nexus Imprint fingerprint reader like on the Nexus 5X. All of that is wrapped into an all-aluminum body. Like the Nexus 5X, the Nexus 6P comes equipped with Android 6.0.

Focusing on T-Mobile, both phones come unlocked and include support for LTE bands 2, 4, and 12, so they’ll play nicely with T-Mo’s 700MHz LTE coverage. Here’s how the cellular support for the Nexus 5X and Nexus 6P break down:

Nexus 5X:

  • GSM/EDGE: 850/900/1800/1900MHz
  • UMTS/WCDMA: B1/2/4/5/8
  • CDMA: BC0/1/10
  • LTE (FDD): B1/2/3/4/5/7/12/13/17/20/25/26/29
  • LTE (TDD): B41
  • LTE CA DL: B2-B2, B2-B4, B2-B5, B2-B12, B2-B13, B2-B17, B2-B29, B4-B4, B4-B5, B4-B7, B4-B12, B4-B13, B4-B17, B4-B29, B41-B41

Nexus 6P:

  • GSM/EDGE: 850/900/1800/1900MHz
  • UMTS/WCDMA: B1/2/4/5/8
  • CDMA: BC0/1/10
  • LTE (FDD): B2/3/4/5/7/12/13/17/25/26/29/30
  • LTE (TDD): B41
  • CA DL: B2-B2, B2-B4, B2-B5, B2-B12, B2-B13, B2-B17, B2-B29, B4-B4, B4-B5, B4-B13, B4-B17, B4-B29, B41-B41

So now the all-important question: How much do they cost? The Nexus 5X starts at $379 for the 16GB model and goes up to $429 for the 32GB version. If you’d prefer the Nexus 6P, expect to pony up $499 for the 32GB model, $549 for the 64GB version, or $649 for the spacious 128GB variant. While the more capacious versions of the Nexus 6P aren’t exactly cheap, they’re actually pretty reasonable for a high-end smartphone in late 2015.

Both Nexus phones will be available for pre-order from the Google Store today, and they’re expected to ship in October. It’s also worth noting that they’re both compatible with Project Fi, so they ought to play nicely with T-Mobile just like the Nexus 6 if you’d rather use T-Mobile’s network.

Google is also throwing a few goodies in with each Nexus purchase. Both the Nexus 5X and Nexus 6P come with 90 days of Google Play Music, a $50 Google Play credit, and Nexus Protect. Nexus Protect is Google’s new insurance program that offers 2 years of coverage for mechanical issues and accidental damage. Nexus Protect will cost $69 for the Nexus 5X and $89 for the Nexus 6P.

Sources: LG Nexus 5X, Huawei Nexus 6P

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  • besweeet

    You’re missing some CA combinations for the 5X (such as B4-B12).

  • nycplayboy78

    So no expandable storage on the Nexus 6P?

    • AnthonyRyan89

      It’s a Nexus device.

  • joemail

    i can ball out and spend 700 after tax on 128GB 6P.
    fingers crossed will be sold through tmo. any day now google needs to get their sht right with these crap launches

    • joemail


    • dtam

      it’s been announced that no carrier will have either phone in store

      • Rob Jones

        I see lower then expected sales hitting there stock outlook in the future.

  • nycplayboy78

    Hmmm does the 6P have any Quick Charge capability/technology? It doesn’t say on the official website for the Google Nexus 6P :/

    • Rob Jones

      From what I read no quick charge for ether one if I find the site I read that on I’ll share but I can’t remember what sight I seen it one.but its supposed yo charge faster with the new ports

      • nycplayboy78

        Thank you Rob :)

    • SirStephenH

      I don’t believe it has QC2.0 because the type C connector along with a USB 3.1 charger allows for USB Power Delivery 2.0 which is capable of faster charging speeds than QC2.0. Type C + USB 3.1 basically makes QC 1.0 and 2.0 obsolete.

      • nycplayboy78

        Oh wow Stephen thank you for that explanation….Looks for a USB 3.1 charger…CACKLES!!! :)

        • dtam

          yeah, qc2.0 was 5V @ 2A, USB 3.1 starts at 5V @ 3A!

  • nycplayboy78

    Another question with the LTE B12 support will it work with Tmobile’s Wi-Fi Calling? I know that Android 6.0 have Wi-Fi Calling natively built in…Hmmmm…I wonder how that would work? XDA-Developers are my FRIENDS :)

    • Joe D

      Why would the LTE band matter for Wifi calling? They are unrelated. Wifi calling just uses your Wifi for voice as well.

      • Dan Hesse

        The noob has yet to figure out VoLTE and WiFi calling aren’t exactly the same thing.

      • nycplayboy78

        Because T-Mobile is wonky about which devices have Wi-Fi calling but Alexie answered my question…Thanks :/

      • kbiel

        Because WiFi calling in Android is most likely just VoLTE by other means. Hence, I my N6 can transfer an ongoing VoLTE call to WiFi and vice versa, but if my WiFi signal degrades without LTE backup, the call drops.

        • steveb944

          “Because WiFi calling in Android is most likely just VoLTE by other means.”

          That’s not true at all. Two different technologies, LTE vs WiFi.

          There was no LTE back in the day and devices still had WiFi calling.

        • kbiel

          First, we don’t know exactly how T-Mobile has implemented WiFi calling. They originally used GAN/UMA which is why we could originally hand-off between GSM and WiFi. Later they changed software and hand-off was no longer possible, which leads me to believe they were no longer using GAN/UMA. Most recently, T-Mobile implemented VoLTE, which also could not hand-off with their WiFi calling. In the mean time, the N6 could not handle WiFi calling but did have VoLTE. A year ago, T-Mobile announced “WiFi Calling 2.0” which would allow hand-off between VoLTE and WiFi calling. Conspicuously missing is hand-off between GSM and WiFi calling.

          What is VoLTE anyway? It is packet switched protocol that uses an IP backbone very similar to VoIP, but more efficient. It uses a codec that allows for a wider range hence it carries “HD voice”. Interestingly, WiFi calling also allows for “HD voice” and calls between people using WiFi calling and VoLTE will be “HD” if both handsets support it. That means at a bare minimum, both WiFi calling and VoLTE are using the same codec. So if the same codec is being used to encode analog voice into a stream of bytes and those bytes are being carried over IP, it only makes sense that VoLTE and WiFi calling are strongly related.

          Beyond that, M preview 3 has WiFi calling baked in and it works with T-Mobile’s network. That tells me that T-Mobile switched to a standard implementation for WiFi calling, probably when they rolled out “WiFi Calling 2.0”. It could also explains why WiFi calling was so delayed for the N6: T-Mobile was switching to the standard implementation while Google was busy working on a patch to add that into Android 5.1.1.

        • steveb944

          “First, we don’t know exactly how T-Mobile has implemented WiFi calling.”

          You could’ve just said that and not wasted all that writing time thereafter as you’re basing it on assumption as I incorrectly did as well for not thoroughly researching/using WiFi calling in years on T-Mobile. But thanks for the unnecessary lesson again (moreso on this post as I never asked how voLTE worked).

          In terms of your initial assumption that WiFi calling works like that on Android.

          Is that how WiFi calling would work on non-Tmobile Androids? What about current carrier devices vs upcoming baked in M support? I’ll go out on a limb and assume not and that not everyone has implemented the same changes as T-Mobile, otherwise it would be easily implemented in unlocked devices, but we have yet to see that happen with anything other than the Nexus 6.

    • alexieowigleyboy

      TMobile confirmed Wifi calling via twitter.

      • nycplayboy78

        Thank you Alexie it is good to see some people on this site has courtesey and decency :)

  • steven berson

    It doesn’t include the new 700mhz tmobile is implementing?
    GSM/EDGE: 850/900/1800/1900MHz

    • nycplayboy78

      T-Mobile LTE B12 is 700MHz…Which is support right out of the box…Ummm unlike the cough…Motorola X Pure :/

      Please take a look at the latest T-Mobile 700MHz LTE Band 12 map:

    • Joe D

      Thats GSM EDGE not LTE

  • dtam

    single nano-sim slot…hmmm

  • alexieowigleyboy

    T-Mobile confirms WiFi Calling via official Twitter account but no Band 12 support out of box. They said they are going to work with Google to enable Band 12 later? How does that work?

  • “They’ll play nicely with T-Mo’s 700MHz LTE coverage.” If and only if they support VOLTE too, which so far I could neither confirm nor deny.

    • kbiel

      I’m running M preview 3 and it works perfectly with VoLTE and WiFi calling on T-Mobile.

      • steveb944

        That’s the 6 that has been certified.

        • kbiel

          Really? Android M preview 3 was certified with band 12? Band 12 support is not just hardware. In fact it is almost all software. The reason T-Mobile requires certification is for E911. They want to be sure that in areas that someone only has band 12 connection, they will be able to call E911. Why is that an issue for band 12 specifically? Because T-Mobile uses VoLTE exclusively on band 12. That means the phone software must support VoLTE and E911 through VoLTE.

        • steveb944

          Did I say that? No. I’m referring to the Nexus 6 being certified for band 12 support on T-Mobile.

          Whether there were any changes to the radio software on M preview I wouldn’t know, but I’m sure you do. But we’re talking about it being disabled on the 6P like Moto has done for their devices, which T-Mobile has confirmed.

          Thanks for the unnecessary lesson in stating the obvious which I already knew.

        • Rob Jones

          Don’t know how true it is but someone posted Google has changed there mind and are going to sell to carriers

        • steveb944

          I don’t think they would change their mind so suddenly unless it was planned.

          I’m sure down the road it’ll show up on T-Mobile, we’ll see.

    • John Doe

      No they won’t T-mobile confirmed on Twitter that Band 12 does not work. T-mobile requires all OEMs that have band 12 to disable it until it is certified by them.

      • Quite disappointing. I’m afraid that I’ll only get to enjoy B12 and VOLTE at my next phone refresh in a couple of years. Perhaps by then support for AWS3 will also be commonplace.

      • Bob Archer

        The team is working on certification and hope to have it by the release date. Per reddit AMA.

  • Daniel

    Alex reach out to Tmobile and see if they plan on getting these in stores…

  • Alex Pilaia

    When will these phones appear on the Tmobile site? And if so, what would be the price discrepancy? I know they may charge more, but adding wifi calling would mkae a big difference.. Unless it is baked into marshmallow and works right outta the box from the google store…

  • JaswinderSinghJammu

    LG Nexus 5X starts at $379 not $349

  • Thatguy

    Google just took an L for not letting us EIP it

    • Rob Jones

      When they see that sales are down they will be dropping the price and eipin the phone just take a couple months

    • subjectnamehere

      Google wants to ensure the phone remains “pure.” This means no selling to carriers, so no EIP.

      • nelagster

        Yeah no. The current Nexus 6 can be had on EIP

    • Bob Archer

      You can buy it on a payment plan through Google Fi which is mostly a T-Mobile MVNO.

  • Paul Garrison

    If it comes to T-Mobile then I’m in.

  • VG

    T-Mobile Twitter feed confirms: NO BAND 12 SUPPORT RIGHT NOW ON THE NEW NEXUS PHONES!

    • bryck

      I know the feeling. I love my Pure, but I do hope they hurry up, and enable band 12 support. But besides that great phone.

    • steveb944

      That’s horrible. How much is it costing these OEMs to support voLTE? SHEESH!

  • nycplayboy78

    Interesting great post Alexie…..

  • Rupesh

    Nexus Protect is not included – it costs extra. And the 16GB Nexus 5X costs $379

    • Ascertion

      Many banks/credit cards will automatically double your warranty (ie: Amex). And I’m careful with my phones so I often opt out of the physical damage protection.

      • Alex Pilaia

        What do you mean they double your warranty??

        • nycplayboy78

          Especially with purchases made with an AMEX card directly from AMEX they double the manufacturer’s warranty which is usually 1 year….

        • Ascertion

          They automatically add another year of manufacture warranty if you purchase the entire device on an American Express card. If you’re outside your year, you call American Express and they’ll write you a check for the amount you paid (after they verify there is indeed a manufacturer defect.)

        • steveb944

          Manufacturer warranty =/= ‘Oops’ warranty. This is better than the carrier offerings that make you pay a monthly fee and a deductible.

        • Ascertion

          True that. If you’re wanting physical damage protection, it’s best to go with the protection Google is offering. I did want to give a heads up on Credit Cards/Bank promotions, though.

        • Bob Archer

          It does have a deductible btw. (or replacement fee or whatever you want to call it.)

        • steveb944

          Well at least there’s no monthly. I hope the deductible is less than Asurion at all times for everyone’s sake.

      • Bob Archer

        Yes, but cc extended warranty doesn’t include accidental damage protection. Most CC only give damage protection for like 30 days.

  • williejackbrainer

    The same way it worked with the Nexus 6.

  • williejackbrainer

    Remember people. WiFi calling is for T Mobile branded phones, so WiFi will be handled the same way it was with the Nexus 6, through an update to enable it.

    • kbiel

      Not true at all. I have M preview 3 on my N6 and the baked in WiFi calling works.

      • williejackbrainer

        And what carrier do you have?

        • kbiel

          ^ I’m commenting here, TmoNews, aren’t I?

          Besides, which other carrier could I be on and have WiFi calling work?

        • williejackbrainer

          What’s the sarcasm really necessary?!

  • kbiel

    I suspect that Google hasn’t certified VoLTE it with them yet. I don’t know why though as I have M preview 3 on my N6 and it works perfectly with band 12.

  • Philip

    $50 Google play credit can get you alot of apps for a lifetime. Is the credit transferable?

    • Bob Archer

      transferable to what? Another person? Anything you buy with your credit is attached to your google account, not any specific phone.

  • besweeet

    It’ll probably have band 12 disabled, as you won’t be able to get calls if that’s the only band available for you.

  • Rob

    No B4-B12 CA on the 6P?! That would be the whole reason to drop my Nexus 6 which is currently forced to use B12 only because the signal is stronger than the much faster B4!!!

    • emcdonald75

      There is B4-B12 CA. It is listed above there.

      CA DL: B2-B2, B2-B4, B2-B5, B2-B12, B2-B13, B2-B17, B2-B29, B4-B4, B4-B5, B4-B13, B4-B17, B4-B29, B41-B41

      • Rob

        No, the 5X has B4-B12. The 6P does not and I confirmed it on Google’s site too. B2-B12 is the only B12 carrier aggregation for the 6P which does me no good.

        • emcdonald75

          I apologize. I just put what Alex had on this website. I wanted the 6P but I have decided to get the iPhone 6S Plus. It is offered through the carrier so I can easily get an EIP and I can still get the updates on time although the phone is sold through a carrier. It seems the carriers only care for Samsung and Apple. I have had enough of Samsung not updating their phones or the carriers take forever to update them. My Galaxy Note 4 is awful after Lollipop. All I have invested in Android is lost as I will now have to start over with iOS. If I change, I don’t know if I will ever come back. I have been with Android almost since the beginning but developers seem to invest more of their efforts into iOS and now carriers seem to as well. Just look at the promotions and advertising. Let my lock down life of iOS begin.

        • Rob

          See, I thought about jumping ship but honestly I can’t stand Apple’s policies. I have an iPad Air and that’s enough Apple for me. I’m so thoroughly tied into Google products that switching would be next to impossible. I mean I use GMail, Google Voice, Google Maps, Google Navigation, Google Games, Google Plus, and of course I use Chrome. Chrome on iOS is really bad. I mean really really bad. Then there’s the vast catalog of apps I’ve gotten from Amazon and Appgratis for free over the years… Then the expense of the devices themselves. Its really annoying that Apple still sells a 16GB base and removed the 32GB option altogether. My absolute biggest annoyance though is how locked down the device is. Oh and iTunes… Don’t let me forget that garbage!

        • FILA

          Whoa Whoa Whoa….Explain this to me. Does this mean the 6P wont bounce between band 4 and 12. Its tuck on one band at a time in a area? Please, very interested about this

        • Rob

          No, once band 12 is activated it will freely switch between 4 and 12. What I’m talking about is that the carrier aggregation (which uses two bands at once combined to increase speeds) is lacking support for combined 4 and 12 so if you are in an area with a strong 12 signal, you’re likely going to get stuck on band 12 with its lowly 5MHz of bandwidth while band 4 which is almost always 10MHz or more goes unused.

        • FILA

          So I would be stuck on a slower band 12 speed? Whereas normal aggregation it would combine both signals to make for a faster speed? Isnt there a software trick to turn off Band 12 if needed?

        • Rob

          You could get stuck on Band 12. I do here in Denver all the time. Samsung phones let you tweak the radio to disable and enable bands but my Nexus 6 doesn’t and I don’t have a clue about a Huawei but none of my HTC had a radio engineering mode, neither of my Motorola phones did, and my LG G2x didn’t either.

        • FILA

          And the speed is noticeably slower? You don’t get the usual 30Mbps down as you would on band 4? I’m not what the typical band 12 speed is yet. I need a new phone with band 12 support. Which is why I’m asking these questions. Tough choice.

        • FILA

          But the nexus 5x supports this. Damnit

        • Rob

          Well the band 12 here in Denver is pretty slow. I’m still hoping that they made a mistake with the specs because that’s a glaring omission. We will have to wait and see I guess.

    • dtam

      I’m kind of unfamiliar with carrier aggregation. if the bands are all there, can that be added later with a software update or does it have something to do with hardware?

      • Rob

        Its encoded in the hardware. There have been cases in the past where devices had software-disabled bands that XDA figured out (like the fact that the AT&T Samsung Galaxy S3 actually has support for AWS but AT&T disabled it and the Nexus 4 came with LTE but had it disabled) but these are few and far between. It may be different with CA but if that was the case, I would think someone would have figured it out with the Nexus 6 and no such solution has been found. I can’t stand Samsung so my only option for CA is to wait.

  • Mr_Slurpee

    No Qi, which I am already contentedly invested in, so I’ll have to pass. Bummer.

    • subjectnamehere

      This is due to the metal body of the phone. Qualcomm fixed this problem in new chips, but the parts used in the phone are just a bit too old for that.

  • John Doe

    Actually right now it is exactly the same as Moto X Pure…

  • e-p

    full specs: copied and paste from google site

    Operating System

    Android 6.0 Marshmallow


    5.2 inches

    FHD (1920 x 1080) LCD at 423 ppi

    Corning® Gorilla® Glass 3

    Fingerprint and smudge-resistant oleophobic coating

    Rear Camera

    12.3 MP¹

    1.55 µm pixels

    f/2.0 aperture

    IR laser-assisted autofocus

    4K (30 fps) video capture

    Broad-spectrum CRI-90 dual flash

    Front Camera

    5 MP

    1.4 µm pixels

    f/2.0 aperture


    Qualcomm® Snapdragon™ 808 processor, 1.8 GHz hexa-core 64-bit

    Adreno 418 GPU

    Memory & Storage²

    RAM: 2 GB LPDDR3

    Internal storage: 16 GB or 32 GB


    147.0 x 72.6 x 7.9 mm


    136 g






    Single front-facing speaker

    3 microphones (1 front, 1 top, 1 bottom)


    2,700 mAh Battery

    Fast charging: up to 3.8 hours of use from only 10 minutes of charging

    Wireless & Location

    LTE cat. 6

    Wi-Fi 802.11a/b/g/n/ac 2×2 MIMO, dual-band (2.4 GHz, 5.0 GHz)

    Bluetooth 4.2



    Digital compass

    Wi-Fi use requires 802.11a/b/g/n/ac access point (router). Syncing services, such as backup, require a Google Account.


    GSM/EDGE: 850/900/1800/1900MHz

    UMTS/WCDMA: B1/2/4/5/8

    CDMA: BC0/1/10

    LTE (FDD): B1/2/3/4/5/7/12/13/17/20/25/26/29

    LTE (TDD): B41

    LTE CA DL: B2-B2, B2-B4, B2-B5, B2-B12, B2-B13, B2-B17, B2-B29, B4-B4, B4-B5, B4-B7, B4-B12, B4-B13, B4-B17, B4-B29, B41-B41

    Phone is carrier-unlocked with wide-range band support for service providers worldwide. Check with your service provider for more information.


    Fingerprint sensor




    Proximity sensor

    Ambient light sensor

    Hall sensor

    Android Sensor Hub


    Single USB Type-C

    3.5 mm audio jack

    Single Nano SIM slot


    Premium injection molded polycarbonate housing

    ¹Final resolution of images may be less than 12.3 MP.

    ²Storage specifications refer to capacity before formatting. Actual formatted capacity will be less.

    ³Size and weight may vary by manufacturing process.

    ⁴Actual battery performance will vary and depends on many factors including signal strength, network configuration, age of battery, operating temperature, features selected, device settings, and voice, data, and other application usage patterns.

  • Will

    I kind of wish Sundar Pichai had made the announcement “No Band 12 on T-Mobile”, dropped the microphone and then walked off the stage. Somehow that would have been more politically correct.

    • Bob Archer

      They will support Band 12 per the Redit AMA, trying for release, but may be shortly after with an update.

  • Ascertion

    The 5X is terrible!
    No Notification LED.
    No Rapid Charger (although USB-C is supposed to charge slightly faster than Micro USB.)
    No Wireless Charging.
    Mono Speaker on the front (6P has stereo speakers.)
    Average capacity battery.
    2GB of RAM. (What is this, 2012?)
    Size of the phone is already larger than most people who wanted a compact phone preferred.
    No expandable memory.
    Maxes out at 32GB of storage, which phones in 2012-2013 had…

    This Nexus 5X is more of a cash grab than any other phone I’ve seen on the market. Terrible price for such lack-luster specifications.

    EDIT: This thing makes the OP2 look appealing.

    • Alex Pilaia

      Yes, they missed on all those marks, but it is a 64 bit phone, a better processor, front facing speakers, fingerprint scanner for android pay, and will eventually support Tmobile’s Band 12… so even though they didnt update everything they should have, they did do some of the stuff… With these specs, it should have been closer to $299… People with Nexus 5 phone dont need to shell out $400 for a phone with similar specs, since the Nexus 5 will improve it functionality and battery life once Marshmallow is received..

    • David

      I think it does have rapid charge. On google’s Nexus 5x page, it says 10min charge for 4 hours use. That’s fast charge,no? scroll down to the picture showing the phone being plugged by a cable

    • Bob Archer

      It does have a notification LED, they mistakenly left if off the spec sheet.

      But really people, you are talking about an unlocked phone for LESS than $450. I’m not sure what you expect for that kind of money?

  • WorldStarPlayboy1-8-7

    Ummm cough… There is no B(12) support and it may never see it noob. That map is of little use to prospective N5X owners. Your posts are hilarious bud. Keep the lulz going.

  • David

    WiFi calling for the new Nexus phones? Can anyone confirm and explain to me if wifi calling is a carrier specific thing (means ROM for each carrier will have to be different) or is it generic, same phone, same rom, simple ON/OFF for wifi calling if carrier supports?

    • williejackbrainer

      If T Mobile stores/online gets the Nexus devices they will gain WiFi calling. It’ll most likely be handled the same way as the Nexus 6 via OTA update.

    • iCrap

      won’t have wifi calling at launch

    • FILA

      Its a Marshmallow supported thing

  • Rob H.

    It’s too bad both of these Nexus phones are not worth a damn. Thanks Google for ruining it.

    • Sunny

      2Gb ram for Nexus 5X no OIS. Super deal breaker.

      • Ty Christensen

        2GB RAM does suck on the 5X, that’s the one I wanted but now I’m leaning towards the 6P. I thought it does have OIS though?

        • FILA

          Supposedly the IR will do what the OIS does but better

  • HeatFan786

    $379.99 is the starting point for the 5X. Is T-Mobile going to offer it eventually? Cannot wait to get my 5X.

    • williejackbrainer

      I’m assuming at some point.

      • Richard Sequeira

        I really hope so! Google shouldn’t return to Google Website only sale model. If it does have support from T-Mobile, it would greatly benefit the loyal Nexus users on T-Mobile US.

  • Nick Ramacciato

    Prices for the 5X are outrageous. Better off buying the Nexus 6 for $349 on eBay or Amazon.

    • Bob Archer

      Outrageous compared to what? A used Nexus 6?

  • Totally underwhelming. Was really hoping for a high-end camera and a processor that was latest and greatest. Oh well….

    • FILA

      What other processor is the latest and greatest right now? 820 isnt out yet till next year. This is atleast V2 of the 810 which I cant recall another phone that has that yet. What did you want?

      • Manny

        12MP Camera on the iPhone is one of the best mobile cameras, super highly rated by most reviews. If you are referring to a low megapixel count, it really doesn’t matter. It’s all about the Sony camera processor!

      • I thought (may be wrong) that it was the 808 which I also thought (may also be wrong) was not quite what the 810 was/is? I’m referring only to the LG iteration as the other is just too big for my tastes. Thanks for your response.

        • Bob Archer

          Remember you’re talking about an unlocked phone that’s $350 all in too.

  • dontsh00tmesanta

    nside of the Nexus 5X lives a hexa-core Snapdragon 808 processor, 2GB of RAM, 16/32GB of storage, and a 2700mAh battery. LG and Google have also equipped the 5X with dual front-firing speakers, a Nexus Imprint fingerprint sensor around back, a USB Type-C port, and Android 6.0 Marshmallow.


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