BlackBerry shares official images of the Android-powered Priv


Now that the BlackBerry Priv is officially official, BlackBerry is free to talk about and show off its upcoming slider, and today that’s exactly what it’s done.

Some high-quality images of the BlackBerry Priv have been posted by BlackBerry. The first couple of shots show the Priv from the side, both with its slider closed and open, and then there’s an image of the Priv laying out with its keyboard out for all to see. In the shots we can see the Priv’s rear camera sticking out a bit from its body, its volume and convenience keys, and the physical keyboard that’s sure to be a draw for a lot of folks.

Last week, BlackBerry confirmed that the Priv will launch later in 2015. Unfortunately, that’s the closest thing to a launch date that BlackBerry has announced so far. One rumor did suggest that T-Mobile will offer the Priv, though, so if you’re liking the Priv’s combination of BlackBerry hardware and Google’s Android software, you may be able to pick one up from T-Mobile later this year.


Source: Inside BlackBerry

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  • Chris

    Damn this thing looks amazing. I am hiiiighly considering it depending on software, camera, and battery life. If those 3 things are good, I’m freaking IN

    • Ascertion

      With a phone that thin, I wouldn’t be surprised with a sub-par battery capacity.

      • Chris

        Most likely. I can’t stand that these companies just won’t put bigger batteries in the phones. The thinness war is over. Let the battery life war begin.

        • djinn123

          It’s easy make a 10,000 mAH battery-equipped phone I guess, but nobody would be willing to lug around a huge block of a phone. Someone needs to make smaller batteries with bigger capacities. But that someone is not the phone makers themselves.

        • Jose Lugo

          It’s funny because with these phone are getting bigger screens and are creating more real estate, you would think that the battery would get bigger as well. I mean my Note 2 has 3000 mah and the Note 4 had 3220 mah and I feel like I get the same usage in terms of battery.

          I know Blackberry’s have had great battery life in the past, it will be interesting to see Android OS works with Blackberry. I also heard that Blackberry will have it’s own skin/launcher/theme, so that will also take a toll on battery.

    • jelp2

      I haven’t had a BB yet with a poor battery. From the specs that have been listed elsewhere, it seems to be on par with the top of the line devices to date.

  • Ordeith

    Blackberry continues to be hell bent on using an OS that is counter to everything they once stood for.

    • Fuuuuuuuuu

      Man, you will NOT stop crying about this. NO mobile OS is secure. Don’t you understand that?

      • Acdc1a

        That’s right and has been proven with “bulletproof” OS’s dispensing nasties.

      • Ordeith

        And Android is the worst. Don’t you understand that?

    • steveb944

      If you can’t beat em, join em.

      You can still continue using BB10, no one is making you switch. They just have to grow their portfolio.

    • gmo8492

      Yet you’re hell bent on crying about it on every comment you post. No one is forcing you to buy their phone.

      • Ordeith

        And no one will buy it. Be a big wake up call for them. Android is crap, don’t use it.

        • gmo8492

          Maybe its crap to you because all you ever bought was crap devices and you probably haven’t even used an android device in years. There is no need for a wake up call and I don’t understand how a company selling an android phone affects you in any way. Stop blowing hot air.

        • Ordeith

          It’s crap because Google is crap. And giving crazy megalomaniacs like Eric Schmidt more power through more naive people using Android certainly does have the potential to negatively affect everyone, including me.

        • gmo8492

          That has nothing to do with assuming an entire mobile operating system is “crap”. You can’t pass judgment on products you haven’t seen, tried, or know nothing about.

        • Ordeith

          Seen it, tried it. It’s crap.

        • gmo8492

          Talked to you, irrational arguments. Obvious troll.

        • Ordeith

          And people who think it’s anything but crap have a severe lack of experience with other systems paired with a complete lack of understanding of the nature of Google.

        • BROWN_KNIGHT

          How much is apple paying you..

        • BROWN_KNIGHT

          Tim cook your on the wrong site…

        • watkins

          If that rant of yours is coming from an iPhone user you seriously need to stfu.

    • Richard Darrington

      They can’t stick to what they were built on. Everything has made that clear. Ppl don’t just want work phones. They want the phones to be for every part of there life

  • AS118

    The name “Priv” kind of sucks, I feel they should have stuck with “Venice”, which is classy. No matter how you pronounce it, “Priv” sounds kind of awkward, and isn’t it also short for “Privy”?

    • PiCASSiMO

      Agreed… with Priv, I’m always associating it is Perv… as short for Pervert.

  • mIke

    I had 2 blackberrys the pearl and the pearl flip. These were the BEST phones I owned in terms of call quality and reliability. If the PRIV Has the quality of the pearl – count me in.

    • BobLoblaw

      The Pearl is one of my Top 3 phones I’ve ever owned. That thing was a tank and the battery lasted for DAYS.

  • vic l. joseph

    Alex, what’s the word on the BB? How soon before we can pre-order? What’s the price gonna be? Is it gonna be available in multiple colors or at least black or white?