New Google Pixel XL 2017 leak claims to give us a look at the phone’s updated design


Looks like the LG V30 isn’t the only LG-made flagship that’s leaking out today.

New renders have been shared that claim to show the design of Google’s Pixel XL for 2017, codenamed Taimen. Shared by Android Police, this Pixel XL 2017 is said to be manufactured by LG, a change from last year when both Pixel models were made by HTC.

This Pixel XL 2017 shares some design elements with last year’s Pixel XL, but the overall look is more modern. There’s a glass back panel like on the Pixel XL, but it appears smaller on the Pixel XL 2017. The rear camera with a silver ring around it is inside the glass panel, but the fingerprint reader is now below it.

Around front we can see even more changes from the OG Pixel XL. The 6-inch display on this new Pixel XL is taller, sporting a 2:1 aspect ratio like the LG G6, while the bezels surrounding it are smaller. We can see a large speaker/earpiece above the screen as well as a front-facing camera.

Meanwhile, the sides of the phone are said to support squeezable actions, similar to the HTC U11. This will reportedly let you squeeze this new Pixel XL to interact with Google Assistant.

There aren’t any spec details included in today’s report, but a leak from a couple weeks ago did claim to shed some light on the new Pixel XL’s feature set. It’s rumored to include a 2560×1440 screen resolution, Snapdragon 835 processor, up to 128GB of storage, and 4GB of RAM.

When it comes to the smaller Pixel, it’s said that the new model might look similar to the existing model rather than get the updated design shown in this render.

While still a rumor for now, this Pixel XL 2017 design looks like a nice update to the original Pixel XL. It’s much more modern and is reminiscent of two of the more popular flagships currently on the market, the LG G6 and Samsung Galaxy S8. The 6-inch screen size might turn some folks off, but like with the G6 and S8, the slim screen bezels could make it a bit easier to handle if you really want this updated design.

Does this rumored Pixel XL 2017 design appeal to you?

Source: Android Police

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  • dontsh00tmesanta

    Hoping the smaller version gets the same trearment

  • Justin Kalis

    8Gb RAM, and Dual Front Facing Speakers not present. This means I will be waiting another year unless they offer the larger RAM option with larger storage model. Like 128Gb of storage and 8Gb of RAM. I won’t buy a new phone unless it ships with dual front facing speakers and 8Gb of RAM. I currently own a Nexus 6 so the 6″ screen is heading back in the right direction for me.

    • Why do you need 8gb of RAM for Android? What do you think that is going to do for you?

      • Crackers luv M3TH

        He thinks he’s running a desktop and designing graphics and running AAA game on ultra settings.

      • gmo8492

        Why is it so bad to want 8GB of ram, especially when there is a phone that has it for a much lower price. I use 5GB of ram on my OnePlus 3T.

        • Martin Pintado

          Because components don’t run on free energy. The more stuff you add on a circuit board the more you need to account for that part’s power consumption. More power consumption = less battery life. More components = more complexity which increases the cost of the design and introduces potential flaws which must be accounted for later.

          If Android manufacturers cannot provide a smooth experience on 4GB of ram then they need to invest in a better software optimization team.

        • Bryan Pizzuti

          And what about all the app developers out there, hmmmm? Apparently they should all stop coding more features into their apps so that they’ll fit into your idea of a perfect phone?

        • Martin Pintado

          App developers can code new features into their apps without requiring massive amounts of memory usage. Again, this is about software optimization which App developers must do as well. If an app requires a ludicrous amount of memory it’s considered a badly written app not something worthy of admiration.

        • Bryan Pizzuti

          Or they can code new features into their apps that do require memory usage, and you can get over the fact that on a device reliant on processes being resident in RAM, more RAM might eventually be needed.

        • Martin Pintado

          You’re missing the point. Adding new features to an app does not require exponential amounts of extra memory if the app is written correctly. Please provide me an example of an app you use on a regular basis that requires insane amounts of memory.

          This is a mobile device which runs on a streamlined operating system not a desktop. Programs that require massive amounts of memory are either gaming focused or are designed for productivity (VMs, video editing etc). You aren’t going to do those things on a mobile device because of battery concerns, you’re going to do them on a desktop or on a laptop.

          Even the apps currently used for light video editing on mobile do not require massive amounts of memory.

          These devices are systems which require balance. Throwing hardware at a problem that doesn’t exist has it’s own flaws and limitations (in this case extra battery life).

        • Bryan Pizzuti

          >Please provide me an example of an app you use on a regular basis that requires insane amounts of memory.

          Outlook. And I don’t have any choice about using it. It’s even worse when you also have to have Intune around. Which we do.

          Anyway, you missed the point. The point being that your idea of what’s supposed to be done on a mobile device is not necessarily everyone else’s idea of what’s supposed to be done on a mobile device. As proven by your comment about what “I’M” going to do…you don’t know what I’m doing to do, you only know what YOU would do. I’m not you. Neither is anyone else.

  • Jason Betts

    I would love that, if there were a 256 GB option, with unlimited 4K Google Photo uploads. :)

    • Full resolution uploads are unlimited, at least with the current model.

  • T Redd

    i hope it comes to t mobile.

  • Bryan Pizzuti

    Only 4 GB of RAM? Pass.

    • riverhorse

      I’ll trade that off for 128gb storage.
      What doesn’t make sense is only 6 inches …given XL moniker and the initial plans for three different sizes… by the end of this year almost a dozen models will be larger.

      No one brave enough to do a 7 incher…

      • Bryan Pizzuti

        Why trade? My OnePlus5 has 8 GB of RAM and 128 GB of storage, Only a 5,5 inch FHD screen though…but I’ll trade QHD for 8GB/128GB.

        • riverhorse

          Fair enough. And no QHD ok, but under 6.x” a deal breaker.

    • Bruce Wayne

      It’s a phone not a desktop.

      • mrpickem


    • steveb944

      Oh wow, thanks for catching that. I guess only OP5 and maybe the Note will have that.

    • Andrew Singleton

      honestly RAM above 3, 4 gb is entirely unnecessary if you know how to write software and prioritize processing power towards graphics and the user experience. HTC, pixels and nexus’ are all great examples.

      • Bryan Pizzuti

        Uhh, wrong. And you’re talking like the only software anyone runs is what comes from the manufacturer. Which is pretty much why you’re wrong.

        • Andrew Singleton

          ok the m8 at 2gb is still much smoother than most 4gb phones i use. the nexus 5 is the same way. ram is meaningless

        • Andrew Singleton

          HTC m8, nexus 5, some of Motorola’s earlier models… all less than 2gb and run. Better than some 3gb devices

    • Ty Christensen

      4GB RAM, just wow! I’m not expecting 8GB like the OP5 but 6GB should be the minimum for a flagship these days but this follows what Google likes to do and up it every other year:

      Nexus 4: 2GB
      Nexus 5: 2GB
      Nexus 6: 3GB
      Nexus 6p: 3GB
      Pixel/Pixel XL: 4GB
      Pixel 2: 4GB? Please be wrong!

      I have a Nexus 4 right now, bought it at launch in Nov ’12 and recently loaded 7.1.2 Nitrogen OS on it and it’s running great but it’s time for an upgrade, almost pulled the trigger on the OP5 128/8GB but decided to wait and see what the Pixel 2 offers. Don’t disappoint Google and please make TMo be able to sell it on payments!!!

  • lomsha

    No squeezing please. Just be officially purchasable through tmo.

  • Jody Pettis

    If T-Mobile gets carrier exclusive like Verizon did last year, then I’m going to get one.

    • T Redd

      same here

    • dl_crash

      I don’t follow. Both Google and T-Mobile offer 0% financing. I never want my phone from a carrier because they usually add apps and slow updates.

    • steveb944

      They won’t. Finance it from Google if needed.

  • illstplaya .

    Everyone needs to stop with the messed up aspect ratio. 16:9 is what we want. We don’t want black borders on our videos or pictures. Why don’t they understand this

    • achusaysblessyou

      So you’d prefer more bezel? I don’t get it

      • illstplaya .

        You can still have small bezels without going to a different aspect ratio. The Sony Xperia Z5. It has some.of the smallest bezels on any modern phone

        • Gavriel Ostrow

          id rather no bezel, like samsung galaxy 8, more screen and 5 inches is good, the bigger the heavier. also, dual front speakers are needed like zte axon 7 mini. whenever i use google now while playing music it doesn’t hear me.

      • gmo8492

        I actually don’t mind the bezel, and there are ways to reduce it without changing the aspect ratio.

    • darth415

      There are no borders if it’s OLED lol

    • impasse

      this is a stupid comment. i’ll take more screen in the same physical space with smaller bezels, over the non-issue of having some black bars, any day. do you feel the same way when you go to movie theaters and almost nothing is in 16:9 and there’s black bars on the screen, too? :p

      also who shoots photos in widescreen? not this guy.

    • Debra Spicher

      I don’t think it’s that big of a deal tbh either way. I like that you can set a camera to 16:9 and you have the bars on the side in said black space… I prefer a smaller sized phone and having the extra vertical space is useful for things like reading articles and viewing graphics… but is it a must? Not really.

  • SirStephenH

    As long as they don’t make the stupid decision to make it a Verizon exclusive again.

    • yardie

      It wasn’t Verizon exclusive
      Where did you get that from?

      • Trevnerdio

        They mean sold exclusively through Verizon stores. If you wanted it on another carrier, that was going to cost you full price.

        • darth415

          I thought you could finance it through Google?

        • T Redd

          yeah. if your credit is good enough. if not your screwed paying full price up front.

        • Steven

          Sounds like a personal problem….

  • Dominimmiv

    Band 71 or a no go…

  • steveb944

    I hate this aspect ratio, so I guess the phone for me will be the HTC U11.

    • Rob

      You won’t regret it. I don’t have one complaint about this device. I haven’t even had to root it yet. Amazing camera, out of this world battery life, brightest LCD I’ve ever seen, Edge Sense is amazing (set it to open the camera and you just squeeze the phone and the camera pops open immediately), it doesn’t get hot like all of the One/M series phones did, Boomsound is much more balanced and louder than the HTC 10, and the glass back just looks sickening. This is the first device I’ve ever had that hits 6 1/2 to 7 hours of screen on time and that’s with no battery optimizations, a ton of gaming, Twitter, Facebook, and Gmail notifications. Having Alexa, Google Assistant, and HTC Companion on one device is interesting as well but Alexa needs some extended functionality like being able to set timers and such.

      The only complaint I have is that 4×4 MIMO is only for Sprint but it has 2 and 3 carrier aggregation on T-Mobile and 256 QAM. Much better signal than my HTC 10 as well.

      • steveb944

        Thank you for the positive review. I’ll definitely look into getting one.

  • bkat11

    Needs Band 71, 4×4 MIMO and dual low light lens for the camera otherwise hard PASS! I’m already sold on the Note 8 anyways but I’d consider the switch if those specs are present

  • purenupe1

    I hope it doesn’t suffer from the same heat and solder issues that caused the LG G4 and V20 to boot loop

    • Andrew Singleton

      The G6 has more than fixed the issue. If this phone is manufactured by LG, I have no doubt it will enjoy the H architecture and triple thermometer protections.

    • Debra Spicher

      LG has second year warranty now (though have to register for it…)

  • Noremacam

    Google could compete against Samsung’s Dex dock, by creating a dock that boots into ChromeOS(with support for their android apps). That would be pretty impressive.

    • Mike

      Personally I don’t care for Chrome. Microsoft Edge browser is faster IMO.

  • dtam

    need to know if it will support the 600 mhz bands, more than design, that’s most important now

  • vrm

    Made the mistake of buying a google phone, won’t repeat it. They take control of the device and ignore more and more of “settings”. Often they turn on/off settings I turned off/on. Sometimes they simply ignore the setting.

    And then the apps- every time they have an app I don’t care for, play will install it and make it impossible to remove it.

    I have used android phones from number of vendors including HTC, Samsung, Sony, Google and I like Sony Xperia the best.

  • Pixel LG?

  • Joining the joke with squeezable actions!!!!

  • David Davis

    I don’t, part of me want that Note 8 the other part of me want that Pixel…