MetroPCS launching limited time deals today


Today T-Mobile announced that it’s got some new deals for MetroPCS customers, all of which are launching today.

First up, folks that switch two lines to MetroPCS can get two 32GB LG K20 Plus phones for free after instant rebate. They’ll just have to pay the sales tax.

The LG K20 Plus isn’t the only phone that’s being discounted. Customers that add a line can get the LG Stylo 3 Plus or any other phone that’s $99 or less for half-off.

MetroPCS’s is also offering some rate plan specials. Subscribers on the $40/6GB plan can add more lines for $25 per month, which saves them $5 per line per month.

If you’d prefer unlimited data, you can get one line of Metro’s unlimited plan for $50 per month ($10 off) or two lines for $80 ($20 off).

These limited time deals are all launching today, but you’ll have to visit a MetroPCS store to take advantage of ‘em.

Source: T-Mobile


  • Acdc1a

    So is the $50 unlimited plan the same as the present $60 unlimited plan? If so, that’s a pretty good deal.

    • ShadowFalls

      No, the only difference though is tethering/hotspot is not included.

      • Marion Miller

        Is included

      • riverhorse

        Correct. And one has to be very careful. Few months ago I was adding a line to my grandfathered $50 Unlimited, and the salesperson tried to push this two unlimited for $80..”you won’t lose anything, this plan includes everything”… I asked if she was sure… “yes”… I don’t think you’re right… “yes I am”… She does a computer lookup “oops”.

        Although to be practical, it may not matter either way for some of us…8gb not enough. looks very enticing…

        • Nobody Special

          “oops” lol

          a guy did the same… he kept telling me i would save so much after switching to the one plan and began to contact customer service over the phone… I told him im fine with how much i pay monthly for my bill. He kept going on and on saying its ridiculous at how much im being charged for the simple choice plan. I had to say plainly and loud “NO, IM FINE WITH MY BILL, I ONLY CAME HERE TO OBTAIN A SIM-card… I DO NOT WANT TO CHANGE MY PLAN”….

          I get so many reps tempting me to give up the great plan i have… they are never going to trick me…

        • riverhorse

          Wow… Mine was exactly persistent!
          I had edited out a chunk for brevity’s sake.

        • ShadowFalls

          Keep in mind that plan you have is available for family discounts when you add another line. I have the same plan and pay $45 for it.
          The only annoying part is being stuck with MetroPCS phones. You also can’t seem to upgrade your phones in-store on online either. I have had to always do it over the phone.

  • Rob Hawkins

    Seriously considering switching to metro. Currently on T-mobile. Can anyone share their thoughts on metro? Does the data work the same there, throttled after you reach your allotment?

    • Marion Miller

      Have it same

    • Sharti24

      I had it before i switched to tmobile in march. It was cheaper to go with tmobile than metro. tmobile was doing 2 for $100 plus add a line for free. So 3 lines for $100 that included tethering and HD. I was paying $120 month for two lines on metro. Plus now i get tmobile tuesday included! The coverage and speed are exactly the same. Only difference is tmobile can roam while metro does not

      • Anne Marie Adcock

        I love Metro pcs, the young man that works there is totally, awesome, First I went from Verizon, They charged me too much, Cricket was ok, but was a pain we were bringing our phones back, cause they froze or didn’t work, been at Metro PCs they are awesome. In Niagara Falls on Military Road.

    • Mike C

      Yes Metro PCS I’ve been with since they opened in Massachusetts never had any problems other than the regular ones all companies have I would say switch. Look now have new deals that just came out today

    • Sharti24
  • NardVa

    MetroPcs has been running the $50 (no tethering) unlimited plan since February.

    • Carlo Hernandez

      Lucky me then. I have $50 unlimited with 8gb tethering…I think I switched to that plan back in february… Coincidentally MetroPCS doesn’t recognize or differentiate between iPad and iPhone for some reason and I’ve had pretty much unlimited tethering for my iPad….