T-Mobile Galaxy S8 and S8+ update adds navigation bar features and security patches


Heads up, Galaxy S8 and S8+ owners, because a new update is coming your way.

T-Mobile is now pushing an update to its Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8+ models, and it includes some notable changes. First is that there’s a button on the left side of the navigation bar that you can use to hide the bar. This will let you see more content on your screen since you won’t have a black bar blocking your view.

Also included are new background colors for the navigation bar. So if you’re not really feeling the black navigation bar at the bottom of your screen, you can change the background color to something else.


Finally, T-Mo’s Galaxy S8 and S8+ are being bumped up to the June 1, 2017 Android security patch level.

This update is now making its way to Galaxy S8 and S8+ owners on T-Mobile. I’ve gotten a few tips from folks that received their update overnight, but if your GS8 or GS8+ hasn’t yet gotten its update, you can go into your Settings app to check for it yourself.

Thanks, Chris, Preston, Tyler, and Cory!

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  • Andrew Singleton

    love this update! my animations also appear a bit more robust but that could be me seeking differences.

  • Trevnerdio

    This is the 3rd time that I’ve gone to manually check for updates the day Tmonews let me know there was an update, and it’s just downloaded! Kudos to Android for finally getting it together and pushing out the updates the same day, rather than in a matter of weeks!

  • Randy

    My Boost Mobile updated to this today!

  • steadymobb

    Actually, this updates gets RID of the black bar… As in it’s no longer even an option, correct? I believe the colorwheel is gone as well :( goodbye turquoise green nav bar :(

    • Max

      You’re correct, black bar is not an option now and that really sucks. Amazing how Samsung never cease to disappoint with their poor software decisions, it’s like if they hired the worst UX people available.

      • steadymobb

        I believe it has to do with screen burn in, still lame

        • Max

          Never had issues so far with burn in with a Nexus 6P or a Pixel XL, if there was any it wasn’t noticeable (and I’m really OCD so it must have been really unnoticeable in daily use). They should at least keep the option with a warning if anything, removing what is basically the default Android option is user hostile. Right now I’m pondering going back to my Pixel XL and sell this phone if I don’t find a way to change the nav color soon.

        • steadymobb

          Oh I don’t think it’s such a big deal to the point I would switch my phone because of it, but to each his own

        • Max

          The thing is that this is just one more nag, not the only one I’ve found, a few others I already have on my list of annoyances are:
          – Forced increased brightness when I open the camera, I can’t disable that behavior.
          – Bixby button prone to accidental pressing, at least this one I was able to disable by disabling all Bixby packages.
          – Nagging modal pop up when I try to increase the volume, even for my bluetooth speakers which already have independent volume levels.
          – Very difficult to use fingerprint reader, that basically made me find ways to avoid using it to unlock my phone.
          – And now this, where I’m forced to choose between having to swipe up every time I want to use any navigation button or having to see an ugly pastel color bar even when I use a predominantly black app…

          So far the only thing I love over my Pixel XL is the display size, ratio and slim bezels, nothing else.

        • steadymobb

          I don’t have these issues but again, to each his own! Use the phone you like best

        • joevsyou

          Screen burn In for black? It’s almond screen. The screen actually turns pixels off for black

        • steadymobb

          That’s what I read the reasoning of this update was on Android blogs, but who knows. Not sure why else they would disable it

        • EffortLess

          That’s actually the problem… Since black actually turns those pixels off, they’ll be brighter than the ones that are used all the time when they’re on. There will be a noticeable difference at the bottom in the form of a brighter rectangle and the home, back and recents buttons will also burn in. You don’t want black as the navbar color on AMOLED screens.

      • Kevin Gooch

        Just get shortcutter app and do some adb, and you have the option to turn it on or off. Also have the option to take the top bar away.

        • Max

          The option to hide it was added already in the update but I want to have the black bar (or at least black on dark apps) not hiding it because that forces me to swipe up every time I want to use the navigation bar which is almost as annoying as the white bar.

        • Peter Smith

          Absolutely correct just as annoying as the white bar

  • Bryck

    I’ve notice that my battery life as improved with each incremental update since buying the device, and become less laggy.

    • pgallard

      Laggy? I have more than 200 apps and games in my S8 and I never experienced any LAG.

  • Joseph Tran

    Anyone else sees a gray background right before turning off the phone?

  • Stephen C

    Any one experience wifi disconnect issue with their S8?

  • MadMartigan

    Apparently this also killed Bixby-button remappers.

    Totally regret buying this device.

    • nappent

      Apps like bxActions have already release a update to restore remapping of the Bixby button.

      • MadMartigan

        Days after the update hit. Days after I made that post.

        Yeah, 3rd party devs made some clever hacks/kludges. Good for them, good effort on their part. They do good work.

        Too bad it’ll break again in the next update.

  • bkat11

    I know right! Oh they killed the Bixby remapping…the phone is worthless now LOLOLOL

    • chunk

      Is that what you two are getting out of this?…

      You like having things jammed down your throat, huh? Or youre just the type of people who let others walk all over them without saying anything?

      Samsung is pushing a halfassed incomplete software on people. Something that wasnt done when people first bought the device. Thats not even mentioning that samsung didnt clarify the button rules until AFTER release. That’s a valid complaint. Are people just not supposed to care about that? Really? You buy a device, then afterwards the manufacturer changes it in a way you dont like, and you should just be ok with it and not regret buying it?

      • bkat11

        Was that a gay innuendo? Pretty weak and petty.

        First of all the software works just fine and if I need AI I have Google assistant which I NEVER use ever. I have Bixby beta and its nothing that Google hasn’t done so I’m not losing sleep over it. The phone works great…I’m seeing triple digit download speeds and the camera is just amazing.

        So you’ll have to excuse me if I’m not crying all over myself over the time frame of Bixby. Jesus

        • Stone Cold

          I don’t use Bixby either wish they never included it

        • bkat11

          It’s not that useful…trust me it’s almost exactly like Google assistant

        • Stone Cold

          I don’t even use Google Assistant

  • Atiba Jackson

    The update is to simply more or less to give you more screen to look at. It’s a sleek feature to hide the Nav bar if you like. Things look so much better not having a big Nav bar in the way. For example IG stories. But Samsung gave you the option. It’s really not that annoying to just swipe up to go back. And a tip for some that don’t know. The home button is always there even if you can’t see it on the screen. So if you’re using an app and want to go “home” just press where the home button will be and it’ll take you to your home screen. If you want to customize Nav bar color. Just install the app called “Navbar apps”

  • Max

    Well buying a $700+ smartphone is mostly a first world luxury so why would you expect any other type of problems?

    • Big Mac

      Well, then you’re making the assumption that every owner paid for the device.

      • Max

        So now there are countries where the population get $700+ devices for free? Could you please enlighten me?

        And on top of that they come to TmoNews to discuss about T-Mobile USA phones?


  • Philip

    I got the S8 unlock bought from Samsung directly. No update until when?

    • Philip

      I got an update from Samsung yesterday and its about 100GB. Most of it on the Bixbe. Is this the same T-mobile update?

      • nappent

        100GB!? I think you mean 100MB.

  • arandomperson7

    They forget to mention that this update will disable the ability to remap the bixby button using 3rd party apps. Thanks TMobile for deciding for me how to use my device. I’m suddenly reminded of why Ive bought carrier unlocked phones for the past 4 years. I won’t make this mistake again.

    • Philip

      Unlock phone is bad?

      • arandomperson7

        I don’t have the unlocked version, I unfortunately have the T-Mobile variant

        • Philip

          Do you prefer unlocked phone from Samsung?

    • nappent

      I got the update and dev’s have already found away around it to restore remapping the bixby button. Currently the app “bxActions” work just fine for me.

      • arandomperson7

        Thanks for the heads up, I’ll check it out

  • Joseph Tran

    Anyone else sees a gray background right before the phone turns off?