T-Mobile launches LTE comparison map so you can compare its coverage to the other carriers


T-Mobile has long offered a coverage map so that you can get an idea of what the service will be like in your neck of the woods. Now T-Mo is making it easy to compare its own coverage against those of its competitors, too.

T-Mobile has added an LTE comparison map to its website. The map is just what it sounds like, letting you compare T-Mobile’s LTE coverage to that of AT&T, Sprint, and Verizon. T-Mo is selected by default, and then you can select one of the other big three carriers to have their LTE coverage laid out simultaneously so that you can easily compare the two.


It’s worth noting that the T-Mobile LTE coverage shown on this comparison map is its end of 2017 projection. When T-Mo last reported its LTE coverage in February, it was at 314 million POPs of coverage, with the goal of expanding to 320 million people by the end of 2017.

T-Mo has been putting in work to expand its LTE coverage in recent years, and lately it’s been touting that its LTE network reaches 99 percent of the people that Verizon’s LTE network does. Now that it feels like its coverage is nearly the same as Verizon’s, it appears that T-Mo wants to drive that home by making it easy to compare its LTE coverage to Verizon’s as well as AT&T and Sprint. Of course, the best way to the determine cellular coverage is to try it out for yourself, but these maps can be used as a starting point when learning about the carriers’ coverage.

Speaking of T-Mobile’s LTE expansion, the same webpage that hosts T-Mo’s LTE comparison map also has a “View Growth” map that’ll let you compare T-Mobile’s LTE coverage in 2014, 2015, 2016, and the 2017 year-end projection. You can check both maps out for yourself at the link below.

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Source: T-Mobile

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  • Brian Richards

    Their regular and comparison LTE coverage both have, well let’s be nice and call it “considerable amounts of exaggeration”

    On the other hand, if this is the map the engineers are feeding the brass, then it explains some very real gaps in places that never seem to get better.

  • Mark McCoskey

    Look forward to seeing zero gaps from southern California all the way through Las Vegas up into Saint George, Utah. Hope this isn’t wishful thinking.

  • Critic4U

    Every mobile telecommunications company bloats their coverage map, it may show a whole bunch of coverage; however, when you zoom in on the coverage map all of a sudden it changes to a semi realistic coverage map and even then its still bloated to make you believe it has perfect coverage in your location.

    • Bryan Pizzuti

      None of the others are willing to even use a marketing-“enhanced” map of their competitors as a comparison though.

      • Critic4U

        That may be true, however they are most likely doing the opposite of bloating on other carriers to make you believe they have horrible coverage. Don’t take everything at face value and do like I’ve always told all my customers “Go with the best coverage that suites your needs, otherwise you will regret being with a carrier that doesn’t work everywhere you need it to be”.

  • Philip

    No bad. Even have LTE coverage in Canada and Mexico. Nice. Its getting better n better every day! Just dont justify this to increase the price. Thats what I am afraid.

  • vincent vera

    All carriers misrepresent their coverage by significant amounts. I’ve had service from all four carriers and had a unique situation where I had identical phones from Tmo/ATT/Vzw at the same time. All had dead spots where they claimed they had coverage.

    • David

      As long as they misrepresent using the the same methodology then comparisons can be made. The way it is now TMOB’s methodology is different from the others and it’s to their advantage. If you look at third-party data their network is far inferior to ATT and VZW and on par with Sprint’s.

  • bkat11

    This doesn’t shock me…I’m seeing increased coverage in FL everyday and they are currently working on another major expansion to be completed by May 17. I’m seeing more and more LTE coverage in rural FL too with small towns now covered in wideband

  • Joe

    The maps show how much better Verizon and ATT are / will be in my area

  • JaswinderSinghJammu

    I agree especially with TMOBILE map here in SF bay area. It’s definitely much improved in the last 3 years but they have a long way to go to match ATT and Verizon. I am hoping the 600 MHz will make a big difference but that’t not coming for a while.

  • blkdenalixl

    I get 1.53 mbps on LTE on my area & tmo cannot resolve. M about to leave tmo

    • Alex Pilaia

      just get the Tmo cell spot for that area. Its free. Just call up and they will mail it to you. 100% signal 100% of the time once it is installed properly.

  • blkdenalixl

    Coverage is nothing without speed & my avg useage is about 7 gb per month.

  • AS118

    Honestly, this isn’t the only thing that matters. I switched from Verizon to T-mobile and am mostly satisfied, but there are dead zones, places where it’s slower, and the building penetration is usually worse.

    With Verizon, I could walk into almost any building, and I was fine. With T-mobile, there are certain areas where I have to be outside, and even then it’s still slower. Not saying T-mobile’s bad by any means (I’m still on it after all and it works great at most places I go) just that there’s still tradeoffs.

  • Jason Caprio

    T-Mobile, the only company who has a “future” coverage map showing what they don’t even cover yet lol

    With Verizon, I have a better coverage map that is present day, not 8 months from now.

    • Acdc1a

      When you switched to Verizon was it to specifically be this site’s Verizon troll?

      • guidomus_maximus

        I wonder what the Trolls will say in 8 months: “I just don’t want to pay less for all that coverage”.
        None the less, they’ll find something. What’s left to troll us about?
        Trolls: Please let us know, so TMO can start working on it. Your valuable feedback has helped identify and resolve all the past troll food (no apple, no LTE, taxes yuck, no limits, no overages, no border, etc. Its going to be a real challenge in 2018

        • Jason Caprio

          I used to be a T-Mobile customer but switched back to Verizon because I got sick and tired of unreliable service. From my own personal experience, Verizon’s reliability overall destroys T-Mobile. Price doesn’t matter to me now because my job pays for my Verizon phone I can use for both personal/work.

          T-Mobile is constantly trolling Verizon, but talk is cheap. I don’t want to hear about their “predictions” of catching up to Verizon.

          It’s like bragging about winning a race before the fact.

        • QuickswordPhantom

          I had the same experience and totally agree. Verizon and At&t obliterate Tmobile and probably always will even with the 600mhz. Tmobile is a metro carrier and not even the best at it since they don’t work inside buildings. They oversold their network already and are suffering massive congestion. I never understand blind loyalty to a company. Tmobile’s customer service has also gotten extremely ghetto and unprofessional.

    • bkat11

      Dude I’ve seen you post on every single story about Verizon. It’s like you’re consistently answering a question no one asked or cared about. Time to find a woman

  • Omar Lozada

    the only thing I really HATE of Tmo is building penetration, can use my phone at all in my workplace or home, just waiting for 700mhz or wherever that’s called, we are “supposed” to have 4X better building penetration, they says will be deployed here in Chicago first half of 2017, if that not happen I will seriously consider switching to AT&T, don’t want to but my phone is just a shiny and expensive piece of sh..t most of the time with Tmo now while inside a building.
    4 lines, all on T-Mobile One..unlimited everything…. just that “little” problem.

    • Acdc1a

      Band 12 is useless for data during periods of even minor congestion. It’s not the perfect solution though it’s better than no service at all.

  • Ryan

    I’m just hoping we get some of that 600 MHz in the OKC area. I lose signal when I go inside large buildings or go too far from town.

    • Glenn Gore

      The desperately need some low-band 600 MHz in Oklahoma. All they have is Band 2 and AWS spectrum, which severely limits the distance and building penetration capability of their signal.

  • Mike

    I love T-mobile and have been a customer for a long period. But I have to call total BS on the current coverage map. I own vacation property in the Priest River/Priest Lake area of Idaho and their map shows LTE coverage.

    NOT ONCE, did my supported device of an Apple 6S show LTE in the area. Nor did my brother who was joining me on the last trip two weeks ago show LTE with his supported device, a Samsung phone.

    We were stuck roaming on ATT ‘4G’ network.

    Now the revised 2017 expected coverage map blows away Verizon and ATT in the area? I doubt it. But I would love it to be true.

  • David

    TMO uses their own population maps rather than the industry standard (census) they used to use and that the other carriers still do. Of course each carrier is responsible for their own propagation plots as well and TMO has some credibility issues in my mind not to mention the wealth third-party statewide data which shows their performance lags the industry leaders.

  • Pat

    I can absolutely verify that as far is Chicago goes, this is completely false. Yes there is LTE coverage in the area, but it’s not even approaching seamless.

    • bkat11

      I was in Chicago for St Patty Day…coverage was good and when they complete band 12 it will be even better

    • The Waz

      according to Neville’s email to me he states Chicago band 12 will be turned on very early Q2 (said any day now) Coverage is terrible in surrounding areas in chicago..

    • steveb944

      I visited Chicago during the World Series and I had no problems.

  • Iceman

    I travel frequently to Montana and Wyoming. The depicted coverage is so far off from the truth and the idea that this map represents the end of 2017 is laughable. There is no way that in the rest of 2017 that TMo can build out anything approaching that map.

    Probably playing games with partner coverage and roaming agreements like they always have. I can go weeks without native service when I’m traveling out there. Ever wonder what life was like before cellular data? Take a trip out to Montana or Wyoming with your T-Mobile phone.

    • Acdc1a

      Maybe you weren’t around for the Northern Michigan build out. I can assure you, it’s possible.

  • Glenn Gore

    It’s really hard to believe the statement that T-Mobile covers 99% of the people Verizon does and then do the comparison between the two service on T-Mobile’s comparison map. There are HUGE areas where T-Mobile has no service and Verizon does. This map is a joke.

    • Acdc1a

      When you consider how few people live in those areas it’s not hard to believe at all.

  • Eric A

    Based on T-Mobile’s coverage map, they don’t need to spend any more money on expansion. They cover every possible place already.

    • Jason Caprio

      Real world experience > coverage maps

      You must either be delusional or not very well traveled.

      • Eric A

        Yes, I was being sarcastic – but, hey, its T-Mobile’s own official map.

  • Sharti24

    I’d really like to know how many towers each cell company owns/leases. Anybody have any idea’s?

    • steveb944

      I believe T-Mobile owned the most originally, but during their growth they had to sell and lease in order to make their investments.

  • QuickswordPhantom

    This map and projection is total BS. First off this will be mainly “fair” bs coverage in those most areas just one mile out of cities. This means hardly any signal outdoors and forget signal indoors. Secondly, this end of 2017 projection is being compared to the other 3 carriers CURRENT coverage. Uhm no lol. The other carriers are not just gonna stand still for a whole year. They will continue to build out their networks as well.

    • Jason Caprio

      I couldn’t agree more. During the 3 years I was with T-Mobile, I was rooting for them until I just got fed up with their inconsistent network performance. You’ll be labeled a troll by the fanboys here, wait and see lol

      • QuickswordPhantom

        I am a T-Mobile fan, they shook up the industry and I was a subscriber since 2007, but I am not blind nor part of the Legere cult and I despise false advertising. They can label me a troll as much as they want, it won’t change the fact that T-Mobile just doesn’t have the spectrum holdings nor the capital to ever match Verizon or At&t. When they do and their network actually matches the capacity and coverage I will give them another try. Maybe they will do much better with the 600mhz and US Cellular roaming deal but that will be proven in the future. As of now their network and customer service is abysmal compared to Verizon.

        • MrT

          We are in the “fair” coverage, so I’m not sure. I just really hope this expansion or what makes the situation better for us and we get a stronger signal in our area. If we do, I’ll pay for their hot-spot Internet. We’ll see.