T-Mobile offering free MLB.TV Premium subscription today


Today’s the day, baseball fans.

T-Mobile is now offering a free MLB.TV Premium subscription for the 2017 MLB season. You’ll need the T-Mobile Tuesdays app to get it, so if you don’t already have the app, you can get the Android version here and the iOS version here.

With MLB.TV Premium, you can watch every out-of-market game for the 2017 MLB season. Also included is the choice of home or away broadcasts, live game DVR, and multi-game viewing. You get a free subscription to the MLB At Bat Premium app, too, which will let you watch games on or Android or iOS device.

Also included with T-Mobile Tuesdays today is a $2 Dunkin’ Donuts promo card and a free movie rental or TV show purchase from VUDU worth up to $5.

The prizes for this week’s T-Mobile Tuesday include a $50 MasterCard gift card for second prize winners, a $100 MastCard gift card for 100 first prize winners, and one grand prize that includes a trip for two to the 2017 MLB All-Star Game.

Source: T-Mobile Tuesdays

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  • Andrew Singleton

    Free movie, $7 to dunkin, and an entire season of MLB with unlimited data. winning

    • Verizonthunder

      Same woot

    • MoonlitReigns

      I still haven’t gotten my 5$ yet, maybe next week. It’s a 24 mile drive to Dunkin from my house, so it’s not really worth the gas to drive there for 2 bucks. But yea Rogue One and Baseball for the season is awesome.

      • If u get the app and put the cards in the app, you can save them all and use them all at one time. We have a 4 line family plan, so $8 each week, then the $5 ones we got too, so far I have over $30 in there. Already bought donuts, that’s why the total is low lol.

    • Nobody Special

      Unlimited intenet at inexpensive prices is nothing to sneeze at either….lol
      Maybe i will learn to like baseball and watch a few games :)

  • vinnyjr

    Great deal. Best Baseball app on Mobile. Thank You T-Mobile, Thank You John Legere.

  • Sharti24

    Its kinda nice you’re not forced to use the DD promo only on tuesdays :D

  • Boston TTM’s

    what could be better. Free MLB. TV Premium. 112 dollars in value. Free At Bat. 20 dollars in value. I can watch my Red Sox a ton now.

    • Darrell L. Williams

      how did you get free at bat? they trying to charge me 20 dollars?

      • Derek Mounce

        might have to log out then back in

      • Boston TTM’s

        I claimed my premium account. just download at bat and sign in. If you already have at bat you may be signed into another account.

    • Nobody Special

      I can watch your Red Sox too :)

  • Casper99

    It probably wont work cause nobody wants to watch the Indians. Just joking but they haven’t had a good season since Rick “Wild Thing” Vaughn left.

    • Jon Peake

      I mean, they went to the World Series last year, so there’s that…

    • CousinSkeeta

      U gotta stop I forgot got about that movie lol

  • Edro Mojo

    I downloaded the app. Would be great except that I get only one bar in the building where I work so the game won’t load. It just sits there, black. Wish T-Mobile would provide better coverage for office workers in big cities. Phooey!

    • Jake

      any way you could set me up with it? I’m Canadian and don’t have tmobile…..

      • Edro Mojo

        Pffft. No lol

      • Nobody Special

        I have 5 registered MLB Premium Accounts all FREE from T-Mobile… and i don’t even watch baseball… i’m more interested in watching Hamsters on youtube than baseball…. Hamsters are very entertaining:)

        T-Mobile give away some awesome deals…. i got $40 total in Vudu credits… $22 dollars in Dunkin Donuts…. and 5 PREMIUM MLB accounts all in one day…. T-Mobile is awesome :)

        i would marry T-Mobile if it was a girl :)

        • Jake

          Would I be able to use one of those accounts to watch?

        • Nobody Special

          if i gave you one of my accounts…. that wouldnt technically be sharing usernames/passwords because i dont even use the other …. wait a minute…. i have 6 MLB accounts not 5 :)

          but if you shared the username/password with your friends…. then that would trigger abuse based on MLB standards and my phone line is connected to that account… so everything gets traced back to me. If you were a close friend or family member i would let you use the account, because i would be able to trust you wouldnt abuse my kindness… i just dont want to put myself in a bad situation over services that are only valued at $112 dollars. That’s all. MLB reserves the right to recoup penalties of the full price of the premium service for each person the code is shared with…. so if you posted the code online and 100 people use the code…. MLB would be expecting me to pay $11,312 in penalties… and i definitely cant afford that…. you may not do something like that…. but How Do I know for sure since i don’t know you personally? I’ve been trolled before by people online… and these people would definitely do something so foul to be mean for no reason….


  • E647

    Still black out off home games in your market :(

    • Nobody Special

      some games are blacked out…. but if you wait 90 minutes after the game concludes… you can stream it then :)

  • Jake

    Looking for anyone that is willing to hook me up with this promo. I’m not a tmobile member because I live in Canada

    • Jake

      or if I could just share your account, I would be grateful as well

      • Nobody Special

        Im not sure if you could share someone’s account…. because the MLB app pinpoints where you are watching their feed and based on where you are will determine where your BLACK OUTS will be. So if I traveled to Florida those local teams there I wouldn’t be able to watch using this app. But if i traveled back to Georgia I would then be able to watch the Florida teams… but i wouldnt be able to watch Georgia Local teams…. The app uses GPS to see where you are located and if you are in a particular territory (such as Canada) well…Once the app sees you are there, it may not even work (just assuming it wouldnt work) but i would check if it will at least work, prior to asking to share someones account.

        Even last year i had not watched my MLB games…. it’s worthless to me :(

        • DKBNYC

          There are always ways to spoof your location…

      • Nobody Special


        • Mike

          You can probably get away with it but if you both log on at the same time then you might be screwed

      • Nobody Special

        To watch the T-mobile sponsored MLB games …. you are mandated to watch it on a T-Mobile device, unless you are using a home wifi or something, or the premium account services will be cancelled. So, if you have Virgin Mobile watching the T-Mobile MLB games, it will get shut down. But if you used a wifi connection to any other source other than a cellular service other than T-Mobile… its not going to work for too long…. its written in the fine print.

  • Sharti24

    Akron. And yes i tried that already and if i cant watch the indians im deleting the app. Why do i want to watch other teams?

    • DKBNYC

      Baseball Fan vs Indians Fan. I’m a New Yorker and while me have the Mets and Yankees, I like watching baseball in general.

  • Ianpaps

    Is this available for metro pcs customers also or just T-Mobile?

    • Mike

      T-Mobile obviously since it’s done thru T-Mobile Tuesday.

      • Ianpaps

        T-Mobile owns metro pcs, that’s why I was asking.

        • Mike

          Does Metro PCS get T-Mobile Tuesday?

  • Sharti24

    Stupid af, Cant watch your local baseball team. I dont understand blackouts at all. Wouldnt the mlb have top priorty of the local networks broadcasting the game?

    • Mike

      NBA,NFL,and MLB blackout local games since local tv networks pay for the rights to the games. You can still listen to the games though.

  • B-Mobile

    on wifi can watch the game no issues, on LTE just a blank screen: and I have a Personal CellSpot working off Comcast 60+ mbps download on speedtest smfh

    • JC

      Ditto, probably just a glitch in the system though. Worked really well last year so gotta give em a chance…

      • B-Mobile

        i found what i think to be the problem: in the app under More < Settings the default setting for High Quality Streaming is set to WiFi Only, i switch to Always. lets see if that resolved the issue

        • JC

          Thanks for the heads up but it’s working fine right now (Royals-Twins game being shown on LTE). Tried what you suggested but didn’t notice much difference (on unlimited but didn’t wanna hog up too much bandwith) so turned it back to WiFi only again.

        • B-Mobile

          i’ve been waiting for that game so i can test. Unfortunate my signal at work sucks, so i’ll test at home later. Good to hear even without updating the setting, your streaming on LTE is working

  • kanakamaoli

    Since when is Oakland,Anaheim in market games for Hawaii residents 2,500 miles away? New York is almost as close to those said cities as Honolulu. Plus we don’t have any MLB teams here in Hawaii . So how could we be in anyone of those markets?

    • calwatch

      Wikipedia has the MLB blackout map. They can claim territories far away. Be glad you aren’t in Iowa, where six teams are blacked out.


    Lunch Time Baseball – 4/5/2017.

    Cubs @ Cardinals at 1:45
    Royals @ Twins at 1:10.

  • brian mcnish

    I claimed this yesterday, and got to the point where it told me to sign up using my phone number by 4/11 etc. Had to do some other stuff so assumed i could just finish the process today (as it said 4/11). But now I just went to set it up and it shows me that it is expired rather than redeemed? Anyone ever had that happen before? Am i just screwed?

    Edit – it just popped back into my redeemed section and now i can complete the registration. must have been a glitch.

    • master94

      lucky mine says code already used no matter how many times I pop back in. :(

  • Nobody Special

    i watched 2 games yesterday…… and half of a game today…. since the games today dont come on until around 1pm…. I have been watching yesterday’s archived games this morning….. not sure which game i will watch today….because there are so many. and i do like the fact MLB does not play any commercials / advertisements on their stream…. thats a big plus…. i hate commercials….

    my wife hates that im watching baseball because she feels like im giving her less attention now…. but T-Mobile gave me this free premium deal…. she has to just relax for 6 months until the season is over :)