T-Mobile Galaxy Note 5 and S6 edge+ receiving updates


UPDATE: T-Mobile’s Galaxy S6 edge+ is indeed receiving an update today alongside the Note 5.


Days after the Galaxy S6 and S6 edge+ were updated, it’s time for another pair of Samsung phones to get updates.

A couple of Galaxy Note 5 owners have pinged me to say that they’re receiving a software update today to version N920TUVU4DPK6. It’s likely that the Galaxy S6 edge+ is receiving a similar update, as these phones are typically updated in tandem and a new firmware for the T-Mo S6 edge+ is listed on this Samsung-focused firmware site.


As for what’s included, it looks like Samsung and T-Mobile are rolling out the November 1, 2016 Android security patches, and S Cloud performance improvements are also said to be inside. T-Mobile has yet to update its Note 5 and S6 edge+ pages with these updates, though, so there’s no other info on them quite yet.

If you’ve got a Note 5 or S6 edge+, you can check for updates by going into Settings > About device > Software update. It’s important to keep your phone and all of the data on it secure, so if you’ve got a Note 5 or S6 edge+, be on the lookout for your new update and the security improvements that it brings.

Thanks, Phil, Juan Carlos, and Guatiao!

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