T-Mobile Galaxy Note 5, S6 edge+ getting updates


UPDATE: Alex Lee on Twitter shared an image of the Galaxy S6 edge+ update’s changelog and, yep, it’s the same changelog. The S6 edge+’s update is 138.75MB.


Have a Galaxy Note 5 or Galaxy S6 edge+? If so, it’s time to update!

Owners of T-Mobile Galaxy Note 5 and Galaxy S6 edge+ units are reporting that they’re now getting a software update. A screenshot posted by a T-Mobile Note 5 owner notes that that update is 140.52MB and includes the following goodies:

  • The performance of Smart Manager has been improved
  • A new Android for Work function has been added
  • Battery usage optimisation
  • Gear VR is supported
  • The security of your device has been improved

While I haven’t found any screenshot of the S6 edge+’s changelog, it’s likely that that one includes the same tweaks. T-Mobile hasn’t yet updated its support pages with information on the new updates. Also, I haven’t yet seen any Galaxy S6 or S6 edge owners reporting an update, so if you’re getting one, let me know.


Note 5 left, S6 edge+ right

Overall this may not be the most exciting update ever — there’s no Marshmallow to be found here — but battery and security improvements are always good to have. If you’ve got a Galaxy Note 5 or S6 edge+, check for you update now by heading into Settings > About device > Software update.

Thanks, Clifford!

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  • StevenM

    My 6 Edge + had this update with the same tweaks waiting for me this morning.

    • steven berson

      Notice anything different?

      • StevenM

        Unfortunately not. Still too early to tell if there was any improvement to battery life.

        • Moni

          I’m afraid to do the update on my s6+ I think the battery life is great now. I don’t want to risk it… The last update I did to my Note 4(when I had it) the battery life went to hell.

      • John Ace

        I noticed that they finally gave us the auto restart option in backup and restore.

  • steven berson

    Updating as we speak file size is 138.75mb (edge +)

  • Shack

    I will wait on this update last time I updated right away . My galaxy s5 was murdered lag central.

  • badassn

    I wish they’d fix the reception issues on the Note 4. I’m currently on my 4th replaced one.

    • Bklynman

      That’s why I never updated my phones,still using The Note 3,never had any problems with it. The only phone I might get would be either Lg V10,or when
      it comes out,if TMO gets it,Lg gFlex 3,read that it release date is sometime next

      • Joe

        Still using Note 3 also. Still like the phone but it’s becoming outdated. I thought about the V10 but it’s not really that big of an upgrade with that 808 processor. I’m waiting for the Sony Xperia Z5 Ultra. Hopefully it’s not just a rumor and will be out in March. Will be first phone to use the 820 chip and have full 4K screen. If it turns out to be a rumor I might settle for the Sony Xperia Z5 Premium instead.

        • Bklynman

          For me,i am done paying $600 or more for a phone.Waiting to see how the price drop for the V10,and the bugs in it,if Lg does bring out G flex 3 if Tmo gets it,I will wait too for the price drop,and bugs to be workout,or I might just downgrade get Lg Stylo for less than $200. at Walmart cancel jump.

  • glauco

    I just got the 140 mb update. Im from galloway nj.
    Its not the marshmallow im waiting for but any improvement is welcome.

    • SirMakoto

      you’re expecting marshmallow already? give it another 3-4 months. when lollipop was released, we note 4 users waited 5-6 months, and that update killed the note 4 in so many ways, battery to name one.

      • Mail carrier

        I was gonna say…. If new Samsung phones get the update to M OTA before my Nexus 6 I’m going to be EXTREMELY irritated. That was one of the reasons for getting a Nexus phone was to get updates as soon as they came out. Evidently I have to wait on India and every other little bubble squat country to get it before I do over the air!

        • logical

          i’m rocking marshmallow on my nexus 6, been rocking it for weeks

        • Mail carrier

          Don’t want to mess w phone, I hear it’s pretty easy but I need the thing to work. I heard Canada got M so hopefully soon now

  • Soke Well

    Got one this morning Portland, OR

  • JR

    No love for the S6 so far?

  • Fuuuuuuuuu

    Note 5, Chicago, updating now. Will report any significant changes.

  • Kevin R

    Just got an update for the Galaxy S5. It weighed in at about 333 MB for me. Just has some security fixes and says it won’t allow software to be downgraded for security concerns. Hopefully it improves speed and stability.

  • Corey Smith

    140.52 MB for the Note 5 in Columbus OH

    • Ellay

      Same Here Detroit, MI

  • illstplaya .

    When is the xperia z1s going to get the 5.1.1 update and what about the z3 as well?

  • Derrick49

    A new Android for Work function has been added what the hell does that even mean???

    • LeLe_85

      That’s what I’d like to know!

  • Eric Butler

    I got the update on my Note 5 yesterday and am noticing much better battery life not that it was bad before. OS overall seems a lot snappier too.

  • LeLe_85

    I have definitely seen improved battery life on the note 5….my phone lasts triple the time it did before, its crazy. Don’t know what “work mode” is nor do I even see it sooooo yeah, not sure why it’s even mentioned!

  • LeLe_85

    apparently the Android for Work grants compatibility with this app:

  • mrpickem

    I got the update yesterday and wow, the battery is so much better today. After charging overnight I’ve used it moderately today from 6am till now and I’m still at 56%. Normally I would be about 20-25% by now. Good job Samsung and/or T-Mobile! Made the best phone better. Note 5!!!

  • Al William

    I didn’t get any notification, so I just updated my Note 5 after reading this. I like the added feature ‘Auto Restart’. This was available with the international variants but not with US phones until now.
    For those wondering what Android for Work function is – it’s beneficial to those who usually carry 2 phones, one for personal use, and one as a work phone. Now you can use just one phone and your IT dept. can basically give your personal phone 2 different profiles where it isolate and protect any business information from your personal information. The business profile will use different apps for email, different chrome browser, and such.
    Too early to tell about the battery and the Smart Manager.

  • mreveryphone

    My Tab S2 got a update notification as well… Samsung is busy keeping their current devices updated… Carry on…

  • Peter

    S5 also received the Samsung software security update (11/2/15)

  • Personally I feel this is a great update. I noticed my battery life has improved a lot. My signal has also got a lot better. I used to get 2-3 bars upstairs and now I get 4-5 bars. Finger reader works better too.

    App optimization is also a great addon. Now I pretty much have greenify without root.

    This is the first time I have not root my phone and mostly because of Samsung pay. I’m glad they’re pushing out a lot of updates now to make sure everything runs smooth.

    • Moni

      What phone do you have? I have the s6 Edge plus and the battery life is great on it now. That’s why I’m a little afraid to update my phone because the last time I did an update on my Note 4 the battery life went to shit… Thanks!

      • Brandon Bradley

        I had the same issue.. and share the same skepticism!

      • Note 5

  • Jimmy James

    Speaking of updates, when is T-Mobile getting the updated Nexus phones? No date has been mentioned for T-Mobile. January? They were supposed to be released in October. Pre-orders have been given $25 refunds, and allowed to cancel their order. Huawei failed.

    • Jason

      Why are you waiting? Seriously, why? Just go to the Google Developer page, download the 2nd release of Marshmallow for Your Nexus Device. I did this yesterday to update the Nov Security patch from the October one. You can do all this via Wugs Fresh Nexus Root toolkit. It’ll walk you through the process. VERY VERY SIMPLE AND EASY!! I have the Nexus 6, put Marshamallow on it 6 hours after it was released.

      T-Mob is “still testing” the software for the Nexus? WTF, why? It works very well. They are trying to get the 5X and 6P to work with Band 12, hence the problem. It has WiFi calling built in.

      • Jimmy James

        I have an S6 and waiting for the Nexus 6P so I can buy on Jump!.

        • Cole Cawtuh

          T-Mobile isn’t going to be selling the new Nexus phones. So you’re not going to be able to jump. Sorry Jimmy.

        • Jimmy James

          Yeah. So they definitely won’t be putting Band 12 on the Nexus 6p anytime soon. Time for the LG V10.

        • alwaysBfrank

          Jimmy James the Nexus 6P does support band 12(700mhz) they fixed that before the phone’s release, it just won’t be any carriers selling them you have to buy them on line from Google or Huawei.

  • Jerry Rich

    OTA for GS5 = no more Stagefright. Build: G900TUVS1FOJ4.

  • JB

    Battery life has greatly improved on my Note5 (not that is was really terrible in the first place). I also noticed that the update added back text detection when using smart select with the S-Pen! I was so disappointed it wasn’t there from the start.

  • Jeff Martinez

    Need that battery tweak for my S6 pronto!

  • Billy Reichard

    I don’t know what T-Mobile did but battery and reception are much improved now! I have the edge plus and by the end of day would have about 20-30% battery life left. After this update I now am usually at 50-60%. Big difference! Also used to get 3-4 bars on reception at my home… Seem to get 5 (full) bars after this update. Couldn’t be happier :)

  • Myphone007

    Any reason why no new blog post on new update pushed out for note 5 and what it does???