T-Mobile hosting Bruno Mars concert to celebrate Un-carrier X, and you can win tickets


Un-carrier X is going to be big next week because it’s the first new Un-carrier move that we’re getting in 8 months. T-Mobile knows this, and so it’s going to throw a big concert to celebrate.

T-Mo is hosting a Bruno Mars concert as part of Un-carrier X. The concert will be held in Los Angeles — which is where the Un-carrier X event itself will be — and there’s even going to be a “surprise special guest” at the show.


There will be 6,000 people invited to the private concert, including T-Mobile’s frontline employees as well as veterans, a move that’s marking Veterans Day. Customers can a limited quantity of tickets, too, though you’ll need to win ‘em through social channels. To do so, find T-Mobile and John Legere on Twitter (@TMobile and @JohnLegere), Facebook (T-Mobile and John J. Legere), and Instagram (T-Mobile and John Legere).

Un-carrier X is happening November 10, and T-Mobile’s hints have suggested that it’ll be somehow related to movies. The rumor mill has suggested that it’ll be a sort of Music Freedom but for video, but that’s all unconfirmed for now. The good news is that Un-carrier X is now just one week away, so all will be revealed soon.

Source: T-Mobile

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  • PC_Tool

    “Customers can a limited quantity of tickets”

    Ooh! Madlibs!

    Fellow readers: don’t let me down. Go!

    Personally, I think UnCarrierX will be a let-down… Here’s hoping I’m wrong. :)

  • Jason

    UnCarrierX: The Past UnCarriers were ALL a sham. We are now charging $20 a GB and $1 per text. Enjoy that. lol jk

    Bruno Mars? HACK!! Come with original music “Pete Gene Hernandez”

    • Bradley Karas

      Someone forget to take his pills this morning? JK that’s funny though lol

  • Who???

  • ChristianMcC

    Super excited for this!!! I’ll be definitely checking this out

  • Thomas Lin Credible

    I guarantee Bruno Mars does not use T-mobile… Well now he might… Since T-mobile is probably gonna pay him big for this

  • Ryanide

    Live music concert…
    ‘Hitting Pause’ quote…
    Might just be a music video service, and maybe it won’t count against your data usage.

  • priap1sm

    “To do so, find T-Mobile and John Legere on Twitter (@TMobile and @JohnLegere), Facebook (T-Mobile and John J. Legere), and Instagram (T-Mobile and John Legere).”

    …okay, then what?

  • Timothy Poplaski

    Heh, aftet all the rumors if it’s not unlimited HBO/Netflix streaming there’s going to be a fair amount of dissapointment and backlash.

  • Tmo1082

    T-Mobile should have a free concert series for top 5 or 10 metropolitan areas of the U.S. and only allow T-Mobile customers in.

  • PS

    What time is the Uncarrier event?