T-Mobile hit with overnight outage


T-Mobile’s been having bad luck with outages lately, getting hit with a couple service interruptions at the end of September and then a brief calling outage earlier this week. Now it looks like another one hit overnight.

Many T-Mobile customers report that they lost service overnight. Reports came in from all over the country, including Seattle, Boston, Boise, Dallas, and other cities.

T-Mobile CEO John Legere acknowledged that some customers were having issues, saying on Twitter “Understand some are having intermittent calling issues.” Around half an hour later, he tweeted that “the network is restoring quickly and calls should be connecting now.” Later this morning, the official @TMobileHelp account on Twitter said that the outage affected voice, data, and SMS.

There’s no word yet on what caused the outage, but it does look like service has been restored for most customers. If you’re still having issues, T-Mobile recommends that power off your phone and then power it back on.

Any service outage is irritating, but they get even more frustrating when multiple service outages hit in a short period of time. Hopefully this recent string of outages that’ve affected T-Mobile and its customers will come to an end after today.

Did this overnight outage affect you?

Sources: Twitter, Reddit, DownDetector

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  • bydavidrosen

    Yep, mine drained battery all night (probably looking for signal) and then needed a reboot to reconnect. Las Vegas.

  • PC_Tool

    So this is going to be, like, a weekly thing now?

    • agent_smith

      Seems that way. I gave up on them a month or so ago having been a customer for 5+ years after having to deal with the last few months of weekly messaging problems that occurred every weekend like clockwork. MMS failures, SMS hiccups, multiple copies of messages delivered, out of order messaging. The usual Sprint problems actually. Looks like they’ve gone from that to flat out network failure. Frown. Had high hopes.

      • samsung freud

        Who did you switch to and how is their service?

        • agent_smith

          Totally depends on where you are honestly. Where I live every carrier sucks equally, none of them have good coverage. Verizon for now, as they ended up cheaper than the new T-Mobile plans in my situation. In your market Verizon, AT&T or Sprint could end up working out better. It’s too bad, T-Mobile’s one competitive edge – honesty and simple plans on a lean mean network completely dried up quick.

    • Fabian

      They are gonna blame the migrating birds now, not the congested network.

  • phonegeek

    There was just a report that said T-Mo was top rated in performance and quality… interesting…

    • Fabian

      That is true, they are the best where there is service and when there is no outage.

  • JLP474

    WiFi calling ftw… happens to every carrier…always have a backup plan.

    • Trevnerdio

      But most of the time, it’s not a tower issue, it’s a network issue. So sometimes that’ll be down as well.

  • Bradley Karas

    You all know they are doing major upgrades right now to go to 4×4 MIMO and QAM? There are going to be some issues while this takes place no matter how much they say it won’t…be patient!

  • Rob

    No problems for me… In fact my I had to pick my jaw up from the ground after seeing my phone pull 110-130Mbps down and 14-22Mbps up 10 times in a row. Never thought the HTC 10 would see those speeds.

  • Matthew

    My service was down as well. I thought my SIM card had gone bad. I rebooted this morning & reconnected to the network. I’m in Northern California and did had no service on my drive from Napa to Santa Rosa.

  • Fabian

    Another outage again?

    I wanted to check my usage, those servers are not working as well.

    Could be all the mess they’re doing with throttle this, prioritize that, whitelist this, 3G that, etc, etc.

  • Roger Sales

    only experienced the one outage, but it was at like 2AM and i was home/receiving some kind of signal if i toggled out of airplane mode.

  • Barbosa

    Hey Johnny, no worries, don’t sweat it man.
    Just give us some crappy pizza or ugly t-shirt and we’re all good.

    • Rob

      Never got my shirt…

  • CZ

    isn’t it funny to see the post next to this one “T-Mobile is the best … “?

  • SeanBear

    No issues here in Wash metro and VA! love tmo

  • rat28

    No surprise with the recurring outages.. T-Mobile engineering has been cheap with their network vendor selection.. Instead of going with established vendor, they selected a unknown supplier for their most of Core nodes. They need to fire some of their senior VPs for making lousy decision.

    • NOCTech

      Sorry but I work in the NOC and we do not have unknown vendors or cheap out on anything. I would give you a list of the vendors but that is proprietary knowledge. The outage was an accident that should not have happened. It was something outside of our network that just happened to impact our customers in an unfortunate and unexpected way.

      • Bull

        Lol an accident isn’t an excuse for preventing 911 calls or taking out a nationwide network. Sounds like someone there needs to find the unemployment line. Thats UNACCEPTABLE for a national carrier who is aiming for Verizon reliability.

        • Rob

          Did you not see where it was said that it was OUTSIDE of their network? Meaning, it was not within their control.

        • Paul

          The link that reports Verizon’s daily outages! Your comment is “Bull” —-

        • a d00d

          Boy do you need a reality check: cellular networks have at least one less “nine” of reliability than landline networks. The rash of outages are strange, yes, but overall reliability is average for cellular networks. If you were old enough, you’d remember the warnings not to rely on cell phones for emergency communications back in the 90’s and early-mid 00’s. However, since many people no longer even have a landline outside of work, this language disappeared from most public EMComm guidelines since it was pointless. If not, why would they need 2-way radios even now?

          One quirk, though: this loss of reliability compared to land-line is only for the old circuit-switched networks: VoIP networks, like the Internet itself, is only 99.99% reliable (outside of some core networks with SLAs).

          This reminds me of an opinion in my local newspaper years ago where someone had moved from LA to my rural area and bitched that the power went out from a winter storm: some people’s expectations are just unrealistic from the outset.

  • Matt

    People should not be getting their panties in a bunch. Just remember if it is man made it will fail. So keep calm and carry on.

  • JJCommonSense

    I had some intermittent issues yesterday and had to keep rebooting my phone. All seems to be well now here in Chicago. Simmer down folks, this hasnt happened often with TMO in the 5 years that I’ve been with them. However, ALL CARRIERS , cable companies, internet providers and the like experience the occasional outage at some time or another. You’d be naive to expect 100% service 100% of the time. Call them up, ask for a credit, and go on with your day.

    • kgraham182

      You’re right, it doesn’t happen that often except for yesterday, last week, the week before that and the week before that.

      • JJCommonSense

        That hasn’t been my experience but if my celll service was having a weekly outage, as u so suggest, I might consider switching carriers. Have u tried a new sim card? Could it be your device? Are they working on the towers in your area?

  • kgraham182

    Seems like the norm these days

  • MattPortland

    Ermahgerd, I better call and demand free service for a year.

  • Kenneth Warner

    Had outage in the area between tulare Tipton and porterville ca

  • Elier Ruiz

    Yes it did for me in Oakbrook, IL last night between midnight and 2:30am

  • noelito

    it barely hit me an hour ago. tried rebooting, and nothing. this sucks

  • Michael Inella

    Tmobile is garbage, they lie about their coverage and to top it off I was on the main escalator close to the entrance of Penn Station today with full bars and got less then 1 mb down.

  • SEEMS like time for a credit…for a weeks worth of service!

  • Maurice hector

    Yeah that was perfect timing, cell phone outage in the middle of a hurricane

    • Yeah I wouldn’t have cared if it wasn’t for the fact that I had no power and my phone was the only thing on… But wait, it didn’t work either

  • Cai

    Thank God I’m on Project Fi, they hybridized their Service with Stint and wifi, so I doubt the outage affected me, but then again I was asleep!