T-Mobile suffers overnight data outage


It looks like T-Mobile had a bit of a rough night.

T-Mobile suffered an overnight outage that left many customers without data. T-Mo confirmed the issues at 3:31 am ET this morning, saying that it was “aware of reported instances of LTE outages.” T-Mobile checked in again at 5:47 am ET and said that service was back.

This was a significant outage that affected customers in Los Angeles, Calif.; Seattle, Wash.; Atlanta, Ga.; Dallas, Texas; Boston, Mass.; Ann Arbor, Mich.; Richmond, Va.; and many other cities across the US.

T-Mobile hasn’t shed any light on what caused the outage.

Losing data connectivity can be pretty frustrating, as many people use their smartphones to keep up with their email, to browse the web, to keep entertained with music and videos, and more. Thankfully, the issues seem to be clearing up for most folks as they head into work this morning.

Did the overnight outage affect you?

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  • Hurlamania

    So many people tweeting on T-Mobile about the Survivor premier and Nicole beating Paul on the Big Brother 18 finale.

    • kgraham182

      I hate Ratcole and Borey

  • Willie D

    In San Francisco the outage was widespread, and affected all devices. iPhone seems to be the first that came up (mine did) before my other non-iPhone devices, as well as friends devices came back up

  • MattPortland

    Oh yes the people on Twitter are traumatized and are demanding credits be applied to their bill. Mochers. All networks have outages.

    • Anthony S Jennings

      So people were on the internet complaining about not having internet? People needs lives!! And good sense to realize they managed to get around a “problem.”

    • Fuuuuuuuuu

      I laid into a few of these turds on twitter. Every last one of them were disrespectful, spoiled, entitled, a-holes who were doing nothing but complaining in the worst way possible without even using logic or reason.

  • stannikola

    Couldn’t finish off Pokémon fight and place my Pokémon in a gym, worst part is I waited for the internet to come back cause T-Mobile data connection has been unstable lots of time. It never came back. I’m glad I wasn’t somewhere where I needed a gps to get me home

    • MattPortland

      You can download maps for offline use.

    • Applejack Barleymuffin

      Here Maps is what I use for offline maps, I downloaded my whole region so if I’m on the road in western Maine where service is spotty I can reliably get home. I use Google normally though.

    • Fuuuuuuuuu

      Google Maps has an offline option for your home area, which is a square that’s about 15-20 miles across, East-West and North-South.

      • SirStephenH

        You can actually resize the offlined areas in Google maps to include whatever area you want, storage space permitting. You can even create multiple offlined areas.

    • A Dragonite spawned nearby when the network was down.

  • besweeet

    No data services worked for me at all starting at around 1AM eastern, no matter what band was being forced. Thought it was my replacement Note 7 for a bit. Wi-Fi Calling also wouldn’t connect.

  • Acdc1a

    I’m not sure if it’s related but my service in South Florida went in and out and the data connection kept resetting from 5 pm on last night. Seems just fine today.

    • Paul

      So did mine. I was down from 2am to 430am West Palm Beach

      • Acdc1a

        I was in West Palm when it started going insane on me. Didn’t work in Boynton on Gateway either but it was earlier and it was going in and out.

  • vinnyjr

    I live in suburb outside Boston & I lost my internet at around 1:00 AM & regained it back around 4:30 AM.

    • Fabian

      Thank You Vinnie Jr. Thank You Honesty.


  • samsung freud

    Oh good, I noticed that my email (server monitoring mostly) hadn’t “dinged” during some
    server checks. I chalked it up to not finishing configuring my new note 7.
    It started dinging again around 4:00 am CST.

  • blokeinusa

    Didn’t notice…I was sleeping at 1am

  • JMccovery

    I was just north of Charlotte, in Concord/Harrisburg, and I thought the happenings in Charlotte somehow took out the network.

  • Tom

    I woke up today at 7am phone said “no service”. Restarted my iphone 6s and bam back to full bars LTE. Zip code 44203

  • NA

    I was in Sonoma county and driving to look for a hotel. And found no any connection. Crazy.

  • arandomperson7

    When I woke up my moto x said selected network is unavailable, after a reboot everything has been fine.

  • AdamThodey

    It would have been nice if Tmobile actually sent out a text message about the issue to all the users so we know it’s the network and not the phone.

    • Wouldn’t work if the outage affected text messages also. But not a bad idea.

    • SirStephenH

      It would be nice but I didn’t even have calling/texting during this outage and many others were in the same boat. A text would have done nothing for us. If you want to be up to date on these things then you should use Twitter. T-Mobile is very responsive on Twitter.

  • jonzey231

    I woke up to no service at 5:30am EST in Columbus, OH. Rebooted my phone when I got out of the shower around 5:45 and it was back on. I figured my phone bad just glitched out. Lol.

  • Fred Kolb

    Tried texting at 12:30am pst only to find my Phone saying No Service. Rebooted and it started working again. Seattle WA.

  • Melvin Tavis

    I couldn’t watch my AHS last due to this. At first I question if I missed my phone bill but since text and calling still worked I assumed there was an outage. I just thought Tmobile should have sent us a message just let us know about the situation

    • SirStephenH

      I didn’t even have calling/texting, even over WiFi, until this was resolved. I agree it would be nice to receive a message but there’s no guarantee that anyone would even be able to receive it.

  • Fuuuuuuuuu

    The incredibly disrespectful butthurt over this on Twitter was absolutely ridiculous. It never ceases to amaze me just how rude people can be to a Telecom company. Outages happen. They quickly resolved it. It was also during the middle of the night. T-Mobile doesn’t need customers who completely lose all sense of civility at the drop of a hat.

    And don’t even get me started on the guy who complained that he lost everything after he reset his phone because he thought it was a software problem after waiting an hour.

    Lordy, people are dumb.

    • Bradley Karas

      HAHAHA!!!! For real though!!! Who is using their phones that late???

      • Happened at 10:30PM for me in Los Angeles. Total network went down as I was on my way to pick up a friend.

      • SirStephenH

        I was. I didn’t have anything (data, calling, texting) until I got home to my WiFi and even then I didn’t have WiFi calling/texting until this was resolved.

      • Crommentz

        I was unable to play Pokemon Go. It’s all I have. My life was ruined. (I’m okay, though, now.)

        Seriously, though, I was working on my network at the time (12:30 am) and I thought I blew the whole thing up. I was just happy that it was “only” a outage. That, I knew, was someone’s elses headache.

      • trife

        Umm, plenty of people work the night shift, myself included. What planet do you live on? The world doesn’t cease to exist when you go to bed.

        I was without data for almost 4 hours last night, but I’m not tripping. It happens.

    • failedcall

      Someone on Reddit could not dial 9-1-1. T-Mobile has had several national voice outages in the last couple of years. It shows they are not up to par with other carriers who have not had many national voice outages.

  • Aurizen

    It was out for me too in Philly…. all night from around 1-2am probably came back 6am…

  • Monsy Ventura

    I had no service on 9/21 from like 11 pm till about 1 am. – Los Angeles, CA.

    A lot of my friends who have t-mobile experienced the same thing, but for others they still didn’t have service after 1 am

    I wish they would have texted customers and let us know, an e-mail or something. Smh

    • RLB63

      At that hour they would tick of many customers with a text if it woke them up. Email can as well, plus with data down a lot of the customers effected wouldn’t get the email until it was back up anyway…

  • Derek Harper

    Had a quick 2 minute outage in Reno, Nevada but after turning airplane mode on and off the problem was resolved.

  • Nate

    Probably those darn snakes on the tower again!

  • RideScheduler.com

    Saw the issue in San Diego

  • Marco Carranza

    I had the same problem in sfo International Airport. 11 pm to 1 am

  • Timika

    My data was out in Pittsburgh

  • SirStephenH

    It was out in Bremerton, Gorst, and Port Orchard, WA. I was wondering if they had screwed up my Nexus 6 again.

  • carlos gonzales

    My data was out from 9 pm to 1:10 am in Loma Linda Ca.

  • Elier Ruiz

    Yeah. Mine was out between 12:30am through 3:00am while I was at work in Oakbrook, IL. At first I thought it had to do with the Apple software update again but found out it wasn’t just my phone that lost data connection.

    • BIBI24

      Mine was good I live 30 mins away from Oakbrook IL

      • Elier Ruiz

        Good for you.

  • impasse

    i randomly got a couple texts earlier this morning (east coast) that i needed to get a hotspot plan, not sure what that was all about, considering i wasn’t doing any tethering..

  • Jake Walker

    Man! This is happened to me,and I was getting my iOS 10 update,left me a little confused on what was happening…it resolved itself by about 12:30am. And I agree,no carrier is perfect,outages happen,and then they’re fixed. I’m not a heart surgeon who needs 24/7 iPhone access,life will continue. I’m in L.A.,forgot to mention

    • Julio

      Luckily you were on WiFi at least huh?

      • Walt

        You have to be connected to wifi to download software updates regardless

        • Julio

          That’s kinda the point I was making. Mr. Walker makes it sound like he was downloading his update over cellular, which isn’t exactly possible.

  • FILA

    Shit happens

  • Kirn Gill

    For me, it was much worse than a simple LTE data outage.

    I have a tablet, and a spare phone with an unactivated SIM I keep in case the tablet goes missing (so I can get it activated without having to go anywhere) and to make calls to 611.

    The LTE network stopped allowing network registration, that is, you couldn’t even get an LTE signal at all, even for simply making text messages (which do not require data, even over LTE.)

    The backup phone usually gets LTE data, although also with the captive portal webpage that unactivated SIMs get.

    Both my phone and tablet were knocked off the LTE network and onto the UMTS (3G) network.

    Now, I figured maybe it was an issue, so I tried calling 611. This should work, even on an unactivated SIM. “duu-daa-dee Your call did not go through.” Tried 1-877-453-1304, same thing. Went to try 611 again and I accidentally dialed 911 (and didn’t notice until I took the phone from my face to hang up), and I got the same message.

    The only thing that worked was SMS on my tablet, and it worked poorly.

    This wasn’t just a data outage. The network shit itself so hard that even 911 didn’t work.

  • NuShrike

    I have WiFi and cable Internet. Did some people cheap out for their home set up?

    • Warp

      It’s not about “cheaping out”

      Some people have more than one address that they call “home” or travel for work a substantial amount.

      Why should one have to pay for a cable Internet connection for a location they may be at for two days per week?

      • NuShrike

        Because the Tmobile outage was in the middle of the night when it shouldn’t matter to anybody? I also carry around Freedom Pop so I got backups.

    • mingkee

      I don’t have other option at work.

  • MarkDC

    At this day of age, it is unacceptable to just say “shit happens.” First of all, I have been with T-mobile since 2002 so I don’t need to explain my dedication to this company but I am also not a blind fanboy. For me, all services were down and I also tried 911 and I couldn’t reach them. I wasn’t in need but I tested it out. If T-Mobile can constantly praise themselves about how they are doing so much better than everyone else then they also need to epxlain thoroughly what happened and if we can be assured that this will never happen again. Or at least that they are taking steps that this does not occur in the future. Nationwide outage in 2016 for (at least myself) 5 hours, is completely mindblowing. I didn’t go on Tiwtter and blast T-Mobile but I also don’t blame others for doing so.

    • HotDamnYouAnIdiot

      At this day of age, it is unacceptable to just call 911 so you can see if your phone is working.

  • Johnny Cheav

    No Data from 11:45 PM to around 2 AM in Long Beach, CA for me while I was at work. But I was still able to make and receive phone calls, as long as there were bars and not an X.

  • Yep, I was at work in Aliso Viejo, CA, didn’t notice till I had time to check my phone, had bars but no connection. Then none of the customer care numbers worked either. They probably got hacked, smh

  • I was in Phoenix and had no issues (iPhone 6s). Oddly, I was actually getting some of the best service and speeds I’ve gotten in that area.

  • Tod Sturgeon

    This explains a lot. I got off a plane at about midnight in Seattle and turned off airplane mode, but my phone refused to connect to the network. Just flat out no service. Thank goodness the airport still has a few of those old courtesy line phones about – I needed one to call for a pickup to the offsite garage to retrieve my car. I put my phone away for the drive home and didn’t pay any attention to it until I pulled into the driveway and the phone connected to my home Wi-Fi and finally went into its usual post flight notification party.

  • Jay

    If any of you people realized that you can change the bands/network speeds to 2g,3g,and lte. I’ve experienced it.when it goes down I switch to network mode in settings. Atleast you’ll be able to make calls.

  • Critic4U

    Equipment is going to break down, It’s an inevitability . The Only thing they can do is make sure they are prepared to take on the situation as fast as possible, because they cannot guarantee that it won’t happen again nor guarantee you that any redundancy system can be put in place at this time. I have been with T-Mo for a long time as well and totally agree “shit happens” and that we just need to get over being connected to LTE, just remember to go into our phones and switch to a different band available. Switching to another band you will be able to connect and make calls then and god forbid you have an emergency to call 911 it will go through on any network your phone can reach because its Thanks to the FCC, network providers must transmit an emergency call (911) regardless of whether you use their service or not.

  • mingkee

    It also happened in NYC.
    No whatever G. Just no signal until 0400 EDT.

  • notyourbusiness

    I’m in NYC, but it didn’t affect me at that time because I was dead to the world asleep.

  • San Francisco was down for the count too. No T-Mobile data here. Voice calls, however, worked fine.

    A little more transparency from T-Mobile on the cause of this outage would be appreciated.

    _______________Was it the result of:
    [_] Hardware failure?
    [_] Software upgrade failure?
    [_] Hackers?
    [_] Power failure at a data center?
    [_] Careless engineer hits the wrong button?
    [_] _______________________