T-Mobile’s free iPhone 7 offer will end this Sunday


If you’ve been thinking about taking advantage of T-Mobile’s free iPhone offer, you’ve only got a few more days to do so.

T-Mobile COO Mike Sievert said today that T-Mo’s free iPhone 7 promotion will end this Sunday, Sept. 25. If you want to take advantage of the offer, you can visit T-Mo’s website, call customer support, or make the trek to your local T-Mobile store.

With this deal, you can trade in an iPhone 6, 6s, 6 Plus, or 6s Plus and get a 32GB iPhone 7 for free with a 24-month finance agreement. You can also get a 32GB iPhone 7 Plus for $120 if you’d like. To upgrade to a model with more storage, you’ll pay an extra $100 per storage tier. iPhone 5, 5c, 5s, and SE owners can also trade in their device and get a discount on an iPhone 7.

Here’s how the pricing for this iPhone offer breaks down:


It’s worth noting that to qualify for this deal, you must fully own your iPhone and the device must meet T-Mo’s trade-in requirements, meaning that it must power on, must not be water-logged, and must not have a broken screen. You’ll also need to enroll in a T-Mobile One plan to qualify. Finally, if you cancel service before your 24-month finance agreement is up, you’ll have to pay the remaining balance on the device.

Sources: @RogerWCheng, @FierceWireless, Seeking Alpha

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  • T-Mobile One plan

    As an old-timer with T-mobile, I would take advantage of this promotion. However, it is not worth the switch, since I have a Great plan currently. Good luck to all…because, it is an attractive deal…

    • AngryBadger

      exactly. i’ll stick with my current plan. i can do the finance agreement, just not the tmobile one plan.

    • dan

      if you were somoene that preordered the iphone before september 15th you dont have to switch your plan. after the 15th they changed the promotion to require the plan change. i was worried about the same thing since i have a grandfathered plan.

    • Ty Christensen

      Yes, not worth the switch at all, we have 10 lines 2.5GB each for $160, only 3 of the 10 lines use more than 2GB data so to have to switch all 10 lines to the TMo One plan would be $295 per month before $5/line bill credit for auto-pay, not sure what it would be in the end but for $160 we’re good, don’t wanna lose that grandfathered plan. That’s messed up they make you be on that new plan to get the deal now.

  • Oms

    I don’t see in the T-Mobile terms and conditions that you are required to switch to the T-Mobile One plan. Could someone send me a link and explain where it says that you are required to be in such plan in order to get the trade-in offer?

    • JLV90

      They did that the day before the iPhone was released. You are required to be on the T-mobile One plan now if you buy the phone, if you preordered on the 14th or earlier you are good.

      • Oms

        Fewwww! I ordered mine on 9/12. I still haven’t received two of the three phones ordered. I was about to freak out because I wasn’t anticipating a required rate plan switch. I still can’t find any official announcement regarding the need to switch plans if ordered after 9/14.

        • Alex Wagner

          T-Mobile didn’t make an announcement when it added the T-Mobile One requirement. Instead, it was added around the iPhone 7’s launch. T-Mobile’s original announcement on the day the iPhone 7 debuted:


          iPhone 7 launch day:


          And the promo’s current page, which mentions T-Mobile One several times:

          “Get the iPhone 7 for $0 down after 24-month finance agreement, trade-in of paid-off iPhone 6 or 6s, and enrollment in T-Mobile One plan.”

          “Buy an iPhone 7 on T-Mobile One and over the next 24 months we’ll provide bill credits allowing you to pay as little as $0, depending on the device traded in.”

          “Who is eligible? All new or existing postpaid T-Mobile One customers who trade in a fully-owned iPhone 5 or higher and purchase an iPhone 7 or iPhone 7 Plus on Equipment Installment Plan, with qualifying credit.”


        • Zach Mauch

          Shit!!! I pre-ordered it before they added the requirement. will I still be able to get the promo without changing my plan? I’m trying to figure this thing out!

        • Alex Wagner

          If you pre-ordered before they requirement was added, you should be fine.

  • Travis McPherson

    This must be a tweak to the original deal. I ordered the iPhone when it was a seperate requirement. I think T-mo news should reach out for clarification


  • Et

    T-Mobile just change there terms on all trade ins now and the preorders. If your phone case had open before then it’s not qualify. By that time it’s two months later and you can’t return the phone cuz that will past the 14 days on buyers remotes period. Plus T-Mobile is not going to send your trade in back. You only get the amount they offer for when you sign up.

    • brybry

      how would they even know that it’s been opened?

      • Et

        Called customer service speak to a supervisor . It’s up to the tech at T-Mobile warehouse to determine. And that’s scary

        • brybry

          That’s the thing. This doesn’t get sent back to T-mobile. It’s going to a giant refurbishing company.

        • J.T

          yes, is going back to Assurant Solutions.

        • Acdc1a

          To be cleaned and sold on eBay.

      • Et

        If anyone ordered the phone using the trade on offer should call T-Mobile and speak to a supervisor to verify this. Me and couple friends just cancel our orders. Don’t want to deals with the down fall.

  • Mike Palomba

    I got the iPhone for free promo and I didn’t need to switch to T-Mobile One

    • Prode

      its because you did it before TMO One was required.

      • Keith

        Orders after 9-15 are required to upgrade

  • Whiskers

    Yea , free Iphone 7 then get raped by the new T-Mobile ONE deal .
    No thanks i like my 2 lines for $100/month unlimited everything deal better .

    • RyCal

      SAME HERE. No way am I losing that truly unlimited plan I have now.

    • Croq

      Came here to post the exact same thing. That’s an awesome plan, and one I’m not gonna give up unless forced to.

    • cellularcrazy09

      I have the same plan. I told customer service that I tried to pre-order but had issues. She said she would submit the order and notify her manager that she is allowing me to stay on the same plan. Ordered two 7 pluses and kept my 2 for $100 and got the trade in deal.

      • Guest_2016

        I tried a few different reps and even the retentions department and none of them would allow me to keep the same plan I had for this deal. I told them that I also had issues pre-ordering before the 15th, but I had no luck. When did you call and place this order?

        • cellularcrazy09

          Yesterday. She just said that she had to escalate it to her manager so that I can keep my plan.

  • pramarama

    zOMG! They didn’t make the announcement in the middle of the night and give 6 hours notice that the promotion was going away? Uncarrier indeed!

  • vplaza

    Hoping that when this promo ends that we see Samsung drop the prices for the S7 and S7 Edge phones to try and win sales in the wake of the Note 7 fiasco.

    • Phong Trinh

      Would love to see Samsung try to recover from their Note 7 batterygate with a BOGO deal.

  • Jarid Orgeron

    Starts article with “Free Phone”!! Ends with “If you cancel early you have to pay the left over balance”….wait what happened to the free phone??

    • Whiskers

      Because it’s a trap , if you don’t stay with them for the 20 month period you then owe for the phone and they got your phone to resell as well .

      • (J²)

        It’s not a trap.

        How does this differ from any other agreement on any other day where no such promotion is offered?

        If you cancel an agreement, you are still responsible for what you agreed to.

        T-Mobile will honestly admit that the phone is only free via bill credits. If your service is ended, so will any recurring credits.

        It’s also worth noting that with JUMP, you are expected to pay taxes upfront which are not covered by this promotion. You will still need to pay the taxes and shipping.

        It’s one of those promotions that could be more clear but during the ordering process, it must be disclosed.

  • T Diddy Vegas

    So How do I take advantage of this deal. I bought my iPhone 7 and received it. I filled out the trade in link and it offered me $165 for iPhone 6 128GB? I do have to send it to assurance via USPS. I called 611 and they emailed me UPS label to send back my iPhone 6 for the deal to a NRC. Confused. Help! What do I do? I am calling back tomorrow to clarify again.

    • Steven

      Do NOT send it to NRC. That is if you want to return your iPhone 7. You will create a mess for yourself. Use the USPS label to send to York PA.

      Even though the quote is for $165, as long as you are on a T-Mobile One Plan you will receive $650 in credits. $165 is a one-time bill credit, you will then receive $485 in additional credits as $20.20 a month.

      • T Diddy Vegas

        I don’t know if you know this but why does the web site say $165 trade in on an iPhone 6? Shouldn’t it say $650? Is the promotion applied once received and inspected? I suppose the web site doesn’t understand the promotion.

        • Steven

          The website isn’t smart enough to check that you purchased another iPhone and are on a T-Mobile One Plan. It’s also isn’t going to quote $650 since the extra promo credit is over time via monthly bill credits. I agree it should say more and it is confusing. This specific promotion requires no registration, so as long as you are trading in a paid-off iPhone 6 and on T-Mobile One you will be good.

          And yes, the promo is applied once received and inspected. If you end up not sending in an iPhone you wouldn’t get the promo.

        • T Diddy Vegas

          Ok Great! Thanks Steven. One last thought is if the label is First Class Mail. Do you think that is insured? Hate for something to get lost in the mail or delivered to the wrong address. I did a similar promo under ATT and sent in two iPhone 4 for $100 each. Neither were received and I had to fight to just get $100 from ATT. They were free Sprint phones so I didn’t fight to hard, but this is $1300 in iPhone 6 $ I am sending in.

        • Steven

          It’s not insured but just save the tracking number on the printout receipt. In the rare case that it is lost you can do a Handset Research Request with customer care. The request has them basically search the warehouses and make sure the IMEI isn’t on someone else’s account being used. You will still get your credit.

        • Myphone007

          I would highly suggest paying for insurance. For the few bucks it will cost you. It is a hassle as you need to goto post office but well worth the hassle you will have when they can’t locate your phone wether it is usps who says lost etc.

      • OZ

        I was able to obtain the same deal keeping the Simple Choice Plan. I pre-ordered on 9/9. Already sent back my 6 16GB

  • Fofer

    I ordered an iPhone 7+ from T-Mobile on 9/13. I haven’t gotten it yet, my estimated ship date is 10/10/2016 – 10/24/2016. Am I supposed to trade in my iPhone 6 by Sunday? Or is that just the deadline for folks to get in on the deal?

    • (J²)

      Just the deadline to get the deal.

  • gorilla

    Too complicated.
    What happened to their Uncarrier move and the Simple Plan?

    • Tom R

      Every old plan need to move to Tmobile one for the promotion, a little more expensive but that is how they fund for the free iphone promo.

  • DCD

    I would switch from verizon to tmo if they gave the a free iphone wihtout trading in. I don’t have an iphone.

    I guess I’ll just get a free phone with a headphone jack port.

  • its4us2think

    Now all the carriers are offering. ATT says min plan should be $50/month, dont know about other two. I guess Tmobile has to match their offers.

  • Yezz

    I’m interred but don’t want to switch to the new plan. I called retentions department but they won’t make an exception.

    • (J²)

      I’m not sure why they’d make an exception. T-Mobile’s “Loyalty” department is limited on what they can do. They do not have special promotions that they can apply (or make exceptions), this was done away with a few years back. The only thing they can do is cancel lines or offer solutions that will encourage you to stay (within reason).

  • Raton

    This really sucks. I was just told today (10/3) that they ended this program on 10/2. I was just in the store on 10/1 and the guy said I should do it online. I asked how long the promo would go and he said he didn’t know, because they only tell him a few days before (but implied that it was not imminent). I tried to log in yesterday to do it, but the damn ONE Plan that is required was quoting at $160 vs. $140/mo like I was told by the guy, so since it was late, I waited until this morning.
    I AM PISSED OFF AT T-MOBILE! Just a simple piece of basic info would have been great.