T-Mobile One and One Plus officially launch today


Following its announcement in mid-August and then its refresh later that month, T-Mobile One is now available.

T-Mobile One offers unlimited talk, text, and high-speed data. Also included is unlimited mobile hotspot at data speeds that top out at 512kbps; unlimited 480p video streaming; unlimited talk, text, and 4G LTE data in Mexico and Canada; and unlimited text, unlimited 128kbps data, and $0.20 per minute calls in more than 140 countries and destinations. T-Mobile One customers will also get unlimited texting/messaging on their flights as well as one free hour of Gogo in-flight Wi-Fi.

T-Mo is offering HD Day Passes to T-Mobile One customers that allow them to stream high-definition video for 24 hours at a time. These HD Day Passes will cost $3 per month when they launch in October.

Pricing for T-Mobile One starts at $70 per month for a single line. A second line will cost $50 per month, lines three through eight are $20 per month per line, and lines nine and beyond are $30 per month per line. Keep in mind that those prices factor in AutoPay, which gets you a $5 per line per month discount when enabled. If you’re not enrolled in AutoPay, the monthly cost for each line increases $5 per month.

You can add a tablet to your T-Mobile One plan for $20 per month, or a wearable for $5 per month.


Customers that sign up for T-Mobile One had the option of stepping up to the T-Mobile One Plus plan. For an additional $25 per month per line, T-Mobile One Plus gets you unlimited 4G LTE mobile hotspot, unlimited HD Day Passes, and unlimited international data at 256kbps rather than 128kbps.

Finally, both T-Mobile One and T-Mobile One Plus are subject to T-Mo’s network prioritization policy. This means that customers that use more than 26GB of data in one month will have their data usage prioritized below other customers and may encounter slower speeds.

The launch of T-Mobile One means that Simple Choice Unlimited is being retired. T-Mo says that other Simple Choice plans will still be available, but that it “will eventually stop offering Simple Choice because we don’t believe customers are going to want to buy data buckets once they experience the value of having unlimited data with T‑Mobile One.” If you’ve already got a plan that you’re happy with, you can keep it.

So now that T-Mobile One has arrived, are any of you planning to switch to it?

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  • Hurlamania

    No way would never switch, I know people that are going to be turned away by it my mom pays less at Verizon than it would cost her at t Mobile now, she has 3 lines and only one is a smartphone and uses a small amount of data. T-mobile would cost her $140 + tax plus phones Verizon she pays around $120 with tax and no phones. *She gets a percentage off for being a sams club member and been with Verizon since like 98
    there is a large group that is fine with the cheaper smaller plans an t mobile is just turning their backs on them I’ve been pushing some people to switch for awhile this will not help.
    just as an outside observer I feel T-Mobile will not pick up customers that they would have at some point.
    it will attract big data users and scare away small data users

  • DStudio

    In the fine print you will find that tethering from a phone or tablet is deprioritized *for any amount of data usage*, and mobile hotspots are not a part of the plan.

    T-Mobile seems consumed with limiting usage from non-mobile devices. I guess they’re addressing their own pain points through these changes.

    • squiggleslash

      Yeah the quote is:

      > For customers who use more data than 97% of our customers (currently
      over 26 GB per month), primary data usage must be on smartphone or
      tablet; see details. Smartphone and tablet usage is prioritized over
      Smartphone Mobile Hotspot (tethering) usage, which may result in higher
      speeds for data used on smartphones and tablets.

      I’m trying to work out what that means. Your interpretation is one, but literally it also seems to be saying that you must use a smartphone or tablet if you plan to use more than 26Gb per month, and that deprioritizing only happens if you use mobile hotspot data. Which is peculiar, and probably not what they mean.

      • DStudio

        It means that they’re offering unlimited data while limiting all the common reasons for using lots of data. This is clearly what their motivation is. Just follow their line of thinking and you’ll know how to interpret the rules.

  • Michael Tran

    No one in my family uses over 2gb of data other than myself. These plans wouldn’t be cost effective for us to switch. I’d go from 5 lines for 135 (unlimited on 1 line, 2gb on others+international) to 5 lines for 225. I honestly can’t see who would want this new plan. I’d be interested to hear if anyone is going to switch.

    • gitanojr

      So you have unlimited on line 1 and 2gb on all others? What kind of plan do you have?

      • dtam

        probably just simple choice + a $30 unlimited data adder

      • Michael Tran

        The original simple choice with 20$ unlimited add-on. The other lines started at 1gb but got upgraded to 2gb. Each UN carrier has been mostly an improvement but this one just seems complicated. Went from simple to add-on city. Hard to get them referrals now if I have to spend so much time explaining to folks the plans.

        • Acdc1a

          Please stop calling it complicated. It’s unlimited everything with 2 upgrades that can be purchased. That’s it. No counting…no different lines on different plans…SIMPLE! Your existing plan is much more complicated than this. More expensive does not equal more complicated.

        • Hurlamania

          try to keep up there is only one ad on, try reading the post. And understand what you’re commenting on. It’s about choice. And even if forget it you wouldn’t understand

        • Acdc1a

          You try to keep up sh*t for brains. HD day pass or One +. I count 2.

        • Michael Tran

          I’ll agree that each plan has it’s complexities but the new one seems to be a tad shady about it. UNLIMITED HIGH SPEED! except when streaming music or video. HERE’S THE PRICE…only if you choose autopay. UNLIMITED HOTSPOT…at only 2g speeds. The old plan had more options but was more straightforward about what you get. The new plans has a very car salesman vibe to it. Hard for me to explain.

        • Acdc1a

          3g speeds on the tethering. Don’t like it? Don’t buy it.

        • gitanojr

          I have the simple choice $100 unlimited everything for two lines, then added 3 more lines for $40 unlimited everything… one time I did ask them at the store if I could keep my 2 lines unlimited everything and the other 3 with the minimum data, they said no, that I would have to change to the plan they were running back then but at the end I would have to pay more??? Will have to see if these one or plus will benefit in any way….

        • SirStephenH

          The $100 for two lines plus $40 for each additional requires all phone lines to be unlimited. I’d stick with it. The new plans cost more and and have a whole lot of limitations that your current plan doesn’t.

        • gitanojr

          Yeah you are right, I’ll stick with my current plan, thanks

      • Hurlamania

        Lol he has a plan with unlimited on one line and 2gb on the others

    • livewire1981

      I have to agree with this. I was thinking of going unlimited just for myself today on my current Simple Choice plan, however they removed that option. I can still move from 6GB to 10GB so that is a plus I suppose. With all that said, I have three lines on my account and the other two use next to nothing, about 1GB between the both of them. It is not cost effective for me to move to this plan, which in this case looks like more WIFI usage.

  • troll

    I can’t find the Simple Choice plans and the plan calculator on their website. Not even for data plans.

    This is a sad day.

    • It’s buried somewhere, hopefully not permanently. http://www.t-mobile.com/cell-phone-plans.html

    • Hurlamania

      they won’t be you would have to call or goto a retail store to get them for the limited time

    • Look for DOC-24314. It will still go to a live page where you can “Get pricing information for our Simple Choice Plan,” but it’ll obviously not be advertised, especially right now. You would likely have to talk to a rep in the store or over the phone, but it won’t be choosable on the website.

    • sad troll

      yes sad

  • icwhatudidthere

    Lol, I was wondering how they’d price Hot Spot devices. Looks like they don’t even sell them anymore. Now I wonder if they’ll just cancel your line if you try to use one on a One plan.

    • Matthew Evans

      The hotspots will continue on the simple choice mobile internet plans, the $20 after discounts unlimited data is for tablet only

    • Nobody Special


  • livewire1981

    As a random question, I currently am getting my tablet for free every month due to a promo back from Feb 2016. If I do switch to this, and I put my tablet on the $20 plan, will I continue to get that credit monthly?

    • Critic4U

      That’s definitely a question for customer care at T-Mobile. I would talk to T-Force on facebook or call 611

    • (J²)

      No, the $10 MI Line Credit nor any other promotional discount/credit is combined with T-Mobile One. I’ve already asked.

      • livewire1981

        It was actually more towards the EIP credit, not the plan credit.

    • Paul

      yes, you will still receive your credit for your device on yhe tmobile one tablet plan.

  • Zacamandapio

    To answer the last question, no.

  • Genecio

    They’re going to have to pry my $70 Unlimited Talk, Text & Data plus 5GB SMH outta my cold dead hands! I used about 2GB this month….got 5 more days left in the cycle.

  • natedenver

    I am actually still on a pre simple choice plan. $100 a month, 2 lines, unlimited everything but text and hot-spot. $10 extra each line for unlimited text and max of 7gb hot spot for each line. So $60 per line for unlimited everything. And that is without an autopay discount. So I am saving a whopping $10 monthly. I still have not found a plan which beats mine.

  • Phyllis B

    I’m a loner, I’m the only one on my plan and a hot spot, what am I supposed to do??? Ask strangers to join me, Lol

    • Snake

      Go to another carrier

    • SirStephenH

      You could just stay on your current plan… They aren’t forcing people onto the new plans nor will they ever.

      • a d00d

        You obviously haven’t learned from Verizon, or from Tmo in the past few years with prioritization and such:

        “I have altered the agreement. Pray I do not alter it again.”

      • TJ

        Never say never, Verizon is starting to kick people off there network if they don’t get rid of there unlimited data

        • Drewski

          False. They are not doing that.

  • No one and everyone.

    I have simple choice $100 for 4 lines 2g plus unlimited (the real unlimited HD everything) on 2 lines for $20 each with 5g for hot spot pretty sure I won’t be giving that up, to get the same thing now is like $200 and that is for 2 lines. I should lease my contract.

    • Reagan1

      I’m on something very similar and makes zero sense for me to change to this latest and not so greatest plan…so, I’ll be staying put. I recently recommended a friend to Tmo, but with these new plans and having to “buy” new phones, it probably makes no sense for them to leave Verizon.

  • Rob

    I have 3 lines with a free 4th with unlimited LTE and 14GB of hotspot for $150. I’ll stay with my 4 lines @ $50 each with unlimited LTE and 14GB of Hotspot.

  • Arby65

    I must say, the change today is not very “Un-Carrier”-like. For those that want/need all the data, it may work out for them, but for those of us that don’t want/need unlimited data, the prices for the 6gb and the 10gb family plans have also risen. No where in this announcement was it mentioned that the prices for these plans are also increasing. Shame on you T-Mobile! This is a terrible thing to do to your customers. Very Carrier-like, imho.

    • Arby65

      Oh, and I think we’ve heard that line of, ” If you’ve already got a plan that you’re happy with, you can keep it.”, somewhere before. We all know what happened there.

      • Jay

        They haven’t increased. The promo plan for 6 GBs just ended. 3 for $100 was a promo plan. The regular base plan was always 4 for 140 and $20 add a line. I would know, I work there. Our promo pricing just seems to last long, but of course it would end when new rate plans are starting. I’m on the unlimited data plan 4 lines $150 w/14 GBs of hotspot.

    • Snake

      Go to another carrier then

      • Arby65

        Why so hostile? I’m just pointing out that they raised prices without saying as much during this entire hype for T-Mobile One. Which is exactly what they call out the other carriers for doing. Not that it’s any of your business, but I’m happy with my service with Tmo, but I want them to be truthful like they say they’re gonna be.

        • Nobody Special

          they are not raising prices on you…
          they are offering new plans to new customers.

          if im at a store and there are 27 different items on sale (90% off) and they say these items are only on sale till Friday… Should I fuss & cuss on Monday that all of the items are now being sold at the original listed price with no discounts?

          T-Mobile always put in the fine print “Limited Time Offer, Subject to change”

          ((((((((((((((((((Thats not a scam / Thats business man ))))))))))))))))))

    • Jay Trainer

      Ummm… Where have they increased? They sure seem the same to me.

      • Arby65

        The 6gb for 6 lines was 160.00 prior to Sep 1 and the start of T-Mobile One. Now that same plan is 180.00. I know, 20.00 is not a lot, but by not mentioning the increase any where, the Uncarrier is being very carrier-like.

  • Paul Sousa

    I’ve got 3 lines w/6gb each for $100/mo total. Combined with BingeOn I see no need for unlimited data that excludes HD, and the cost to add HD makes it not worth it. These plans may appeal to folks coming from VZ or ATT, but I don’t imagine many existing customers will be switching.

  • Phil

    No T-Mobile One Plan 4 Me!.
    I’m on 25.00 Unlimited Talk/Text + 20.00 Unlimited HIGH SPEED data with 5GB Tether.
    On day 29 I’ve used 42GB with no throttle kick in.

    I will never leave T-Mobile

    • Hoppysport

      Phil…I have the same plan that you have and am over the top in love. Hope that I continue to be grandfathered? I tend to use about 15gb a month…not too crazy.

      I’ve been with T-Mobile since it was Voicestream and have never been disappointed. Plus their customer service is so much better than every other carrier.

      • Phil

        Oh yeah we are Grandfatherd no worries.
        I’ve been with T-Mobile 2.5 years happy times…well one setback. Few months ago had not so happy service issue & was given Select Choice Unlimited-TT25 to make amends.
        The higher up that worked resolving issue providing plan sent me email stating Select Choice Unlimited & 20.00 Unlimited Data Plans are grandfatherd in.
        Service issue was fixed fast all has been perfect T-Mobile customer 4 life.

    • Cupcake

      Yeah I’m never leaving either! I have an OLD grandfathered plan…9.95/mo unlimited talk/text and got my unlimited data plan for 24.95 when it first started. I also have been with them since the Voicestream days. Nope…not going anywhere! :-)

    • Sectime

      One day Tmobile will leave you

      • Phil

        OK lol

        • tony

          42 gb? uhh thats alot of porn to download.

  • maanshu

    Welcome to third world country plans.

  • Tim

    Is metro pcs’ $60 plan better then this?

    • disqus_DFnvXJ7c9h

      Yes But It’s completely Depriortizated under all tmobile users

      • Drewski

        Not true. It works the same as T-Mobile, depending on the tower that you maybe on that time, doing that one on you there Bro.

  • FILA

    They are going to get rid of the other simple choice plans eventually…Nobody is going to want to pay a $70 base line price and I cant imagine what else they can cut to make a plan worth $40, $50 or $60. They had it best with what they had, it worked, why change the shit

    • TJ

      Go to T-Mobile plans they already cut all the simple choice plans except the prepaid ones

  • Jake Fitzpatrick

    I will not switch to the new plans. But I do want to ensure someone asks: Does the new plans include the international perks, such as Canada and Mexico calling/texting, etc? It was awesome to go to those countries and not pay anything extra.

    • (J²)

      Yes, it does. I’ve already asked, it will include all of the same benefits as previous plans.

  • Jsun

    I wonder what compelled tmo to go with this new plan. It seemed like everything was going well with the simple choice plan and I liked all the perks that went with it. I just can’t do without tethering at low speed but with this new plan I’d have to pay extra to go faster. I get the making money side of it but if I was not on tmobile already, I probably would not be compeled to switch. I currently have 5 lines with 10gb each and I hope they don’t slow down tethering and limit me to 480p.

    • Rob

      This plan isn’t meant for promo plan customers. That should be pretty obvious. Its for people like me who don’t mind 480p (tested from YouTube to some adult sites and it worked fine) and would rather have unlimited data than 6GB at a drop in the bucket of 5 a month. It’s not targeted to you, it was never targeted to you, and currently you’re able to keep your plan. I’ve had T-Mobile since they were Voicestream and they’ve always honored grandfathered obligations.

      • Steff

        We get it…you watch alot of porn

        • Nobody Special

          testing to see if a porn site works on Binge On…lol…. that is the funniest thing I have heard in a very long time.

  • T-Mo leading again. Don’t get the neutrality complaints, where does it say that offering consumers choices is a violation? :smh:

    • Fabian

      Yeah. Even criminals give you choices sometimes: your wallet or your life.

      Where does it say that offering victims choices is a crime?

      • For there to be a victim, there has to be an injury. Who’s injured and how?

        • Rob

          Exactly. No casualties at all unless you jump into the new plan without testing Binge or looking at tethering first.

        • Why would “testing” matter? T-Mo has a pretty generous return policy in the unlikely event anyone is unhappy.

        • Rob

          Actually I was talking about people who already have T-Mobile and are considering this plan. I switched from my 6GB 65 dollar Simple Choice and while I’m happy, Binge On doesn’t work so well on sites that don’t have varying quality video levels and I’m not going to even bother with tethering.

          One thing to know is that once you switch to T-Mobile One, you can only switch back to the 2GB Simple Choice without calling Loyalty.

        • Fabian Cortez

          Clearly I’m being trolled.

      • Nobody Special

        Criminals are very professional to give us options… a few times when i got robbed… I thought the criminal said “Your wallet or your wife”… I’ll keep my wallet everytime…lol…goodluck with my wife (she has ultimatums of her own). lol

  • Paul

    rates plans change all time. this one just has a different name. new plans are aimed at new customers, not existing customers.

    • Rob

      Really? Because paying 70 bucks a month for unlimited vs 65 for 6GB was a no brainer for me.

  • john

    unlimited 4G LTE data of 26gb. That’s what they should write. why they call it unlimited 4g lte?

    • JMccovery

      Because the deprioritization that happens after you use 26GB, depends on tower congestion.

      I’ve used more than 26GB several times, and have only experienced deprioritization once or twice.

      • Meg

        Is it 26GB per line or per account that deprioritization begins? If you have 4 lines and 1 uses 26GB but the others are under 20GB, would they all be deprioritized or just the 1 line that reaches 26GB?

        • thepanttherlady

          It’s per line.

        • JMccovery

          26GB per line from my experiences.


    So for customers with the current simmple choice plan, now that the summer promotion has ended, what will the speed for data be in say Europe?

    • Acdc1a



        …or in other words, if you don’t go into the new plans, we’ll screw you. Great company.

        • Acdc1a

          It’s the same speed as it’s always been before the summer promotion…

  • Rgroce

    I just logged into mytmobile to pay my bill. I checked into change my plan. I’m currently on the simple choice 10gb for $120 for 4 phones plus $20 for additional lines. Well they were showing the same plan, but for 2 lines and $30 for each additional line. The T-Mobile One plan would increase my monthly bill higher than it is now. I’ll keep my plan for as long as I can. The new t-mobile one plan is actually an increase. I still like t-mobile, but they should be honest about the increase..

    • Rob

      What exactly are you yammering about? Obviously they were upfront about the increase because you were able to work it out. If you can’t do basic math, you have bigger problems than finding a plan.

  • Rob

    I signed up. I had 6GB with a full 20GB stash but I gave my 65 dollar plan up and went to the 70… All I can say is make sure YouTube is on auto quality because sometimes its 480p, sometimes it’s 720p

    I found a Shpongle live video that had 1440p and down. 1440p wouldn’t buffer. 1080p buffered and stalled. 720p played perfectly but I dropped it to 480p just to see the difference. Unless you’re using Miracast, there is no noticeable difference.

    HOWEVER, there is a big problem. Anything that gets flagged as video is cut to 1.52Mbps max, 1.47Mbps average. Realistically I was able to do everything I would normally do with my phone including adult entertainment and I couldn’t tell the difference on my HTC 10 between 1080p and 480p unless I was really looking.

    Now here comes the problem… T-Mobile is throttling all video… Which means if you have a training video for school or work from home and it uses non-adaptive technology, you will be plagued with stutters and basically won’t learn crap.

    One final thing? Make sure this is the plan you want. Only loyalty can change your plan back if you don’t like it. Online you either pay 70 or 50 for 2GB. 6 and 10 are no longer options. You will have to to call and say you’re canceling service to get a rep who can reinstate your old plan but it was made very clear that option won’t exist for long and any accumulated data stash is gone as soon as they flip the switch.

    Even worse? They now give you the option to switch your plan that day rather than waiting for the bill to cycle. Downside? It’s not pro rated at all. My switch added 5 dollars to my bill despite being 8 days into my billing cycle. According to loyalty, the same applies to adding the 25 dollar option. If you add it and tell the system to apply it before the end of your billing cycle, you will be charged 25 dollars whether you’re a day or 29 days into your cycle so if you want to switch, be strategic.

    In testing… It’s fast until video is involved. Which is fine by me.

  • adeedew

    Hi with the new tmo 1 plan is the $20 unlimited tablet plan comes from same data bucket as smartphone? In other words after 26gb speeds could be reduced. Does that count on seperate tablet plan or the hotspot part of the tmo 1 plan? Lastly the $15 international mobile add on. Is that unlimited calls text from n America to international mobile phones only? Sorry ever since tmo 1 the Tmobile website isn’t clear on these options. Thanks

    • Nobody Special

      $15 International mobile add on… you can make unlimited calls to international land lines and international mobile phones. Some countries you call may require additional cost… but for instance if you called italy (its included in the $15 cost). you can go to their website to see which countries is included and which have additional cost. i have this plan, so i speak from experience.