Refreshed T-Mobile app now available to Windows phones


Months after T-Mobile’s new app launched on Android and iPhone, it looks like T-Mo is giving Windows phone users the refreshed app, too.

The T-Mobile app for Windows phones now features the same look as its Android and iPhone counterparts, with cards that’ll quickly show your bill, data usage, and other account details; the ability to quickly pay our bill, view your bill history, and enroll in AutoPay; and track the data, messaging, and minutes usage of each of your lines.

The refreshed T-Mobile app looks nice, and it’s good to see that it’s now finally available on Windows phones. T-Mo doesn’t have the largest selection of Windows devices among the U.S. carriers, but it does currently sell the Alcatel OneTouch Fierce XL and its sold a handful of other Windows phones in the past, and now those folks can get the same T-Mobile app as Android and iPhone users on T-Mobile.

You can find the T-Mobile app for Windows phones right here.

Via: MSPoweruser
Source: T-Mobile (Windows Store)

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  • Hurlamania

    the app is nice it looks great, the only downside is well 2 if you’re on wifi it won’t let you in it wants to redirects you to my. T-Mobile web page and it takes many clicks and levels to get to more detailed information. The other layout displayed more information at a time and with more detail. Looks pretty, and now has a transparent tile.

    Still waiting for Windows 10 was hoping this was a sign when I got it this morning.

  • Still waiting on my Windows 10 upgrade for the Lumia 640, T-Mobile…

    • Prode

      T-Mobile doesn’t put out Windows Phone updates. That would be Microsoft. Windows Phones are like Apple.Carriers do not control the updates.

      • JLV90

        T-mobile does put out update if you aren’t on the developer preview, if you are on the developer preview you have to wait for t-mobile to push firmware updates.

        • Tale 85

          But only for the Fierce XL. And they’ve been great about updates for that.

      • Ordeith

        Microsoft handles updates for Windows 10 Mobile. The carriers still have to clear updates for Windows Phone 8.x.

        AT&T and Cricket have both cleared the W10M updates for their branded Lumia 640s. T-Mobile hates their customers.

        • Prode

          Did T-Mobile or Microsoft say that the 640 is getting Win 10?

        • Ordeith

          Microsoft said it, and Microsoft delivered it.
          Pretty much every Lumia 640 in the world can be updated except for the TMO US branded Lumia 640s. T-Mobile continues to prevent their customers from getting the update that everyone else is enjoying for some reason.

        • Tale 85

          It was sure in the T-Mobile sales pitch for the 2 months they tried to avoid selling them. One of the primary selling points of the 640 was that it would be one of the first to get W10M.

          They dropped the ball selling it, and again not supporting it. The only T-Mobile customers with 640’s running Windows 10 are Insiders and people who bought the AT&T variant and unlocked it to use on T-Mobile (lots of people)

          But back on topic, I’m really happy to see some support for Windows from Tmo. We might still see the Idol 4S with Windows from T-Mobile….maybe. Alcatel seems to think so.

        • Tale 85

          And Verizon for their 735 and Icon.

      • Tale 85

        The 640 is sill on Windows 8.1. The update to Windows 10 still has to be rolled out by the Carrier. Once it’s done then yes, Microsoft handles the OS updates. Or so the theory went.

        AT&T and T-Mobile branded Windows phones are usually updated about a week or two after the official roll out.

        And any firmware updates have to be carrier approved, tested, sat on and ignored.

      • That’s not correct. With the exception of Apple, the firmware updates for smartphone and tablet devices sold through the carriers are subject to their own validation processes before they are released. So, when it comes to updates from Microsoft and Google, it depends on the device manufacturer, and then the carrier.

    • CravingMender9

      Consider joining Windows Insider program. I’m rocking the latest version of Windows 10 mobile.

  • beaveyOne

    Nice! I’ll install it right away on my son’s Lumia 640 that T-Mobile completely abandoned. Oh wait, no, I had to replace it with an Android phone so he could actually have a current OS.

    Not bitter at all. Nope. Not me.

    • Ordeith

      and you’ll have to replace that with another Android phone later if you want to have a current OS. Android updates are a mess.

    • Tale 85

      Put him on the Insider Program (Release Preview Ring) He’ll get current production software…updated just a little bit before everyone else does. A 640 running Windows 10 is like a whole new phone. (the only downside is Wi-Fi Calling probably won’t work) (we’ve been waiting for T-Mobile to fix that one for a year)

  • Andrew

    And still @work customers can’t do anything with it.

    • Clifton K. Morris

      That’s because @Work customers rarely stay with the company.

      When coverage doesn’t work, T-Mobile’s response is that the phone doesn’t work and an upgrade is the only option. Companies and customers should buy a new phone and pay up because sending a technician to fix gaps in service and coverage costs too much.

  • Philip

    Competition is good, but this poor Microsoft with their Windows Mobile?

    • Guest

      And their Microsoft store thingy… Miles behind Play Store… And I don’t like Google.

      • JLV90

        Windows Store*

        Microsoft Store is the physical building stores.

      • keveve

        Google is wonderful. Just like TMO

        • Ordeith

          LOL.. ^ Hoodwinked.

  • mingkee

    There’s a major problem needs to be fixed.
    Why should I have to login with app even with LTE?!
    I didn’t have to login with older version, and the current version does not turn on automatically upon startup, and the login problem stated above, I have to root the phone and delete the app and install classic version.

    • Prode

      There is a reason they make you login. What would you do if someone stole your phone and login and bought things on your account. you only need to login once if you click remember my info.

      • mingkee

        Actually, I have to login again even I checked that everytime I restart the phone.

        • Prode

          Not sure. On my iPhone after I checked it, never had to login again. I only use the app to see how much hotspot I have used on my phone other wise it is useless for me.

    • Tale 85

      It’s the same on Android. Or at least inconsistent at Best.

    • eanfoso

      you don’t root a windows phone…

  • FryChickenIsha

    If only my Lumia 810 worked, oh well.

    • Ordeith

      Mu Lumia 810 still works. That thing is a tank.

      If only I still had T-Mobile.

      • FryChickenIsha

        Lucky! My Lumia 810 won’t turn on.

  • JLV90

    They still don’t have a T-mobile Tuesdays app, if you are on prepaid you can’t use the website to get your stuff only the app.

  • jays_on

    What phone is that?

    • Clifton K. Morris

      It’s the phone T-Mobile liked enough to give it an afterthought.

    • eanfoso

      the phone that lets you select specific (i.e. LTE band 12 700) instead of the phone auto- selecting, like android and iPhones do.

  • eanfoso

    that’s good and all but where’s our t mobile tuesdays? it’s always a pain having to do it over the browser.