Next week’s T-Mobile Tuesday is all about Halloween


For the next edition of T-Mobile Tuesdays, T-Mo is getting into the Halloween spirit.

On Tuesday, October 11, T-Mobile customers can get $10 off any costume from Spirit Halloween. T-Mo is also giving customers a treat in the form of two free Subway cookies. The final gift next week is a free VUDU movie rental, with customers getting to choose one of 24 Halloween “classics.”

Next week’s grand prize winner will receive a $1,000 shopping spree at any Spirit Halloween store. The purchase must be made in one transaction, and the $1,000 must be used by October 26. The winner will also get a $428 check to use for taxes or other expenses.

Five first prize winners will get a 7-foot Boogie Man Animatronic from Spirit Halloween. This statue is worth $199.99, and you can see it for yourself below.

Finally, 30 second prize winners will get a $25 Spirit Halloween gift card valid for in-store or online purchases.


Source: T-Mobile

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  • Critic4U

    Your odds of winning any of that is probably greater than winning the powerball.

  • Deadeye37

    @Critic4U – This is true since the powerball’s odds are in the billions, I believe.

    entered my reply in the wrong area. :P

  • Jason Caprio

    More useless crap nobody wants. Only thing I liked was the 2 weeks I got a free Dominos Pizza. I could care less about Halloween customers let alone saving $10 or $25 on a $150 costume. Not even going to mention the impossible chance to win the grand prize. Never heard of anybody ever winning those. I have no desire to have a 7 foot boogie man. Vudu is useless because I have Netflix and certain other ways to obtain movies. Cookies, eh not worth the trip. The old Lyft credits are meaningless to people who have their own vehicles.

    It’s just one big joke. The “Get Thanked” Uncarrier movement is nothing more than to bring the company advertising revenue and chose certain things that people would show no interest in or redeem, aka more money in their pockets.

    When I first joined T-Mobile in 2014 while they were rapidly increasing their coverage, I was rooting for them all the way, I really was. Now the company has gained more customers than their network can handle, all the recent CARRIER moves have been about screwing over the customer and charging customers for things that were previously included.

    Edit: Just to add. Don’t think T-Mobile is doing anybody any favors with this Tuesdays circus act. Every recently movement they have done was for their own benefit. Too lazy to make the network strong, so hold it down by throttling video.

    • tranceformer978

      But it’s FREE useless crap. Nobody’s forcing you to participate. I use the Vudu credits every week, not everything’s on Netflix.

      • Jason Caprio

        That’s the whole idea. T-Mobile purposefully is offering free useless crap because they know nobody will want it, and they can pocket the advertising revenge.

        • Deadeye37

          I’m not complaining about my $30 in Vudu credits I’ve used, the free sandwich that I got was nice too. If I ever get that free T-shirt, I’ll have a new shirt to work to do yard work in. For you, they may be useless, but there are a bunch of others that enjoy it.

        • tony

          ok then go to verizon then? do they give you free stuff every week?
          why are you complaining about free stuff?

        • Jason Caprio

          Anything that is completely free is useless. This articles perfectly explains how I feel about it:

        • MattPortland

          Then delete the app and move on. Jesus wept.

        • izzybrexx

          Foreal no-one forced him to download it.. He should be a clown for Halloween..

        • tony

          you coudl always switch and ask verizon or at & t for some free stuff.

        • tranceformer978

          What’s advertising revenge?

        • Jason Caprio

          lol I meant to say advertising revenue

        • Jasonv

          I have four lines and used all 4 Lyft credits last week. That saved me over $50 right there.

    • Deadeye37

      To each their own. I like the Vudu credits the most because I can legitimately own and give some money to those movies that I like (even better when $5.50 isn’t my money), even if they’re on Netflix (which most aren’t).

      Subway was nice and if there was a Wendy’s around here, I would use that also. People in urban areas like the Lyft credits. Others are enjoying the other rewards. The TMobile website does list the grand prize winners (spoiler alert, I’m not one of them).

      • Acdc1a

        I’ll agree with all but that tasteless “chicken” sub. Couldn’t pay me to eat another.

      • Yep. Vudu and the gas rewards are really the only things I have used since the Dominos stopped.

    • izzybrexx

      U should dress up as the Grinch who annoys halloween

  • tranceformer978

    How does one spend $1k at a Halloween Store?

    • thepanttherlady

      I could totally spend $1k on Halloween!

      • Alex Wagner

        You could buy several years’ worth of Halloween costumes!

        • thepanttherlady

          Hell, I was thinking more along the lines of decorations. Some of that stuff is expensive and not something I ordinarily purchase just because I’m cheap. LOL I’d totally stock up on stuff!

    • Treasa


  • Guest1

    I do not celebrate Halloween and will not be participating. Shame on you T-Mobile for not being more thoughtful!

    • Acdc1a

      Here’s an idea, don’t participate. Shame on you for being a freeloading troll!

      • MattPortland


        • Guest310

          Sound like he or she needs a safe place lol.

    • David M Rodriguez

      Then don’t celebrate…you don’t have to be in every single thing. It’s not all about you. The millions of kidos love it.

    • Guest310

      Lol let the kids live. What with the millennials generation and there sense of entitlement?

    • GersonT1000

      I don’t celebrate Halloween either because all it is is devil worship disguised for kids to love it. A little bit of web searching will give you proof. But you can’t expect companies to not do things just because you don’t like them. It’s something I despise about today’s society, the fact that everyone has to be so fricking politically correct and people feel like companies have to please everyone or they get sued.

      • Andrew

        A little Google search will explain exactly where halloween came from and you won’t sound so ignorant. Besides, christmas an easter are literally pagan holidays and I bet you still do trees and bunnies.

        • GersonT1000

          Well that’s interesting because a little Google search will prove what I said. And no, I don’t celebrate Easter (I don’t see how rabbits that lay eggs are biblical, and it actually comes from ancient Egyptian legends having to do with Ishtar, hence the word Easter), and I just give gifts to some family on Christmas so I’m not labeled a fanatic, but slowly I’m easing from that too. A lot of Christian holidays are just pagan worship customs which were brought into the church as time went on and people with different customs converted to Christianity (example: Sunday worship, as opposed to the bible Sabbath on Saturday). And because most Christians are fake Christians who don’t really look into what they really believe, they don’t know about these things or choose to ignore it so they can blend in with everyone else and make their lives easier. By the way, you CAN be civil and make your point without calling me ignorant. And the ignorant in terms of this conversation are those that celebrate things and don’t even know why they are doing it.

        • Someone needs to lighten up a little.

          I also love how you expect others to be civil, yet call others “fake christians.” Are they supposed to not be insulted by that?

  • lomsha

    Yaaay vudu’s back. Also got tracking for my tmobile tshirt.

    • Valyrian Steel

      Where did you get a tracking number? I never heard anything about it after i redeemed

      • lomsha

        If you sign up for ups mychoice it automatically emails you when a package is coming to your address, so that’s what happened.

  • master94

    Subway again. Sigh. No subway in NYC seems to accept Tmobile Tuesday deals. (I went to two and my sisters tried another 5 and nothing. I miss Domino.

  • draws

    garbage as usual

    • eanfoso

      But free nonetheless

  • milagros sanchez

    People please dont complain im just glad to get something. If you dont like it dont use the app and ruin it for the rest of us.