T-Mobile will let replacement Galaxy Note 7 owners swap their phone for a different device


Following the news that a replacement Galaxy Note 7 may have overheated on an airplane, T-Mobile has announced that owners of these devices can exchange them if they’d like.

T-Mobile today updated its statement about the Galaxy Note 7 recall, and it now says that customers can bring their Note 7 to a T-Mobile store and exchange it for a new Note 7 or a full refund and any device that T-Mo offers. “This applies to recalled, replacement, and newly purchased Note 7s,” T-Mobile explains.

Customers can also return any Note 7 accessories that they purchased from T-Mobile. Any restocking charges will be waived, and customers that bought a Note 7 during the pre-order period can keep the free Netflix subscription, free Gear Fit 2, or free microSD card that they received.

T-Mobile started exchanging potentially dangerous Note 7s for new models in late September, and sales of the new version began earlier this week. These new Note 7s are supposed to be free of the battery defect that caused several old Note 7s to overheat and catch fire, but one person that claims to own a replacement Note 7 recently had his phone overheat and scorch the floor of an airplane.

Samsung has said that it’s investigating this report of a replacement Note 7 overheating, but some folks may be concerned that their new Note 7 will explode and decide that they just want to wash their hands of this whole matter. It’s good to see that T-Mobile will let those customers swap their Note 7s for different phones.

If you’ve got a replacement Note 7, will you be keeping it or exchanging it?

Source: T-Mobile

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