T-Mobile will let replacement Galaxy Note 7 owners swap their phone for a different device


Following the news that a replacement Galaxy Note 7 may have overheated on an airplane, T-Mobile has announced that owners of these devices can exchange them if they’d like.

T-Mobile today updated its statement about the Galaxy Note 7 recall, and it now says that customers can bring their Note 7 to a T-Mobile store and exchange it for a new Note 7 or a full refund and any device that T-Mo offers. “This applies to recalled, replacement, and newly purchased Note 7s,” T-Mobile explains.

Customers can also return any Note 7 accessories that they purchased from T-Mobile. Any restocking charges will be waived, and customers that bought a Note 7 during the pre-order period can keep the free Netflix subscription, free Gear Fit 2, or free microSD card that they received.

T-Mobile started exchanging potentially dangerous Note 7s for new models in late September, and sales of the new version began earlier this week. These new Note 7s are supposed to be free of the battery defect that caused several old Note 7s to overheat and catch fire, but one person that claims to own a replacement Note 7 recently had his phone overheat and scorch the floor of an airplane.

Samsung has said that it’s investigating this report of a replacement Note 7 overheating, but some folks may be concerned that their new Note 7 will explode and decide that they just want to wash their hands of this whole matter. It’s good to see that T-Mobile will let those customers swap their Note 7s for different phones.

If you’ve got a replacement Note 7, will you be keeping it or exchanging it?

Source: T-Mobile

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  • SP_Jon_M3
  • samsung freud

    I’m keeping mine for now

  • Jerry

    Its the right thing to do. Why should I have to use a jump?

  • Acdc1a


    • noh1bvisas

      not yet. 10/28

  • noh1bvisas

    the bad part is tmo is out of stock for all the popular phones.

    • Aaron Davis

      Especially the HTC 10 and the Nexus 6P and 5X….

  • Fabian

    You don’t need JUMPS anymore, buy a Note 7 and you’ll get replacements every month.

    • Lord Chanka


    • ac

      And free promotions!

  • Lord Chanka

    Lol my Note 7 is working just fine, new version. Original was fine too. I think some people are worrying over nothing.

    • David Tanner

      Nope, not worrying over nothing, it’s called lack of consumer confidence! Just an another overpriced Samsung phone that was prematurely rushed to market, to beat out the release of the iPhone 7. They blamed the problems on a battery supplier that is a “Samsung company”. They initially blew smoke up the consumer’s asses, saying this was an isolated situation, when it was a serious problem…They again, rushed out replacements that were supposedly perfect products. They have less battery life, cannot charge 100% and now more issues with the good ones. Other than those details…why worry about your Note 7

      • JayMo86

        There’s plenty of samsung consumers who have plenty of confidence. Evidenced by those who kept their devices and those who even waited to exchange them for the “same” device. You may be just speaking for yourself and not the rest of consumers that may have a difference of opinion on this whole matter.
        P.S. We’re all aware of the cause and the blame by now, the decision is to each is own at the end of the day.

      • George

        Samsung finally had to own up to their crappy production issues. There customer service has been horrid for several years now too and i hope this incident puts them in their place

      • Hoggles

        Let’s get the facts straight, at the very least.

        The Note 7 debacle had zero to do with it being “rushed to market”. Zero. It was released in the 3rd week of August, just like the Note 5. Right on schedule.

        They dropped the ball in every other regard, but it wasn’t “rushed to market”.


    • noh1bvisas

      guest logins are suspicious. i think you’re lying.

    • Nothing ever happens, until it happens.

    • Fabian

      The supposedly for us good chinese bound phones are also having battery issues. Samsung decided to ignore those issues.

  • gmo8492

    The V20.

    • noh1bvisas

      what about it? it’s not out for 3 weeks, yet.

  • Moke

    Hanging on to mine for now until more information comes out. Not really interested in the V20, had a V10 didn’t care for out.

    • Verizonthunder

      Yeah, my LG V10 is collecting dust. This was a big opportunity for LG to steal the shine from Samsung. Specification should follow Qualcomm 821 processor, 128gb internal, 6gb of ram, and bigger battery. I’ll stick with my OnePlus 3, which smokes every us available smartphone on the market so far.

      • noh1bvisas

        unless you need to make a wifi call or e911 – neither of which are supported by the oneplus3.

        • Verizonthunder

          Wifi calling will be added later on, and you could use Google voice

        • noh1bvisas

          not good enough.

  • John

    I have JOD. I wonder if they would refund the monthly payments already made since they are offering full refunds??

    • Margarita

      They will.

  • Manbearpig

    I have a replacement note. Does that mean I can go back and replace it with another replacement note? I’m just stock usb c cables!

  • Get_at_Me

    Ill be keeping mine for now. Im not taking this single isolated incident serious. If the battery was indeed defective, its possible that an old battery found its way into a “new” Note 7.

    • JOHN P

      Yeah, I wouldn’t worry about it until it catches fire in your hands.

      Then you might as well take it seriously.

  • Cellphone Chris

    I might just exchange again and submit another Samsung promo. Between my original pre-order, the loaner S7 edge, and the replacement Note 7, I’ve already scored a year of Netflix and two 256GB microSD cards.

    • Nicolas Lalaurette

      Samsung recently closed the promotion signup page. How did you even score with the replacement note 7 since the purchase date falls outside the promotional period?

      • Cellphone Chris

        You can use the link for the S7/S7 edge promo and select “Other” when submitting your device type. The promo will work for loaner S7’s as well as replacement Note 7’s.

        • Nicolas Lalaurette

          Done, thank you sir for the info.

    • Matt Macaluso


  • Nikitao1

    Has anyone tried to exchange for a LG V20?

    • Jsun

      I don’t think that’s posible yet. It’s not out nor is there a preorder at the moment.

  • TC

    I am gonna hang on to my replaced safe note 7. Never had issues with the old one or the new device. I have my phone connected to USB charging all day long.

  • John Lee

    I just got my replacement Note 7 and the battery on this thing sucks… before on the original Note 7, I could go a whole day of using my phone, Pokemon Going, texting, browsing… now with the new device, I cant even go more than 5 hours before it drains from 100% to 20%.


    • no2apple

      Stop doing the Pokemon S $!t

      • Bradley Karas

        What? That’s literally impossible…

    • Fabian

      Be careful, looks like you have a bad battery.

    • Going to trade it in?

  • They should include asbestos oven mitts just in case. ;)

  • noh1bvisas

    bloomberg is reporting that ATT may stop selling the note 7. ouch!
    www dot bloomberg dot com/news/articles/2016-10-07/at-t-said-to-consider-stopping-all-samsung-note-7-sales

  • Bradley Karas

    Has anyone really had any issues? Really?

    • noh1bvisas

      nope. the whole thing was invented by pixel (sarc).

    • A-Squared

      Nope not at all

  • Bradley Karas

    I’m telling you this whole thing with the recent plane incident is a scam…look at the box he presented. It looks nothing like the box I got and the square indicator is positioned all wrong. I got 10 bucks that says it’s an original and he was told by authorities that if it’s an original he’s in trouble for bringing it on a plane

    • noh1bvisas

      ppppsssstttt. your tinfoil hat fell off.

      • Bradley Karas

        Psssttt…your comedy career ended before it began

        • noh1bvisas

          i wasn’t trying to be funny. i was stating a fact.

        • MattPortland

          You don’t know if he’s wearing a tinfoil hat so it can’t be a fact.

        • noh1bvisas

          they are,

    • Everyone values different things, but the question I think most people are asking is if it’s worth the chance. Is it worth the possibility my home, my family, my business potentially in flames in the middle of the night when I knew better? Do I trust Samsung that much, especially given their recent history? No thanks.

      • Bradley Karas

        I can understand that….I didn’t have any issues with the first or this phone but I guess that doesn’t mean much. I’m just thinking this all sounds too fishy…it’s only been happening in the US too

  • A-Squared

    I still have my original note 7 with no issues.. This entire situation is fishy…

    • If you have a grenade from WW2 and it hasn’t gone off yet does that make it safe?

      • dontsh00tmesanta

        They are designed not to go off unless readied to do so lmao not an equal comparison

        • noh1bvisas

          phones aren’t designed to explode at all, yet they are.

        • dontsh00tmesanta

          A known danger with li ion batteries if punctured

        • So are Samsung phones. ;)

      • beganto

        He owned a Note7 not grenade :D

        • The point is the fact that it hasn’t had a problem YET doesn’t make it safe.

          But by all means sleep next to it if you’re that confident. What could go wrong?

  • You know the scary part is that these things supposedly blow up or burst into flame when they’re turned off and not even charging. Who wants a phone you can never take on a plane? Kudos to T-Mobile for making it easy for customers to get a safer device.

    • dontsh00tmesanta


      • noh1bvisas

        google it. you’ll get a million hits.

      • Which part? That T-Mo is taking them back or that they even combust when off?

        It you meant the latter check The Verge quoting Southwest Passenger Brian Green of Indiana. “Green said that he had powered down the phone as requested by the flight crew and put it in his pocket when it began smoking.”

        Links tend to not get posted here sorry let me know if you can’t find it.

        • dontsh00tmesanta

          There was one article where the user lied and it was found to be punctured by a sharp object

          Which any li ion battery does when punctured

      • Chris
        • dontsh00tmesanta

          Which was the one that was found to be fake?

  • Acdc1a

    Another reported case today from a “safe” phone. Can’t all be hoaxes. Time for Samsung to move on. Recall the whole line of Note 7 and prep for the 8…with a USER REPLACEABLE BATTERY!

  • JOHN P

    I figure I can get on Craigslist, buy a Ford Pinto for about $200, wait to get in a wreck and get the same experience of a Samsung Note at a fraction of the cost

  • dontsh00tmesanta

    One only lol and everyone is tripping

    None since

    • noh1bvisas

      two, actually. another was reported in taiwan.

      • The Verge is reporting a third… and that Samsung KNEW it.

        “The phone is supposed to be the replacement, so you would have thought it would be safe,” Klering told WKYT, saying that he had owned the replacement phone for a little more than a week. “It wasn’t plugged in. It wasn’t anything, it was just sitting there.”

        And they go on to say:

        “If you own a Samsung Galaxy Note 7 you should immediately stop using it and return it for a refund — all the major US carriers will exchange the phone, regardless of purchase date. We don’t know why Samsung hasn’t been more forthcoming about what’s going on with these replacement devices, but it doesn’t really matter. Until we get more information, the simplest explanation is the best one: The Samsung Galaxy Note 7 is a fundamentally defective product and it should be pulled from the market without delay.”

        • noh1bvisas

          three strikes and you’re OUT. just read the whole article. this text message from samsung is very damning:

          “Just now got this. I can try and slow him down if we think it will matter, or we just let him do what he keeps threatening to do and see if he does it”

    • Hmm. So in you’re mind, how many fires, deaths, or even just late flights before it’s reasonable to “trip”?

      I think most people would be happy with a varierty of phones, is it worth risking your family for a Note 7?

    • Sam Mobile is reporting that a replacement note 7 exploded in Taiwan too. That makes it 4 in a week.

  • JayMo86

    Once again you are speaking for urself. We understand that and respect ur opinion. I work for one of the carriers and Samsung issued a recall weeks b4 the feds stepped in. We were taking back devices b4 the recall was announced globally. The Feds adopted pressure to have the recall publicized more. But not every1 feels the way you do. Hence the thousands replaced their devices in the first place. Your bottom line is correct, but Samsung isn’t exactly “ignoring” the issue. Nothing wrong with waiting to see how this all plays out with the airline incident.

    • David Tanner

      Sad to say JayMo86, that the Note 7 issue keeps getting worse. You make it appear that allegedly working for one of the carriers give you a better insight than consumers. It appears that the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 is circling the porcelain bowl in the eyes of all of the carriers. AS I STATED earlier, Samsung rushed out the product with little or no field testing. Brand loyalty becomes ignorance and pure stupidity when a consumer continues to pay for a product that is defective. It’s this simple….the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 is a “defective product” and needs to removed from the market. I’m not happy that I have to find another high end cell phone but the good news that I’m not paying nearly $1K for a product that will become the next Ford Pinto of the cell phones

  • Joe Shark

    Been getting the note every year since v1, sold my Note 5, like I do every year to get this version. I need the stylus & abilities that go with it for work. But this whole thing has me soured.
    Before the replacement the phone was fine, held a charge all day, and doesn’t even get warm. The replacement, can get hot & battery definitely drains like there’s no tomorrow. It lags, pretty badly to boot.
    I don’t want another brand or version. But can’t help but think that if replaced this one with another note 7, might end up getting same crap. Also when 8 hits, the resale value of this phone will be crap. This has caused a major inconvenience to the least.

    • Panzer

      Mine too is incredibly laggy; something I didn’t see on the original.

  • Sam

    If you have a broken screen like I have however, they will make you go through insurance and pay the deductible to get into a different phone. I guess I will wait to see if there is a second recall.

    • Jose Lira

      That actually is not true. If it’s broken Magenta is not holding you responsible. And neither is Samsung. Any condition note 7 may be returned.

      • Sam

        That’s not what customer care said, but I will try calling again.

        • Sam

          I just called again and this time they said I can return it to the store with no penalty for shattered screen. They said the stores may not have that knowledge yet, so may need to let them know to contact customer care. They do not want us mailing back the phones even if we purchased online.

  • sgtguthrie

    Unfortunately there seems to be a lack of android flagship phones at the moment to replace my Note7 with. Possibly the V20, but that’s not available for another 20 days. I’m disappointed that TMOBILE won’t carry the Google Pixel devices either.

    • Acdc1a

      Take a refund, get your Pixel from Google.

      • sgtguthrie

        I would get a Pixel XL, but when I have Jump on demand, there is absolutely no reason to buy a device at full price.

    • Julio

      That was probably a deal between Google and Verizon. Like how AT&T was only carrier to get the iPhone for a bit in the beginning. Maybe it’s not as lengthy a deal as there was between Apple and AT&T.