Samsung says 500,000 Galaxy Note 7 replacements have arrived in the US


If you’ve got a Galaxy Note 7 that you’re waiting to exchange, you should be able to get your replacement tomorrow.

Samsung has announced that 500,000 replacement Galaxy Note 7 devices have arrived in the US and that they’ll be available at carriers and retailers by tomorrow, Sept. 21. You might be able to get one today, though, as TmoNews reader ALL_MEDIA215 got a replacement Note 7 today, complete with a square on its label to identify that it’s a safe unit.


Samsung also confirmed today that it will push a software update to these safe Galaxy Note 7 devices that’ll help identify them. The update will change the battery icon from white to green, and you should be able to see that green battery icon in a few different places in the user interface.


If you’ve still got one of the potentially dangerous Note 7 units, you’ll be getting a software update, too. This update will add a Safety Recall Notice prompt to the Note 7 that’ll urge users to power down their phone and give instructions on how to begin the exchange process. This alert will appear every time that the Note 7 is powered on and when it’s charging.


If you’ve got a potentially dangerous Note 7, you can visit your local T-Mobile store tomorrow to get it exchanged or you can call 1-866-319-2225 to get the exchange process started that way.

Thanks, ALL_MEDIA215!

Source: Samsung

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