Galaxy Note 7 officially recalled by Samsung and U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission


Following reports of explosions and transportation agencies urging Galaxy Note 7 owners to power down their phones, Samsung is officially recalling its latest flagship smartphone.

The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission and Samsung have formally announced a recall of Galaxy Note 7 units purchased before Sept. 15. As part of the recall, Samsung has launched a webpage that’ll let you check the IMEI of your Note 7 to determine if it’s been recalled. You can also call Samsung at 844-365-6197.

This recall affects about one million Galaxy Note 7s. To date, Samsung says that it’s gotten 92 reports of overheating Note 7s, including 26 reports of burns and 55 reports of property damage.

If you’ve got a Galaxy Note 7, the U.S. CPSC says that you should power it down if you haven’t already. You can contact your carrier or the retailer that you bought it from to get a new Galaxy Note 7 with a different battery. You can also get a refund for your phone or get a new replacement device.

T-Mobile has a page dedicated to the Galaxy Note 7 recall that explains the situation for its customers. Note 7 owners won’t be charged any shipping or restocking fees, and you can also return any Note 7 accessories for a refund. If you got a free Gear S2, microSD card, or Netflix subscription because of your Note 7 purchase, you can keep that.

If you’ve got a recalled Note 7, T-Mobile says that you can go to a retail store or call 1-866-319-2225 to get any device in its inventory to keep or use as a loaner until new Note 7s are available. According to Samsung, new Galaxy Note 7s will be available at carriers and retailers no later than Sept. 21.

While 92 reports of overheating phones out of one million units doesn’t sound like much, a Note 7 that catches fire can seriously harm you or damage your property. That’s why, if the past recall news hadn’t gotten you to turn your Note 7 off, today’s news should. The recall might be a bit of a pain, but it’s worth going through with it to ensure that you’re safe.

Source: U.S. CPSC, Samsung, T-Mobile

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  • besweeet

    Still no formal word on replacements?

    • Corey Jalette

      Did you even read this? According to Samsung, new Galaxy Note 7s will be available at carriers and retailers no later than Sept. 21.

      • KingCobra

        As I understand the replacements themselves are on hold until they finish investigating the issue.

        • Chanel

          From the Samsung website Q & A:

          5. When can I buy a new Note7?

          Our first priority will be to provide exchange program
          participants with a new Note7 as approved by the CPSC. New Note7s will
          be available at your carrier and retail outlets no later than September
          21, 2016.

      • besweeet

        There wasn’t a source for that, so I didn’t think much of it.

        • Trevor Traub

          Agreed. I cant assume that holds any water due to the fact that a re-release is pending on CSPC approval. Its a goverment agency, we cant assume they will have their ducks in a row in 6 days tops.

        • Chanel

          The CPSC has approved the exchange process.


          Consumers should immediately stop using
          and power down the recalled Galaxy Note7 devices purchased before September 15, 2016. Contact the wireless carrier, retail outlet or where you purchased your device to receive free of charge a new Galaxy Note7 with a different battery, a refund or a new replacement device. Go to for more details.

  • m3tpe

    Right so no date on replacement or when they will be selling again? I’m still waiting to make my purchase

    • Corey Jalette

      Do you read? According to Samsung, new Galaxy Note 7s will be available at carriers and retailers no later than Sept. 21.

      • steadymobb

        He’s asking when they go on sale. Replacements will be available no later than the 21st. I heard they will not resume selling until sometime in October

  • zp

    What a complete debacle / disaster for Samsung. T-mobile’s replacement program is certainly not working for me either.

  • Angry Note 7 User

    This is bull. What about us that buy our phones unlock off amazon and ebay? So what now? I’m completely ***out? These phones carrier no warranty!

    • Wade
    • Stephen

      If you got it off ebay, contact the seller and if they refuse to do anything, contact ebay. Unfortunately, there is an inherent risk when buying a phone with no manufactures warranty.

    • noh1bvisas

      ebay’s buyer protection should force the seller to take it back. ‘exploding’ is not it’s intended use.

    • gmo8492

      If you bought the phone directly from Amazon and not an Amazon reseller then they should have already refunded the full purchase price for the device. They did that right after Samsung issued the voluntary recall. You can still reach out to them and file a claim saying the phone is defective and get your money back that way.

  • Apolinar Zaragoza

    Glad tmobile is letting you keep the free gift. I got mine directly through samsung and they have been a pain to get a hold of and still no return label. And on top of that they want me to return the free gift and and wait an additional 14 days after they receive my phone for my refund.

    • Stephen

      Wow! I figured they would do a better job taking care of you, but I guess not.

      • Apolinar Zaragoza

        No lol. It was the worst experience ordering it. I pre ordered right away and my family got through tmobile way earlier than me. I got mine maybe 2 weeks ago. I love samsung products but I don’t know about it anymore.

        • Stephen

          Understand the frustration. Hopefully they take care of you and give you something for your trouble. I still think the Note 7 is a great phone and I’m looking forward to receiving my replacement.

      • George Salcedo

        Samsung customer service has always been terrible not just due to this fiasco.

  • Christopher Fox

    I have mine and turned off so it doesn’t quick charge but I am going to keep using it until I get a new at the store and get a new one I don’t know why people complain about not getting any other things they are giving you a new phone.

    • Apolinar Zaragoza

      They’re giving you a phone you paid for. Just the way they’re handing it Is bad.

  • Edil Reyes

    Replacement Note 7 will be in store no later than the 21 of September.

  • noh1bvisas

    just when you think it can’t get worse for samsung… this means the FAA will ban entirely them on planes. i wonder if there will be piles of them by the checkpoints like when they banned cigarette lighters.

    “On Sept. 8, the Federal Aviation Administration called on airline passengers to keep Note7 phones shut off throughout their flights, and to avoid storing the phones in checked baggage. However, an FAA spokesperson told Consumer Reports that the agency could not legally ban the device on flights unless a recall was put in place.”
    www dot foxnews dot
    dot html

  • gmo8492

    I wonder how sales will be in the end vs Samsung’s original projection. This is definitely gonna be a painful shareholders meeting. But I hope everyone can get rid of these defective phones so they don’t pollute the reseller market. Might have to avoid getting a Note 7 all together.

    • noh1bvisas

      not that the recall has been issued, it is illegal to resell a bad one. buyer beware, always, though.

      • Fabian

        Ignore the Note 6 and avoid the Note 7. Lol

        • sickofthepolitics

          It is a great phone. I just traded it for the s7 edge. Not feeling it after the Note. Trading it back the moment the new phones are in!

        • Fabian

          I believe you, we are just talking about future used and refurbished Note 7s.


      I mean I don’t have a Note, but if I did, I would just get a replacement when its fixed. I don’t think it should affect sales, but of course it will.

      • Fabian

        And resale value.

        • Larry E

          Saumsung doesn’t care about resale value. That’s why the dumped removable batteries. They want you to buy another, not get a deal on a good, 2yr old phone off Ebay.

        • Fabian Cortez

          That correct. Resale value has nothing to do with this. I’m not sure why someone would bring it up…

        • Larry E

          Actually, resale does factor into this. No one is going to want to buy this phone (used) in the future for fear that it is one of the bad ones that never got repaired. Kinda like the #VW used car sales have gone way down because of the issues they had with lying about fuel economy or when Toyota values went down when they had the gas pedal problems.

    • samsung freud

      I took mine back before the government got involved, before it got bureaucratic.
      I’ll be in line to get a new note 7 when they’re available.
      Of course, I just found out about the Cat S60, with predator vision….so who
      Anyone here using a Cat S60 on the tmo network?

  • Dominimmiv

    If only they had removable batteries….sigh

    • Paul

      how would that change the fact that they were overheating and exploding?

      • Dominimmiv

        They could just send out new batteries instead of the entire phone being recalled.

        • Paul

          The problem could lie in the hardware, and it actually could be where the real issue is. So a replacement battery doesn’t fix it.

          Samsung hasn’t said what is causing the issue, the media is just saying that the battery explodes.

        • Dominimmiv

          Yes they seem to be a little vague on the issue.

  • Stephen

    So does anyone know how the re-release will go next week. Will people needing exchanges take priority or will it simply be a free for all first come first serve type deal? I’m hoping they plan to take care of those needing exchanges first and then sell to the general public at a later date.

    • Corey Jalette

      I don’t know per say but I’m guessing it’s a first come first serve deal like always. Unless they separate their stock in half but that would be up to stores I think.

      • noh1bvisas

        one would think they would take care of the recalled ones first. i don’t think they should wait indefinitely for new sales, though. don’t dawdle. get in there the first couple of days.

        • Stephen

          New Note 7s are now showing online,, I called customer care and those are only for people newly purchasing the Note 7. Those that need replacements will have to figure out which store has stock and go that route. Since they are already selling them online to new purchases, I’m doubting the stores are going to be holding the stock for replacements. Kind of BS in my opinion.

        • noh1bvisas

          selling them is one thing. delivering them is another. i agree, though, replacements should come first.

        • Corey Jalette

          It still says out of stock.

        • Stephen

          They changed it to out of stock recently.

        • Corey Jalette

          It’s been that way since the recall started. Unless they changed it today and changed it back after running out so fast.

    • steadymobb

      It won’t go on sale again until October to those that do not have it

    • Coqui

      New sales will resume the 28th

  • Alejandro

    So they sent me a galaxy S7 as a loaner, but I did not complete an EIP. Does that mean they gave me a free phone? Separately, I’ll have my fixed Note7 ready waiting for me at the store on Thursday and they are asking me to turn in the exploding Note7. But nothing on the S7 that is just sitting there

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  • det_b

    If you are on a business account, you’re kind of SOL at the moment. TMo has no current plan in place to swap phones for business users. Possibly some time next week, they will be shipping replacements directly to businesses along with hazmat boxes for returns. No exact date has been set for that to take place yet.