T-Mobile CTO Neville Ray shares some early 5G trial results

T-Mobile CTO Neville Ray today appeared at a meeting of the Competitive Carriers Association, and while there wasn’t a ton of new info shared, Ray has shared some interesting 5G tidbits.

T-Mobile has been performing some 5G trials with companies like Nokia, Ericsson, and Samsung, and now Ray has shared some of those results. For example, T-Mo achieved speeds of up to 12Gbps with latency under 2 milliseconds, which is pretty speedy.

Other notable results of T-Mobile’s 5G testing include 8×8 MIMO and four simultaneous 4K video streams.

Those are some impressive test results, and they’re sure to get folks excited for 5G. It’s worth noting again, though, that Ray has said before that we shouldn’t expect to see consumer 5G smartphones until 2020. That’s kind of disappointing, but if that 5G network can produce results like the ones that T-Mobile is putting up in its testing, the wait could be worth it.

While we wait, you can check out T-Mobile’s vision for 5G use cases in the video above.

Source: T-Mobile

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  • Dan

    I want to see speeds in excess of 1Tbps. Then you can call it 5G

    • mikejones1876

      Lol that would crazy but what file would u be downloading to need speed that fast

      • Deadeye37

        My idea is a live stream that is HD, 3D, VR

      • Dan


    • Trevnerdio

      Well, 4G is theoretically capable of 1gbps…so I’m not sure why we’d multiply that x1000 for just one generational jump.

  • Crucifixion Cruxi

    I can’t wait to be throttled with this

  • Mike

    BFD still waiting for consistent LTE in my area 19380 and 19333

    • Dan

      Still waiting for any kind of service at 29680

      • Steven

        same for completeness in zipcode 35244, 31201, and most importantly 36582

        • JMccovery

          Supposedly, 700MHz will be live in Bham later this year or early next year.

          As for Theodore, and further out, I remember seeing LTE as far out as the speedway and where, but as soon as I went south of Half Mile Road, solid EDGE.

  • samsung freud

    Maybe “binge on” will really be “binge on” next year

  • FILA

    I love T-Mobile and Im extremely happy with speed right now. Im good to wait till 2020 or so for 5G, even if the other companies try to rush out and market theres as 5G.

    • Jason Caprio

      Back in 2010 when Verizon launched the first true LTE network, AT&T and T-Mobile marketed their HSPA-3G network as 4G. Verizon from my own personal experience never sugar-coated what kind of connection you are on.

      Now in their defense, I’ve seen HSPA+ within the last couple years pull speeds on average between 8 – 16MBits/sec with a good signal, which was generally the speed I got when I had Verizon on LTE back in 2010.

      • Mirad77

        So you mean 8-16Mbps is LTE? Never sugar-coated? Wow!

        • Jason Caprio

          Remember, this 6 years ago with Verizon before ANYBODY ELSE had LTE. Obviously now LTE is much faster on all the carriers.

          However still my average LTE speed on T-Mobile is 4 – 32mbps depending on congestion.

        • Mirad77

          The point is even 32Mbps is not LTE , but we’ve come to accept it so because Verizon is marketing it so. The reason for the “sugar-coated” question.

        • Jason Caprio

          I completely hear where you are coming from, but these maximum speeds LTE is truly capable of is only possible in a lab setting with an overwhelmingly full signal and 1 device connected with unlimited bandwidth. Once you factor in real-world scenarios where you have to have multiple devices connected to a single tower with moderate signal strength, combined with possible network congestion and backhaul bandwidth, that is where you will see diminished speeds.

          Hell, my 802.11AC WIFI says I’m connected at 866MBits/sec but the fastest I could achieve with a file transfer is around 400 – 600MBits/sec. These theoretical maximum speeds never factor in any overhead.

  • Fabian

    Uncarrier 181:

    T-Mobile Newer Awesome Newer Great Newer ONE plan

    2.5Mbps speeds

    720p videos

    Tethering at 3.5G speeds of 1.5Mbps

    All for $145 with Auto Pay Fast

    And we love giving you CHOICES:

    HD pass $5 for 1 hour, $10 for 24 hours

    UHD pass $10 for 1 hour, $20 for 24 hours

    Store pass $5 for 1 indiviual person, $10 for the whole family

    611 fee $5

    Chat FREE!

    Credit/debit card fee $5

    Cash fee $10

    Bitcoin FREE!

    Hand sanitizer fee $5

    No overages! EVER!

    • maanshu

      It will be session based services decoupled once they implement 5G and beyond. Pay per session will soon be reality.

    • kevev

      I like this Fabian better. He seems to have more upbeat attitide towards the Re-Carrier Movement.

  • J.J.

    Yes, 12Gbps to stream 480p on my 2k screen.. loving it!

    • Mirad77

      Get a newer phone and or opt outta Binge.

      • kev2684

        $25/month more per line to opt out of it lol

        • Mirad77

          That’s true.

      • Trevnerdio

        He said 2K screen. That is new lol

        • Mirad77

          4K? He didn’t make clear what he didn’t like about the new plan. That can help me or any other person that might be considering the plan.

        • Trevnerdio

          I mean in the sense that my S7 Edge is 2K…so brand new flagships are still shipping with 2K. But true.

      • J.J.

        Note 7 here, and on old $20 actual unlimited plan with binge off, just not feeling these new plan!

        • Mirad77

          You made it sound as if the plan doesn’t serve the need for your video in 2K or something. But the plan as a whole, I see what you mean even in price point.

        • J.J.

          Was just being sarcastic.

  • Chris

    Looks like a future of brain dead screen zombies

  • debra.bonnett

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  • Steve Park

    How about giving us a time frame to SHUT DOWN the 2G/EDGE network. Getting tired of seeing Capital E at the top of my LG 4G and blazing 126 KBPS download speed.

    • nycplayboy78


    • Applejack Barleymuffin

      You realize that when they shut that off instead of an E you’re going to see “NO SERVICE”

      • Steve Park

        I would expect that they would upgrade the cell tower with 4G LTE prior to killing the 2G service. They ARE trying to expand service, not lose service area by shutting down towers!!!

        • Applejack Barleymuffin

          There’s a whole lot more to it than changing a radio though, I’m not sure if you’re aware or not:

          If they have an old T1 run to that tower they can kick on LTE but you’re still going to see terribly slow speeds. Leaving that tower pushing Edge until they can find a provider for high speed bandwidth is going to manage expectations. The realistic limit of a T1 is just over 1Mbps, which would result in abysmally bad, unacceptably bad LTE speeds.

          There are legal licenses to obtain from the FCC and local governments to allow broadcasting on different frequencies as well as the large cost of upgrading the tower and infrastructure. This needs to be balanced with the number of subscribers using that tower frequently and the income projected by them.

          You’re more likely to accept 126Kbps, (not KBps, there is a very large difference, 8x actually), when you see an EDGE signal than if you had that speed on LTE. EDGE can theoretically support 500Kbps with a 250Kbps or so realistic limit.

          Also, your phone is not called a 4G, it is a G4.

        • Steve Park

          Yep aware that the back haul network is the reason the speed is restricted to Edge service. I’m a retired customer engineering manager with Verizion with a General Class Radiotelephone license. According to T-Mobile help, there is only one tower near me that is Edge only and it happens to be the closest to my home location. The tower is located near train tracks, so upgrading the back haul is a ways off. The rest of the city is 4G LTE ranging from 4 Mbps to 30 Mbps.

          Yes the phone is a LG G4. Auto-correct got me there and the Kbps.

          As far as tower usage, it sits next to Interstate 65, about 75,000 moterists a day, plus the city of 30,000.

      • Richard Roma

        So why don’t I ever see E or 1X on Verizon or AT&T or even Sprint of all carriers.

        • Applejack Barleymuffin

          That ones pretty easy, to be honest. In your specific area (that is the important thing) Sprint, Verizon, and AT&T have a tower nearby.

          While I find it highly unlikely that you drive around with four cell networks measuring reception and data speeds on a regular basis this is certainly a thing that happens.

          It could also be that there is no more spectrum licensing available for T-Mobile to use in that region and that they either can’t, or are having trouble getting licensing for spectrum from the FCC or local governments.

          But, Richard, believe it or not there is a simple solution to your problem, two, actually, and neither are complaining on the comments section of a blog, surprisingly.

          First off, you can let T-Mobile (or any other carrier) know that your experience in a particular location is sub-par. This is how they generally begin consideration of a region for expansion.

          Secondly, in your particular case you are extremely lucky, as you can choose literally any other carrier – according to you they’re all fantastic in your region.

          Finally, AT&T is actually End-of-Lifing it’s EDGE network and it’s causing trouble for a lot of people.

        • marque2

          Verizon and Sprint never had E since they are CDMA, their slow service is called something else. AT&T turned it off last year stranding many customers that have machines which only understand E. TM is making bucks catering to these folks, which is why they still support E.

    • illstplaya .

      You cannot do that. Stop with these stupid comments already. Only some phones sold after early 2015 support VoLTE. Otherwise every phone is making calls on 2g and 3g and 4g. And unlocked phones don’t work with VoLTE anyway except the nexus. So you can’t shut down 2g and 3g so just stop.

      • Applejack Barleymuffin

        AT&T -IS- Shutting down EDGE. And they’re losing the entire M2M market by doing it. Home security systems rely on that network. T-Mobile even stepped in to offer free IOT service for a year to prior AT&T customers.


        • marque2

          Also soda vending machines with credit card payment.

      • marque2

        Almost no calls are made over 2-3-4g they use the voice portion of the network. Texting uses the same. TMobile has pushed VoLTE because if you have band 12 the data signal greatly outreaches the voice signal and if you can’t do VoLTE there is a chance you will see active service and not be able to make a call. So I’d there is a 911 emergency your call won’t go through. This is why TM shuts down name 12 on phones that support band 12 but not VoLTE.

        My phone had that problem for a few months until Google figured out the VoLTE on stock Android.

      • Steve Park

        Don’t want to shut down all Edge service, just the one tower near me (according to @TmobileHelp) that is the closest to my home, just add the back haul network to upgrade the radios to LTE. Even though my phone supports VoLTE, I was talking about data, not voice service. And you premise that you can’t shut down the 2G net not true, AT&T just announced they are doing just that nation wide, stranding all the M2M and IOT customers.

    • Matt

      yeah Ive seen those somewhere out in the country myself, it stayed for like 20 minutes. then reconnected to LTE and then no coverage. imo i did go pretty far into dense wood. my guess for your question is 2020. they’re gonna need to reform spectrum for 5G and tbh T-Mobile did a pretty good job of shutting down MetroPCS’s CDMA network. my guess is it won’t be long bud but you’re probe gonna have to upgrade your device. by that time i think it would make sense anyway.

    • marque2

      Part of the issue with E is that there are many service machines that use the E network and TMobile is the only vendor still offering E service to them. This would be things like soda vending machines that take credit cards. They need to keep the service working until the promised end of life for the machines.

      • Steve Park

        I know that AT&T is shutting down there entire Edge network and T-Mobile is picking up the customers for the M2M service. The entire city, except for this one tower (according to T-Mobile Help) that is still Edge only. So I guess that they can deliver Edge and LTE at the same time. Before the can upgrade the radios for LTE, they have to have access to a fast connection to the back haul network, fiber preferred, but a couple of T1’s would be start.

  • Matt

    it is good to hear that they are fully aware of all the data applications expected to hit market. should make designing the network a whole lot more interesting. i like T-Mobile, they are not the type of carrier to throw in the towel when the network experience is okay. I’m always noticing improvements thats for sure.

  • Matt


    • marque2

      But, I’ve got the Bieber 6G fever!

      • Matt

        That’s fire

  • Carlos

    5G! Good God Gurl Get a Grip!