T-Mobile and Samsung teaming up for 5G trials


We already know that T-Mobile is testing 5G this year and that it’s working with Ericsson and Nokia for its testing. Now another company has revealed that it’s teaming up with T-Mo to test 5G.

Samsung has announced that it’s collaborating with T-Mobile on 5G demos and lab tests. This testing includes outdoor trials of T-Mo’s 28GHz (mmWave) spectrum and Samsung’s 5G proof of concept system, and in early 2017, more tests with Samsung’s pre-commercial 28GHz system will be conducted.

Samsung also touted today that it holds many essential patents related to the 5G standards that are expected to be finalized in 2018.

Here’s what T-Mobile CTO Neville Ray had to say about the 5G partnership with Samsung:

“We are excited to work with Samsung to see how we can bring to life key attributes of emerging 5G technology, including extreme speed, low latency and massive connectivity. Our collaboration with Samsung’s networks technology will enable us to enhance 5G development and availability.”

And a statement from Mark Louison, SVP and General Manager of Networks Business at Samsung Electronics America:

“Applying Samsung’s 5G leadership to assist T-Mobile in developing their next generation network is an exciting opportunity. We are well-positioned to deliver the 5G ecosystem to leading operators like T-Mobile, given our years of experience and development across our semiconductor, device and networks divisions.”

We’re still a ways out from seeing any consumer-ready 5G networks and devices, but it’s nice to see that T-Mobile is continuing its efforts to test 5G mobile networks and work toward a public launch. The good news is that while we wait for 5G to be ready for public use, we’ve got network features like 4×4 MIMO and 256 QAM to look forward to, which T-Mobile has said can combine for speeds up to 400Mbps.

Source: Samsung

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  • teckn9ne23

    That good news means samsung devices should work near perfect on 5G tmobile network

    • TV Monitor


      This article is talking about Samsung supplying the 5G infrastructure. Samsung gambled its cellular infrastructure business on 28 Ghz 7 years ago, and that gamble is paying off, since the FCC picked 28 Ghz as the US primary 5G band and only Samsung has technology that enables mobile reception at 2 km. Ericsson and Nokia’s 28 Ghz systems work at the maximum distance of 300 feet at stationary reception.

      The very reason the FCC decided on the 28 Ghz as US 5G band against the widespread industry opposition was that the FCC officials witnessed Samsung’s 28 Ghz tech and was convinced that it could work for mobile reception.

      • Fabian

        How much power is needed for the microwave to travel 2km as opposed to 300m?

        Will my head explode like a Note 7?

        :) ;)

        • a d00d

          Fabian: mm-waves don’t penetrate anything, especially bags of mostly water like you and I. Your head won’t explode. Think of a much lower power version of the Raytheon Active Denial System.

          As for how much power, not much. Even in a humid environment (minus rain, anyway) I don’t imagine you’d need more than a few watts at most especially with beam-forming to raise the effective radiated power (and effective gain in the receive direction); this also applies to your handset. 2km is only 1.24 mile, and as an absolute maximum radius outside of special conditions, they’re gonna need a lot more cells. Here in metro Phoenix (and I’m assuming similarly densely-populated places) cells are placed around a mile apart, yet still only work so-so with my Nexus 6 on Band 4, especially in certain dead spots. Like I wrote above, I think they’re going to have to re-think their cell layout for this to work in cities.

          Out in the desert country, larger cells may be possible with elevation, while in wetter areas (especially with lots of trees) 5G may not even be possible outside of road corridors and such.

          FYI, there is a water absorption peak at 24 GHz, which is why it is an unlicensed (ISM) band for police and other radar, point-to-point wifi (Ubiquity and others sell back-haul radios for this band), and even an amateur radio band. 28 GHz is on the other side of this, but absorption is still significant, and oxygen gets to be a factor this high as well.

        • Fabian

          Thanks for sharing the knowledge. :)

  • Mike Thaler

    What would 5G offer except more speed – which I don’t need?

    • mayhem

      Cant go wrong with speed.

      • a d00d

        Mike and drago (probably the same troll): just because YOU don’t need it doesn’t mean someone else doesn’t.

        Also, 5G on milli-meter waves has FAR more spectrum available (like 802.11ad) so it’s likely–if it works–that we may finally have actual unlimited, or at least de-prioritization at far higher levels than now.

        That said, as a radio guy, I have serious doubts about 5G precisely because it’s on mm-wavelengths, which don’t penetrate anything, including you and me. I don’t see how it will work except in certain limited situations such as stadiums and other places where the cells can be very small (micro-cells) and the necessary huge back-haul is available. (In fact, this last problem may be the even bigger one if 5G actually does work well!)

        • zom

          I’m wondering if tmobile is planning to launch a at home fixed wireless service as well.

    • drago10029

      make a good point, with data plans being so small and limited what’s the point of more speed?

    • Adam

      I would love to see T-Mobile start selling 5G roof top antennas. This would give cable some serious competition.

  • tranceformer978

    I can’t wait to use this on my 480p Tmobile One plan.

    • Fabian

      And the new deprioritized tethering is gonna be awesone with 5G.

  • Omar Boyer

    Yea it sounds good n all but their lte here in LA gets 30-60 on average and u can do everything fine with that speed so yea…

  • Bradley Karas

    I saw 150 down and 30 up in Tampa a few days ago…

    • Francisco Peña

      I haven’t seen that here in Tampa in a long while.

      • Android_God

        Maybe he’s got the phone that handles it and you don’t? I thought it was only available on the S7?

      • Bradley Karas

        Well buckle in cause they just launched 3 band carrier aggregation last night…

  • Trevnerdio

    Hahaha always trying to push the latest buzzwords…4G isn’t anywhere near it’s potential yet. The 3GPP outlines LTE as having a theoretical maximum of 1gbps. Yes, 1000+mbps. What will that be? 6G?

    • Fabian

      5G is just a marketing buzzword. We should talk about real average speeds and miles of coverage.

  • Omar Boyer

    Dik i have binge turned off 1080 hd which plays fine with 60 mbps is MORE than good enough for me on my s7 edge . Yes 4k is nice but i have my tv for that which btw has time warner cable .

    • You miss the point. In a few years when you can watch 4K videos on your virtual reality headset using your phone… will 30-60 megabit be sufficient at that point? No. The answer is no.

      • TmoKing

        In a few years I really doubt speed would be an issue!

  • Android_God

    Wasn’t it just a handful of months ago where Johnny Boy criticized Verizon for talking about 5G?

  • Android_God

    LOL! I think people think that they sound really cool with these silly retorts. Who watches 4K video on a 5-inch phone screen? Let’s not even get into the fact but the difference in picture quality is practically imperceptible. But ya, it’s cool to brag on social media

    • You obviously miss the point. 15 years ago, what sort of video were you watching on the internet? Probably none or shitty Real Player <480p video.

      We are on the verge of having 4K screens on phones for the purposes of virtual reality. Nobody is bragging here. It is suggesting that what current bandwidth will not be sufficient in the future.

      4K video will certainly not be "imperceptible" when you are using it as a VR screen. It doesn't get imperceptible at that range until you hit 16K…

      Get over yourself "Android God"…

      • Luis

        LOL she told you dude :D

  • Android_God

    Oh man, you posted the same drivel, twice!

    • Oh man, you’ve displayed your ability to miss points more than once! Give this man a gold star!