Samsung’s safe Galaxy Note 7 devices will have green battery icon


When Samsung and the U.S. CPSC officially announced their Galaxy Note 7 recall last week, an online IMEI checker was launched so that consumers could determine if their Note 7 was one of the potentially dangerous models. Now Samsung has revealed two more ways that people can determine if they’ve got a new Note 7.

Samsung will use a green battery icon on the new, safe Galaxy Note 7 units. The green battery indicator will be shown in three different places of the Note 7’s UI: in the status bar, on the Always On Display screen, and on the Power Off prompt screen.

Samsung does note that the new Note 7’s battery icon color will be changed to green after a software update, so don’t fret if you get a new Note 7 but see a white battery indicator after powering it on.

In addition to the green battery icon, Samsung will use a special mark on the packaging of its new, safe Galaxy Note 7 units. The new Note 7s will have a square on their label, which you can see below.


T-Mobile says that replacement Galaxy Note 7 devices will be available “in most retail locations” starting Wednesday, Sept. 21.

Source: Samsung

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  • Jsun

    Its a great device but I think i’ll wait for the next gen note. In the mean time, where is the v20?

    • Larry E

      Agreed. I’m just wondering if they will move to a removable battery.

      • Koolme666

        I feel like at this point they should go back to removal battery or at least I hope they do, I have the note 5. Even though I didn’t use the removal battery ever I did for my s4 cuz it completely died on me. Same thing happened to my girlfriend’s note 5 two days ago her phone was at 50% and it shut off and now doesn’t power on so she’s like how do you take off the back and I felt bad cuz u can’t. So in this instance I wish the note 5 had the removal battery option. The SD card I don’t care about but I do miss water resistant as I had it on my Sony expiera z3

      • steadymobb

        I think they’ll do a metal removable back like the v20

        • Jsun

          It would be awesome if they did. That’ll be the day I get another samsung!

    • rexiburns

      It’s a excellent phone. I love mine

    • Alex Wagner

      T-Mobile has only said that the LG V20 is coming this fall. Rumors say that it could launch on October 21:

      • Jsun

        Yikes! That’s a long time time to release. The hype on the v20 might decipate by then. It gives room for other phones to come out with rumors.

      • steadymobb

        The phone on the T-mo page has a date of Oct. 19th on the lock screen. We’ll see!

      • zp

        LG blew it with this one. They have released it too late.

  • Fabian

    I don’t like Samsung and their products, but I can say they’re handling the recall very appropriately.

    There is something else they can do, I think, that’s to change the battery color to red on those bad phones that are still out there with software updates.

  • Tmo10

    This is the problem with big Corprations they will put quantity over quality any day. Someone knew this was an issue before the product hit market, but it’s easier to hope nothing will happen than to push back a product release date.

    I’ve worked in the manufacturing industry and I would see shift mangers and plant mangers tell Quality Control to accepted something that was a big issue so they could meet their dead line.

    Even when the QC department was contract labor the Plant Manager could make the QC workers life miserable if they held up production.

    • Jonathan

      Try working with impatient customers.

      • Jonathan Michael Gray

        35 in 2.4 million lol really lol

  • JB

    Is there any word on when tmobile will get replacement units. I know some Best Buys got theirs today.

    • walter carranza

      A rep. told me that as of tomorrow we’ll have available units

    • rexiburns

      No later than Wednesday

  • Mike Simon

    I just can’t wait to get my replacement. I loved my Note 7.

    • samsung freud

      Same here, I’ve been told various dates by the customer care center and store reps.
      At least I received my email from samsung notifying me that my “promotional gift” has been approved and will be sent out any day.

  • zp

    Does anyone have information on T-Mobile replacement inventory? It seems that they are the slowest to receive them of all the retail outlets.

    • steadymobb

      best to call them. I’m going to call the store I got mine from after I get off work. Need to make sure they have the color I currently have (blue). I hope they don’t let people switch colors that would limit inventory.

      • zp

        i have a feeling this is going to be a debacle. my local store has been consistently clueless. i also have blue and will not accept another color.

        • steadymobb

          Let me know what happens with yours! I have a similar feeling. How long will it take to get a blue one? Supply was limited at release, hoping that isn’t an issue anymore. I’ll be pissed if everyone takes the blue ones and I have to wait.

        • zp

          Will do. One thing I did do was call Samsung. Samsung took my local store’s info and my info and promised to get me on the inventory at that store. Apparently, they have to hold the device for you rather than sell it. I’ll believe it when I see it.

        • steadymobb

          HA yeah…right..

        • rexiburns

          They got lots of blue

    • rexiburns

      I just called T-Mobile they have them in but have not been told they can sell I told them I need to exchange they said same thing smh

      • zp

        Unreal. Really? What the hell considering all the other outlets doing exchanges??

        • rexiburns

          Yes really so I just got off phone with the 800 number and they trying to tell me they haven’t even received yet! Smh I was like the store told me they had them since Sat why can’t we exchange and they got stupid so I hung up

        • zp

          LA store just told me that i need to exchange for an S7 by calling customer care. I mean the debacle of this recall knows no bounds.

  • zp

    OMG. Comically, I just called T-Mobile retention department. Her advice was an S7 replacement. This is rising to the level of farce. Why is every competitor of T-Mobile processing exchanges, but T-Mobile remains mired in false information? So disgusted with this company right now.

  • Dan Jacob

    I kept calling around to a couple stores in the area and found out 2/5 stores had the replacement Note 7s come in yesterday around noon. I went into the closest one first, but was denied saying even though they had them in stock, they had to wait until today, Sept 21st to process the exchange. I went to the other store that had it (high volume store) and was able to get an even exchange with no issues. And in regards to how to know if you have a good Note 7, I checked my IMEI in the search and it says I’m good. Also, there is a square in the proof of purchase barcode sticker like the one in the article but no software update yet for the green colored battery. Mine is still white. Anyway, now my question is, how do I get the $25 gift card mentioned on the Samsung website for “in-store credit, in-store accessory credit or bill credit from select carrier retail outlets”. I asked about it when I did the exchange, but they did not know anything about it they said. I may call CC later today to find out. Anyway, just glad to have a safe Note 7!

  • debra.bonnett

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  • Lori Ann

    Call the replacement line 1-844-275-9309. Let them know what store you want to pick up your new Note 7 & the color you want. Also have to give them last 4 digits of IMEI on recall Note 7. After phone call yesterday, I received text saying my order was processed. This morn I got text saying my phone was shipped. I will get text when phone arrives, then go to store with recall phone, temporary S7 Edge & accessories. Make exchange, transfer from S7 Edge to new Note 7 & I’m all set!