Samsung Galaxy Note 7 sales may resume Oct. 21, same day that LG V20 is rumored to launch


Now that the Galaxy Note 7 has been officially recalled, it’s also been pulled from T-Mobile’s shelves, with its product page now showing all models as out of stock. And according to a new report, it could be a while before the Note 7 is available once again.

According to a report from VentureBeat, U.S. carriers will resume sales of the Galaxy Note 7 on Friday, October 21. This applies to new sales of the Note 7 only, as folks that are getting a Note 7 to replace a potentially dangerous model that they bought previously should start getting their phones this week.

Interestingly, today’s report also mentions that the LG V20 is slated to go on sale on October 21, the same day that sales of the Note 7 will resume. T-Mobile hasn’t yet announced a launch date for the LG V20, saying only that LG’s new phone will launch sometime this fall.

This report is sure to frustrate folks that want to buy a new Note 7, but Samsung is likely focused on getting replacements to existing Note 7 owners first. The good news is that if you are interested in buying a new Note 7, you’ve now got a potential relaunch date to circle on your calendar, and you may be able to compare the Note 7 head-to-head with the LG V20 on that date.

Source: VentureBeat

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  • m3tpe

    what? I thuoght it was available this month on 9/28

    • T Redd

      Me 2.. Maybe i should of kept my note 7 till replacements came in.

    • J.T

      Check you local T-Mobile stores, new shipment are coming today and tomorrow.

      • m3tpe

        i’m looking to purchase, not replacement. and read the article sir

        • Stephen

          Call the stores in your area. I need 2 replacement devices and have called the stores around me and all have said, they will be getting them and they will be sold first come first, serve for replacements and new device sales. Not exactly what I wanted to hear.

  • Dennis P

    WHERES our replacements. I called tmobile they saying hopefully end of this week. What happend to 21st

    • J.T

      T-Mobile stores are receiving some new Note 7 today or tomorrow. Call your local T-Mobile stores not customer services.

      • Dennis P

        i called they said by friday lol

    • Bradley Karas

      Still the 21st

  • Chimphappyhour

    Ugh! LG really needs to rethink that date. They’re giving people too many other options by waiting. The Note 7 option will be back on the table, the Pixels will have been announced, and who knows what else can be slipped in by then.

  • Glenn Yudenfriend

    I was told this morning by Tmobile Sept 28th is date for V20

  • Philip

    I hope for a fire sale like B1G1 free soon.

  • Mike Thaler

    Why couldn’t Samsung just ship out new batteries? OH! I forgot, they decided some time ago to emulate Apple with NON-replaceable batteries. They tried to copy the “no more added memory” protocol (might be wrong) on a phone or two – but like other mfrs., realized that would be going too far in taking away useful features.

    • Bmore

      Removable battery blah blah blah…Get over it already.

      • cfishy

        I smile whenever I see people adding a BRICK to their phone to charge it. I just take out a piece and pop it in and NEVER worry about getting out of juice. If my Note 4 dies my next phone will be an LG.

        • Richard Roma

          We must have a different note 4 because it’s bloody annoying to change the battery. Forgot about it if you use a case of some sort.

        • cfishy

          I don’t use cases – I’m not one of these people who brag about how sleek and thin the phone is and put a giant case on. Finger nail opens it just fine.

        • AStepUp

          You must be easily annoyed. I will buy phones with removable battery as long as possible. My note 4 is a better phone than what Sammy makes now.

  • kekel1123

    Pricing should be more reasonable.I want to get one but I am leaving overseas and on my airline website they wont allow Note 7 anywhere inside the aircraft.So contemplating if i get this one ir Iphone 7 plus.But please, lower the price and remove the downpayment!

  • cfishy

    This phone comes with an IR Blaster just like all my phones! That means, all your TVs belongs to me! I decide the channel anywhere while you hug the wall plugs.

    • Corey Jalette

      Um. Okay… It doesn’t. But okay.

  • Brendan

    Do replacements have to be done in store? Would rather have the device sent to me so I can transfer my data to the new phone.

    • Stephen

      Everything I’ve been told so far is replacements have to be done in store.

    • Corey Jalette

      You can transfer your data in store from phone to phone before you wipe it clean.

  • Mr.Bean

    LG dropped the ball here about the release date. They could’ve released the v20 sooner to take advantage of the note 7 fiasco.

  • samsung freud

    I just spoke with a local store.
    The manager said they’re scheduled to be in the store by tomorrow, maybe later today.
    They’re not just for replacements, anyone can stroll in and pick one up.

  • debra.bonnett

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