T-Mobile suffering from outage in Pennsylvania


UPDATE: Neville Ray says that the fiber cut that caused the issue has been repaired and that most major sites are back online.

UPDATE 2: At 3:12 AM ET, Ray said that service in Pennsylvania had returned to normal.


Having service issues in Pennsylvania? If so, it’s not just you.

T-Mobile is suffering from an outage in Pennsylvania, specifically the central part of the state and “some parts of Philly,” according to T-Mobile CTO Neville Ray. Several customers in Wilkes-Barre, Pa., Scranton, Pa., and other parts of the state to confirm that the outage is affecting them.

T-Mo is working on the transport outage, says Ray, but there’s currently no word on how long it’ll be before service is restored.

So, folks in Pennsylvania, is this evening’s outage affecting you?

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  • kgraham182

    Make sense

  • Somewhere

    I just visited TmoNews to see if there were reports of a outage 5 mins ago, there wasnt. I havent had service since about 6pm in York. I checked my bill, I never miss a payment, and calling customer service when I paid TmoNews another visit and sure enough, the posting about the outage. Im affected.

    • Mel

      I’m in York too! This is crazy

    • Dan

      Tuen on wifi calling for calls and texts

    • Devin Klinger

      I usually get 3-5 bars in my house, but now I’ve been getting 1 bar since about 6 P.M. tonight. I’m in Lancaster PA, so the outage is here too. I contacted customer service and they acknowledged the issue and are working on it.

  • Happy

    I’m affected. Please keep us updated. Thank you for the posting.

  • lolly

    here in Allentown, too, since 6pm.

  • Fabian

    I’m thinking Boost or Verizon Prepaid. Not Cricket because they charge you extra for tethering.

    • FILA


      • Fabian

        Outages here and there. One has to have a plan B

        • steveb944

          It’s not that often that it occurs. We could all use some no cellphone time.

        • Billy Bo

          Sure. But you should also not have to pay for the time the phone is down. Also, so hope no one was stuck in any emergency situations where their phone was needed.

        • SNAZZAR

          Why call T-Mo and demand a credit for several hours when a fiber cable that’s part of the greater overall telecommunications infrastructure is cut? On the $70 One plan, a single day’s service comes to about $2.50, including tax. I, for one, am just thrilled technology ever works, and understand stuff happens.

        • tony

          whoever is cutting those damn fiber cables and cause outages shoudl be jailed for life. 25 to life in prison.

        • Wezi427

          I understand what you’re saying, but in an emergency I would want to have it.

        • tony

          itsw not liek you can stop whoever is cutting the fiber cables right?

        • Wezi427


        • FILA

          Verizon has their share of outages too. Christ a outage and people are ready to switch providers. Just my opinion, I dont mind that its down. I have Google Voice, and hangouts and Zello on WiFi. Doesn’t really bother me for a couple hours. And like Steveb944 said below, we could all use some no cellphone time. Phone drives me nuts

        • Fabian

          There was another few days ago. And few months ago another.

          Once a year would be reasonably acceptable. Two or more, not so much.

        • With the states entire infrastructure aging and existing in disrepair it’s just going to happen more and more often

  • noh1bvisas

    we call central PA “pennsyltucky”

    • Fabian

      Har, har, har…

    • Matt

      Central PA is gorgeous though. I live the rolling hills.

      • noh1bvisas

        indeed it is. i travel through there regularly on the turnpike and sometimes on the backroads when i’m not in a hurry.

    • itguy08

      Yeah but much better then Filthadelphia.

      • noh1bvisas

        i’ll agree with that.

    • tony

      man people are really assholes who cuts the freakign fiber cables man.

      • noh1bvisas

        it really is kinda hicksville out there. that’s how it got the moniker pennslytucky. hill people. not everyone out there, of course.

  • nsumner

    No service since early evening, I’m in the Allentown, PA area

    • Q U W A N .

      Same with my aunts line in Allentown as well. No sevice since this AM. Still spotty at the moment. No problems on my end, thankfully, and I’m in Binghamton, NY, which is near the NY/PA border

      • a d00d

        If it’s a major fiber route cut it should be affecting far more than just T-Mobile.

        When a fiber cut occurred just north of Phoenix last year it knocked almost everyone in northern Arizona (Coconino, Yavapai, most of Navajo and Apache, and the northern half of Gila counties). EVERYONE, even the cable companies up there, are all taking their service off this *ONE* fiber Centurylink (formerly Qwest and US Worst) owns running along I-17! Apparently putting in 30 year old tech like Sonnet rings, or the cable company laying its own cable or, or adding a connection to all the fiber running along I-40 is just too expensive or something so 500k-1M people lost their service for a day or two because the fiber was exposed above ground at one point and some kids thought it would be fun to cut it with shovels or something. (Yes, not a backhoe, some destructive teens!)

        “Homeland Security” is such a joke as a few well-placed cuts from remote-controlled explosives (or even just a servo connected to a bolt cutter or something) hidden until the proper time could throw everyone into chaos, especially outside major urban areas. I’m so beyond pissed at this but no one will listen to actual sense because it costs too many cents!

    • dcon9999

      No issues down in Quakertown, pa

  • Matt

    No issues on my end. I live 25 miles west of Philly.

  • Matt

    Outages may happen more frequently with all carriers as networks become more and more complex. Failures can occur at multiple points and sometimes concurrently.

  • steveb944

    Meanwhile my 6P has been dropping data in South Florida.

    • Bradley Karas

      They are upgrading…same as in Tampa

      • steveb944

        Good to know, thanks.

  • dontsh00tmesanta

    Still slow in Fresno even with 4×4 and CA

    • Dan

      4×4 mimo? On what device, i thought it hasnt been released yet

      • Bradley Karas

        It hasn’t…the upgrade to 4×4 and QAM will be completed by the end of October…they are doing the same in Tampa FL right now per the techs on Twitter…

        • Dan

          Is 4×4 mimo a software or hardware update? Do they physically have to add equipment to the tower

        • Bradley Karas

          It’s a software update I think…I’m not sure

        • Dan

          So all towers should be upgraded quickly. I wonder if the iphone 7 is 4×4 mimo capable

        • Bradley Karas

          Yes and no

        • Dan

          “T-Mobile also just announced two new technologies called 256 QAM and 4×4 MIMO. According to this tweet from T-Mobile support, the new iPhones do not support those technologies “just yet.”

          The Intel XMM7360 doesn’t support either technology. The X12 doesn’t out of the box, but it can with upgrades. To support 256 QAM, Apple would need a software upgrade to the base X12 modem. To support 4×4 MIMO, Apple would actually need to include extra physical antennas “

        • Bradley Karas

          Simple solution…don’t buy Apple

        • Omar Cardenas

          Agree i feel bad for all new iphone 7 users wont be able to take advantage of this me and my galaxy S7 edge are ready waiting for this. Since tmobile said they gonna update the s7 edge in october to support it.

      • dontsh00tmesanta


  • Vegano

    I am in New York I still have no service for the past three days. I will be heading into a t-mobile store today. If this issue can’t be resolved it I am switching to another provider. This is crazy!!

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