T-Mobile’s Des Smith unboxed the iPhone 7 in zero gravity

T-Mobile Product Manager Des Smith, also known as @askdes, is known for his epic unboxings. For example, he unboxed the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 while riding a water slide, and he showed off the LG G5 while in a rally car. And now his latest unboxing has taken him to zero gravity.

Des tonight shared a video that shows him unboxing an iPhone 7 in a zero gravity environment. And to make things even more interesting, the entire thing was shot on an iPhone 7.

As you might expect, there are plenty of shots of things floating around in zero gravity, including Des himself. One of the best parts of the video is when we get to see some water floating through the air and the iPhone colliding with it, which demonstrates the iPhone 7’s IP67 water resistance.

The video is quick, clocking in a just over a minute and a half, and it’s a fun watch even if you’re not an iOS person or if you’ve already scored an iPhone 7. You can check it out for yourself above.

Which of Des’s unboxings has been your favorite so far?

Source: YouTube

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