T-Mobile refreshes Software Updates page for Android 7.0 Nougat


Following last year’s launch of Android 6.0, T-Mobile refreshed its Software Updates page to name 17 devices that would be updated to Marshmallow. Now that Android 7.0 is out, T-Mo has done the same for Nougat.

T-Mobile’s Software Updates page is now Nougat-ified, complete with a Nougat theme and several devices that are expected to be updated to Android 7.0. The nine phones that are currently listed on T-Mo’s Nougat update page are:

  • HTC 10
  • HTC One M9
  • Samsung Galaxy Note 5
  • Samsung Galaxy Note 7
  • Samsung Galaxy S6
  • Samsung Galaxy S6 edge
  • Samsung Galaxy S6 edge+
  • Samsung Galaxy S7
  • Samsung Galaxy S7 edge

Keep in mind that more devices will likely be added to this page. For example, there are no LG phones currently listed, and I’m sure that LG plans on updating its flagship G5 to Nougat, and probably the G4 and V10, too.

Unsurprisingly, all of the phones that are currently listed on T-Mobile’s Android 7.0 update page are still in the first stage of the update process, Manufacturer Development. Nougat was only released to the public a few days ago, so device makers are currently in the process of infusing Google’s vanilla Nougat with their own special flavors.

Source: T-Mobile

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  • DHar Harr

    I wonder what Samsung will do with the now redundant multi window feature. Could that potentially trim down touch wiz?

    • I hope they remove it from TouchWiz.

      • guest

        I was thinking the same thing, many features in Nougat are already on touch wiz.

  • Jason Caprio

    Marshmallow 6.0 was released for Nexus devices around October 2015, the 6.0.1 update was released in December 2015. My Note 5 didn’t get 6.0.1 until mid April 2016. If history is bound to repeat itself, I wouldn’t be surprised if the Note 5 didn’t get it until Feb – May 2017.

    • Richard Roma

      Barely 2 years old and the Note 4 gets no love. This is the problem with androids, whereas 4 year old iphone 5 are still receiving the latest updates. They receive the updates on the date of release might I add, not 7 to 8 months after.

      • Jason Caprio

        It’s not an “Android problem”, but more of a manufacturer problem. All Google Nexus devices run pure android and get updated at the absolute earliest. Samsung, LG, HTC, etc. have to integrate their own software into the latest Android which delays the release.

        Android is Open Source which allows any manufacturer to use and manipulate the operating system.

        Apple’s iOS is locked down and is only used on iPhones made by Apple. That is why they are all updated at the same time. If everybody who used Android owned a Nexus device, it would essentially work the same.

        • defcon888

          AMEN. That is my only complaint with the Android platform….fragmentation. But with that fragmentation you get more freedom of your device. Apple is locked up and controlled by Apple…..there is no freedom to the devices. Apple tells it’s users what they want where as Android users tell the mfg. (for the most part) what they want.

  • Hugo Garcia

    Does this apply to non t-mobile devices as well

    • no2apple

      R you for real??. How dump ppl can be

      • TJStrat


      • NavyVeteran

        He must be a Donald Gump voter. Thinking he alone can fix his phone problems!

        • Michael Ramos


      • Fabian

        >How dump ppl can be

        I like taking dumps and so does tmo. They just took a dump on my speeds with there congestion. I guess I need carrier aggregation.

    • Joe

      lol. Wow. just wow.

  • Mike Kyes

    No Nexus devices?

    • Remember, this is T-Mobile’s software update page. That means, only phones that T-Mobile sells are shown. T-Mobile does not sell Nexus devices currently. But because Nexus devices are unlocked and run stock Android, they’ll receive the update directly from Google.

      • John Doe

        T-Mobile has had the Nexus 6 on there before

        • Yes, i am aware of that. Hence why I said “Does NOT sell Nexus devices currently” Meaning in their stores right now. But also, there would be no point of T-Mobile listing the Nexus 6 on the software update page, because that phone will get its update directly from Google starting on Aug, 22. Which is when the update was released.

    • Troy

      Nexus devices get updates directly from Google

  • René Marquardt

    Not surprised the Galaxy S5 isn’t on the list, but still disappointed.

    • Joshua

      T-Mobile refused to update the S4 to Marshmallow, even though Samsung had released an official update. One reason I’ll only purchase unlocked phones from now on.

      • René Marquardt

        T-Mobile, the un-updating-carrier!

  • theresakmizrahi5554

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  • themak

    No LG devices, interesting.

    • theforevermachine

      The V20 will have Nougat out of the box, and LG would probably want to get people to upgrade to the new device wherever possible

  • Elton

    Android 7 will probably arrive next spring.

    • SirStephenH

      Nope. It’s already started hitting Nexus devices, there are phones that will be released with N this year, and I believe Samsung has said that it will begin updating devices to it before the end of the year. The majority of devices will probably receive it the beginning of next year though.

  • theforevermachine

    I’m all for getting Nougat in 8 months, but I’d rather they continue with the quick support on security/monthly updates. Samsung released the august security update weeks ago, and T-Mobile still hasn’t released it. Any attempt at asking them about it gets ignored completely. A little ridiculous. They were solid until last month, now everything is obviously falling by the wayside for the new devices. Not Surprised

  • defcon888

    I checked on my NOTE 7 and it says “Mfg. and T-Mobile agreed to support the device”…….duh. Now, the wait…….I expect it to be released around March / April of 2017. I will wait to update for a few months after that because I got burned on the update from Lollipop to MM on my LG G4. After that update….my phone became useless and frustrated me to no end……even after getting a replacement phone and factory resetting (HARD and SOFT) it still had issues.

    • T Redd

      Does your note 7 have the ringtone bug?

  • Flan Mandhersson

    My phone needs an update so bad, and I’m about to give up and switch to apple. I haven’t been able to get kitkat yet, but I’ve been told I can get this one. Anyone know if the mytouch slide will receive night for sure?

    • scwheddyB

      Time for a new phone buddy. I believe the mytouch slide is topped out at 2.3.4.

      • noh1bvisas

        yeah, but that was a great phone. i miss the hard keyboard.

    • SirStephenH

      That phone is over 5 years old. There’s no chance it will be receiving any further updates. Not even an iPhone would recieve updates that long. Time for an upgrade, phones have improved greatly since then. If upgrades are important to you then buy a phone from a manufacturer with a good track record of updates.

  • Fuuuuuuuuu

    OS fragmentation among devices is my biggest gripe with Android and the only reason I’ll ever give any credit to Apple.

    OS updates should be timely and MANDATORY for ALL CARRIERS and ALL DEVICES.

    ALL Android devices should meet MINIMUM REQUIRED SPECS to run the CURRENT gen OS, with the ability to support at LEAST the next TWO major revisions.

    I hate OS fragmentation with a passion. Because of it, I only buy Nexus phones. I don’t care if other devices are more powerful, Vanilla android looks and runs the best and has timely updates.

    • Iamnumber6

      I agree with what you are saying. Most days I would settle for consistent SECURITY PATCHES, which most phones also never get.

    • Aaron Davis

      It’s a shame that t-mobile doesn’t sell the most recent nexus phones, especially after being one of the few carriers to sell all the previous versions (all the way back to the original G1)

  • John Brown

    Is the LG K7 going to get any updates? I’m still running 5.1.1

  • noh1bvisas

    an update for the G3 would be nice, too. mine is 2 years old and still functions beautifully.

  • SirStephenH

    “Nougat was only released to the public a few days ago, so device makers are currently in the process of infusing Google’s vanilla Nougat with their own special flavors.”

    Developers have had access to builds of N for months now…

  • mavricxx

    I hope they add the V10 and Note 4.

  • P_Viz

    They need to replace the now dead Note 7 with the Note 4 Edge.

  • Chazz Burgess

    they need to update the lg k7 to nougat!!