T-Mobile names 17 devices with Android 6.0 updates in the works


Wondering if your phone will get an Android 6.0 update? If so, T-Mobile’s Software Updates page currently lists 17 devices that’ll get a taste of Marshmallow. Here are the all of the T-Mobile products that currently have an Android 6.0 update in development:

  • HTC One M8
  • HTC One M9
  • LG G3
  • LG G4
  • LG G Stylo
  • Nexus 5
  • Nexus 6
  • Nexus 7
  • Nexus 9
  • Samsung Galaxy Note 4
  • Samsung Galaxy Note 5
  • Samsung Galaxy Note Edge
  • Samsung Galaxy S5
  • Samsung Galaxy S6
  • Samsung Galaxy S6 edge
  • Samsung Galaxy S6 edge+
  • Samsung Galaxy Tab S2

T-Mobile says that the Android 6.0 updates for the Nexus 5, Nexus 7, and Nexus 9 are completed, so we should see them rolling out in the coming days and weeks. Meanwhile, the Nexus 6 is in the T-Mobile Testing stage, and we already know that it’ll begin rolling out this week.

As for the non-Nexus products, they’re all in the Manufacturer Development stage. Considering that the final version of Android 6.0 was just released today, that’s not entirely surprising. It’s not known exactly when we’ll see these updates begin rolling out, but some of ‘em could start going out within the next couple of months.

Source: T-Mobile

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  • besweeet

    The oldest device in the list is (not including the Nexus 5, since Google’s the main ones taking care of that update), what, from last year?

    Also, RIP GS4…again.

    • Eric Stengrevics

      I guess Tmo really wants you to get Jump On Demand…

    • Willie D

      Really? No Galaxy Note 3?

      • superg05

        guess there prioritizing band 12 devices

        • Nick Ramacciato

          Some of those devices do not support Band 12 at all.

        • superg05

          you are right

      • humpfh

        The Note 3 (which I had until 6 weeks ago, and genuinely loved) is two years old. A LARGE number of users were upgrading every 6-12 months *before* JUMP. It doesn’t really make sense to develop an OS for an antiquated device, and in this industry, 2 years may as well be 10.

      • Chad Dalton

        Yea, kinda surprised that the LG G3 received it and not the Note 3…i was gonna upgrade to the Note 5 anyway, but my Note 3 has been very enjoyable.

    • Nick Ramacciato

      TouchWiz ruins Android, anyway. Root your GS4. It’s simple and way worth it. I did it with my GS5 and now I’m running BlissPop and am so happy with the amount of battery this ROM saves me.

      • Glenn Gore

        You simply shouldn’t have to root your phone and install risky and possibly insecure software to keep it up to date. That is the killer flaw and show-stopper for Android. This whole sorry situation was perfectly illustrated this week with the revelation that EVERY Android phone from the beginning is at risk for a malware bug.

        • Spanky

          My thoughts exactly. I miss certain things about Android, but I definitely don’t miss having to deal with the uncertainty of getting updates and/or having to jump through hoops to keep my phone up to date.

        • Nick Ramacciato

          ok. it’s not “insecure” software, but if you say so.

        • Glenn Gore

          I believe the words I used were “POSSIBLY insecure”.

    • Glenn Gore

      Yeah, the fact my T-Mo GS4 was left stuck on Kit-Kat was the straw that pushed me to the iPhone. I will not look back.

  • Sushimane

    Man I’m hoping the z3 would get marshmallows.

    • Luminiz

      Same. Unfortunate that Sony has no support for its older devices

      • at least not on tmobile. their unlocked flagship devices all the way down to the first Z got 5.1.1

        • Geoffrey Weston

          When my Z3 dies, I’m done with T-Mobile. They just left Z3 owners out in the rain…

      • gmo8492

        Sony does support its older devices, it’s just that T-Mobile never certified the updates for their network.

      • Sushimane

        On other websites Sony did list the z3 being able to get it. But let’s just wait and see if tmobile are gonna push for it when are ready to give it to tmobile.

  • Technosquid

    No LG G2… that’s a shame. I guess those will have to go the AOSP / CyanogenMod + Google Apps route.

    • Nick Ramacciato

      Do it. It’s so worth it, anyway. Have you thought about Cloudy ROM?

      • Technosquid

        I’m on the last official build of CM12 waiting for the CM12.1 nightlies to be reasonably stable. I know CloudyG2 is very popular, but I wanted to be on Android 5.x rather than Android 4.4.

      • Curtis Beeler

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  • Mike Thaler

    Maybe I missed it – what will 6.0 have?

  • iOS ad blocker heaven

    +1 for iOS Safari ad blocker.

    I can one again stomache phonedog websites.

  • Some Random Guy

    Im willing to bet samsung will be dead last lol. We haven’t fogot what they did to note 4

  • trife

    While iOS is far from perfect and has some shortcomings, I gotta say I don’t miss waiting months to get the official latest/greatest OS.

    • Spanky

      That’s one of the main reasons why I made the switch last year. I got tired of the rooting/ROMing scene. I don’t miss it at all.

  • Glenn Gore

    T-Mobile never even updated their Samsung GS4 to Lollipop while AT&T did. Android updates are a complete failure.

    • Bill

      In my my mind the only Android phone is a Nexus. Non-Nexus phones can’t be trusted to receive timely updates. It’s been like this for many years.

      If you care about new OSs, buy a Nexus or iPhone.

  • T Redd

    get ready for your galaxy devices to run like crap.

    • SirStephenH

      They don’t already?

      • T Redd

        no.. downgraded back to kitkat awhile back

  • Jose Lugo

    What about Note3? It’s a strong device which deserves the update. Just cause it’s an “older” device does not mean it can’t run 6. Let’s see what happens next year when the Note 4 is old and it get its last update. Can’t fall for this anymore. I’m a start rooting.

    • Spanky

      That, unfortunately, is the nature of Android. If you’re lucky, you’ll get 2 years of updates and that only applies to Nexus devices.

      • Jose Lugo

        yep, you are right on this. I can’t wait to see what happens next year with my Note 4. A Nexus might be it for me or dare I say it … Iphone? nah lol

        • Spanky

          I switched to the iPhone when the 6 came out. Having used Android since the G1, I don’t regret it one bit. You never know, you may like it!

        • Jose Lugo

          I’ve have an Ipod touch for about 3 or 4 years now and it’s always worked great-more than what i can say for my Note 4 . . .

          anyways, I appreciate the info!

  • Mike

    Yeah, what happens to the lollipop up date for Galaxy s4 that TMO promised? Yea, yea we are working on it. At lease with Apple you know When the updates are coming. And when you old phone is retired from updates. No bull from manufacture or carrier.

  • Philip

    The earlier version of Note 4 is still in 5.0.2 and not even 5.1.1 and Android 6 ? Run before walking? There are two version of Note 4. Which one is T-mobile talking about?

  • YABD

    I bet by May 2016 we are going to receive those buggy updates. And my question is, why apple can keep all of his phones worldwide updated?

    • Prox

      Apple does not let the wireless carriers interfere with their operating system. If Google forced the manufacturers and wireless carriers to do the same we would not have this problem.

      • eml

        Google is already doing that, but only with Nexus phones/tablets. That’s why they get updates so quickly.

        • Prox

          Yes, the Nexus program does that currently. Specifically, Google should force manufacturers and wireless carriers to do the same.

        • Mike

          There’s too many Android phones under too many brands and price points to make that feasible. Apple sells essentially one expensive, high-margin, high-end phone. And a lot of them. That’s why it can make the rules.

          Android’s many versions is what makes its market share so big, but it’s also why it’s so fragmented. Android can’t be open-source and demand makers of $50 smartphones stay current on updates.


        Apple Makes the hardware and the software meaning they have total control of the updates and everything .. Google makes the software and control the nexus brand only .. but for the rest of the brands you have .. Google release the software updates .. to the manufactures .. then the carriers have to test and approve it .. APPLE = Simplicity .. ANDROID = Open Source …

  • Stone Cold

    Figures no Z3 update

    • Jose Lugo

      Yes, the Z3 will get some 6.0 update as per sony! Now will t-mo release it? who knows.

      Just saw the full list on GSM arena. def check it out.

    • Sushimane

      Sony said the z3 are getting it but we will need tmobile to test it.

  • Fuuuuuuuuu

    Not bad, considering that the OS just officially launched, and we have confirmation from a carrier on day 1 of availability that it’s being worked on for a whopping 17 devices that range back to late 2013. I’m kinda impressed.

  • Enuff

    They said the same thing with “K” and 2 phones got it I think, then “L” and 4 phones got it. Now they say 17 will get Marshmallow, I’ll wait till “N” for nothing else has been updated. How about updating the phones that don’t have “K” or “L” yet before bragging about the new 17 that’s going to get “M”. Phones that cost $500-$600 a piece from LG to Sony have not been updated from 18 months to 3 months ago. Sheesh…

    • williejackbrainer

      I could be totally off base, but I’ve read it has something to do with UIs some OEMs use. Software not playing well with Android OS. I think Motorola has the best record as far as updates goes. Then there is a four stage process as well.

  • kgraham182

    No Lumia 950/950XL article (SMH) T-Mobile = Android. At least AT&T goes out of its way to offer a variety of phones and unlock phones work on their network straight out of the box. Only phones sold by T-Mobile fully work with their network, with unlock devices you have to make sure it has this band, that feature, etc. Hopefully with AT&T commited to 700MHz LTE network interoperability, T-Mobile can get some love from the manufactures.

    • Ascertion

      The issue is T-Mobile’s set up, more than AT&T’s. Not saying T-Mobile’s setup is bad, but it requires more configurations than AT&T. Such as WiFi Calling, B12 T-Mo certifications, etc. Both of them are a lot better than their CDMA counterparts at letting unlocked phones onto their networks, though.

      • kgraham182

        Agree, that’s why I’m hoping with AT&T offering B12 and wifi-calling more phones can come T-Mobile way. All that would be needed is VoLTE certification for T-Mobile.

  • Barnassey

    No Tab S? seriously that fucking tablet has 3GIGS of fucking ram and a quad core cpu!!!!

    • arbocorp

      Completely agree, and only 16gb option is ridiculous! I’m hoping to use adoptable storage with Mushroom to make this more usable.

  • Joe

    Would have been nice to see the Note 3 on there but I understand it’s a two year old phone. But at least I would like to see it on 5.1. Currently it’s running 5.0 .. not even 5.0.2. Would love to see the fix for that one hack also but I guess it won’t happen which means when I sell my phone on craigslist, it will be worth that much less.

    • Dejon Shegrud

      six years old for the note 3

      • Joe

        Note 3 came out two years ago. I got mine a month after they were available for sale and mine is almost paid off at tmobile.

      • skywalkr2

        Came out September 2013. So barely 2 years old.

  • Mark

    Thank goodness I ordered the Nexus 6P. Seems like my Z3 was abandoned almost immediately after it came out. Horrible camera, overheating problems, faulty magnetic charger, and now no update support not even a year after release. What a joke…never buying a Sony phone again.

  • williejackbrainer

    Learned my lesson with the S3 & M7. Now it will only be Nexus and possibly Moto X or G next Gen. Hell I might even give iPhone I shot.

    • mwolverine

      moto has also dropped updates for many devices

  • Mike

    While I’d like to see android updates pushed out more frequently because I have some “older” Samsung devices. Honestly though Kit Kat works just fine. My next phone will be an iPhone as there is never any bs about update.

    • Chad D

      You do realize that apple gives “half” updates to old phones. While the version may be the same, it lacks any new features.

  • SCSI

    No LG G2? :(

    • AS118

      Same question here, but honestly, I didn’t expect it. I do want a more advanced version of Lollipop to fix the issues the original 5.x upgrade brought to the G2 though.

      Honestly, I wish I’d left my phone on Kitkat, it performed better.

  • Tom@L

    Note 5 will be updated months later than galaxy s6, given the history. I dont know why Google doesnt get serious about this update thing. They have to figure out something sooner than later. This is one thing why people are flocking to iPhones. Give the people regular updates on android and android will totally destroy iphone sales.

  • Brian Richards

    No thanks. I learned my lesson about moving up to a new full number version of the OS with our GS5 nightmares. We had two. They both were AWESOME phones on Android 4.whatever. They were both horrifically bad phones on Android 5.0 and then 5.1. No amount of resets helped. It was just a really really bad set of updates. We had to get 6’s BECAUSE of the problems. I think that it’s best to stick to the OS a phone was released on these days. If you want the new OS, JUMP to a phone that’s released with it.

    • T Redd

      you could of downgraded back to 4.4.4 kitkat.

      • Brian Richards

        I’m enjoying 5.1 on my 6. My point is that I don’t think it’s a great idea to try put in OS version updates on android devices anymore. They always work GREAT on the OS version they came with and upgrades seem to be universally crap.


      Just Get a Nexus Device and you will have frequent updates straight from Google without delay or problems …

      • Brian Richards

        Do they have wifi calling yet?


          yes since I purchase this device back in July .. and also i have band 12 support on T-MOBILE

  • skywalkr2

    Anyone get the 6.0 upgrade on Nexus 6 yet? I got another update, but it wasn’t 6.0.

    • Jason

      Sideload it!

      • skywalkr2

        I did this with Android 5.1 if I remember correctly, and it didn’t go well.

  • Randall Lind

    The pass 2 days I had a software update on my GS6 besides new looking icons and video chat which I can’t use it seems unless I find some one with a GS6. I don’t see the point.

  • Scott

    Well, looks like the LG GS4 will be getting Marshmallow, before T-Mobile will start pushing this out, to Nexus 6’s. Must be some real T-Mobile issues and the Nexus….??

    • Jason

      I’ve had Marshmallow since 12 hours after Google placed it on their developers page. I used Wug Fresh’s Nexus Root Tool kit to flash the stock image without root.. I have the Nexus 6 on Tmobile. Not a single problem. WIFI calling works well. The only problem is Marshmallow is a touch laggy from time to time. But thats a bug that’ll have to be worked out. The new functions work well. I like being able to see my ram usage by app as a native tool. Overall its worthy of use right now if you can do it. Tmobile shouldn’t mess with it. What they are having problems with is the new Nexus 5x and 6p and Band 12 not working on those phones. Googs and TMob are working on it, and hence the reason NO new Nexus phones available through them.

      • tom riddle

        my volte does not work.

  • sherry

    Any direct links to marshmallow for alcatel one touch fierce XL5.1 just bought it

    • J.G. Neal

      Sorry that’s a discontinued model and considered a dinosaur. It will not see any major updates at all

  • arbocorp

    Who do I have to sleep with (YOU’RE WELCOME) to get an update WHEN Samsung Tab S T807T is getting Marshmallow?! If it’s not getting updated I’m selling it and giving up on and giving up on Android Tablets!

  • William Bogardus

    Are they going to update the Tab S to 6.0 or 7.0 for that matter? When I got it from a tmobile store I asked them if could be updated and they said yes. So, what’s the true story on this T-Mobile? Either the truth or a lie all I know is you guys really need to work on your communication with us customers so we know what’s going on and so you don’t screw us.
    Thank you for your attention to this subject.