Some Nexus 5 owners report reception issues after installing Android 6.0


UPDATE: T-Mobile got back to me and offered the following statement:

We want our customers to have a great experience with each device software upgrade, and are working with Google to confirm whether there are any ongoing connection issues.


Yesterday Google began pushing Android 6.0, and T-Mobile said that the updates for the Nexus 5, Nexus 7 (2013), and Nexus 9 were ready to roll. Unfortunately, the update doesn’t appear to be working smoothly for some Nexus 5 owners.

A handful of Nexus 5 users on Reddit are reporting that they’re getting worse reception after installing Android 6.0. The OP says that their reception is “significantly worse” and that they’re not connecting to LTE in several places where they had it before. A few other people claim to be suffering from the same issue, including one T-Mobile employee that says that they’ll be reporting the issue internally.

Interestingly, another Nexus 5-toting Reddit user says that after rebooting their phone, they saw that their phone was reporting 0 bars of LTE. However, they had solid network throughput on LTE as well as good signal strength that was being reported by the dialer. So it sounds like their software is just incorrectly reporting their reception.

Exactly what’s going on isn’t clear, but so far it doesn’t appear to be a widespread issue. I’ve reached out to T-Mobile about the reports and will let you all know what I hear back. In the mean time, are any of you Nexus 5 owners having reception issues after updating to Android 6.0?

Sources: /r/tmobile, /r/nexus5

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  • steveb944

    Dang I’ll have to hold off on updating the one in our household.

  • Josef Torkelsen

    I warned Google of this during the preview program and they didn’t listen… Actually they seemed to not listen to a lot of feedback that was given on that program. On Android 6 my wifi and LTE connection is not nearly as and I frequently drop to no signal and can’t get it back airplaning my phone. What’s the purpose of testing if you don’t listen to your users?

    • PC_Tool

      “airplaning my phone”

      That…sounds dangerous. ;-)

  • S6EdgePlus IsBoss

    Typical useless GOOGLE UPDATES BUG CITY GARBAGE. Nexus 5 was useless junk when launched its even more comical today

    • Jaden Keuten

      That’s funny. How’s stage fright?

      • Bradley Karas

        Stagefright is a Google issue not a Samsung issue…smh

        • Jaden Keuten

          Not on 6.0.

        • Bradley Karas

          Oh boy…you’ve had it for what 10 minutes? LOL

    • williejackbrainer

      I love reading your comments. Sh%t is funny as hell. I was thinking about giving Samsung another try.

    • squiddy20

      Yeah, cause no Samsung update has ever been botched… By all means, keep up the hypocrisy.

    • Bradley Karas

      Love my S6 edge+!!!! The only option i’m not fond of it Samsung took away the message attachment to the MMS…you have to send the pic then write a separate message…they need to bring it back!!! But that’s not a bug that’s just an unwanted feature

      • g2a5b0e

        I have the Note 5 & I agree. Best phones they’ve put out yet. Another qualm I have is that they got rid of the rotating carousel for the home screens. I don’t like having to go back the other way once I’ve hit the last screen, but that is minor. Another even smaller one for me is the removal of the IR blaster. I never used it much on the Note 4, but it came in handy a few times.

        • williejackbrainer

          Do you use either two power-saving modes? If so, how long does the battery last you?

        • g2a5b0e

          I don’t use either. I’m probably not the best person to ask because I play a lot of games, but I always get enough to last til I’m going to bed. That’s about 18 hours off the charger. Good enough for me.

    • PC_Tool

      Thanks for your unbiased and totally reasonable opinion, Yarrell. /s

      You can now go back to licking Samsung’s feet.

  • T Redd

    here we go.

  • Jaden Keuten

    My Nexus 5 is doing just fine when it comes to reporting signal strength on T-Mobile. Guess I’m lucky.

    • gmo8492

      No WiFi calling with the initial update?

      • Jaden Keuten

        none, but that’s to be expected.

        • cloud strife

          I read that it’s supposed to be baked now? They said the 5.0 has it baked and then still on 6 we don’t have the feature?

  • Joe

    Man i’m an “android fanboy” and i’m sorta getting a little tired of the whole stupid android updates like yes nexus is a good option to fix that but apparently even the nexus phones get unstable updates that suck a lot of times even though it’s all controlled by google. And now with the iphone 6s bening pretty nice iv’e actually thought of the idea of owning an iphone which scares me in a way. The only thing that is keeping me from switching is battery life, really over priced compared to some high end low price android devices and no back button is also really annoying when I play with iphones. This is looking bad for android, if apple decides to put a big battery that gives 1.5 days battery life in the iphone 7 then I think android will really start to lose customers.

    • Craig Foster

      Nexus users are basically beta testers.

      • Joe

        Yeah Google just doesn’t want to say that. And Samsung users have to deal with blot same goes for LG, HTC this year was a fail, Motorola is good but this year I did not like there phone. Maybe I’m just to picky lol.

        • I didn’t like the offerings by Motorola this year either, but I think that, for $300, the 2014 Moto X is still a good phone.

      • 21stNow

        I like Nexus phones. But, I’ve always said that I couldn’t use a Nexus phone if I had only one phone for many reasons. This is an example of one reason: the OS updates may come “too” quickly on Nexus devices. Back in the Nexus S days, I experienced the update that caused the phone to reboot while on a phone call. It was easy for me to just use my other phone but if you’re not a multi-device person, this is a fatal error that is more than inconvenient (mine rebooted while I was on a call with roadside assistance once).

        The other is that app developers don’t always get their apps updated to work on the new version of Android in time. This has been less of an issue over the last couple of years. There were apps that I had come to rely on that would be useless on my Nexus after an OS update.

        There are times that I appreciate the clean Android of the Nexus line but other times, I need the “old” OS version of other Android phones. With the advances of Android, there is less of a “need” for me to be on the latest version of Android anyway (security updates excepted).

    • Johnnola504

      I love android and I love iOS. I am an electronics junkie. In the end I settled with the iPhone 6 Plus last year. No battery problems whatsoever. And extremely stable ecosystem. And as far as the phones costing a lot, look at the resale value. It is much higher with Apple phones. You really ought to give it a try, you have 30 days to bring it back. I do miss the customization I used to get from my android phone’s.

    • Bud

      apple added a back button..

    • Ceefu

      After using Android for years (prev phone was N5, and N4 before that) I just switched to a 6s.

      Battery is consistently better than it was on my N5, which I had to have on the charger during the day at work if I expected to have any life left later in the evening.

      I’ve yet to have any systemic issues of apps or the OS crashing/locking up, or other oddities that I saw from time to time with the N5.

      The things I dislike?

      I hate that it isn’t (as) easy to use my own ringtones. I find myself being lazy and just spending the $1.29 to buy the tones I want.

      I also miss having active widgets. However it’s only a matter of time before Apple incorporates their own ‘revolutionary’ version of these.

    • AJ2

      I wonder if the Nexus security updates screwed up my mms on Straight Talk /Att because it no longer works

    • Mike Palomba

      The battery on the 6s is fine. I can easily make it through a full day with 40% left over, I also have a lot of apps updating in the background including a tracking app that continually checks my location. In addition I spend at least an hour and a half with no signal so it keeps searching and uses battery. Even with all that I still have good battery life.

      The bad and it’s really bad: the new “Taptic feedback” is horrible. I miss notifications constantly because of the weak vibrations. With my 6 I never had that issue. Even when my phone is on a desk right in front of me I can not hear it vibrate, and if it’s in my pocket I can’t feel it. Maybe mine is defective, I plan to go the Apple Store and compare it to others to see if they’re all this weak. If it’s not defective, I don’t understand how Apple could’ve released a phone with such weak vibration.

      My point is, check out the vibration before you buy it and make sure it’s strong enough for you. Also, if you like big screens, a friend of mine has the 6s plus and he can easily go 2 days on a charge.

      • Joe

        Hmm well that actually does sound like good battery life. I probably will switch when the 7s comes out as by then apple will probably add things that I really like from Android and if t-mobile still has the jump on demand price for it than it would be great

    • Thatguy

      iPhone. No widgets, live wall paper, IR blaster, mods, you
      cant run custom apps live Showbox, MovieHD or Kodi. Can run game simulators like
      PS, Nintendo 64 ext. I guess if you are just average user then iPhone is
      pectley fine. Hell my girl, bro and mom has one lol. I guess im just tech nerd or

      • Joe

        No widgets does not bother me, but I like the option. Live wallpapers are for kids, ir blaster is something that is cool bit even a lot of Android phones don’t have it cuz bot many ppl use it. I don’t play games on my phone so I don’t care about that. But no showbox does suck and Lake of customisation also sucks, and I wish it had a notification led.

  • Rob H.

    I have not seen this issue with 6.0 on my N5. I flashed mine from the factory images last night. So far so good.

  • cloud strife

    I can say the saying “Pick your poison” applies here. Get Nexus and be a guinea pig. Or get whatever android phone and be at the mercy of the manufacturer and/or carrier.

    I don’t get the reason of some that Nexus is the only way to go when even an update straight from Google is still isn’t perfect. As long as you can root it and the bootloader is unlocked or can be bypassed, I’m ok. You will install a custom rom anyway sooner or later once official updates stops and you want to prolong the life of your phone.

    • patelj27b

      I want a “Google” android experience, not a Samsung, HTC, or any other cell manufacturer’s experience. I hate overlays and OS customizations. I am using Android, so I want to experience pure Android.

      • Pure android is boring. I personally hate stock.

        • Ascertion

          The Nexus appeals to me because they’re easily mod-able. As a result, I never run stock android on my Nexus phones, they’re always running some sort of modified ROM, based on the stock-android experience. But I think the most appeal is lack of bloat/eye candy.

        • Crypt finger

          You’re boring

        • Thank you

        • Thretosix

          You want a Yelp Gold Elite Critic badge to go with your opinion?

        • Good one. Just my opinion!

    • AJ2

      The “average” non techie is not rooting or doing the stuff you’re talking about. I don’t think it’s too much to ask for to expect a phone to “just work,” especially a Nexus where Google promised to deliver an Apple like experience by creating hardware & software. That’s what ends up turning people off Android & driving them to iPhone. The hope that things will just work & that at least the manufacturer has a physical location if you need help. Now promises either by Apple or carriers that you can get a new iPhone annually is starting to make ditching Android more attractive. My friends and family with iPhone (most) never understand why I haven’t given up on Android. Nothing is perfect but I definitely seem to have more problems over the years than they do. It feels like it’s getting worth giving up some features for less hassle

      • Android_God

        I seriously wish we could stop this madness. You’re not special or unique because GASP you can root your phone. MOST ANYONE, even a, “non techie” can spend a few minutes and learn very quickly to root.

        • williejackbrainer

          I agree, and it seems that rooting a phone is less popular now than it use to be.

        • Kiwini

          I don’t think most people root t heir phones…or that the average Android user wants to – or even knows what that is. The average Android user doesn’t even know what version of android they have. The phone shouldn’t need to be rooted or have special things done to it to make it work.

    • As a Nexus 5 owner, I think that I know where you’re coming from. Last week I ordered a Motorola phone to replace it because it seems to be professional enough to perform the proper testing before releasing updates, while still doing it with a small delay.

  • mwolverine

    Sideloaded ota, seem to have no problems with signal

  • Gurvishvraj Singh

    Not having any problem other than that the snapchat app is not working

    • Nick

      Make sure its updated. On my N6 it didn’t work on the developer preview of marshmallow but they updated it and it works now (live filters don’t work though).

      • Gurvishvraj Singh

        I flashed the final factory image…not a developer preview.. But then also its not working

  • AJ2

    This scares me because I have a Nexus 5 that’s still on 5.11 and suddenly MMS has stopped working on Straight Talk with an Att Sim. I was gonna try a Tmobile Sim but now worried that’s gonna be worse. There definitely is something different the way prepaid handles these things. I know I had an app not working and sent a bug report & it ended up being something they were able to fix but said it had to do with how prepaid & mvno were using the data networks. II don’t know what to do now because don’t want to be switching carriers & porting numbers constantly. Just in the last 24hours, have talked to Tmobile reps on live chat & social media & was reminded why I left the carrier 3 years ago. Can’t get the same response from 2 consecutive reps. Keep being told contradictory info so don’t know what’s true. They’re saying there’s a $35 activation charge. I thought Uncarrier did away with stupid fees like that? I’m probably better off keeping what I gave for another month & see what happens when Marshmallow arrives.

  • Apple

    Lol should gotta a iPhone :)

    • dtam

      yup, iPhone has never had any reception issues before…just make sure you hold it the right way

      • 9to5Slavery

        Good thing software is controlled by company not by a bunch of fools and idiots that compromises the usability of the device to function

    • youmakemyheadhurt

      *Should have gotten an iPhone*

      People who are smart enough to not need an iPhone

      • Android_God

        All 3 of you are in need of therapy.

    • Never really fancied the IPhone. Probably the worst product ever designed by Apple. What a travesty that is their best seller :P

  • Android_God

    It seems MANY PEOPLE base their self worth on which OS they use. It’s pretty bizarre.

    • thepanttherlady

      Baffles me too.

    • Acdc1a

      4.4 is still my favorite Android release…

      • AnnoyedWithSamsung

        Mine too.

  • Marsupial

    I sideloaded Marshmallow on my Nexus 5. At first all was well and then it started loosing data connection. Went into settings, more, cellular networks – preferred network type did say LTE but when I clicked on it nothing was selected. I selected LTE and went back out and then in again to make sure it was selected properly. After that data connectivity seems to have gone back to normal. We need someone else who is experiencing this to try this and report back the results.

    • mwolverine

      i had this trouble when i first got one of the lollipop updates. so far on marshmallow seems to be good.

  • Erik Mckenzie

    My snap chat isn’t opening and I just downloaded Android 6.0 . was a big fan of 5.1.1.
    I’m a non Techie.. Go easy on me. Any tips?

    • Jimmy James

      Look for Wipe Cache Partition instructions for your phone. This usually fixes any app issues after an upgrade.

    • Fernando Niño

      check to see if the app needs an update as well..before doing a wipe cache.

  • Rk

    I m getting an update for nexus5 but it is showing error,Android man is falling down showing an error sign,it has happened several time,getting bored of download the update and at last getting an error while rebooting.plzzzz help me out

    • Thretosix

      I believe you may be in a safe mode of some kind. If this is so a quick Google search may resolve your problem. Think it is just a button combination like volume down and power at the same time to select reboot among other options.

  • Will

    I sideloaded Marshmallow on my Nexus 5 on Monday, Everything works. On Wednesday night (48 hours later) unable to get phone calls. Can Call out and get LTE, data works fine. Phone shows registered to T-Mobile, but T-Mobile can not see the phone registered to T-Mobile. Did a factory reset after upgrade. Will do another hardware factory reset. T-mobile created a ticket for their Engineering team to work on it, but the time frame is 72 hours.

    • Fernando Niño

      Hi Will, how is your phone working up to date?

      • Will

        I think T-Mobile fix the issue just now. When I get incoming calls, my data changes from lte to hpsa. After the call, the data changes back to lte. Before, it always stay on lte and I get no incoming call.

      • Will

        I think T-Mobile disabled the VoLTE to fix my issue.

        • Fernando Niño

          That might be the case, all your calls will go thru the 4g/3g network and data thru LTE..until volte is fixed.

  • art

    i do not think this a carrier issue. i manually (not OTA) upgraded my phone to the official android 6.0 release and after that the LTE reception became unstable. i do not have this LTE issue when my N5 was on lollipop 5.1.1.

    I am in Southeast Asia and my N5 2013 is less than a couple of months old bought brand new.

    This is an Android 6.0 issue

  • Aaron McLendon

    Absolutely – i upgraded to Android 6.0 yesterday and my phone (Nexus 5) hasn’t worked since – i can’t make or receive calls. Cellular data is non-existent and wifi connection is problematic, too. Phone home screen reports “no service.” This sucks! Every time I try to go into cellular network settings, device hangs! This device just became a really expensive paperweight. Need to roll back to 5.1 ASAP!

    • Dr R K Tiwari

      Please see my reply above.

  • Cassidy Williams

    Yes! Ever since I updated my system to 6.0 my Snapchat has stopped working and I’ve had general connectivity issues. Really annoying. I’ve tried several things to fix it and have had no luck.

  • mwolverine

    When I sideloaded the ota, seemed to have no problems with signal but having signal issues today. calls are dropping a lot, signal keeps going randomly. Not sure if incoming calls are a problem yet, so far seems ok

  • Kerry Perez

    I’m in the same boat… can’t make phone calls or if I am successful, service drops within seconds along with my call. I’m also seeing intermittent “no sim card” messages.

  • Dejan

    Same issue too boring ..Google should fix it soon.

  • Dom Reidman

    I never ever do the update initially. Android always seems to have major problems when they roll these updates out. I don’t remember having those problems when I was iPhone user.

  • Saranya

    Very bad reception!!after the update!!
    None of the apps that requires data connectivity works!!!

    • Thretosix

      I can’t even get WiFi to work, never mind the apps.

  • Nils Ostlund

    Can someone help my I have a nexus 5 which i got last christmas and now when i try to install it it just keeps on re installing and doesnt work. Why?

  • Kirk392

    Has anyone who did the ota update had issues? Or is this only a problem if you sideload?

    • Thretosix

      I got OTA yesterday, for me WiFi is bricked, some reporting battery drain on WiFi issues, and other misc issues from OTA. I would wait to update if this is why you were asking.

    • I got an OTA update. Now I can’t make / receive phone calls or text messages. Pathetic!

  • usbworks

    Upgraded Nexus 5 to Android 6 while on a business trip in Seattle (OTA) on October 10. No problems with LTE. Returned back to Maui. Data worked for a few days. October 14th lost data. No data capabilities whatsoever, not LTE, not 3G, not 2G.

    • Jimbo James

      Same here. It wasn’t immediate after 6 was installed on my Nexus 5 but now mostly shows ! next to the signal notification so 4G! or 3G! or H! showing there is no data connection.

  • Becky Davis

    I can’t make or receive calls on my nexus 5 since the update!

    • Dr R K Tiwari

      Same for me, after update no GSM signal.

      • Becky Davis

        I’ll give that a go. Thankyou

    • Dr R K Tiwari

      Please see above for the solution.

  • Dr R K Tiwari

    After the marshmallow update I can’t receive or dial from my phone, initially there was erroneous reception but now No Service on network appears. Wonder why they release the update without testing just the basic telephony.

    • Becky Davis

      Didn’t work

      • Dr R K Tiwari

        Can try factory reset after back up or wait for update. This is the only option to my mind.

    • Can you please help me restore my device to working order?

      • Dr R K Tiwari

        Please back up and reset. The only option to my mind or wait for aan update patch.

        • Did a full factory reset. Still doesn’t work. Feel like suing those jokers who created the Android 6 upgrade. I’m sure they’ve covered their a**e with a caveat emptor buried somewhere in the fine print.

          If I have to buy a new handset, I’m moving to IOS or even Blackberry! I’m done with Android!

        • Dr R K Tiwari

          Still feel you wait for next update of 6.0. My nexus 7 2013 became useless with update to lollipop but later started working.
          Write to Google in the device feedback and wait.

  • Minki

    Ever since the marshmallow update my nexus 5 suddenly have WiFi reception problem

    • Dr R K Tiwari

      Please go to Settings > Backup& Reset> Network settings reset>Reset settings
      Note when phone starts feed in WiFi key as usual.
      Hope this will solve your problem too.

      • Becky Davis

        Didn’t work

  • aleaf11

    I got a notification for OTA update to Android 6.0. I downloaded the file but when I tried to install I get an “error” screen. Basically, Andy falls over and displays an error message. I tried two subsequent times with the same results. Anyone have an idea about why the install errors out?

  • Flyover DFW

    After the OTA 6.0 update, text alert notifications are often silent & LTE is on although I’m inches from my Wi-Fi router.

  • Ro

    Having reception issues PLUS can’t send/receive MMS after 6.0 update. Been trying to resolve this same issue for the past three days! Have done ALL recommendations from various sources and STILL can’t send or receive a text with a photo (or any MMS) but can send and receive SMS. Using default messenger app has same result. Rebooting in SAFE MODE doesn’t work. Uninstalling all third party apps doesn’t help.

    Android/Nexus/Google need to fix this problem ASAP! PLEASE HELP!

    • Ryan Robert Johnson

      I am having this same issue. Can’t receive or send MMS while connected to any WiFi. Nexus 5 phone.

  • Made the monumental error of “upgrading” the OS on my Nexus 5 to Marshmallow. Ever since, I can neither make nor receive any calls at all. I’m losing money by the hour because none of my clients can get through to me.

    Android needs to be sued for saddling users with this crap piece of software.

    Is there any way I can my phone working, or should I just go buy myself an iPhone?

    Jagat Rathore – a disgusted Nexus 5 user

    • usbworks

      Jagat, revert back to 5.1.1.

      • How? I’m not very tech savvy, and all the online tutorials I’ve checked assume I know things I’ve never heard of! :)

  • Nikki

    I too have no connection and I am traveling in Japan where T-Mobile said I have connections…which I can see, but none will connect. I did fine until 2 days ago. No cell no nothing. Horrid. I spent 1-1/2 hours on live chat from Japan with T-M and they couldn’t help…skype they said…I said I am time to spend hours fixing this. And that update? For the first few days it would not let me, because I was roaming (and the phone worked), then all of a sudden it updated…and now nothing…Awful.

  • Jimbo James

    My Nexus 5 is showing good signal strength but with ! next to the 4G or H symbol so I can’t use data. It’s definitely something to do with Marshmallow as never had that before. Rebooted phone several times and still the same, also doesn’t change if I use different mobile masts in different areas

    • Jbm

      I’ve got the same

  • bud


  • Damon L.

    Very frustrating. Upgraded from 5.1 to 6.0 on my Nexus 5. Have WiFi and all apps work great, except no cell signal. Tried 2G, 3G and 4G LTE. Thought it was the SIM, but that actually works fine in another Nexus 5 which interestingly is also on 6.0 Marshmallow. Why the inconsistency here? Same exact product, same exact update. Two different results.

  • jamesbeswick

    This is exactly the same problem I’ve had – “Emergency Calls Only” and significantly worse reception on many areas.

  • usbworks

    My Nexus 5 lost all data capabilities after upgrading to Android 6. So finally I decided to revert back to Android 5.1.1. Everything works great now. I have my LTE data back!

  • usbworks

    In order to take your Nexus back to 5.1.1 you will need:

    1] Nexus 5 usb drivers for Windows.
    2] ADB and Fastboot tools for Windows.
    3] Android 5.1.1 “M” release.
    4] Enable “developer” usb debugging on the Nexus 5.
    5] OEM unlock the Nexus 5 using Fastboot.
    6] Flash the Nexus 5 from Windows and wait.

  • Nikki

    And now, suddenly in the middle of Japan, all works fine…give me a break. Weird…but happy.

  • Naman

    I have a nexus 6 and since the marshmallow upgrade i cant connect to my vodafone network in india…have even replaced my sim to be extra sure,to no avail.

    • Ackansha

      Hey is your phone working fine now; because mine is not.

  • Raul

    It’s November 4th. Is the Nexus 5 Android 6 issue still going on? Do we have a word on this from Google? Seeing these posts I have passed close to a month without upgrading my phone.

    But when I Google I don’t find many pages or blogs on this problem. Is it not a very wide spread issue and are only a handful of devices facing this problem?

    Can’t decide based on what I find on internet on this, whether I should upgrade or not.

  • Deus Manila

    I’m having issues too with data with Marshmallow, I don’t used mobile data much often so when I went out these past few days an turn on data, I find that it’s becoming intermittent, it’ll say it has data with no issues (!), but it will not have a connection.

    Sometimes going on Airplane Mode fixes the issue, but most of the times it doesn’t.

  • aleaf11

    It’s 7-Nov-15 and I’m still unable to install Android 6.0 on my Nexus 5 (2013). Have Google or T Mobile come up with an ETA as to when we can expect a resolution?

  • Joe

    I have the same issue but my usually begins with the phone automatically going into WIFI Hotspot mode. Then soon after I lose mobile signal with sim card not detected. I can repair mine by draining the battery completely, and I mean completely by continually trying to turn on the phone until there is no response at all. Then after 10 minutes or so connect it to power and turn it on and it works again. We need an adroid update to fix this…

  • deeksha

    I waited for around 2 months before moving my Nexus 5 to Marshmellow thinking that atleast this time Google and Nexus will take the update without affecting the users. But my bad , they again failed. I am also having data connectivity issues and network is not shown (Neither E or H ) even when data connectivity is ON.
    I am really fed up with Nexus and advice people to never buy one. With every update they will make people suffer and my day to day life is disturbed with no data in handset

  • Anir

    I have the exact same issue as reported by Deeksha and Joe .. after applying Marshmallow update on HTC M8 unlocked version on Tmobile Network… LTE connectivity is way low in places where it was good… turning wifi off, does not switch to mobile data.

  • Chewy Ernesto

    Its 12-26-15 and i own a nexus 5x which it came with marshmallow 6.0 pre installed i been having this issue since the beginning, suddenly lost signal, no data or LTE, i thought it was my Carrier,so i switched to a different one and it didn’t fix the problem , month that i tried could fix the problem, im about to contact Google……

  • Bryan Craig

    Same problem here with my wifi disconnecting on my HTC m8 … not too happy

  • Jason Drake

    My wife who still has a Nexus 5, told me tonight she was wondering why her cell coverage was so bad. I looked and it was on LTE for about 5% of the time in our house. My nexus 6 is 100% LTE. Nuts. She is getting even slower than 3G

  • Ackansha

    My Nexus 5 is not showing any signal at all; I tried using it on safe mode, but even on safe mode the signals keeps on appearing and disappearing.

  • JP

    I have a Nexus 5 and bought one for my daughter. She doesn’t update her phone as much as I do, and we both have the same carrier. After my update on my phone, I completely lost reception. She has 100% reception. After doing some black box testing, I have a theory. It is not detecting a specific band.

  • kiki

    yes. I have the same problem. it seems that my nexus 5 doesn’t see some frequencies/bands.