T-Mobile to begin pushing Nexus 6 Android 6.0 update this week


Today Google announced that it’s now pushing Android 6.0 Marshmallow to the Nexus 5, Nexus 6, Nexus 7 (2013), Nexus 9, and Nexus Player. But what about Nexus 6 units running on T-Mobile? Those are coming this week.

Des Smith says that Nexus 6 units on T-Mobile will get Android 6.0 this week. As of this writing, T-Mo’s Software Updates page says that the N6’s Marshmallow update is still in the “T-Mobile Testing” phase, while the Nexus 5, Nexus 7 (2013), and Nexus 9 updates are done with testing and are available.

In the past, Nexus 6 units running on T-Mobile have had different versions of Android updates in order to make sure that Nexus 6 phones play nicely with T-Mobile-specific features like VoLTE. Thankfully, it looks like Nexus 6 users on T-Mobile won’t be waiting much longer to get their own Marshmallow treat.

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  • PC_Tool

    Love how he mentions the Factory Images. It’s as good as saying,

    “Guys. Go ahead. Unlock the bootloader, download, and flash away! You have our permission!”

    • kbiel

      The factory image should work with T-Mobile. I have been using preview 3 and VoLTE and WiFi are working great. I suspect that the delay in getting WiFi calling on the Nexus 6 in the first place had as much to do with T-Mobile cutting over to an industry standard that Google would support as much as Google patching 5.1.1 to work with it.

      • PC_Tool

        I am quite certain it works just fine (I am using it, after all); but that wasn’t really the point.

        Unlocking bootloaders and flashing things is generally something most carriers frown upon. :)

        • yankeesusa

          It is not frowned upon on nexus phones. They are developer phones and therefore do not lose warranty for flashing factory images or unlocking bootloader.

        • PC_Tool

          It is frowned upon on any device – even Nexus.

          Yes; T-Mobile does not officially support unlocking the bootloader or flashing system images. (At that’s how it was prior to 6.0) Ask ’em yourself.

          (Prior to 6.0, there are T-Mobile specific builds and flashing the wrong one would make things somewhat – not-worky.)

        • yankeesusa

          It’s frowned upon by t-mobile? It’s a nexus phone. It has nothing to do with t-mobile. They are not the manufacturers of the phone. They can’t do anything to you lol. Unless you are stealing data or something then yea. And yes, I know about the different builds. They tried integrating all builds into one with 5.1 but they decided to do it into 6.0. But if you flashed nexus phones before you would know. If you never have then I recommend you stick to ota updates. But don’t spread false info about blootloader unlocking on nexus.

        • PC_Tool

          ” It has nothing to do with t-mobile.”

          Funny – then why, I ask, are they pushing this update? Oh, right – because they sold them.

          …and if you bought it from them, guess what? They don’t want you messing with the bootloader.

          As for flashing phone – I’ve been doing so since the Samsung Fascinate and currently own 4 different Nexus devices (5, 6, 7LTE and 10). I know how to flash. Many people, however, do not. These are the folks that might get into issues where T-Mobile won’t warranty-replace the device.

        • yankeesusa

          If you believe updates on a nexus come from t-mobile then I recommend you never flash anything. Also, I bought my nexus phone from Google and warranties are done by therm not t-mobile. It’s amazing how much bad information you have.At this point I’m done. Now I’m gonna go flash 6.0 from Google website on my nexus 6 that I use on t-mobile. Have a great day.

        • PC_Tool

          “If you believe updates on a nexus come from t-mobile then I recommend you never flash anything”

          Read the article? Look at the factory image page for the Nexus 6? (See those T-Mobile specific builds? yeah…those) Google may be “pushing” the OTA, but it went through T-Mobile approval for T-Mobile devices.

          “I bought my nexus phone from Google and warranties are done by therm not t-mobile.”

          Good – then you have no need to worry. Did you miss the many times I said this was about devices sold by T-Mobile??

          “At this point I’m done.”

          One can hope.

          “Now I’m gonna go flash 6.0 from Google website on my nexus 6 that I use on t-mobile.”

          Good for you; but don’t get too excited. Flashed the one I bought from T-Mobile (that I now have on Project Fi) earlier today. It was rather uneventful.

        • kbiel

          T-Mobile has a had a long history of laissez faire attitude when it comes you doing what you want with your phone.

        • PC_Tool

          Attitude and official stance are very often two entirely different things.

          I wasn’t trying to start a war or anything – just found it amusing he brought it up without any prodding at all.

  • Noremacam

    Anyone know the Build number, so I can make sure I download the right one?

    • yankeesusa

      No need, 1 build will rule them all. That’s the great thing about Marshmallow.

    • Jason


  • yankeesusa

    The great news is that people can finally uninstall their tmobile visual voicemail app since it is now native in the google dialer. And i can cofirm it works perfectly and so does wifi calling and volte.

  • othercents

    Good to see other devices in manufacturer development.

  • Erik Papesh

    Anyone know if I’ll get the OTA if I’m running the M preview? I really don’t want to flash again, OTAs are so much nicer lol

    • yankeesusa

      No, you will have flash latest build. Sorry

    • Rob

      Just grab the factory image and manually flash everything but userdata.img and you’re good to go.

    • Jason

      download the MRA58K update from Googs Developer page. Find on XDA or somewhere else and download Wugs Nexus Root Tool kit.. Use it to Flash Stock.. It’ll detect your build and device and let you select what to do. Don’t use Googs SDK to do this..

  • VG

    Here’s a question: Does or does not “vanilla” Android 6.0 support WiFi Calling? I was under the impression that WiFi Calling was going to be baked into Android 6.0, meaning that any unlocked Android 6.0 phone would support T-Mobile WiFi Calling. If there is a separate fork of Android 6.0 for the Nexus 6, does this mean that WiFi Calling is NOT baked into “vanilla” Android 6.0?

    Perhaps this special fork of Android for the Nexus 6 is only to turn on VoLTE for T-Mobile? Don’t AT&T and Verizon already support VoLTE? I’m very confused about what vanilla Android 6.0 is going to have baked into it.

    • yankeesusa

      Yes it works right out of the box. I have Wi-Fi calling,volte and native visual voicemail integrated into the Google dialer. It’s awesome. Marshmallow brought many cool changes.

    • williejackbrainer

      Yes, it will have WiFi calling.

  • which means AT&T will be dead last. ARGH

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  • Uxorious

    No Nexus 4 love? :(

    • williejackbrainer

      Phones will only get two years of updates.

      • Joe

        The nexus phones get 3 years of updates. And the nexus 4 has reached its end of updates.

        • williejackbrainer

          Where did you get 3 years from? It’s two years not three.

        • Joe

          Cuz the nexus 4 is running the latest build of lollipop and its 3 years old.

        • williejackbrainer

          Well I’m guessing that’s the exception.

        • Joe

          I dont think its an exception as the nexus 5 2013 was very popular and it most likely will continue to receive updates till october of next year. The nexus line is supposed to be like an iphone in that it receives updates faster and for longer. Yes I don’t believe google says this but its expected.

        • williejackbrainer

          I confused it with security patch.
          “Nexus devices have always been among the first Android devices to receive platform and security updates. From this week on, Nexus devices will receive regular OTA updates each month focused on security, in addition to the usual platform updates. The first security update of this kind began rolling out today, Wednesday August 5th, to Nexus 4, Nexus 5, Nexus 6, Nexus 7, Nexus 9, Nexus 10, and Nexus Player. This security update contains fixes for issues in bulletins provided to partners through July 2015, including fixes for the libStageFright issues. At the same time, the fixes will be released to the public via the Android Open Source Project. Nexus devices will continue to receive major updates for at least two years and security patches for the longer of three years from initial availability or 18 months from last sale of the device via the Google Store.”

        • Jason

          Its actually 18 months, lets be real now!

        • williejackbrainer

          Okay, so I was off by six months lol

      • g2a5b0e

        Your statement is technically incorrect. Google promised that their devices would get AT LEAST two years worth of updates, not ONLY two.

        • williejackbrainer

          “Nexus devices have always been among the first Android devices to receive platform and security updates. From this week on, Nexus devices will receive regular OTA updates each month focused on security, in addition to the usual platform updates. The first security update of this kind began rolling out today, Wednesday August 5th, to Nexus 4, Nexus 5, Nexus 6, Nexus 7, Nexus 9, Nexus 10, and Nexus Player. This security update contains fixes for issues in bulletins provided to partners through July 2015, including fixes for the libStageFright issues. At the same time, the fixes will be released to the public via the Android Open Source Project. Nexus devices will continue to receive major updates for at least two years and security patches for the longer of three years from initial availability or 18 months from last sale of the device via the Google Store.”

        • g2a5b0e

          Thank you for backing up my point.

        • williejackbrainer

          You’re welcome kind sir.

        • williejackbrainer

          Pardon me.

  • Rob

    Its working great. I dirty flashed over 5.1.1 and flashed TWRP, no force encrypt boot image, ElementalX 2.03 (the M3 preview kernel), and SuperSU. The only thing that doesn’t work is writes to /system. System can only be modified in recovery for the moment.

    Also you get the annoying red corrupt system message when you turn on the phone but it goes away and works fine after that.

  • Marsupial

    Does anybody know if Wi-Fi calling will work on Nexus 5 running Marshmallow? For some strange reason this seems to be a taboo subject – there is no information about ti at all as everybody is talking about Wi-Fi calling on Nexus 6 only. Anybody… ? Thank you in advance.

    • gmo8492

      Well the information that I’ve seen suggests that WiFi calling is turned off by default after you install the update But if your phone detects that you have a T-Mobile sim you can go into the settings and activate it manually. So basically WiFi calling is included in all marshmallow builds of android.

      • Marsupial

        Thank you for the response gmo8492. That information definitely applies to Nexus 6. However, what nobody so far has verified or confirmed is whether it also applies to Nexus 5.

        • FILA

          I was about to say I believe its a function built into Marshmallow

        • JB

          I loaded the factory image onto my Nexus 5. Popped my T-Mo SIM into it. I couldn’t find any WiFi calling settings either in the dialer or in the main settings. So at least to me it looks like no WiFi calling on the Nexus 5.

        • Marsupial

          Thanks JB for answering my question. Much appreciated.

        • UKTK8

          The Nexus 5 doesn’t have the hardware to support wifi calling.

    • f1ip

      Just installed on mom’s Nexus 5, No go on Wifi Calling.
      I do have it on my Nexus 6.

      • JB

        Have you tried getting into the engineering mode on the Nexus 6 post-Marshmallow? I’ve found that I no longer can after updating.

        • Gamganan

          The t-mobile android build for nexus 6 is different from any other nexus 6 build in project fi or international version. I was on project fi before and bought my phone from google. I had wifi calling on project fi. When i switched to t-mobile i can not use the t-mobile wifi calling on the project fi android build. So i have to download the factory image of the t-mobile build and flash it on my nexus 6. If you do not do this, your n6 on t-mobile will not get the updates for t-mo n6 and will not get the tmo wifi calling. So if you do a factory image flash of the non-tmo version marshmallow to your n6, then you will lost or you will not get the tmo wifi calling.

        • JB

          There is only one build for the Nexus 6 on Android M. I flashed it and it works fine, VoLTE, WiFi calling and all. My question was, once Android M was installed, could they still access the Engineering Menu. I’m wondering if they may have changed the code, or removed it in MM.

        • Gamganan

          Good to know. Thanks.

        • Rob

          The debug menu doesn’t come up for me either. 4636 does but the 33284 does not.

        • Jason

          Try Wugs Nexus Root Tool Kit to Flash Stock and use Force Flash and NO Wipe if you wish!.. i’m doing it now. It works Well..

        • Rob

          I did the same thing as Wugs I just did it from command line. When I flashed the phone, NRT wasn’t updated yet.

      • Marsupial

        Thanks f1ip – much appreciated. You are the only that actually answered my question. Everybody else just keeps talking about Nexus 6.

      • VG

        So, no WiFi Calling on Nexus 5 with Android 6.0? Guess that means only specific phones (past, present & future) will get WiFi Calling, even though it is supposedly “baked in” Marshmallow. Looks like Google and/or manufacturers will decide which phones get WiFi calling.

        • Jason

          I believe it has something to do with the built in wifi ability, not just a software issue.

        • UKTK8

          Doesn’t have the hardware necessary to support wi-fi calling.

          Wasn’t there before Marshmallow, won’t be there after.

      • kbiel

        Just out of curiosity, is VoLTE (called Enhanced 4G LTE Mode in settings) also unavailable on the Nexus 5? My suspicion is that these two features are now joined at the hip (since WiFi Calling 2.0 was released). From the few bits I have been able to gather, they (now) use the same codec which explains why you can make “HD” calls between WiFi calling clients and VoLTE clients. That is probably a hardware issue (DSP) which is why older phones might not support it.

  • Hoops

    And begin holding breath……….now!

    • Panzer

      It’s going to be a long week.

  • Chris Fisher

    I went ahead and downloaded the factory image (I wanted to get a fresh start anyway) and so far so good. WiFi calling appears to work. I’m now starting to install applications I want again. I’m not sure what it is in T-Mobile testing for since everything is the same image now, if I am correct.

    • Panzer

      I hope T-mobile goes back to using factory images for the Nexus. Having a carrier specific build ruins the point of having a Nexus phone.

      • Rob

        The only issue with the Nexus was WiFi calling and now that it is baked into Marshmallow there should just be one unified build.

      • kbiel

        All of the builds were and are available through the Nexus Developers portal. That tells me that even the T-Mobile specific build was not a T-Mobile product, but rather a build to accommodate WiFi calling. Since 6.0 has generic WiFi calling baked in and working with T-Mobile, I suspect that the T-Mobile specific build was more a back-port of generic WiFi calling than a T-Mobile adulterated build.

    • kbiel

      I have just done the same. Smooth sailing so far.

  • Richard Darrington

    Ppl need to stop obsessing about the latest update. If your phone will be two years old before youd get the update anyway who cares just upgrade phones that’s more fun. There will not be anything on 6.0 that you just can’t live without. Last point if your update obsessed get a nexus device, problem solved

    • Mike

      Not everyone wants to spend a lot of money again and buy a new device. New cars are more fun, too, but I am driving a 2007 Mazda.

      • Josh Nickerson

        I believe a car was a bad analogy. I kind of understand what you mean, but a car isn’t a 1: 1 comparison

    • skywalkr2

      I will not be buying a new device and will stay with my Nexus 6 until it falls apart.

  • kbiel

    For those who are interested, I have installed the released version of Marshmallow. Here is what to expect:
    1. WiFi calling works out of the box, but you will need to go to settings to turn it on. I cannot confirm if the option is hidden for other carriers, but it is certainly there with a T-Mobile SIM.
    2. VoLTE (called Enhanced 4G LTE Mode) is there, exactly where it has been since 5.1 and it is turned on by default. “HD” calling works as before.
    3. Band 12, I do not know yet as I have a strong Band 4 signal now. I will know on my drive home, but I expect it will work just like it did in preview 3.
    4. Built-in Visual Voicemail! Yes, it is there and works great with T-Mobile. It is not on by default and the option is buried in the Dialer settings. (Settings->Calls->Voicemail->Visual Voicemail).

    If anybody has any other questions, ask here and I will try to answer them.

    • scott chavis

      Is Miracast still broke?

      • kbiel

        Sorry but I cannot definitively answer that. The only Miracast receiver I own is a Fire TV Stick and from all reports (and my own experience) the Miracast implementation on it is broken. So, I can tell you that I am unable to cast to the Fire TV Stick, but I cannot tell you whether the problem is with my phone or the Fire TV Stick. If you have a suggestion about how I can test it better, I am willing to try.

        • scott chavis

          Thanks dude. If you open it and it doesn’t say searching then it’s broke . Google claims moto never had it certified with the Wi-Fi alliance

    • ddk

      VoLTE, Band 12, and Wi-Fi calling have been enabled on the T-Mo N6’s for a while

      • kbiel

        Perhaps you read too much into my post. I did not say these things had been disabled or unimplemented before. If you read through the comments here and on other posts, many people have asked if these things will work or if there will be a T-Mobile specific build. Hopefully my comment will make more sense to you in light of that.

  • Jason

    Are there any changes to the version number? Its this from Googs MRA58K, is T-Mob adding something to make uniquely theirs?

    • kbiel

      I doubt that there will be any changes to the version number and as with all Nexus devices the manufacturers and carriers are not supposed to adulterate the software. The T-Mobile specific build of 5.1.1 was produced by Google, not T-Mobile. At the same time, Google also produced a Project-Fi specific build. I suspect that had more to do with patching in WiFi calling, radios, and APNs than some specific software added by T-Mobile or Project-Fi. With 6.0, we are back to one unified build and it works with T-Mobile completely.

      • Josh Nickerson

        That’s correct. I completely forgot about that. The Project Fi Nexus 6 is a “Nexus” as well, but it also is in the works. Different versions of software when you’re dealing with network specific features. It isn’t like it’s taking three months. It’s barely been two weeks. Anything inside of a month is still “prompt”, which is all Google promises for Nexus devices. They never said ” You’ll have the update within 3 days”. Every other phone still says “Manufacturer Development”. That probably means sometime before the end of the year and sometime after Nexus devices.

  • skywalkr2

    The t-mobile page sounds like this is out already and everyone should have the OTA or be able to pull it by checking for updates. However It doesn’t seem to be that way to me. I check for updates, but it’s not finding anything.

  • skywalkr2

    Yeah I saw that, but if you drill down farther it actually lists the phones current OS as 6.0. So who knows which page is correct.

    • DeFlanko

      Those are phones slated to receive the update, if you click on your phone it too shows that status its in, for example the nexus 6 still says testing, the magenta on completed stage three is misleading.

  • Quaality

    Its Thursday now, let’s go! Week almost over.

  • Jose M Gonzalez

    thursday is done. guess they bit off more than they could chew. don’t know why we need the tmo approval since it’s a nexus.

    • Josh Nickerson

      For Band 12 LTE. The version straight from Google doesn’t include support for it.

  • randypower

    The waiting is the hardest part.

  • Critic4U

    Well once again broken promises from T-Mobile now the end of the week and nothing , wish they would just put the update on their site and let us sideload it, instead of this in waves ota garbage…

    • Penny

      I received my update last week. I am prepaid tmo and bought phone direct from google.

      • Critic4U

        There are different versions of the release you probably just got the stock Android version from Google itself ,tmo versions are a little different from those, I have a postpaid account so assuming that they use different software , did your version come with T-Mobile built in WiFi calling?

      • ThatsMrtoyou

        Google has not done ota of nexus 6, this is tmobile

      • Josh Nickerson

        Did the update include support for Band 12? That’s a pretty big deal if you use your phone anywhere inside.

    • Mike

      Certainly not happy with the timeline promises. Hoping they can get it followed up with the first of the week!

    • ThatsMrtoyou

      Exactly…. My n6 is factory unlocked, no update….fucking stupid

  • Corey Jalette

    I’m sick of false deadlines.

  • UralBas

    Both Google and Tmobile are losing consumer trust and perceptio. Empty promises and deliveries of the latest and greatest to iOS camp before Android compounds your problem. Why own an Android device?

    Google just shot is self in the foot. My next phone won’t be Android, why all updates take months to arrive. Google is giving the best to iOS first. iOS has a faster processor, faster wifi, they now have multitasking and multi window (though crude). And Apple is positioned to cut Google or of the equation. Yes Apple cost more, but Android and Nexus devices are not price competitive either. So I rather own the best.

    Google, give us one reason why your offer is worth my money? And I’ve been on the Android side side the G1? When you had less than 70 apps available. Why should we continue to support you?

    TMobile, why do you promise so much and underdiliver. No Nexus 6 update on the week most of your customers expected it.

    Perception is hard to change. Once lost its almost impossible to regain it. Look at Samsung, less a less customers consider it an option, why? The quest customer service you’ll ever find and all gimmicks and half baked software. Look at them slide into oblivion.

    You don’t shape up, expect the same.

    • Luke Savage

      As a Tmobile and Google customer, you are totally wrong in so many levels except Samsung. The iOS devices are always behind in technology. Google is the innovator not Apple. You must be an Apple user. I’m tired of Apple people always thinking their stuff is the best. Like Prius owners, we get it. Your happy with mediocrity. As for speeds, Tmobile has been the fastest in many areas for 4G LTE. Locally, Verizon doesn’t come close. Of course, Tmobile’s coverage is still a bit sparse in the NW but that will change as soon as those old (Apple) towers are replaced. Oh I’m sorry, it’s the other “A” (AT&T).

      • UralBas

        Rofl, you sure look like a kid that doesn’t do his homework. Look at ALL my previous posts going back to 2008. You will see I’ve always highlighted the benefits of Android and played down iOS until this post. Look me up on ZDnet and you’ll see the same.

        Regarding your comment, Android had multitasking first, Android had better keyboards first, Android had swipe to delete unwanted cards first, widgets first, and the list is endless. That was a few years back. Though now what do you have on your Android phone that iOS doesn’t have.

        Do you have a biometric unlock, yeah a year late. Pressure touch, no dice. Notifications, Android had them first, but they did not evolve, and iOS did it better. Lollipop caught up, but again behind the curve.

        And after all these years, you phone will still freeze now and then. Cyanogen addresses this, yet Google does not. (Cyanogen made a mistake getting in bed with MS)

        The problem is, most of it is gone. And did you know that Google on October 9th released updates for Google maps for iOS you don’t have on your Marshmallow OS, even if you have the latest Nexus device (fyi writing this on a Nexus 6, TMobile had not yet sent me an update so I’m stuck at 5.1.1 LYZ28M).

        Did you know that Google hangouts for IOs has stuff us Android users don’t have.

        Now do the following, if you want to compare speed with the latest Nexus 6 or 5. Goto earth.nullschool.net and then try the same with last year iPhone 6. And tell me which is better.

        App wise, Android has more, though all high quality apps are on iOS. One exception is DSLR controller which is better on Android. And there are a few gems there, but these are single developers that don’t take the next step and become a company and not a single person shop.

        Now development wise. Android was ahead until last year. They are dropping Eclipse and the latest Google IDE is alright but it pales in comparison to iOS. Apple’s approval process is still a problem. Though in the end, if you are developer it does not matter until Apple will invade your market, though so will Google. So you can call this even.

        The only real Android advantages are:

        Multitasking, Multi Window, Better though intrusive word predictions on your keyboard and a real file system. Android can switch languages no problem, iOS so messes up when you do. The judgement on Google on Tap remains to be seen, this is the only feature where Google is ahead. Everywhere else its been overtaken by Apple.

        The last Apple product I bought was a music player which name i don’t even recall. Dumped it because i hate iTunes.

        You can plunge your head in the ground, but if you do, you will fail to see reality. Google needs to wake up. And the latest CEO is not doing enough and lacks vision which is true recipe for success. Google has been behind the curve since they lost Barra.

      • UralBas

        Rofl I’ll just say you are wrong. Do your homework.

        Tmobile coverage past the Mississippi River is not great. Goto Arkansas, try the Upper Peninsula, or North Dakota, the further west you go, the worse it is. Until you hit California.

        On I10 between TX and NM, you will get charged international roaming if you are not careful, as Mexico towers are the ones that provide service.

        • ThatsMrtoyou

          Uralbas….T-Mobile doesn’t charge int’l roaming in Mexico. You must have failed geography class. I10 is clearly not in Mexico. What an idiot.

          Ios is gonna cut Google from the market share. Google has worldwide 84.6% of the market share. Apple only 13%.
          Apple does not innovate. The iPhone boi’s are just like Apple- phucking trolls

        • UralBas

          Tmobile has no service in the area, so you’re phone picks up towers from Mexico.

          Travel through that highway and then speak. As only you express yourself like the words you profess.

          If you have sufficient mathematical skills and a little bit of observation of Tmobile’s own coverage maps, you would understand. Clearly you don’t have either.

          Why don’t you provide a detail radio propagation map to refute my claim, instead of name calling like a kid. Or is that like an alien language for you.?

          I’ll keep it simple minded, so even you can understand. Look at Tmobile’s own coverage map of West Texas, and you will see a big white spot that clearly states no coverage.

        • UralBas

          Rofl, regarding market share, you only see what’s in front of your nose. Geez.

          In few years, lets see if that 84.6 % figure holds true. Did you know that Apple dipped under 11% last year and had been taking Android market share since.

          Now don’t believe me, go to statcounter and take a gander. When I state something, it’s not because it’s my opinion, is because I have access to facts you don’t, this is why I have 100% accuracy in my predictions.

          So any further reply from you will recurrence a reply from me when you can see the facts in front of your nose. As you are too blind to see beyond it.

          FYI, I’m replying on a Nexus 6. ROFL.

    • Heimrik

      Are you on Apple’s payroll? Just about everything you wrote was completely false. In your statements, you stated the absolute opposite of the truth. iOS is ALWAYS behind on technology. Shit, Apple is so damn over priced and out dated; and THAT is with them competing with other mobile device manufacturers! I cannot even try to imagine if Apple had no real competition. Hell, they’d probably keep selling you the same damn device for years but only change the name just to have their lame brain customers they were getting something new. Like “Here is the new Apple iPhone SSeXXRR9000!!!” LOL

  • Manny Asiedu

    The advantage of having a nexus phone

  • Durandal_1707

    My Nexus 6 just got the Marshmallow OTA update. That was surprisingly swift compared to the previous couple of updates, I have to say.

    • Durandal_1707

      Update: Like Tim Kelley, once the update actually finished (it was still installing at the time I wrote this post) it appeared to still be on 5.1.1, with build number LYZ28M. So I don’t know what’s going on.

      • SandR0ck2003

        Security update.

        • Josh Nickerson

          Remember that Google just announced, not too long ago, that they would be issuing monthly security updates to diminish the threat of exploits such as “Heartbleed” and “Stagefright”.

  • Tim Kelley

    Mine just got AN update, checked phone info and LYZ28m build number, Android version 5.1.1. So… What the hell just updated because its certainly not M.

    • skywalkr2

      Same thing happened to me. Still nothing on 6.0.

  • Xzavier Carsten Omyda

    Stop attacking Google over updates. They are doing a great job. My Nexus Player and Nexus 9 both got the updates immediately. Now my Nexus 6, no. That’s because T-Mo has to do testing. What’s the point of having Marshmallow if it’s not configured correctly to work on T-Mo. Yes, maybe T-Mo could do a faster job, but don’t blame Google.

    Now the question I have issssss! I have a Nexus 6, I didn’t care to be under the T-Mo name, but I wanted the network, so I had the phone ported to MetroPCS (Can’t beat unlimited everything for $60). I’m wondering if I will still get the OTA. I mean I have all the Lollipop updates. I shouldn’t be worried right?

    • UralBas

      Rofl does the only real feature that tmobile offers, WiFi calling, work on your Nexus 6??????.

      Tmobile should stop adding garbage and provide its updates as apps. Then they don’t need to wait and they can state they deliver the best service.

      Do you think any other TMobile feature is worth it? It’s Voice mail app is inferior to Google Voice and more intrusive. The app that keeps track of your data usage drains your battery. I always disable i and force stop it.

      What application does TMobile provide besides WiFi calling that works on all other phones it provides yet not on a Nexus 6 is worth two cents? Hotspot?

      • Josh Nickerson

        It’s not about the apps, it’s about the way the radios work and the bands. The Nexus 6 from the Google Play store, as far as I know, doesn’t support Voice over LTE (Band 12). It’s part of the 700 MHz spectrum they got on the cheap a while back. That’s what provides stronger (or any) signal in buildings. If they push the update out without that, they frustrate their customers that may or may not count on that. Not a good look for any company, specifically one that’s the third player and describes itself as the carrier for the people. Things take time. Sometimes more than two weeks. I know I should have saved my money and bought my Nexus 6 from the Google store and if speed of updates is of paramount importance to you, you should do the same.

        • UralBas

          Agreed, except I have started to see Google is not providing Nexus users the latest (have a few nexus 7s). Though iOS users do get updates before Nexus users do.

          Why is Google shooting its self in the foot?

          Research that question and the answer will show you why in most of the develop world Google stands to lose a lot of market share.

          In the not so developed world, most users purchase non Google Android phones, which are subject to all sorts of buggy software and malware. So the perception is that Android is less secure than iOS, when in fact, if you own an Android device with Google Android OS and not ASOP Android, it’s considerable more secure than iOS.

          Perception is hard to change. Go and ask your IT guy which is more secure. Then take him /her to CVEdetails and show them the facts.

        • UralBas

          Another week of testing another week of Tmobile fail.

          Tmobile had over a year to work on radio software. Which I don’t believe. Because if you install the Google developer or ASOP version of these, they properly work.

          Which ever way you cut it. Sprint has released Marshmallow, AT&T will do so shortly. Tmobile looks unprofessional in comparison. They are still testing, when they should have been ready at release time.

      • Xzavier Carsten Omyda

        I said Google! I took my Nexus to MetroPCS, lol.

  • randypower

    The tmo page that last week talked about marshmallow now just talks about the security update in 5.1.1.


  • Josh Nickerson

    If you look at all the phones on that page, the other three Nexus devices show “Completed”. The Nexus 6 is the only device that shows “T-Mobile Testing”. That’s because it’s the only Nexus device that supports Band 12. Also Wi-Fi calling. All other devices also showthe software version as Android 6.0. It says nothing about current software version. It’s referring to the software update in question, in this case Android 6.0. I believe it’s plenty accurate.

  • James B

    I find it interesting that the Tmo page says the latest update for the Nexus 6 is LYZ28K while google’s image page shows the Tmo specific version for the N6 is at LYZ28M. Both images are apparently 5.1.1.


    Poor form on Tmo’s part to say they’d have M ready for the N6 this quick when this shows they’re clearly behind the curve.

  • notpoliticalyet

    Would have been nice if I had a Nexus 6 that didn’t have issues. Had one replaced and the second one crapped out on me just without any warning. Was on the charger and sending a text and a black screen. Never powered on again. T-Mobile was very bad with letting me know when my second replacement would ship. I told them to forget about it and I will use the LG G4 I picked up in the store the day I brought the dead phone in. I was going to return the G4 but I didn’t get the Nexus 6 before the buyers remorse period. Be forewarned about this because they are not lenient with extending the return period. Hope marshmallow is good and I guess I’ll have to wait for it on my Nexus 9. I really liked the 6 despite the issues with he battery or some other hardware issue.

    • Randal W

      Cool story bro.

  • James B

    I find it interesting that the Tmo site shows the latest update is LYZ28K while the Google images site it shows LYZ28M for Tmobile. Both images report they are 5.1.1.


  • skywalkr2

    It’s been 9 days… nothing yet. TMO project estimates in relation to Nexus 6 = always late.

    • Rob

      Lol this kind of reminds me of the WiFi-calling update that was months late. They have been late with pretty much everything regarding this device. I wouldn’t be surprised if I never see M on this phone since I’ll have a 6P as soon as it’s available.

  • RMack

    I believe Uralbas has an AT&T Iphone. Or he works for AT&T and favors Apple products.

  • Michael Rahmani

    LYZ28M was a security update for 5.1.1. I got it a couple days ago. Still dont have 6.0.

  • Marginal

    Still waiting. Checked the software update page and it is apparently still “In Testing”. Yes, I’m going to buy a Nexus 6P but I really want my marshmallow update now!

  • James B

    Looks like @askDes responded to the tweet below and Tmo has NO ETA for the 6.0 release for the Tmo fork of the N6. I guess @askDes assumed the LYZ28M image was marshmallow.


  • stirfry

    This is why I am switching to ‘Fi.’ The pack is in the mail. Sayonara T-Mobile!

    • Nik

      I’ve got my Fi card shipped and should have it tomorrow. Curious to see if that will result in a push, though I think I’ll have to do a factory reset first.

  • Corey Jalette

    Still nothing… Has anyone heard any new eta?

  • Mark

    Marshmallow? anyone?

  • UralBas

    Two weeks and more later, Tmobile’s Marshmallow release is as ghostly add Tmobile’s promises.

    Can you really trust Tmobile?

    Tmonews please be a responsible news outlet, and call Tmobile out on their false promise. Des Smith has not stated a true fact, quiet the opposite indeed.

    Can you ask him to clarify his previous announcement that has been proven to be untrue?

    • Cal

      Or any other device for that matter. If I go with a Nexus again it will be direct from Google and with Fi. And if it’s another device I’ll make sure to get the pure edition straight from the manufacture. Lesson well learned.

      • co

        fi didn’t get marshmallow either probably because tmobile provides half of the service on fi.

  • MOMO

    Anything???? This is ridiculous.

  • Bruce Wayne

    This is fucking bullshit. Almost a month later and still no update.

  • Alex A

    I’m about ready to manually flash marshmallow onto my Nexus 6. This is ridiculous T Mobile. What do you have to test that Google hasn’t tested already? The one removable T Mobile app that came with our phones?

  • Ryan Swan

    Sad attempt at getting people to buy new phones with the latest software. I would bet money that after the initial release of the 5x and 6p (maybe a month) that marshmallow will release from tmobile. Seems like this is T-Mobiles attempt at artificially inflating sales numbers. Make people upset so they just go get the new phone with the new software. Sad…

    • UralBas

      yes, but not buying it from them.

  • harold

    Wifi calling is the only tmobile thing on the phone so why is it taking so long

  • Bruce Wayne

    Any update????????????

  • notpoliticalyet

    Other non Nexus devices may have it before Nexus 6 on T-Mobile. I think they don’t care whether Nexus gets it first or not. Last Nexus phone used for this carrier or any others aside from Google Fi.

    • Cal

      Yup. I’m done with T-Mobile. And this was the last push for me. Either support your products and services or lose customers. Simple.

      • notpoliticalyet

        Done with the Nexus 6 now anyway. Got the 6P on the way. I’m on my third Nexus 6 and this one seems fine and may last like it should but I’ll sell it while its still worth something. I will have Marshmallow on the 6P before it is ever seen on the 6 I have.

  • UralBas

    Far from it, I’m an Android fan who sees the writing on the wall. Many, like you, will be proven wrong in time. And I’ll remind you.

    Resistance is futile. Like iOS fans resistance when Android in its infancy, Android fan resistance now is futile.. Only Google Management can fix this, and they are dog quiet the opposite. The rules have changed.

  • Methuen man

    Still no update. It’s almost been a month…

    • notpoliticalyet

      Yep, they are dragging this out for some reason. One thing T-Mobile is bad about is mis information or no info at all when waiting on answers. The quality of support and knowledge seems to be limited with their reps. This is a Nexus. They’ve totally abandoned this device over the last few weeks. I was waiting on my second replacement from them for almost two weeks and nobody knew when it would ship. They said it was backordered. A year old device backordered? I told them to forget it and went straight to Motorola. They sent me a replacement in two days. Not difficult was it?

  • Mark Osman

    I have three Nexus 6 phones on T-mobile and none of them have it yet.

  • Yani Lara

    Any news yet on the latest update?? Still haven’t received Android M yet.

  • Nate

    I have not yet received the update. Purchased my N6 straight from Tmo if that matters any at all. Strangely, my Gen 2 Nexus 7(WIFI Model) has not yet gotten the notification for 6.0 either.

  • Paul

    Have not received no 6.0 update and here it is November while thanks T Mobile

  • Thomas Maxwell

    When I called last night about the 4G LTE Cellspot, I asked about the update for Nexus 6, they told me “should be pushed out by end of December”. I said what the hell, my wife’s 2 year old Nexus has already received the 6.0 update why are y’all holding it back from those of us with the Nexus 6? Her response was “if you have to have the update now you can just unlock and flash the update from Google, but don’t complain to us when your phone doesn’t work with our network anymore”.

  • Jøŕğĕ Iväň Aŕřõÿõ

    It is crap … I buy my Nexus 6 from T-Mobile and nothing jet there’s other people have you already been marshmallow on the phone already and I still have to wait another month this is unreasonable £¢€¥π ….

  • kawkaw

    this wait and no communication from T-mobile is bullshit. A-holes

  • Cloudy With a Chance of BullSh

    Guess I’m rooting my nexy 6 after all

  • Gary Cooper

    just another example of T-mobile providing sub-par service to its customers, time to find another carrier, and be done with these idiots.

  • Psypher_Throes

    I’d be more inclined to be forgiving if Tmo would publicly provide a reason for the delay beying just “testing”. They announced the OTA to M back in October, eventually changed the update page from “available” to “testing” and have said nothing since then. Some of the community managers have popped into the threads but they don’t have any information either. The utter opacity of this situation is what I find so infuriating. I could side load but if there are serious network issues then I’d rather wait. Sadly, because Tmo doesn’t provide meaningful information I feel like I’m stuck.

    • Totally agree. There is no helpful information. It’s disgraceful.

      • Psypher_Throes

        I did recently read a comment else where (maybe Reddit) that did bring up a plausible reason for the silence: there is probably an NDA in place that bars Tmo from saying anything, including the fact that there is an NDA. While it doesn’t really assuage our frustration it could account for the continued silence.

        • I don’t believe it. It’s a nice piece of speculation but I don’t believe it. To be honest it makes no sense. Presumably such an NDA would be with Google? So why on earth would Google benefit by one of its users not being able to communicate with a joint customer (Nexus/T Mobile)? And why on earth would T Mobile agree to any agreement that would hamstring their ability to communicate with their customers in this fashion. There is no intellectual property or trade secret being protected here. The factory image is available. It’s just that because T mobile hasn’t released to their customers we can’t ourselves install it without voiding warranty.

  • SFL_Citizen

    November 12th and still no word on marshmallow update for Nexus 6. Time to go with Google Project Fi.

  • What the heck is happening here? Can someone from T Mobile please let us know what is going on. We should have M by now.