T-Mobile band 12 LTE spotted in Arkansas, New York, and other states


UPDATE: Added a couple of band 12 sightings in Idaho and Pennsylvania.


T-Mobile often touts its Extended Range LTE (aka band 12) coverage, which offers improved reach and better building penetration than other LTE coverage. And recently, several folks have spotted T-Mobile’s Extended Range LTE coverage in their areas.

Here’s where T-Mobile’s band 12 LTE coverage has been spotted lately:

Magnolia, Ark.


Opelika, Ala.


Victorville, Calif. (carrier aggregation)


Troy, N.Y.


Albuquerque, N.M.


Blackfoot, Idaho


York, Pa.


Thanks, Jackson, Dave, Mitchell, and Javar!

Sources: Reddit (1), (2), (3), (4)

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  • Jb15bq

    So the second screen shot from Tennessee is AT&T not T-mobile

    • DT

      Was just wondering why that disappeared. Thanks!

  • h_f_m

    It’s too bad band 12 is useless. Every time my 6P connects to it in NYC data never moves.

    • Fabian

      The 5×5 B12 must be pretty congested. Hopefully they are doing a good job at prioritizing VoLTE calls.

      I think congestion is one of the reasons for T-Mobile (Flawed) ONE.

      • Bradley Karas

        Works great in FL…Miami congestion in down with the launch of band 2 and 12 since T-Mobile has 10 mhz band 2.

        • Fabian Cortez

          Precisely. Carrier aggregation on Band 12 works wonders to solve any congestion issues.

          And pay no attention to the troll using my name. Other names this guest troll goes by that has been brought to my attention: Guest, Walt, VN, Guest 2.

        • Fabian

          But most phones, tablets and hotspots don’t have Carrier Aggregation, and most places don’t have it enabled.

          Just some little facts you forgot to mention, I guess.

      • a d00d

        NAIL ON THE HEAD! I did a speed test a couple of days ago, and I’m only a 1/4 mile from the cell–I can see it from my “porch” easily, but it’s right next to a very busy stretch of freeway with lots of hotels. B4 download was…get ready…512kb/s. Half a megabit. Strangely, unlike the upload number below, this number was VERY consistent, like I was being throttled.

        And upload? 4-10Mb/s, most of the time around 7! No wonder these news stations can do their “special” live feed driving around on the streets in HD so easily.

        So, yeah, heavy, HEAVY video streaming. B12 getting activated here with the local Ch51 station moves may or may not make a big difference with CA, assuming they activate that as well at the same time. (Unfortunately my Nexus 6 doesn’t seem to aggregate B2+B4, but it did act like it was trying to do B4+B12 in Las Vegas last month as I was driving through, or so LTE Discovery was telling me.)

    • NYCTMO

      Same here

    • Jay J. Blanco

      its not useless it for making calls and texts when high band isn’t available. hints its only 5mhz it’ll be better once carrier aggregation is implemented

    • TBN27

      It’s not totally useless. I was able to surf the web on band 12 in NYC with decent speed and everything. However I have to say that in some parts of the city it is very week and does ‘t penetrate buildings at still. For example ikea in Brooklyn band 12 just plain doesn’t exist while AT&T’s band 17 is very strong with its full 5 bars.

  • Omar Boyer

    One thing i noticed here in Los Angeles which had band 12 for a while ,when my s7 or my dads G4 are on band 12 data never works yes nothing comes tru and only times it does its HORRIBLE slow kinda like if i were using 2G Edge its FRUSTRATING Facebook never loads, twitter, email, etc.. nada. .. but calls apparently do work fine i even get “HD” icon when making calls and they sound great . I put the phone on speaker when making calls to make sure its on band 12 and yes they are . So here in LA bands 12 problem is data because calls on it work fine.

    • Jay J. Blanco

      band 12 is not going to prioritized for data at all. its for extending coverage meaning you can call and text just fine which is low band is good for not high speed data connections that’s what high band is for

      i had these issues on Verizon in the middle of nowhere with just band 12 available.

      • Walt

        You had band 12 in the middle of nowhere with verizon? I think you ment to say band 13. Anyways verizon uses 10×10 mhz vs t-mobile 5×5. Granted verizon has double the customers t-mobile has that makes sense that it can be slow at times, but if you were in the middle of nowhere how could it be slow and overloaded?

        • Jay J. Blanco

          Yes band 13 and yes slow and overloaded because it was in a small town and majority of people at the summer camp where I worked had Verizon. Also when storms came I bumped to 3G and sometimes no service

        • Walt

          weird…if you manually set your phone to 3G you had the “No Service” icon? is Verizon’s 3G network on 850mhz or 1900mhz?

        • In the East, Verizon’s 3G is 800. Out West, it’s predominantly 1900.

      • Omar Boyer

        I know what you mean
        In the hospital were my sister had her baby i was on band 12 (couldn’t connect to band 4 at all so i was stuck with band 12) deep inside in the waiting room and underground parking lot i was surprised i even had signal deep in there but no data at all it just didnt work period. But calls worked fine in HD.

        • Jay J. Blanco

          Same here in some downtown building in my city data stops working and all I can do is call and text

      • patt

        Since when verizon has b12? Did you mean. 13?

        • Jay J. Blanco

          If you read 2 comments down I corrected myself. But thanks I forgot 700mhz was broken into 4 bands

        • patt

          I wrote it before you corrected it :P

  • Jay J. Blanco

    T-Mobile closed on the spectrum they purchased in South Carolina cant wait until they start build out of 700mhz.

    • Won’t happen this year, though, as it takes at least six months (from date of approval) to start. Look for them to start building in February 2017, about the time the new Samsung Galaxies and the Microsoft Surface Phones will be released.

      • Jay J. Blanco

        Yeah unfortunately

  • Mike

    I wouldn’t be over joyed that 700a spectrum arrived in your neighborhood if you use an IPhone as your daily driver. All existing IPhone DO NOT have band 12. You’ll have to tolerate shitty data speeds and poor call quality. Plan on buying a band 12 compatible phone. TMO has a list of comparable phones and zero iPhones are on the list. Android phones are on the list but if your an apple user yiu better put your name on the waiting list. TMO just screwed Apple iPhone users where 700a spectrum is/will be turned on…

    • Fabian

      B12 is probably good for VoLTE calls where the other bands don’t reach, but for data it depends, if it’s congested it really sucks, if it’s not congested is just okay.

      But there’s more, if your phone doesn’t have Carrier Aggregation or Carrier Aggregation is not available in your area, the stronger signal of B12 will not let you connect to the other bands, so you’ll be stuck with it and it’s issues.

      • a d00d

        First, “mike” is a troll. Obviously.

        Second, Fabian, you have to remember that B4 in most places is 15 or 20 MHz whereas B12 is only 5. Of course it’s going to be more congested in places where B4 isn’t that good–there’s only 25-33% of B4’s capacity to go around, especially in rural areas where a B12 cell might be 2-3 times bigger.
        If you’re not in a city, an amp with an outdoor antenna would be a big help here; in a city, it would probably cause more problems due to increased interference. (FD-LTE has all base stations transmitting across the entire band and uses MIMO and similar diversity techniques make everything work. IMHO, this is a big reason why LTE signals are so weak compared to HSPA+, although bandwidth is a big factor, too.)

    • Fight_Cobras

      Not sure what list you are looking at but, all newer iPhones (SE, 6s, and 6s+ )have band 12 in them.

    • dontsh00tmesanta

      Umm the iphone SE , 6s and 6s plus do…..been out for almost a year

    • patt

      Mike is few years behind lol

    • Flan Mandhersson

      Hey mick!
      This is Flan I see you use iPhone too? Also a samsung too? You complain about many phone! Just get a new phone and shh!

    • The three most recent IPhones have Band 12. Apple users should have no legitimate gripe about anything T-Mobile does!

      • Bradley Karas

        Only the 6s has Band 12

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    • maximus1901

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  • Walt

    I wish they could put band 12 on ever tower. (If the area has the license) im sitting in my house and my phone constantly goes from one bar of band 4 to two bars of band 12. The band 4 signal im recieving is a tower that is closer to me and does not have band 12 anntenas on it. A tower a little farther down the road does have band 12 and thats why my signal keeps on cutting in and out and switching between both LTE bands.

    To solve this problem i force my phone to hspa 4G when im at home. There would be no problem at all if all towers in my area had band 12 on them. Zip 44720

    • Matt

      I have to do the same thing when I’m home.

  • Flan Mandhersson

    Verison should have boughten tmo-bil when ever they had the chance. I still really like it, but this name just isnt as good as it should be.