T-Mobile Tuesdays app looks to be suffering from server issues


UPDATE: If you’re still having issues with the T-Mobile Tuesdays app, John Legere says that you can call 611 and get your codes that way.

UPDATE 2: T-Mobile says that the T-Mobile Tuesdays app should now be working normally. T-Mo also says that this week, you’ll be able to use your codes through Friday.


The third T-Mobile Tuesday is officially underway, and unfortunately, it doesn’t appear to be starting off smoothly.

Several Twitter users are reaching out to the official @TMobile and @TMobileHelp accounts to complain that the T-Mobile Tuesdays app and website are down. There are complaints that T-Mo customers aren’t seeing their gifts, and others are being met with an error message similar to the one that plagued users on the first T-Mobile Tuesday.

T-Mobile’s official Twitter accounts are reaching out to those affected, asking some to talk over Direct Message and suggesting that some folks trying logging out of the app and logging back in. Another T-Mo support rep has said that T-Mobile is aware of the server issues and that they’re working to resolve it.

The first T-Mobile Tuesday was plagued by server issues that lasted for hours, so here’s to hoping that T-Mo is able to fix the problem a bit faster this time. As a reminder, T-Mobile has swapped out Domino’s for Lyft this week following overwhelming demand for free pizzas, so this week’s gifts include a small Wendy’s Frosty, VUDU movie rental, a Lyft ride worth up to $15, and $20 to spend at MLB.com.

Are you experiencing issues with the T-Mobile Tuesdays app and website? Or is everything working smoothly for you?

Thanks, @Telnetport!

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  • FILA

    cant get the MLB coupon to load. Doesn’t even show up.

    • MattPortland

      Patience is a virtue.

      • Ordeith

        a responsive and flexible back end is a virtue. One that T-Mobile apparently lacks.

        • Guest 1 2 & 3

          I rather have a lower monthly bill since I’m mostly on wifi in the basement.

        • FILA

          Go to Google Fi then

        • Dave

          Try nettalk connect I switched to it from project fi. Nettalk runs of tmobile gives 10 gig lte unlimited talk text and normal throttled net after 10 gig for 25$/month even no fees or tax for first 7 months then 40 $ thereafter. You get all the. Tmobile perks like binge on and data stash.

  • Guest2

    Can’t wait to finally get my free domino’s pizza today for lunch…oh wait never mind. I guess plan B will have to be going to 12 different taco bells for free taco’s instead. Thank you Taco Bell, thank you Brian Niccol

    • VN

      You don’t have to try so hard

      You don’t have to bend until you break

      You just have to get up, get up, get up, get up

      You don’t have to change a single thing



  • Rirruto

    This promo is really becoming a joke. Server issues, Dominos being bombarded and dropping out, more server issues. What’s the point of a benefit if it’s so damn hard to claim?


      I agree

  • ChristianMcC

    It had issues for about an hour for me, 8:30-9:30 pdt, probably just everyone waking on the west coast. Before and after it’s been working though, so no big deal☺

  • NardVa

    Wow, no free pizza and the servers still craah.

  • VN

    Thank You T-Mobile. Thank You John Legere

    • Spanky


  • justanormalguy13

    Literally came here to see if there was issues, as mine has failed to load several times.

  • Mike G.

    Week 3 and another week of escaping issues. The key is to get in and get in early. Week 1 free pizza(11.99). Week 2 free pizza(11.99), week 3-20.00 coupon for mlbshop.com(copped me a sweet Texas Rangers cap) only paid 5 bucks for shipping. That is a grand total of 44 bucks worth of stuff for just being a customer. Thanks t-mo as I have been a customer since 2008!!!!

    • patt

      Shipping free with shop runner :D I don’t watch mlb but bought myself beer bottle coolers lol

    • Johnnola504

      What’s the mlb code. The Tuesday App is down. Thx!

  • Steven

    … Should have made a Windows Phone App… SMH

  • Brandon

    Tmobile should just stop the Tuesday thing altogether

  • nearvanaman

    T-Mobile ‘My Account’ inaccessible as well. Looks like their infrastructure is taking a beating from this bloody promotion.

  • cininne

    I’ve been trying all day to get in. In three weeks I haven’t even been able to get in long enough to see how it works. I think T-Mobile would be better off sending out email coupons. I’m very disappointed, especially as I was bragging to friends who use other carriers! Three weeks, three strikes, I think I’m just going to delete it and forget it.

    • patt

      It’s good idea to do it in the morning when you wake up ;)

      • cininne

        That’s what I thought after striking out on weeks 1 and 2. Started at 6:00 a.m. EST and just keep getting the the kid on the skateboard with the error message. I’ve been trying periodically throughout the day while at work. Sometimes I make it to my account and then the kid on the skateboard reappears! Its not even that I want the free stuff at this point, it is more the challenge of not being able to get in! :-)

        • patt

          I always do it through the web browser on the computer.

        • cininne

          Thanks I will give that a try. I’m curious to see what this fuss is all about.

  • S. Ali

    So funny to see people complain about not getting the free stuff. You’re not obligated to get any of these deals and you didn’t have them 3 weeks ago. Demand is outstripping supply, it happens when iPhone’s go on sale and its happening now. Deal with it, T-Mobile usually does right by customers. There are 52 weeks each year and we’ll have a chance every week.

    • J Williams

      Ali What day do we get paid again?

    • VN

      yea when so we get paid?

  • Chris Adams

    Shoprunner members get free shipping at MLB.com and since there have been so many orders today they shut down the ability to get free shipping. Regular customers not using the T-Mobile code are getting errors and are upset.

  • Jason Caprio

    It’s quite obvious that T-Mobile has run out of ideas if an Uncarrier movement is giving out free food and other useless stuff. How about instead fixing coverage? Last Saturday I was in the Pococo mountains in eastern PA near Bushkill and the Delaware Water Gap. Coverage map shows all magenta with no holes. Wasn’t the case when I was there. Weak signal in most spots with unusable data, and in many more spots, NO signal. Other times I roamed on AT&T on spots that on T-Mobiles map showed a good signal coverage. This is besides the ongoing slow data speeds I get in my home/work areas. I’ve been a T-Mobile customer since Feb. 2014 and while coverage has been improving in many places, it’s still an absolute joke when going to areas that have had Edge refarmed to Band 2 1900 LTE 5×5. If this is the best they can do for an “uncarrier movement”, then I doubt the next will be any better. Verizon is looking like a good option very soon.

    • matt

      Are you in a band 12 area, and do you have a band 12 phone? A lot of their improving the network is putting up band 12 areas, and then people here on the net complain about signal issues, only to find out that they have older phones that only work on bands 2 and 4, go figure.

      when ever complaining, make sure your device has band 12 and the area is band 12 if both of these are true, you have the right to complain all you want.

      • Jason Caprio

        I definitely have a right to complain lol. I have a Galaxy Note 5. I checked service mode here and there and most of the time it was just Band 2, but other times it was band 12 and occasionally Band 2+12 Carrier Aggregation when I was close to a tower. T-Mobile greatly exaggerates their coverage on their map and when I am in an area that is claimed to have coverage, I expect to have a signal! See for yourself. Search: 5261 Milford Rd, East Stroudsburg, PA 18302 on T-Mobile’s coverage map. In that area, my phone either had NO signal or had an emergency only signal from other carriers.

        • Joseph Cathey

          Done. At that particular address, coverage is very clearly marked as “fair” meaning you’ll likely get a bar or two outside, but indoor coverage is limited. That is accurate reporting to what you encountered.

        • Jason Caprio

          Not exactly because I was parked in my car near the general area of that address when I was trying to use my phone, and observed NO signal or a signal from an unknown carrier. I was standing OUTSIDE of my car to see if it would obtain something, and it wouldn’t. My girlfriend’s Nexus 6P also had zero signal in the same spots my Note 5 didn’t, which rules out phone issues.

    • TechnoRealz

      People like you keep saying VZW is a ‘better option’ – they ARE the better option – if you are willing to spend for it.

      No one is stopping you Daddy Warbucks.

    • Ordeith

      A better Uncarrier move would have been eliminating all the extra taxes and fees T-Mobile ads to the bill every month. It would have been more in the spirit of Uncarrier (removing pain points) and would have been logistically easier than the T-Mobile Tuesday tripe.

      • Ordeeth

        I rather have a lower bill even though I can get one with sprint.

      • Joe

        Then everyone gets the giftsame with your way. Tmobiles way a lot of the people won’t be cashing in stuff and they are counting on that. Plus tmobile doesn’t even pay money for any of this. Wendy’s is footing the bill for the frosty. That’s why domino’s had to stop last week because they were losing so much money. They banked on people adding onto their order instead of just getting the free pizzas and leaving.

        So no, you will not see a reduction on your bill because tmobile would be losing a crap load of money.

        • Ordeith

          There is a cost to T-Mobile, the private data they are giving to the companies in exchange for their participation isn’t worth *that* much. There’s also a hefty administrative cost, app development cost, hosting costs, etc.
          I say save that money and lower my bill. Something that everyone can take advantage of equally is a plus. No need to segregate your customers or treat them like animals while you sadistically watch them fight over the bones you throw.

  • jordyecruzp

    At least I managed to nag the Vudu movie rental. Was rather hype for the Wendy’s Frosty with a nice Taco tho ;(

  • Nick

    I got a nice CLE Indians hat! I am happy

    I have 12 lines so I am looking forward to getting home and loading up on stuff (when the servers are fixed).

    I switched from AT&T to T-Mobile in November. Coverage can be spotty at times, but we managed to use 115 GB of data between our 12 phones last month. With the 50 GB plan we where on at AT&T that would have cost $975 just in overage charges! T-Mobile provides me with okay coverage, great customer service, awesome value, and free bonuses. I am a happy owner (thanks to Stock Up)!

  • Ky

    Tip to T-mobile, don’t send the notifications to everyone all at once.

  • Mike Thaler

    I got notice when I clicked on app on Monday I could access “Tuesday” at 2AM Tues. (not midnite). That w&ould have been 5AM EDT. (I am now on West coast) Why cut off 22 hours?
    They could give you days in advance to sign up and avoid these problems.

  • lomsha

    $20 don’t cover shipping? Laaaame. Lol

  • conservative_motorcyclist

    website is still broken for me! Thank goodness I will get until Friday to redeem, if this article is correct.

  • Grandy Johnson

    I was finally able to get through to order a hat at MLB.com costing well under $20 to discover that, regardless of the cost under the $20 coupon, there is a Shipping and Tax charge. There was no tax associated with the Domino’s pizza or Wendy’s frosty. There is something special with there being no out of pocket cost.

  • Joe

    MLB shop everything is so expensive WOW. Simple toddlers shirt is $25. Come on really? They doing the Kohls thing and mark everything up before these codes went out so people thinking they getting a deal when they see $20 off. $7 for standard shipping for one shirt. And you can’t combine codes if you have more than one phone.

    It was a nice thought Tmobile but clearly MLB shop has won on this one.

    • regq

      Yea and the 20 only applies to the item bought shipping and tax are extra. Most stores usually apply coupons to your total balance.

  • Johnnola504

    Made two separate purchases at MLB, I have two line family plan . $40 off two Washington nationals bobble heads, Bryce Harper Stephen Strausburg! Happy as a pig in shit! Thank you my T-Mobile! See you next week!

  • Guess

    I hate
    baseball, it slow and boring. How about Football, Basketball or Hockey?

    • teee

      Probably coming in the futue, if the program survives lol.

  • I’m afraid it is a gimmick, it is going to do more harm than benefit to T-Mobile

  • Kevin

    this #GetThanked thingy is turning into a disaster.

  • Craig McDaniel

    I used it Week #1 and it flopped. Went to pick up the pizza and they denied they got an order. Called 611 but they couldn’t do anything. Not that a pizza’s that big a deal but I wanted to see how the 2 companies would handle this setup. They didn’t.

    Skipped last week but 2 of us tried today. We both “won” bon appetit magazine subscriptions, except neither of the codes we were given by TMO were recognized by the publisher. I think I’m done with it.

  • Bionic Lady

    MLB checkout with Paypal wouldn’t work with the code. I ended up getting charged full price. I wrote to them about it and they messed up my refund. They still owe me $5.99. Not so sure getting ‘Thanked’ is worth all this hassle.