Next T-Mobile Tuesday swapping Domino’s for Lyft due to overwhelming demand for free pizza


When T-Mobile originally announced T-Mobile Tuesdays, it said that the promo would give customers a free medium Domino’s pizza each week. After two weeks of free pizzas, though, it doesn’t look like the third week will include any free ‘zas.

T-Mobile CEO John Legere has announced that T-Mo is changing things up for next week’s T-Mobile Tuesday. For the week of June 21, T-Mobile is swapping out the free Domino’s pizza for a free Lyft ride worth up to $15, which is the special promo that was included this week.

As for why Domino’s is being swapped out next week, it looks like the company was swamped by all of the free orders. An internal Domino’s email — which was retweeted by John Legere — explains that the pizza chain as suspended the T-Mobile Tuesdays promo indefinitely following this week’s events and employee feedback.

It’s unclear if Domino’s will return to T-Mobile Tuesdays at some point in the future. The internal email says that the promo is cancelled indefinitely, while John Legere says that T-Mo “can’t thank you w/pizza next week.” It’s possible that T-Mobile and Domino’s will talk and bring back the free pizzas at some point, but we’ll just have to wait and see if that’s the case.

The T-Mobile Tuesdays promotion has had a bit of a rough start. Last week, T-Mo’s servers struggled to keep up with demand, and this week some folks were frustrated that their store had reached its limit on free pizzas. There’s bound to be some folks that are disappointed that they won’t be getting free pizza next week, but at least T-Mo has substituted it with another free Lyft ride. So in all, next Tuesday will bring a free small Wendy’s Frosty, VUDU movie rental, Lyft ride, and $20 to spend at

Thanks, anonymous!

Source: @JohnLegere

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  • redvw

    While I loved the free pizza, a free Lyft ride is almost useless for those who have their own rides.

    • patt

      Lyft is all over NYC but I still wouldn’t want to use lyft lol. They are just as bad as uber.

    • eewe3

      This, especially when the credit expires aftfer 24 hrs.

    • Drewski

      Sooo Ungrateful. Why the hate/selfish-ness? :(

      • Guest

        Nothing to be grateful about, it’s a promotion of promotions. If you like what T-Mobile is doing pay them with your loyalty, that’s it, that’s the idea behind it, it’s not like a good neighbor, if those still exist, giving something for nothing.

      • VN

        Yea they shouldn’t be so hateful and selfish.

    • Trevnerdio

      Or there’s just no Lyft where you are lol

    • Verizonthunder

      I agree completely. Why use lift, when I can drive my 2012 Mercedes Benz C300 sport??? Perfer a 15 dollar gift card to google play or itunes

  • S. Ali

    How sad that Domino’s couldn’t handle the load despite reducing the promo to 100/day. Hope they find a more suitable partner…..Taco Bell? I think they should do multiple food offers and make each account have a random option.

  • Jose Hernandez

    This is kind of sad. It only lasted 2 weeks

  • saimin

    The problem is that the free pizza offer was only good for 2 days. If they made it valid for the whole week, then the stores would have no problem keeping up. Are these Lyft coupons going to be good for 2 days only or for the whole week?

    • eewe3

      probably 2 days

  • wrwrw

    What did they expect? pfff

  • John Doe

    Why not just give away digital items?

  • 0oiiiiio0

    2 Million app downloads + 4,986 locations + 100 pie limit per location = 498,600 and lots of unhappy customers #getthanked!

    Lyft is kinda useless for me and couldn’t find a single friend who would have used it.

    If the mlb thing actually doesn’t end up costing me anything I will probably find something and have it shipped to a shelter cause I don’t really like sports.

    • matt

      i was bummed out that the lyft coupon only lasted that day. i ended up using it to get a doctor appointment

      • sidekicker89

        how was the ride? was the car nice?

    • patt

      I like sports just not MLB or American Football. I prefer actual Football lol.

  • Guest

    Uncarrier 11.2:

    2 Jack In The Box tacos

    1 medium order of french fries from McDonald

    And 1 medium Diet Coke from Burger King to make the meal healthy


    If they don’t do at least something like that, I’ll not feel thanked enough from my wireless provider.

    • VN

      Thank you John Legere! Thank you T-Mobile!

    • steveb944

      I think the diet soda may be the worst item you listed.

  • NardVa

    I liked the free pizza idea. Maybe they should do 1 free per account. You got people with 5 to 10 lines all getting free pizzas.

  • Grateful

    Guys, it’s still free stuff. I don’t want to read another comment that complains about what they are giving away. That’s the dumbest and most ungrateful thing I see. Is any other carrier giving ANYTHING away???

    Exactly, if you don’t like what they are giving away simply don’t take it as I’m sure someone else will. Be grateful for what you have and can get.

    • Guest

      I’d like a free aspirin right now, your comment is too much for me.

    • Guest 2

      Completely agree

  • Robert

    They need to make the code redeemable only on Tuesday, however, once redeemed, it remains in your account for a week (until the following Tuesday). Allowing people to use the code any day out of the week rather than just swamping the stores with orders on one day. If you don’t redeem on Tuesday, or you don’t use it by the following Tuesday, you lose the code and the free pizza.

    • HondaGuy

      That did work last week. My husband and I ordered our pizzas to be picked up on Wednesday. This week we tried to place an order for pickup on Wednesday, and it said that our coupon was invalid.

  • Dark enV

    It’s definitely sad to see this offer go. I definitely agree that they should allow the promo to be redeemed throughout the week instead of on just Tuesday, I think that would make it less hectic for Domino’s

    • Agreed. If they made it valid from Tuesday one week until the next, it’d be less of a mess. I’d still get my pizza on Tuesday, but others would probably switch to Fridays and Saturdays.

      • Seth

        Tuesday is historically a slow day for business. The reason this deal exists in the first place, is to increase orders on Tuesdays and hope that people buy more items alongside their pizza. The promotion doesn’t make sense for them to do it throughout the week and the T-Mobile Tuesday tag line means nothing if you can redeem throughout the week.

  • BadBatz

    Next Tuesday Lyft will be swamped and T-Mobile will switch again to free coupons for removal of tonsils on Tuesdays or such.
    As for the pizza, not that I’m a great fan, but I did redeem it yesterday at my local outlet (in the boondocks, apparently only 5 customers redeemed at that location the first week) but Lyft doesn’t operate here so…, so much for free stuff.

    • JLV90

      lyft wouldn’t get swamped most people have a car they drive themselves.

  • Deadeye37

    Well, all I know is that the Vudu credit is great. Bought a movie on sale yesterday that was only ~$2 after the credit. They have some $5 movies you could buy outright, but none of them floated my boat.

    • sidekicker89

      which move did you buy? I bought Lord of The Rings cause it was on sale haha

      • sidekicker89


  • Dylan Wentworth

    I had a problem with the lyft promos. I successfully redeemed and was in my lyft account and was supposed to be good for 24 hours but 8 hours later it was gone. I contacted lyft and they restored it and now they’re good till July.

  • Kevin

    Didn’t get the pizza 1st week because the system issue…didn’t get the pizza 2nd week because all my local Dominos reach their limits, and there won’t a 3rd week…I mean I love T-Mobile and I appreciated what they doing for their customers but this is….sigh…

    • Craig

      You should have ordered sooner.. You know you can order and set a time for pick up right? First week I ordered earlier in the day and set pick up at 7pm.

  • randpost

    i picked up 5 pizzas yesterday. The employees at my Dominoes looked overworked and sad. I can see why Dominoes cancelled their involvement with Tmobile Tuesdays

    • gmo8492

      Yeah, I experienced the same thing when I picked my 5 pizzas. They must have been really ticked off at T-Mobile for this promo. Oh well.

    • Jon

      probably because people are picking up 5 pizzas at a time…

      • steadymobb

        … For free. And probably leaving no tip

        • compuguy1088

          I left a good tip.

        • JBrowne1012

          If it’s free and you pick it up you are not required to tip. Tipping is general is an option/choice not a requirement. Dominos employees are hourly based anyways.

        • steadymobb

          I know that it isn’t required. Just saying.

        • Craig

          Tipping is for delivery.. not when you go down to the store to pick it up at the counter. In what restaurant anywhere do you tip the person at the counter when you pick up food made by an assembly line???

        • steadymobb

          I know what tipping is thank you

        • steadymobb

          I’m just saying staff overwhelmed and overworked with less tips because more people are doing carry out = employee complaints to management and thus no more free pizza

  • Walt

    People, there’s no way domino’s would offer this anyday of the week. People would just be getting their pizza’s on friday/saturday night cutting into their profits and production time. They aggreed to do it on Tuesday probably cause that was the slowest day of the week for them. They should make it available 2 days a week but redeemable only once for that week And only 1 pizza per account. People with 6 lines getting 6 free pizzas lol no wonder this promo ended. Im sure they had a contract written out and Dominos agreed to it. I’d like to see this turn out for the best in the near future. Who doesnt like free food!

    • gmo8492

      Yup, I have 5 lines and everyone got their own pizza. This past Tuesday was a mess, my local Dominos was slammed and they actually ran out of several pizza toppings when I was in line. Their email system crashed too…lol

  • Philip

    Why not just give us a few dollars back instead of doing this silly things.

    • SBacklin

      I tweeted T-Mobile saying that another movie coupon would’ve been better and I also said that they shouldn’t be giving out free fast food. There are so many better things for people. To digress a bit, it’s like that meme on Facebook that talks about why America has an obesity problem. The picture of the meme shows fast food and pop being like $1 and the healthy drinks and food being $4 or $5. Basically you could say T-Mobile isn’t helping the problem by giving away fast food. Lol

      • Craig

        Or you can just keep your health nut BS to yourself and let everyone else use their own brains to make their own decisions!?!???

        • SBacklin

          You must be intellectually inept. First of all, I never said anyone can’t make their own decisions. Second of all, i was merely trying to point out something that needs to be said. Lastly, you complain about what someone else says and then coming off sounding like a 5 year old?

  • Isaiah

    It looks T Mobile Tuesdays is already starting to fail two weeks in. So now the only offer worth anything is VUDU but how long will that last if everybody starts using that coupon.

  • Sean (AJ6B)

    I guess we put Dominos to the test (like they asked us to do in their commercials) and they failed?

    • Isaiah

      Dominos failed the test. I will be getting my pizza’s at papa johns now.

    • John Shan

      But you where not paying customer and all the free pizza redemptions slowed the stores down. Hurting the paying customers on longer wait times.

      • Troy

        I was a paying customer. I paid for more.

      • JBrowne1012

        yeah we were, t-mobile paid for it.

  • FILA

    It was fun while it lasted. I knew Dominos wouldn’t be able to keep up. It’ll be a slap in the face to them thou if Pap Johns can. I hate Papa Johns, but for free I may eat some. I was lucky to get my pizzas both weeks

    • Guest

      It’s gonna be hard to find another fast food chain as a partner after witnessing how bad it was for Domino’s.

      • Guest

        No there are other fast food chains out there that can cope just fine.

    • TylerCameron

      Pizza is kinda like sex.
      Even when it’s bad, it’s still pretty good.

  • Rob

    It would be nice if the Lyft was a credit I could apply and use when I wanted to. This must use by Wednesday crap does me no good. As someone who’s disabled and doesn’t drive, I was excited to see a benefit I could actually use… Until I realized I had no use for it.

    • Moby

      I’m sure you could’ve found some place to go today, disabled or not.

    • Enrique Escobar

      if you read the tweet above from John it says valid trough Thursday…i mean at least you can use the credit in a 3 day window

  • Guest

    Wendy’s was smart to only “giveaway” a $0.25 worth of cold sugary stuff. For VUDU it’s a good promotion as well. Same with Lyft, although costly if Lyft is footing all the bill.

  • Jerry Rich

    Keep the pizza and the rest, just give me the security and any Android updates on time.

    • steveb944

      If you want updates, you buy Nexus.

  • Jay Trainer

    Lyft isn’t allowed in Upstate NY where I live. At least Dominos was there.

  • TaekwonBo

    TMO should partner with multiple pizza chains then when Tuesday hits, you need to select 1 of the stores. This would give people to eat pizza at the store of their choice or give away Jamba Juice, That franchise is never busy

  • sidekicker89

    I have an entire pizza left in my fridge lol. I can’t believe how much pizza I have eaten in just two weeks! I’ve noticed T-Mobile is teaming up with Buffalo Wild Wings too. Time to get bigger pants! lol -__-

    • Allen Alberto Enriquez

      Same here gezz I am glad I ordered mine way ahead! I like how vudu their is 3 day rental or 2 day rental to make it stretch, beause the first round of movies took me all day to just finish! Happy Tuesday’s everyone! I am glad it’s changing to another type of food it’s to much food!

    • Craig

      It’s only a medium.. Your acting like you got free large pizza’s. *rolls eyes*

  • sidekicker89

    I wonder what Dominos actually gained from this. Did T-Mobile actually pay for all the free pizzas or did T-Mobile just provide free advertising for dominos hoping customers would buy extras with their free pizza like drinks and desserts.

    • steveb944

      Free advertising, hoping for add on items.

    • Guest

      Domino’s says T-Mobile bought 100 pizzas from each store.

  • steveb944

    Well I got 5 the first week, but I tipped them when I picked them up.
    This week I had to call back and cancel the 3 I ordered because the code didn’t work.
    Vudu is pretty great, Lyft is meh. And looking forward to some MLB gear.

    • skywalkr2

      If I didn’t already know how to get everything for free… Vudu would be awesome.

      • steveb944

        Agreed, but I like to show some sort of support for certain projects from artists.

        • skywalkr2

          lol me too. I think I own 300 blu rays.

  • Chilehead

    If there was already a built in cap on pizza orders per store then some bean counter clearly needs to be fired.

    • Artie

      Agreed. If it’s about the cost… Hello?! Someone approved 100 per store. Mine were busy with angry people who didn’t understand about the limit and were demanding their “free pizzas” just because they could show them the phone. They were all nice and explained that you have to do it online, and they have no way to do it in store. So there could have been an element of people just being rude and the store staff saying “forget this!” to their chain of command.

      • Chilehead

        I’m not sure how it could be about the cost if they had a cap to begin with. I’m guessing they didn’t forecast the volume of usage properly. It’s now obvious they didn’t since their servers couldn’t even handle the load on launch Tuesday. I’m not mad but this reminds me of JUMP1 which they quickly pulled since it was such a sweet deal.

      • Joe

        The word “Free” blinds people to the small print. It says so that the code can only be redeemed for carryout and online only.

  • Durandal_1707

    I knew this promotion wouldn’t last long, but I didn’t expect it to blow up that quickly.

  • Bummer, there goes the only freebie I cared about. If T-Mobile paid for 100 pizzas per store, why would Dominos complain? My guess is T-Mobile didn’t actually pay for them… It was prob a marketing trade for pizzas.

    • Danny Lewis

      Yeah, or T-Mobile bought a bunch of coupons in bulk and didn’t expect to have as many as they had redeemed.

      • T-Mobile customers don’t know how to use the f’ing app, so they go into the store and demand domino’s to show them how to use it. This takes time out of making pizzas and in the meantime, lines are growing out the door because some fuktard decides to walk into dominoes and try to order in store. That’s not what the app is for. Order BEFORE YOU GO. If you don’t know how to use the app, Youtube, it. I’m sure someone made a video for you retards.

        • JBrowne1012

          They should have gone to t-mobile to ask.

        • Konor Sacks

          Sounds like something my grandmother would do…lol

  • Shadowleo

    Honestly though dominos isnt even good… we gave it a shot and barely ate it. Give us some free pizza hut or something else cause dominos is terrible

    • Man, Domino’s is the best. Pizza Hut is way too greasy, Papa John’s is way too dry. And Domino’s has the best bread sides of the three.

      • sorandkairi

        Marco’s or bust.

        • Never heard of it.

      • Shadowleo

        I’m convinced you don’t know what good pizza is.

        • Those are the only three places near me, and those are my judgements. Lol. Although my “favorite in the world” is actually John’s Pizzeria in New York. But I don’t live in New York, I live in Alabama :(

        • Shadowleo

          They explains it lol

    • Steven

      Living in Alabama as well. Domino’s DOES suck. Pizza Hut would be so much better! Papa Johns is solid. So is Marcos Pizza. Basically anything but freakin Domino’s. No wonder they were on board with this promotion, they’re that desperate to get people to eat their food.

      • Shadowleo


      • Papa John’s is literally the worst pizza I have ever had in my life. I tried it twice to make sure. Still terrible. Pizza Hut is great, and the only Dominos worth eating is the pan pizza.

        • skywalkr2

          50% agree. I love Dominos if it ISN’T the Pan pizza.

    • Danny Lewis

      I had not ordered a Domino’s pizza since 2013 and I have to say Domino’s has greatly improved. It was delicious. Way better than Pizza Hut and Papa John’s. I still favor my local pizza places more though, but as for fast food pizza, it was great.

      • skywalkr2

        i also like the new Pizza Hut. Papa John’s is a waste of money.

    • Konor Sacks

      They should give us a little Caesars pizza… they are good,

      • skywalkr2

        You must be joking.

        • Chilehead

          I was thinking the same thing.

        • Konor Sacks

          No I am not there deep dish is good, and there pizza is better than dominos…

    • skywalkr2

      Domino’s is better than good.

  • F4LL0U7

    I ate two free pizzas by myself over the past two weeks, and I for one am ok with seeing the end of the Domino’s promotion. Eating a Domino’s pizza once a week is not sustainable. I don’t want to die. But at the same time, I would not let free food go to waste. If they add Domino’s back in as one of the special freebies once in awhile, that would be cool.

    All I really care about is that VUDU code anyway.

    • AJ2

      Where r the healthy foods? Soon some organization will protest Tmobile for promoting obesity. I bet a lot of people ate fast food they might not have otherwise just because it was free.

  • Renaldo Epps

    I hate the fact that T-Mobile over sells and under delivers. If you’re the fastest growing mobile company in the United States why wouldn’t you account for pizza sales. What were you thinking people were not going to take advantage of it. This again was a huge blow up. How about cutting your prices by 20%.

    • It’s not them, it’s Dominoes. They can’t keep up. And on top of that, T-Mobile customers are half to blame. I been at Dominoes twice picking up my order, and each time, the Dominoes employee was taking time out to help customers order through the app, because their too stupid to figure it out on their own. True story…I go on this past Tuesday and the customer forced the employee to take the cellphone and hand-walk the customer in the process. So while this is going on, the line builds out the door. The one’s at fault is the customers. Stop being f’ing morons and learn the app BEFORE you go into the store!!!! They are the ones who take up too much time.

      • Renaldo Epps

        Yes when you have a promotion you should make it easy for your customers to use. The Wendy’s show the code is perfect.

        • fentonr

          I don’t know, seemed pretty easy to me, I clicked the link in the T-Mobile Tuesday’s app and then picked what I wanted on the pizza and checked out. I think people are just stupid. The thing about making something idiot proof is that they just make a better idiot.

        • TechnoRealz

          Yep. Same here Dominos was super easy to get from the TMO app after that initial morning.
          Guess smartphone doesn’t make smart user

        • Crystal Bass

          Its easy. Proves this country is full of entitled morons. If you cannot figure out how to do it, it’s your own fault. If you don’t get anything, who cares. It’s a free bonus, they shouldnt have even given anything to us ungrateful arseholes.

        • Critic4U

          We used to have a poster in our building that said “we live in an era of smartphones and stupid stupid people” at our call center at sprint

        • Apple users.

        • Konor Sacks

        • Was easy to me to. I also just ordered online so I wouldn’t have to wait in line and back up other people’s orders.

        • AJ2

          Also realize serving an extra Frosty is a lot easier and requires less time & manpower than making a pizza

      • Goat

        This is why I paid online, Prevents my taking up any more of their valuable time!

      • TylerCameron

        (I accidentally responded to the wrong guy, thanks invisible delete button)
        I feel the need to point out that there are at least 50 million T-Mobile subscribers… and not even CLOSE to that amount of Domino’s stores. Now, we can’t say for sure really anything since we don’t have numbers, but let’s just say a regular Domino’s takes about 100 orders a day, and through this promotion, got 500 orders in a day, an influx of customers like that would cause problems no matter what, because you also have to consider that Domino’s stores aren’t generally big, so there can’t be more than, say, 5 people working on a pizza at once. I’m not putting blame on anyone here….

    • TylerCameron

      I feel the need to point out that there are at least 50 million T-Mobile subscribers… and not even CLOSE to that amount of Domino’s stores. Now, we can’t say for sure really anything since we don’t have numbers, but let’s just say a regular Domino’s takes about 100 orders a day, and through this promotion, got 500 orders in a day, an influx of customers like that would cause problems no matter what, because you also have to consider that Domino’s stores aren’t generally big, so there can’t be more than, say, 5 people working on a pizza at once. I’m not putting blame on anyone here….

      • Renaldo Epps

        Great Points, I still feel that me the Domino’s should have been aware of this type of issue coming from a mobile company such as T-Mobile. T-Mobile should have made dominoes aware of the large influx of customers that they had before striking a deal. When you inform your customers a free items you already know how many customers you have. The fact that many people have more than 3 telephone lines should have been noted before beginning such a huge promotion. Also keep in mind that this was the uncarrier 11th move. So they should have been aware of the magnitude in which this promotion would have brought.

        • AJ2

          But they didn’t. And if you want to keep control of your customers experience, don’t put it on a third party. Tmobile can easily start their own loyalty plan tomorrow and reward you with discounts based on how much you’ve spent or how long you’ve been a customer

      • AJ2

        Thr blame is on marketing suits in headquarters coming up with ideas but not working in the trenches or getting input from the stores to realize the potential problems. I worked in local, regional and national marketing and PR for McDonald’s for many years and saw this type of thing happen often. One good thing is once a year McDonald’s made everyone affiliated with the company spend a day working in the local store. They then realized why some promotions that sounded great in theory would not be able to be executed properly

  • Josh Warfel

    I’m thankful for the free gifts, and I guess beggers can’t be choosy.. But, Does T-Mobile realize that Lyft isn’t available in most of the US? It would be better to provide a perk that most of their customers can use. Otherwise, a “free gift” is a slap in the face to those that can’t use it.

    • AJ2

      You actually think they care? If they did, they’d just reduce your bill after 6 or 12 months of loyal service

  • Rene Shabastari

    Besides Lyft not being available in very many places, the promo code runs out a couple hours after launch, so unless you camp the app until release there will be no Lyft code for anyone else. It was a huge disaster and let down this past Tuesday

    • AJ2

      That’s because it’s more about publicity than actual redemption
      Look at how much press Lyft has gotten from Tmobile. I never knew they were in so few places. In major cities many drivers work for both Lyft and Uber

  • Lyft is useless for me, even if it were in the area. Pizza at least was useful.

    • Adam

      In my area, there is no Domino’s (the Straight Talk of pizza). There was one open for about a year, but the family run pizzerias kicked their ass with better taste and faster delivery, so Domino’s had to fold.

      • skywalkr2

        That’s surprising. I don’t think I’ve ever seen an area without Dominos.

      • Craig

        Wow sounds like a great place to live. If only the small business could beat big business all over the country life would be better.

      • TylerCameron

        I would LOVE to taste a pizza better than Domino’s ! Their garlic crust and amazing sauce keep me coming !

        • AJ2

          Don’t know where you live but got to a major city with an Italian neighborhood. Local pizzerias are almost always better than the big chains

      • AJ2

        That’s actually a good thing

    • AJ2

      So because it’s useless to you, they should cancel it? The solution is for them to just give discounts on Tmobile plans, devices, accessories etc. It seems they’re jumping through hoops & making things overly complex. I think they were trying to profit by bringing in 3rd parties who want to promote their products to Tmobile customers

      • Pretty sure I said nothing about doing away with it, I was simply expressing my disappointment that a perk I found useful was replaced with one I find useless.

        If you want to know what I really think, I think there should be a bank of perks, maybe in the 5-7 range, and we could each pick the 3 most useful to us individually. That way each individual would have a greater chance of getting something actually useful (my parents for instance live in a town where there’s no Wendy’s, Dominos or Lyft, and they don’t have internet so none of the perks benefit them). Plus, it would decrease the chances of a single company being overwhelmed.

  • JBrowne1012

    T-mobile needs a REAL loyalty program. Nobody cares about owning a stock portion nor giving only 100 people free pizza per location in a city where there are millions with the service. Unacceptable T-mobile. This is ridiculous.

    • Why does T-Mobile owe you anything? You pay them for a service they render, why do they owe you more than that?

      • JBrowne1012

        T-mobile owes it’s loyal customer some sort of loyalty or rewards program, if you buy a brand’s automotive and continue with them they give you trade credit for being loyal. If you shop anywhere they have a rewards program that is essentially a loyalty program that more often you shop you get some sort of discount the next time. Why is T-mobile any different? It keeps you being a customer of their service it’s not about entitlement it’s about respecting the fact that we choose their service over everyone else.

        • Argeezy

          Do you ask for free groceries just because you shop at publix as well? where is Verizon’s, sprints, and att’s loyalty program? T-mobile doesn’t have to do anything. You choose their service because they offer the best plans and features (binge on, music freedom, etc.), along with the best customer support.

        • JBrowne1012

          Texas, there is no publix but there is HEB to which if you shop there they have their own coupons to which is a sort of rewards you get for shopping there compared to other grocery stores. eEery business including dominos has a rewards program. Papa johns and dominos both have a rewards program that if you accumulate points after constantly buying food from them they will reward you with free pizza.

        • Adam

          Rewards? I think you mean trading your privacy for a coupon, while the store profiles you to try to get you to buy more stuff.

          I don’t mind this system, because I try to work it. One week I will buy steak with wine. The next week, I will just buy steak. This causes the grocery story to think I bought wine somewhere else, which I didn’t. The store will then give me a coupon for wine hoping to get my business back. At which point, I buy the wine I intended to buy to begin with.

        • JBrowne1012

          Businesses already have your information whether they’ve obtained it legally or not when you order from delivery places your information is already out there any credit transaction have your name on it. Credit cards even have rewards/loyalty programs. They already have your SSN so what new private info are you trading for a coupon?

        • Argeezy

          Lol, My point flew over your head. Goodnight sweet prince.

        • JBrowne1012

          Your point is invalid.

        • AJ2

          That’s the way to do it. Have a program you control. Don’t rely on another company to provide services to your customers. Boost used to have something where after you made payments for a certain time your monthly rate was lowered. Theres many ways to do this & have Tmobile control it without getting others involved and making it complicated.

        • JBrowne1012

          Verizon has contracts and sprint has discount programs as well as at&t and employee discount programs that many people utilize. Literally every major business in America has a rewards/loyalty program for their customers.

        • JBrowne1012

          To elaborate further activation fee’s and upgrade fees gets waived after a certain time you have been with the company.

        • Byron Geils

          T-Mobile has more rewards/loyalty programs than any other wireless carrier: Advantage program, Business Family Discount, Smartphone Equality ($0 down for all), Stock Up, etc.

        • JBrowne1012

          Business family is for t-mobile employees, Advantage program depends on who you work on if it’s good or not, $0 down is just an install eip for the full cost, stock up I’m not much a fan of.

        • AJ2

          Millennial are used to being catered to & everyone getting a trophy. Publix doesnt have a loyalty program (although they have weekly sales and coupons). Walmart has zilch. Kroger has a loyalty card that in addition to sales earns you points to redeem for gas discounts. CVS has a loyalty card. Every company operates differently. If Tmobile wants a smooth loyalty program, start one they control. This wasn’t merely a loyalty program but a marketing program with third parties. No one has access to the agreements. Tmobile could Institute the equivalent of frequent flyer. Earn points for every dollar you spend and then redeem that for free service or device discounts. Actually, Straight Talk just started something similar where you earn points. That way you don’t have to rely on other companies service to reward your customers

        • Pak T

          There is no such thing as a “loyal customer”. Instead there are customers that stick with T-Mobile because the customer has decided they are the best provider for their needs for whatever reason (coverage, price, etc.). The second T-Mobile is no longer the best for that customer’s needs, that customer is gone. You, the “loyal customer”, will dump T-Mobile as soon as you find a better option just as fast as T-Mobile can dump a free pizza offer. You choose their service over everyone else’s because everyone else isn’t offering enough of what you want to make you switch.

        • AJ2

          You mean a 99 cent Frosty won’t keep you “loyal”?

        • Loco Mole

          Other than the service we pay for, they don’t owe anything. Nada. Zip. Zilch.

          They can try to retain and gain more by doing a loyalty program, but no, you don’t deserve their freebies more than the next customer.

        • AJ2

          I’m willing to bet you’re under 30..Probably way under. Miklrmuals feel they deserve stuff & are entitled. You pay for a service and Tmobile delivers it. Anything else is a bonus. Many companies don’t have loyalty programs. If Tmobile wants something to run smoothly, they shouldn’t rely on third parties. They could give you points for every dollar or month of service and after you reach a certain number, you can redeem a credit on your bill or a new device or an accessory. That would be the easiest thing. Something like frequent flyer miles. They would control it and could reward their loyal existing base since frequently, promotions r 4 new customers or lines of service

    • Adam

      The grandfathered pricing keeps me ‘loyal’. Normally when I get a price increase, that is my cue to shop around.

    • Mike

      Stop being f*cking greedy. Atleast T-Mobile is offering something free when they don’t have to. Does Verizon, AT&T, or Sprint give you weekly free stuff ? F*ck No

    • Mike

      Stop being f**king greedy. Atleast T-Mobile is offering something free when they don’t have to. Does Verizon, AT&T, or Sprint give you weekly free stuff ? F**k No

    • Argeezy

      My point isn’t invalid. You chose to ramble on about shitty reward programs from other company’s while initially stating that Tmobile needs a “Real” loyalty program. T-mobile Tuesday’s is it. You ignored my reasoning for selecting and sticking with a carrier as well but that’s okay. Just switch to att/sprint/Verizon already and stop crying . :)

    • Guest

      Maybe. But I’d prefer better service, faster speeds, better phone selections or more data. The rates are too expensive for a provider like T-Mobile.

      • Guest

        That’s why I’m switching to cricket.

        • TylerCameron

          Better signal… I’ll give you that…
          Faster speeds: Not when they’re capped at 8mbps.
          More data: Cricket does give more data per dollar than T-Mobile, so I’ll give you that as well.
          Shit, the only reason I’m on T-Mobile is because I’m on an obscure family plan, $50/each for 2 lines of unlimited data. And coverage… I actually usually have better coverage than those on AT&T where I travel.

        • AJ2

          Try Straight Talk Bring Your Own Phone. Its not capped at 8mbps

      • TylerCameron

        Phone selection? They’re GSM/HSPA/LTE… Your phone selection is quite vast, actually.

    • AJ2

      Its all just publicity and Tmobile seems to have a lot of millennial customers who eat these things up

  • Guest

    If Un-carrier 11 fails, T-Mobile will have to “thank” us somehow… Any suggestions?

    • AJ2

      A months credit or $100 off a new phone., free accessories … They can offer things they control

  • Jason Caprio

    Was good while it lasted I guess. I got a free pizza this week and last week. This Tuesday I ordered ahead around 4PM for my medium to be ready by 7PM. When I arrive at the store, there were about 15 people cramped inside the lobby waiting for their pizza. The employees inside looked insanely overwhelmed and to make matters worse there were rude customers giving them hell because their orders were not ready on time. I had to wait until 7:40PM for my pizza to actually be ready because of how slammed the place was. I overheard one of the employees say “Our regular customers are getting screwed!”. People would show up and they were told it would be a 1.5 hour wait for their order.

    I think the sheer number of customer complaints because of delayed orders drove Dominos to drop the promotion, and I can’t blame them.

    • JBrowne1012

      Dominos is usually quick to get pizzas out it’s only 100 pizza’s and last tuesday didn’t have anything major happening sports wise. I don’t understand how they could get overwhelmed unless they were under staffed.

      • Jason Caprio

        I’m sure it depends on the location. Bensalem, PA is a highly populated area just outside of Philadelphia. Lots of people wanting free stuff lol

      • AJ2

        An extra 100 orders within a few hours on a weekday

    • Loco Mole

      40 minute was definitely I would have left, but I know the feeling.. keep thinking maybe it’ll be ready in 3 minutes, and 40 minutes later..

    • AJ2

      Dominos realized it wasn’t worth it. Sounds like their employees were dealing with extremely rude Tmobile customers and it was interfering with their ability to serve their regular paying customers. Obviously, demand was underestimated and rules weren’t made clear

  • Loco Mole

    The Lyft period needs to last longer than 4:59 AM the next day!

    One week would be great, but 2 days would still be more useful than 1 day only.

    • AJ2

      That sounds like a big customer complaint if these promos are all only good on Tuesdays. Unrelated, check your city’s Uber.. In many markets they’re providing $20 credits for rides to popular LGBT establishments… So if you’re looking to drink at a bar & don’t want to worry about who the designated driver will be, check it out

  • bradastan

    I actually just removed the app from my phone, not seeing a good reason to keep it, every offer I tried to take advantage of didn’t work or was maxed out.

  • skywalkr2

    Lyft – useless to anyone with a car

    • Guesty Mcshotspants

      Unless you are hammered drunk. Shots shots shots.

      • skywalkr2

        That’s actually a great idea…!

      • Scoop003

        Except, we only have uber where I live, not lyft. :(

      • TylerCameron

        I prefer to drink at home or at friends’ houses. Booze is much cheaper that way.

      • Christina Fabian Legere

        … and want to be molested by the driver.

    • idisestablish

      Also useless to the millions and millions of people who live in Alabama, Alaska, Arkansas, Connecticut, Iowa, Kansas, Maine, Mississippi, Missouri, Montana, New Hampshire, New Mexico, North Dakota, Puerto Rico, South Carolina, South Dakota, Vermont, West Virginia, or Wyoming. That alone excludes major metro areas like Birmingham, Columbia, Greenville, Hartford, Kansas City, St. Louis–to name a few. Even in those states with a footprint, major cities like Albany, Buffalo, Chattanooga, Grand Rapids, Greensboro, Harrisburg, Knoxville, and Rochester are excluded. Plus the millions and millions more who live in medium or small cities and rural areas.

      • Homer

        Hey! Thank you for doing the research for everybody just to show that Lyft is not available in those areas! You should be so proud of yourself :) now go clean up in your mom’s basement and complain about living there for free just like how you complain about a company providing free services to all of its customers :) and again, amazing job. Your next research assignment is to see what Verizon, Sprint, and AT&T do for their customers besides send you a bill that is twice as much as T-Mo. Jackass.

        • idisestablish

          Lol. Did I say anything critical of T-Mobile? I love T-Mobile. Perhaps you have missed the point of T-Mobile Tuesdays, which is for T-Mobile to show their appreciation to their customers. All I’m pointing out is that an expression of that appreciation which was available to virtually everyone has been replaced by one that has a limited scope. If T-Mobile is going to be spending $15 to provide us with a free gift, is our opinion on how they should allocate those funds worthless? I’m pretty sure T-Mobile wants to provide gifts that people will want in order to build loyalty. Perhaps you have also missed the whole point of Uncarrier, which is to listen to what customers have to say and make changes accordingly. Telling me to shut my mouth is completely contrary to the purported values of the company that you are so staunchly “defending.” If you want to shut your mouth and take whatever you get from a company that doesn’t care, then maybe you’re the one that should go check out Verizon, AT&T, or Sprint. And when you’re done with that, maybe you should also seek some help with your apparent psychological issues and inability to engage in civil discourse.

        • AJ2

          You need to take some marketing and business courses

        • Homer

          ….and you’ve done it! You have penned the most elaborate and well written rebuttal ever. Great job. Now you have hurt my online feelings. What will I ever do? :) Opinions are like assholes… Everybody has one. I must have hurt your feelings. Poor fella.

        • Homey

          Says the guy complaing about not getting free pizza anymore. Lemme guess your plan is probably the cheapest grandfather’d plan and you like to squeeze every bit of that decade old plan because your entitled to that? Or are you an employee for TMobile and you already included the free pizza for your budget?

    • AJ2

      You might want a ride when you’ve had too much to drink, or maybe a ride to the airport

  • Grandy Cuban

    This may be a dumb question, but here goes: What is T-Mobile’s connection to Apart from the commonality of food and the occasional, work week VUDU film watching, what is available for me at of value given I’m not a baseball fan?

    • Guesty Mcguestypants

      T-Mobile is the sponsor for Major League Baseball. So easy decision to give gifts from their stores. As far as the free stuff not all of it will appeal to everyone each week.

  • AxelCloris

    I’m appreciative for the two weeks of free pizza. I’ve redeemed a free Vudu rental, one of the Frosties and tickets to Warcraft for the wife and me. Thanks for the gifts I was able to use T-Mobile, I loved them. I won’t be able to take advantage of Lyft and have no desire to claim anything from MLB so I imagine the next few weeks will probably go unclaimed unless I do another movie rental, but there’s no reason to complain because more awesome rewards are bound to come around down the road. I didn’t have these perks two weeks ago and as a result I’m no worse off by not being able to take advantage of a few “thank yous”.

    • AJ2

      People love to complain. Its stuff you wouldn’t get otherwise so just consider anything you use gravy.

  • Should I get the share of stock? It seems like, with my luck, it would cause more trouble down the road than it’s worth (for example, on taxes).

    • zzz

      Your not really going to see a major impact on taxes unless tmobiles stock grows in value , and you sell. Even at that, one share you might make a profit of maybe up to 100 dollars depending on how well tmobile grows. So its not really a major deal, and I tihnk youll still make out if you would sell for a 40 buck profit.

  • Very Concern Parent

    Oh no, how would I every feed my babies?

    • Chilehead

      “Every”? Take those fabricated babies to Wendy’s for a frosty. They can get there via Lyft.

  • walt

    free Little Caesars for everybody instead! lol

    • Baxter DeBerry

      NO! I don’t have a Little Caesars here!

  • Craig

    Well first off I will say, I am appreciative of the great offers they have offered thus far. I redeemed the Warcraft movie ticket, went and enjoyed the film. I wouldn’t have seen it otherwise as I am unemployed currently. I redeemed the pizza offer and the frosty offer. This week I redeemed the pizza offer again but that is all. I have a vehicle so I have no need for lyft rides, and I don’t drink at the bar… again i am currently unemployed so alcohol is off my list of priorities. The Vudu offer is of no use to me as I get my movies by other means. I did not get the frosty this week as I was just unable to go at a decent hour. Next week the $20 MLB offer will no doubt go un-redeemed as well as I am not a baseball fan. And again the lyft credits will go unused as I have a vehicle and know no one that would use it either. Hopefully they get this thing figured out and can offer better deals than lyft in the following weeks. I really can not complain though as I have actually made money off this deal. Just the two free pizza’s and the Warcraft movie ticket paid for my entire monthly T-Mobile bill plus a few bucks more. I have the $30 pre-paid plan. The pizza’s are worth $10 and change each, and the movie ticket was up to $13 and my total came out to $11 and change. I also got one free frosty worth $1 and change. So only halfway through the month and my bill is already paid for. Technically I wouldn’t have bought any of these things had they not been free, but if we want to talk money spent on me we can say my bill was completely refunded to me. Thank you T-Mobile.
    Maybe they can adjust their fine print and only offer 1 pizza per account rather than line. Or maybe limit to 2 pizza’s per family plan. Might help ease the burden on Domino’s.. also those fools can easily schedule more employee’s work on Tuesdays.

    • Baxter DeBerry

      sucks I couldn’t even use the Warcraft ticket.. closest theater that would take that was literally 40 miles.. id use that much in gas lmao.. pizza offer however I was able to use.. lyft I’m not able to cause they aren’t in the area at all.. vudu I can thankfully.. I really hope for something better than lyft.. and as far as wendys welp don’t have one for at least 30 miles.. so that goes unused to lmao

    • Homer

      How do you even pay your bill if you are unemployed? Why don’t you focus your typing towards applying for a job instead of commenting on something that only enables your unemployment? T-Mobile does not need to enable your unemployed self.

    • AJ2

      Tmobile is gonna have a lot of obese customers if they keep shoving free unhealthy fast food

      • SBacklin

        Be careful or you might upset the T-Mobile shill. He seems to be one of those people where T-Mobile can do no wrong and gets mad when someone points out something truthful as he did with my other post when I talked about T-Mobile adding to the obesity problem with free fast food.

  • Domino’s Employee

    Reading the thread comments and twitter remarks has been hilariously sad. A tiny bit of misinformation. I’ll try to clarify atleast my understanding on the free promo as an part time employee of a franchised Domino’s. The “free pizza” deal was brokered through corporate Domino’s and TMobile.
    Domino’s has plenty of franchisee’s, some small, some big.
    I would try to elaborate with why I include the franchisee part but basically from my understanding Franchise’s pay Domino’s money and also pay more to operate annually to operate that a Domino’s Corp store.

    Domino’s employee’s consist of mostly part time minimum wage employee’s. A good amount of first time job’ers, a good amount of retiree’s and college student’s. My General manager typically works 60 hours plus a week, sometimes the GM schedules themselves for six days but shows up for seven days.
    No pity but I wanted to provide background of what not only Domino’s employee’s consist of but many pizza store regardless of brand.
    The following view expressed is separate from Domino’s view in it’s entirety.

    I didn’t want to respond but this thread comments and John’s tweets made me feel that I should respond to what I would consider insults and disparaging remarks. The comments and tweets are directed towards the lowest paid entity in this “free offer”. I doubt I should or will have any consequences but I utilize this job to help supplement my other income to take care of my family.

    My store actually did max orders of free pizzas. There is some confusion at our store that hasn’t been addressed thru higher management but If an order had multiple pizza’s it would only count as one for our allotment of 1 our 100 “free pizza’s”.
    It seems everyday our store is busy and the store’s sales number’s reflect that. Tuesday is a busy day at our store even when most cousin franchise store’s are slow regardless of factors. We have a plentiful amount of customer’s that we try to serve as best as possible and always try to be ready to serve them when they request service.

    With TMobile’s deal it wasn’t just 100 “free pizza’s, when it comes to our area in competition, we have weeks where we have more sales in our area than Pizza Hut and Papa John’s combined to satisfy. I wish I could say how I know but I can’t for more than obvious reasons.

    Though both Tuesday promo dates, employee’s at my store had to help atleast 30 TMobile customer’s place their order via TMobile’s App. In some cases we had to actually grab the customer’s phone and figure and out how to redeem TMobile’s offer within the respective TMobile app.
    Most if not close to all of the of the “free pizza’s” redeemed at my store didn’t buy anything to go with their respective pizza.

    The first Tuesday TMobile’s own app crashed so we had TMobile customer’s mad at us with no explanation to give them. The second Tuesday my store reached our allotment halfway through dinner rush, another time we had no explanation. None of us even knew there was an allotment even our GM until a customer showed us the error. If it would of been delivery it may have been more manageable for some Domino’s location’s, but that would of still been difficult situation in some aspects depending on location’s available staff .

    This promo isn’t even deal if you consider less than 10% of Tmobile subscriber’s ,possibly even lower, that could actually take advantage of it. It was a complete joke considering how many Domino’s stores there are domestically compared to the amount of Tmobile subscriber’s especially when you add any kind of limit on redemption’s.

    This promo was a cheap way to please TMobiles customer’s on the shoulders of people making just above minimum wage. A cheap way to advertise your service and put the responsibility or grunt work on someone else then where it should originate. A cheap way to mask shortcomings of your business by distracting them with something unrelated.

    Legere do you not have any sense of humbleness? Your statements pretty much attack and demean those who just heped you preform your UNCarrier. Then to post what I assume is an internal document to us Domino’s employee’s. I actually seen the document here first before I seen it at my store.
    To the other people here talking crap, I’m sure yall are whole bunch of WINNERS away from the keyboard and when your not working at TMobile.

    • Guest

      Thanks for sharing your opinion. It provides more context to the story.

      I think the image of the internal memo was leaked by a Domino’s employee on either Twitter or Reddit before John Legere used it for his damage control. It is sad to see a grown man behave like that.

      Thanks again.

      • AJ2

        It just continues to show Legeres unprofessional and douchy personality. If I were a company, I would not do business with Tmobile knowing that’s how their CEO will treat us

    • Guest

      Very nice comment.

    • Oh yeah, I’ve definitely been seeing situations similar to yours on Reddit in the last few weeks. Thanks for clarifying.

    • Baxter DeBerry

      I applaud ya, I wouldn’t have never helped them to order threw the app.. I had zero issues doing it my self at home… and since dominos here is literally slower in foot traffic than pizza hut I wasn’t worried.. and I was right I’m literally the only one in town with tmobile service.. why? cause most use AT&T. cricket, metro or straighttalk and tmo doesn’t have a store here.. the person that was working was surpised to see the total but she was glad.. I only imagine what it did in the bigger urban areas and college towns

      • I am in a college town, and I use the Dominos that serves the college. Both times my sister and I were the only people to use the promo according to the store. I think it was probably pretty random on which stores were slammed.

    • ????

      If you can’t handle the heat get out of the kitchen.

      • Haha

        3rd place down while TMobiles top 2 competitors are double TMobile’s size. Can’t add customers without giving freebies. Nobody wants to buy because they know the books are full of hot mess with all the freeness going around.
        Yeah DT should just sell TMobile USA to somebody willing to invest and buildout so TMobile isn’t just prepaid serviced labeled as postpaid service.

    • Homer

      Hey… All of this sounds like an elaborate excuse. I’m sorry you wasted your time writing it and I’m sorry that I spent my time reading it. Bottom line is… People don’t care what the reason is. Dominos knew about this and was not prepared for the volume. And because Dominos employees whined about being busy on a Tuesday and not being able to honor the agreement set with T-Mobile, it is over now. Get over it Dominos and dominos employees. Heaven forbid you have to work at your minimum wage job and actually feel like you earn your money instead of sitting around goofing off.

      • AJ2

        No need to get nasty

      • HOMEy

        Or maybe Tmobile could use their money to improve their network instead of buying cheap pizzas to cover for their cheap service. Just a thought. Offering 3% of their customer’s a free pizza to cover for their short comings is a pretty horrible offer to begin with. Maybe Tmobile should spend the money on some PR employee’s so everytime they introduce something so they don’t flub it. Pay your employee’s would be an avenue also, it is widely known TMobile Reps make even less than Sprint’s on average. Uncarrier 12 13 14? Nah thats too expensive that’s John’s alkey money…HAHA

        Heaven forbid that actually have to pay for a pizza! Oh no if $5.99 is hard to come buy maybe TMobile’s becoming too expensive for you.

        • Aayush Dhingra

          Coming from a person who bad both T-Mobile and att, here in the bay are T-Mobile is just as good. And I’m not “upset ” I don’t get the free pizza, I’m more disappointed because it was kinda cool to just get free food.

      • Honest John L

        Totino’s and Lifelink? I can send you an empty Domino’s box and get you TMobile branded case if that will make you happy chump I mean champ. I won’t even take it out of my bonus money, I’ll use network cash.

        u wont even notice unless you keep reading and realize what i typed but even then

        I’ll give you vudu and ice cream possibly dominos

        if you the first 60,000 customer, Good Luck, I mean thanks your money, uhh business :)

    • AJ2

      Well the blame goes to both Tmobile & Domino’s since they negotiated the deal. Having said that, Legere always acts like a douche. He reminds me a lot of Trump with his narcissism. I’m glad my current carrier is still serving me well at a cheaper price than Tmobile can offer. I don’t think a free pizza or frosty is going to make people switch. Having had previous experience in QSR marketing and PR for the largest franchise, I know that suits often come up with promotions without realizing how impractical they are to implement at the store level

      Use code LINEDRIVE at Papa John’s now and earn a free large 3 topping pizza with a $15 online order

  • Marcus Rose

    I have the perfect solution on how to get Dominos back on the Tuesday free stuff promo.

    Have the promotion be valid for every state EXCEPT California. Since nobody likes California anyway, and they don’t deserve free pizza ever….just drop them from the free Tuesday promo and the problem will be solved!

    • Guest

      Or instead of every Tuesday, Maybe just 1 Tuesday out of the Month?

      • Daniel

        How about spreading it out a little and have the coupon valid for 6 days like the free movie. That way everyone won’t be trying to get pizza all at once.

        • Mike

          6 days is too long … 72 hours Tues thru Thurs is fair enough you don’t want the stores to be overwhelmed on the busy days thru out the weekend.

        • Daniel

          I still say 6 days.. 72 may work, but I’d still spread it out more.. maybe exclude Sat/Sun and include that Monday. I’d want to spread it out as much as possible.

        • RightWingCommies

          Screw the network and the employee’s! Why do they deserve anything they all ready work so hard on the cheap! Temps would be more expensive to pay!
          Just build a wall in every city that has better service from the competition. If the crappy service area can’t be visited then TMobile’s problems are solved!

      • AJ2

        Was the promotion you had to order the pizza on Tuesday? If so, one could have imagined that would turn into a disaster for some stores

        • You could schedule the pizza for a later date, which is what I did.

  • Baxter DeBerry

    if only lyft was actually in my area.. guess what? they aren’t.. so that’s useless.. but eh thankful regardless at least I get to use vudu next week lmao

  • Mike R.

    FU Domino’s, FU J. Patrick Doyle. If you couldnt handle the demand you should never agreed to the deal/contract. I hope t-mobile sues your azz

    • John

      Awww, that’s cute! You’re emotional!

    • Jake

      If you cant afford a pizza when you already have the cheapest cell carrier, I think Domino’s is your least bit of concern.
      Wouldn’t it be TMobile customer’s sueing TMobile for deceptive or misleading promotional offers? Or has that round not started yet?

  • Daniel

    I have no use for Lyft, and I don’t like baseball. Guess I’m screwed this time. LOL I still appreciate what T-mo is doing though. NO other service I’m paying for is doing ANYTHING like this.. And believe me, I am paying for quite a few services.. Not so much as a nickel credit. Thanks T-mo!

  • disqus_5vBUzvmF1K

    It sure would be nice if the powers that be would thoroughly investigate their partners before launching a promo like free pizza.

    We here in HAWAII have ZERO corporate stores. Each Domino’ Pizza location on Oahu is franchise therefore Hawaii was excluded from pizza promo.

    I bet Alaska had or has same problem as Hawaii.

    I hope they learned their lesson to include ALL 50 States

    • kgraham182

      and territories. American Samoa, Guam, Puerto Rico, and USVI also had the same problem. Promos are always lower 48.

    • Did

      TMobile didn’t care, they knew beforehand that less than 60,000 was going to be allowed to participate.
      John has officially ran out of idea’s and just keeps Uncarrier going because he knows subs will churn unless they feel like they are getting reimbursement for their city cell phone only service. Until a buyer offer’s king ransom for TMoUSa, your stuck with service interruptions amd unsuitable rural data. TMobile’s the cheapest tho, whats the average line at again before handouts?

  • Scuba Steve

    T-Mobile, you just lost my respect. Lyft is a horrible company. I’ll pass.

  • NardVa

    They should bring Domino’s back as a $5 discount code. The demand will slow down once they get rid of free.

    • What

      Or they could give there employees $5 or $10 for getting a good customer review. Maybe that way TMobile reps won’t feel like they have to add unauthorized addon’s to keep their job .
      But I guess some of the reps here will just find a way to cheat that system and write reviews as if they were the customer.

  • De

    I appreciate what TMUS is attempting to do here- but to think that the American people wouldn’t gobble up (literally) free pizza is a bit of an oversight. I predict this slowly morphing into a Softcard (formerly ISIS) venture with the occasional free something, then fizzling out completely.

    On a side note- anyone notice the UCX move where John signs the contract that prices regardless of promotion wouldn’t go up? Well why in the heck did my JUMP go up then. Yes you can argue its Assurant, but you should have kept folks grandfathered in.

    • SirStephenH

      UCX grandfathered the plan for life but the price is only guaranteed for two years. Before that they were grandfathering the plan and price.

  • Trump John = bamboozled

    Trump/LeGere 2016
    Instead of pretending you have any direction or substance to your fans or supporters, just say and do stuff that excite their minds an mouths even of it has nothing to do with the situation!
    New era of shell game tatics

  • Kipper

    We will give your stock that will cost more to cash out than what it will ever be worth but our customers will think its great because it is great and will always be great

  • Walt

    100 per store. Not 1000

    • SirStephenH

      That was week two. There wasn’t a publicly advertised limit the first week.

  • SirStephenH

    The whole thing has been screwed up from the beginning. I think the free Frosties are the only thing that’s been going right.

    Week One: Server issues, Dominos jumped to expired with no explanation, Dominos required you to make a separate order for each code even though they allowed you to use the same account, the free movie tickets were for the weekend but you had to plan ahead and purchase them on Tuesday, VUDU codes were restricted to two per VUDU account with no explanation (not very friendly to families that share one account)

    Week Two: Dominos required you to make a separate order for each code even though they allowed you to use the same account, Lyft seriously?, VUDU codes were dropped to one per VUDU account (even less family friendly than before)

    Week Three: Dominos drops out in exchange for Lyft

    • Ordeith

      Isn’t it great we get to pay for this failure of a program instead of getting a lower bill?

      This Uncarrier should have been about eliminating all the extra fees T-Mobile adds on the the plan base price. It would have worked better and been more in keeping with the spirit of Uncarrier.

  • Guest2

    Cant wait to finally get my free domino’s pizza tomorrow for lunch…oh wait never mind. I guess plan B will have to be going to 12 different taco bells for free taco’s instead. Thank you Taco Bell, thank you Brian Niccol

  • Kevin

    this is a perfect example of marketing backfire.

  • Chilehead

    I noticed that this week you can only apply one VUDU credit per VUDU account. The last two weeks I was able to redeem 3 codes for a single account.